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  1. The Technology Thread

    Appreciate the feedback from you and @MrDrew. I’ve been looking more in the 50 inch range but haven’t been able to find any around 400 from a good brand. That or I just don’t know how to look.
  2. The Technology Thread

    Anyone know anything about 4K TV's? This seems like a pretty good deal but I was hoping from some opinions from those who know more about them. @iPwn and @MrDrew you both seem pretty tech smart looking through the thread. Any help would be appreciated. http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/lg-43-inch-4k-led-hdr-smart-tv-43uj6300/apd/a9646971/tv-home-theater#polaris-pd
  3. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    They are having a parade and hanging a banner. This should be highly entertaining as the NCAA tries to shut it down to save the idea that their playoff is well set up. For those curious on UCFs reasoning: Only undefeated team left in FBS Beat Auburn who beat Alabama and Georgia Transitive property checks out
  4. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    I’m curious what roles everyone is given. It seems like Enos is going to be a position coach but I’ve seen rumors of basically everything but OL on where. I’m also curious whether Roman is going to be OC or just an OL/Run Game Coordinator
  5. Total Control Mock Draft Interest Thread

    I am definitely interested in being involved again. Would be hoping for the Browns but would probably take whatever team is available.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I am pretty sure that the charges are going to depend on the laws for his specific state. In some states, making a false 911 call is a felony while others are a misdemeanor. If he lives in a state where it is felony, I believe that he can be charged with second degree murder. Any felony that leads to a death can be charged that way if I remember correctly and this would seem to fall under that classification.
  7. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Lamar Jackson had a brutal day today. The throw before the Hail Mary is a throw a QB has to make. Had a guy running wide open downfield that would give them the ball at about the 20 with 6 seconds left. Instead he misses the guy pretty badly and they have to settle for chucking up a prayer from their own 40.
  8. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Someone talk to me about Allen Lazard. Watching him through the first half of the bowl game he seems like a guy who might stick around for a while. Doesn’t seem like he has the separation ability to really become a top end receiver but the size and body control seem intriguing.
  9. Serious question, you know that for the targeting rule they used it doesn’t matter where the offensive player got hit right?
  10. He hit him with the crown of his helmet not his face mask. It doesn’t matter where you hit the offensive player, if you first make contact with the crown you are ejected.
  11. Other Games Thread | Bowl Game Edition

    That last fumble was definitely on Darnold, not the OL. You can't pump fake and hitch like that and assume no one is behind you.
  12. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    The fact people are filming this rather than the actual press conference is hilarious.
  13. It's quitter season

    The media hailstorm isn't what would prevent your plan, Title IX is. There is no way that Title IX would allow men's athletes to sign financial aid agreements worth more than the women's would be. That would get shot down immediately. As long as the sports are a department of the school, the only way to pay players is going to be outside parties.
  14. Other Games Thread | Bowl Game Edition

    Was anyone else watching the RichRod pregame speech that Fox showed? Is it just me or did the team just yell "Shut the *bleep* up" on national TV right before they walked out.
  15. It's quitter season

    If we change scholarship to game checks, your argument falls apart. Each year a college football player is signing up to play 12 regular season games. That’s it. The same way in the NFL a player is signing up to receive 16 game checks for playing in 16 regular season games. That’s it. If an NFL team makes the playoffs, guys get paid extra game checks for each extra week. Which is the exact same as college players getting bowl gifts for playing in the bowl games. These gifts are actually somewhat decent too, with most hovering around the limit of $550 worth per kid. In both systems a player gets the full amount owed to them for playing the regular season, then they get extra for the extra work of playing an extra game.