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  1. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    That new system sounds good. I think it would make things much more reasonable. I think you can leave the contract length with the 3 year maximum. The impact from people trying to abuse it would most likely be negligible and it does help some with realism and encouraging people to make offer sheets.
  2. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    The part I’m struggling with is why in this situation the player would sign the offer sheet. I’m going to try and give an example of what I mean. tender: 1 year, 900k offer sheet: 3 years, 2.7 million, no signing bonus In this scenario I see no reason why the player would agree to that offer sheet. He is making no extra money in year 1 and has nothing guaranteed. If he outplays the contract he is stuck on a small 3 year deal instead of being an UFA. If he underperforms he is cut and hasn’t made any more money than he would have with the offer sheet. Would there be any way to mandate that parts of year 2 or 3 had to be guaranteed? This would at least provide some help in reasoning why a player would take the deal.
  3. Jameis Winston Under NFL Investigation

    Read the bottom paragraph in the quote in the opening paragraph. His own representative admitted that it was his Uber account that was used.
  4. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Can you give an example of the bold? That's the only one where I have a few questions about it.
  5. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Lane Kiffin needs to never change.
  6. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Will try to take a look at the guidelines tomorrow and give some input.
  7. Alabama Crimson Tide & Potential Death Penalty

    Not to be the bearer of bad news but unless they can find that this happened within the last 4 years it doesn’t matter. Te statue of limitations is four years unless they can prove a pattern of behavior with the most recent happening in the last 4 years. http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/enforcement-process-charging
  8. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Brandon Peters looked legit out there. However, half of the 247 board is still melting down about him not starting all season and it’s extremely annoying.
  9. Changing the rules to QBs sliding?

    Yes, they can slide to avoid getting hit. The rule applies the same to everyone. It's the same reason when a defensive player picks off a pass to seal the game and slides he can't get rocked by an angry offensive lineman.
  10. Week 9 | Other Games Thread

    If Oregon State just takes a knee to end either half they win the game.
  11. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Very good read here IMO. Purdue handled the Wilton Speight injury almost as poorly as possible. Kid has 3 broken vertebrae in his back and they don't even have a back brace for him and then the trip to a hospital took over half an hour. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2017/10/26/wilton-speight-injury-handled-poorly-purdue-father-says/107045682/
  12. Week 9 | Other Games Thread

    A punt that was not blocked or tipped at all that went only 6 yards before going out of bounds and a missed field goal inside 40 yards? Stanford vs Oregon State could actually be interesting.
  13. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Some thoughts on the game. Positive John O’Korn actually threw some good passes from the pocket. We completed a fade route and Kekoa Crawford caught a football. That is progress. The running backs made the best out of some tough run situations. Their blitz pickup seemed alright, guys got past them but no outright whiffs that I remember. If O’Korn gets rid of the ball sooner on a couple they look a lot better. Eddie McDoom looked shifty and had a good day. Cornerbacks had a decent day. Most of the pass plays they weren’t involved in. Kwity Paye got in the game and looked like he belonged for the most part Negative O’Korns mental clock is all sorts of bad. Ran a couple times way too soon with a clean pocket. He also didn’t feel pressure well enough and a couple sacks were on him IMO. Needs to get rid of the ball against blitzes. Way too many drops. Both Perry and DPJ dropped balls that could have helped. JBB cannot pass protect at all. Speed rushes go straight past him. A lot of play calling is poor and downright silly. Tight end screens on 3rd and long rather than a screen to an athlete. Also play action on 4th and 11 Chase Winovich had a dumb roughing the passer where he had to know better. Overall he’s kinda come back to earth a little on the bright side this might mean one more year of him Mike McCray is slow and asked to run with fast people. This is extremely obviois but we keep doing it and wondering how guys run right past him. Devin Bush got himself out of position a couple of times that lead to big plays especially against the option. Both safeties struggled to cover mightily and were not as effective in run support.
  14. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Michigan State running back LJ Scott was arrested today for driving on a suspended license. His 7th separate occasion of being arrested for driving on a suspended license in the last year. This has to nominate him for some kind of award. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/michigan-state-rb-lj-scott-arrested-for-driving-with-suspended-license-for-7th-time/
  15. The Official Recruiting Thread

    You guys just officially dropped him this morning. It isn’t really he said she said when as far as I can tell Hardy hasn’t even denied throwing the punch that put a kid in the hospital. A kid that is much much smaller than him and also probably 4 years younger.