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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (2018 Draft Thread)

    I will take K Ryan Succop @WE-R-Lions sorry for the delay.
  2. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (2018 Draft Thread)

    At 5.13 I will take: Packers D/ST @Louis Delmas26 is OTC.
  3. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Roster minus D and K so far: QB: Andrew Luck, Sam Bradford, Josh Allen RB: Mark Ingram, Frank Gore, Chris Thompson, De’angelo Henderson, Mark Walton WR: Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas, AJ Green, Cooper Kupp, Anthony Miller TE: Ben Watson, Greg Olsen, George Kittle Not too shabby for right now with this being my first season in the league. Happy with being able to add some much needed depth at QB through the draft. Bradford will give me a few games to start the season until Luck is definitely healthy and back while Allen gives me some decent potential. Running back is definitely thin and going to be a trouble spot but drafting so late made it hard to grab anyone worth while. Some probably won’t agree with taking Miller in the first given how WR heavy I already am, but I think he’s got top 15 fantasy WR potential and I couldn’t pass it up.
  4. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (2018 Draft Thread)

    At 4.13 I will go ahead and take: QB Sam Bradford @honolulu2786 is OTC
  5. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Now you are moving the goalposts. My original bullet point was just saying that Zach Smith has admitted to beating his wife. You responded basically saying "We have no clue if her allegations are true." I responded with evidence that the allegations were true. Now you are pivoting to a different bullet point. You were wrong on your first point. Just admit it.
  6. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I will address the rest of your post later. But your response to number one is just flat out wrong. We have text messages from Zach Smith acknowledging that he has strangled her in the past. How is that not conclusive?
  7. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    So far we have: 1. Text messages from Zach Smith to his wife, confirming the abuse. 2. Text messages from Shelley Meyer showing that she clearly believes Courtney when she says she was abused. 3. Text messages from another coach's wife, confirming that Urban has been informed about the domestic violence claims. 4. A statement from Urban Meyer, confirming that he knew about the domestic violence accusations. 5. Urban Meyer accepting that he lied to the public about Zach Smith and his knowledge of events. So even if you take everything Urban Meyer has said at face value, you have to admit that he knew that someone on his staff was committing domestic violence against his wife and did not terminate him. In fact, he gave Smith multiple raises since the incidents. He also lied to the public and attempted to discredit the investigation into Zach Smith when he found out about it. Those are all facts and none of it is subjective. That is enough evidence to make judgements.
  8. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I’m just here to point out that bartenders can be held responsible for DUIs. If they overserve someone and that person goes out and gets into an accident, the bar and bartender can be held responsible.
  9. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Apologies on the phrasing. I meant for it to come across that all of these random message board sources are made up and it took them 2 days to make up with random crap but got careless in getting that across.
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I would also like to point out how long it took for these conspiracies to come to light. If a quarter of this information was true it would have come out five minutes after McMurphys report. Instead it took multiple days and it is still changing by the hour.
  11. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    *Sees the smear campaign already being launched by OSU fans on Courtney Smith* Yeah, I have no idea why McMurphy chose to launch the article without tipping off anyone else involved. I’m sure that wouldn’t have caused an even larger smear campaign at all. Urban and everyone else seem like really upstanding people who would tell the whole truth and not blindly harm someone’s reputation.
  12. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I’m guessing here but I think Urban and OSU part ways by the close of business today. It makes more sense for OSU this way. It lets them say they acted swiftly on this and took care of it. It also lets them use the hall of fame weekend and Red Sox-Yankees to lower the volume on the news. While it will still be the top story, it won’t have 24/7 coverage like it would during the middle of next week.
  13. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I will try and give this from a recruiting perspective to stay within the rules, but quite frankly the two things you listed are way different. Let me give a hypothetical scenario. Coach A went to prison, served his time, and has not had any transgressions since. Coach B is Zach Smith, faced zero consequences for his actions and continued to commit domestic violence. If there is a scenario where all of that is known to a parent, they are picking Coach A every single time. Urban condoned the actions until the media found out, then he fired him. Giving out zero punishment for an action is giving the action license to occur again.
  14. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    Are we really supposed to believe that this was a text that was forwarded from a buddy who got it from a clued in source, who got it from a coworker, who got it from a friend, who got it from Urban? It would be more believable if the poster said he was Urban himself. (Not pointing any of this at you for posting it, I just find it hilarious)
  15. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (2018 Draft Thread)

    At 3.13 I will take: RB Mark Walton @SimsZilla is OTC.