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  1. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    Fun Fact: That conversation between the AD of Compliance for Nebraska and investigators happened on September 13th. Two days later Washington lead Nebraska in rushing yards against Troy with 14 carries.
  2. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    "The investigator also reached out to the University of Nebraska Lincoln Police Department to try to contact Washington. The investigator was eventually contacted by Jamie Vaughn, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance for the UNL Athletic Department, on September 13th. Vaughn said he had spoken to the UNL football staff, and “they were concerned about him needing a lawyer”. Vaughn indicated to the Attorney General investigator he would attempt to schedule an interview date for the investigator to speak with Washington. On Sept. 14, the investigator was contacted by attorney Jon Bruning, who indicated he had been contacted by the UNL Athletic Department about Washington. The investigator "informed Mr. Bruning about the nature of the case", and Bruning "indicated he would speak with Maurice and Maurice's coaches and then let Investigator Sexton know if Investigator Sexton would be able to interview Maurice. Bruning contacted investigators five days later, and said he had briefly spoken to Washington about the case and was told he did “not know what Mr. Bruning was talking about and he was befuddled by it,” court documents state. The investigator again requested an interview with Washington." Straight from the article I posted on page 2. It is pretty clear that at least someone in the athletic department had an idea of how severe this was.
  3. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    Yeah it’s time to fire everyone.
  4. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    The Detroit Lions trade block: OT Ricky Wagner OG TJ Lang WR Marvin Jones
  5. Since there’s no longer a Misc. News thread and this needs to be discussed, it’s getting its own thread. The TLDR version of the article is that Maurice Washington, Nebraska’s #2 RB who had 650 scrimmage yards this year, was charged with possession of child pornography and revenge pornography after sending the victim a copy of the video. Nebraska knew about the investigation during the fall but let him continue playing anyway. Is this a potentially fireable offense for Scott Frost if he knew about the investigation and continued playing Washington? The answer is yes IMO. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/University-of-Nebraska-Football-Player-Maurice-Washington-Faces-Revenge-Porn-Child-Porn-Charges-Over-Video-of-Bay-Area-Teen-505666711.html?akmobile=o
  6. TCMD 2019 SIGN UP THREAD- GM's Announced

    I like the second set of numbers better. The only thing to be careful of is that some of the exclusive numbers are lower than the non-exclusive for the same position. For example, DT. Those should be flipped as the exclusive is more beneficial to the team and as such has a higher cost.
  7. TCMD 2019 SIGN UP THREAD- GM's Announced

    Fan Favorite: Detroit Lions Sub Forum War Room: Sure 1. Oakland Raiders 2. San Diego Chargers 3. Any Team
  8. 2019 Transfer Thread

    I can feel Urban’s cyst magically healing. I hear that ocean breeze also helps with the spontaneous amnesia.
  9. Austin Kendall transferring to WVU from OU

    Kendall’s transfer options were extremely limited with how late it is in the process. He decided to transfer right when he was told about Hurts. At that point, most schools have already started winter classes meaning Kendall wouldn’t have been able to participate in spring practice. WVU is one of the few that hasn’t started yet.
  10. Calling Rivals the best recruiting rankings site should result in an immediate ban.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    Sanders is an average back that has significant fumbling issues. That’s not a recipe to stay around very long.
  12. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    The problem is that Manny Machado has been in the majors since 2012 and has only made like ~35 million total in his career despite being a stud that entire time. Players agreed to a pay system that artificially kept salaries low during the beginning of careers in order to maximize veterans salaries. Teams have broken that deal by refusing to give out large money deals once players reach that point. If they don’t want to shell out huge long-term deals, the entire process needs to be changed.
  13. The SuperFlex Syndicate (Dynasty Discussion Thread)

    Well that was a great first season!
  14. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24277319/ball-spotted-first-touch-head-first-dives The rule was changed to where you land. The ball landed at the first down marker. His takeoff point doesn’t matter.
  15. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    I stand corrected. I didn’t notice the rule change over the offseason. So it appears it still doesn’t matter where you start? Just where you land?