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  1. It is a free league. The rookie draft for 2020 has not occurred yet and will not be scheduled until all of the rosters have been filled.
  2. Ivy League cancels Football season

    Have you tried turning on C SPAN?
  3. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Hey @WE-R-Lions and @sammymvpknight I think there is an issue with the ESPN site. It has roster sizes set to 20 which doesn't work with 12 keepers and 6 draft picks. Everyone will still have two extra roster spots open after the draft. Pretty sure in the past we have had rosters set at only 18. I would be down with 20, we just have to fix the math haha.
  4. The SuperFlex Syndicate (Dynasty Discussion Thread)

    @squire12 I think the three teams we need are: FLEXecutions-USMC Titletown Wildcats-Chisoxguy All Might-UofMfan I forgot to include All Might in my post in the other thread listing out what we need.
  5. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    @WE-R-Lions Any chance you can please go ahead and finalize my and @Bigbear72 trade when you get a few free minutes now that all the teams are filled?
  6. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    The G League signed 4 kids this year, with literally no results to share with kids. They signed 3 top 20 players and another was #62 overall. If that was a recruiting class it would have been #4 overall in the country, with two less kids than any of the top 3. Heck, it would have had the highest average commit rating in the country. That seems like a pretty significant result, no? Especially when they are only planning on signing a handful of kids every year.
  7. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    The top kids are getting a heck of a lot more from the G League than $125k. The word is that Jalen Green got somewhere around $500k, and I’m sure the number would only go up for Bates quite a bit. He would make just as much from the G League, if not more, than playing college basketball. Plus, this way he doesn’t have to play a full season. Pretty sure the Select team is only playing like 10 games during their showcase.
  8. Still looking for 2 more owners. Here are the rosters that are available: Lunatics Of The Loop(9-4-0) SLOT PLAYER ACQ QB Russell Wilson SeaQB Draft RB James ConnerQ PitRB Draft RB Devin Singletary BufRB Draft RB/WR Stefon Diggs MinWR Draft WR Allen Robinson II ChiWR Draft WR Courtland Sutton DenWR Draft TE Mark Andrews BalTE Free Agency FLEX Darius Slayton NYGWR Free Agency OP Jacoby Brissett IndQB Free Agency D/ST Seahawks D/ST SeaD/ST Free Agency K Wil Lutz NOK Free Agency Bench Deshaun Watson HouQB Draft Bench Hunter Henry LACTE Draft Bench Duke Johnson HouRB Draft Bench Jamison Crowder NYJWR Draft Bench Tyrell WilliamsQ OakWR Free Agency Bench Raiders D/ST OakD/ST Free Agency Bench Josh GordonO SeaWR Free Agency IR Kerryon Johnson DetRB Draft IR Stephen GostkowskiQ NEK Free Agency The FLEXecutioners(5-8-0) SLOT PLAYER ACQ QB Josh Allen BufQB Draft RB Chris CarsonQ SeaRB Draft RB Carlos Hyde HouRB Draft RB/WR James White NERB Draft WR Michael Thomas NOWR Draft WR DK Metcalf SeaWR Draft TE Zach ErtzQ PhiTE Draft FLEX Joe Mixon CinRB Draft OP Golden Tate NYGWR Draft D/ST Ravens D/ST BalD/ST Free Agency K Josh Lambo JaxK Free Agency Bench Matthew Stafford DetQB Draft Bench David Johnson AriRB Draft Bench Mike Williams LACWR Draft Bench Matt Breida SFRB Draft Bench Daniel Jones NYGQB Free Agency Bench Mike Gesicki MiaTE Free Agency Bench Phillip Dorsett II NEWR Free Agency IR Empty IR Empty
  9. #1 QB Caleb Williams commits to OU

    If we had the full Elite 11 this year they would have had to change it to 50% junior film, 49.5% "intangibles, and 0.5% actual event performance by the end of it.
  10. Don’t forget that it doesn’t actually cost Michigan $50,000 for some out-of-state football player to attend on scholarship.

    That's fair haha. Any way you can look up Ryan Bassey from last recruiting cycle and see his current ratings? Having never played I'm just curious to get a feel for what the difference in grades mean and since he seems to really match up with Durham I thought it would be an interesting comparison.

    Have never played the game but have been following your thread. Have you been focusing on OFF/DEF guys at all? Not sure if it makes a huge difference but it seems like a lot of the guys you have been targeting have been DEF heavy. I think Lowe has been the only really OFF heavy guy that you've targeted.
  13. This is the least important part, but the coach ending a text assigning 20 hours of community service with an exclamation point is a psychopath. “Good news! You’re in trouble!”
  14. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    I know he has said that he is not interested in the G League; I just think don't think he has any interest in college either. His dad is literally creating his own charter school, I don't think there is going to be much class work going on for the next two years.
  15. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    If they don’t change the one and done rule he’s going to the G League for a year. Kid isn’t going to school for his last two years of high school, he isn’t going to want to all of a sudden attend college classes when someone else will pay him a record setting amount.