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  1. Tampa is basically in the same situation as Atlanta was a few years ago. Another score ends this game because it becomes extremely difficult to win or even tie with the amount of time unless you can convert an onside kick and force a turnover or force a couple of turnovers.
  2. I feel like the only people saying the Chiefs are done are the people trying to jinx it since they're likely rooting for them. 😆 Anyone with any football knowledge knows this game is just getting started, especially with Mahomes and Reid involved.
  3. Who designed this halftime show? Christ. Guy is swiveling a camera around.
  4. Lol Mathieu is a *****. Look at that clown. Wannabe Sherman.
  5. Kansas City's defense is acting a bit cocky. Not sure why.
  6. Assuming KC wins tonight, how many Steelers fans would've thought back in early December that Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell would be in a Super Bowl before the Steelers made it back again?
  7. The NFL loving it - they can afford to go to OT and still be fine for the next game.
  8. It has to suck for Tampa that their kicker is inconsistent too. It almost makes going for it on a 4th down scenario on the other side of the 50 a realistic thing if it's 4th and 3 or something similar.
  9. Green Bay has all the momentum. Unless Arians and Brady cook up something good here to eat both clock and score 7, it feels like Green Bay will walk away with this win given how well their offense has played.
  10. Is Brady going to be the only guy ever to come back from 28-3 in a playoff game and then blow a 28-10 lead in a playoff game? 😮
  11. This game will come down to if Green Bay's defense can generate a turnover or not. Packers offense has enough firepower to score another 3 TDs on this defense (or at the very least 2 TDs and a fg).
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