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  1. Could there be a luckier team than the Chiefs?
  2. They called that but not on the RB earlier in the game? Refs feelin it. That Chiefs fan earlier had the audacity to say the calls don't go in favor of the Chiefs.
  3. I'm sure there's all kinds of angles to it, but I think honestly he just wanted to put him up against the best team with a deficit to see what he could do.
  4. I'm tellin ya, Belichick is using this game as a tryout for Stidham. He doesn't care about a win or a loss. He wanted to give him a situational game -- that's what this is. There's no way Belichick is stupid enough to believe Hoyer is better than this guy.
  5. I wonder if Belichick is using this game and t'd this moment up to Stidham for the ultimate try out. 10 pt deficit - go out there and show what you can do. Meaning he knew Hoyer would stink and wanted a deficit of some kind to put Stidham in.
  6. This reminds me of watching Brock Osweiler as the starting QB. I would cringe on every play -- it was so bad. Every once in a while even Brock would make a decent throw here and there.
  7. This isn't to help the Pats. This is really to help viewership in a way. I'm sure people would rather watch this than a blow out as bad as this is. lol
  8. Wonder how much Goodell threw in as a bonus to Mahomes and Reid to purposefully play like this? It's so obvious they're holding back. lol
  9. Sadly that might be a bad thing for the rest of us in the NFL too -- they'd just end up with Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields in their lap (which is enviable).
  10. I think the Chiefs really just did a favor to CBS in the first half -- they didn't even look like they were trying. They kept some viewers in it that would've otherwise tuned out if this was a blowout at the half. This will be an easy 12-14 pt win for the Chiefs in the 2nd half. Some credit to the Patriots defense but I'm sorry Mahomes looked like what he's looked like for most of the first 3 quarters so far this season. He knows he can just go win a game in the 4th quarter with a deficit, it's almost become that easy for him.
  11. Why would I have any emotion to pointing out an observational truth? No surprise though a Chiefs fan is blind to it though.
  12. There's nothing I said that was untrue. Sorry buddy.
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