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  1. Maybe next year I will finally get a breakout season from Saquon Barkley. Every time I see him, I regret giving you Henry and Brown for him.
  2. Happy to win my 3rd championship in our 4 year history. Good game @Bigbear72
  3. This is a good post. I do want to add one caveat, that NIL being a workaround is mostly on the football side of things. As it relates to other sports, it has actually been a huge and welcome change. Especially for women’s sports, athletes can now monetize their social media platforms and make money. They probably weren’t getting booster money in the past, but now they can make serious money through legitimate business ventures.
  4. Serious question here, but how do you guys only have a class of 14 right now? I’m sure it’s because of some outdated roster management ideas, but that seems incredibly small.
  5. I actually don’t think the distribution of wealth is off, I think there has just been some wonky stuff this year. If you ignored records and just looked at points for, I kinda see a distribution of: Contenders: 4 Back-end playoff Contenders: 3 Average/Continuing Rebuild: 3 or 4 Rebuilding: 1 or 2 That seems about right to me?
  6. It looks like you have an active player in your IR spot. ESPN won’t let you make any add/drops until that is changed.
  7. I wouldn’t ever bet on Maryland after September. I’m pretty sure they haven’t beaten the spread since the calendar hit October 1st.
  8. He had a lot going on that kept schools away. https://247sports.com/Article/Zach-Evans-TCU-football-commit-five-star-running-back-college-football-recruiting-147027297/
  9. It seems dumb ESPN won’t let you make other moves when there is nothing you can do about Landry. I vote ESPN is overridden to give you the K of your choice today given the effects on the suck for #1 standings lol
  10. The real question is whether @Oregon Ducks remembers to pick-up a kicker before the MNF game since he’s only down 7.
  11. Saying we have to accept the rest of the state is showing a real lack of imagination. We could dissolve Ohio pretty quickly: 1. Give Michigan everything north of Akron in the spirit of keeping the Great Lakes concentrated. 2. Have Cincinnati officially fold into Kentucky. 3.Combine the rest of Ohio with West Virginia. Can even call it THE Ohio Virginia to keep Columbus happy.
  12. I can’t really see the Lions taking a QB with their 2nd 1st round pick. If they’re sold on taking a QB early this year I think they take someone like Corral at 2 and then someone like Dean or Anderson with their later 1st. If they aren’t set on taking one early, I could see them going defense with both picks in the 1st and then taking one in the 3rd.
  13. Does the optimal lineup include the playoff teams? I don’t know if that would fix the entirety of the problem though with how many teams trade 1st round picks. I think the second biggest issue, besides the unset lineup helping the team lose, is it helps give the team they are playing a win. Which is great for the team that might now make the playoffs, but it hurts the draft position of the owner of the picks a ton.
  14. Can we please make sure to be setting lineups. Lot of inactive players starting this week.
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