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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I accept.
  2. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Michigan isn't going to fire Harbaugh even if they lose to Penn State/Notre Dame/OSU. The only game that could lead to him ending up elsewhere is if they lose to MSU. Firing a guy who has routinely won 10+ games isn't going to make recruiting a top flight candidate any easier. Especially after a season where the only losses come against top 10 teams.
  3. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Looking to sell off some guys as my team transitions into a rebuild, anyone interested in any of Jordan Howard, Greg Olsen, Jimmy Graham, or Teddy Bridgewater? None of them are world beaters but could provide solid production as low-level starters or BYE fill-ins.
  4. Closest to being ‘back’?

    I think a lot of it depends on how you define "back". Winning a national title or making the playoffs? Or just being universally competitive winning 10 games or so every year. For reference, since 2015, here is the number of 10 win seasons and worst record for each school: FSU: 10+: 2, Worst: 5-7 Michigan: 10+: 3, Worst: 8-5 Miami: 10+: 1, Worst: 7-6 Nebraska: 10+: 0, Worst: 4-8 Tennessee: 10+: 0, Worst: 4-8 USC: 10+: 2, Worst: 5-7
  5. New Player Likeness Legislation Question

    Probably not? Those guys would probably just play their senior season and then get paid locally as the star alumni. I don’t think there’s a big difference in local advertising money for the starting QB at Michigan State versus the guy that started last year. If anything, it might diminish their local standing if the team is terrible while they redshirt.
  6. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    And maybe the last 15 minutes convinced the coaching staff that you can just throw it anywhere near Black, DPJ, and Collins and it will work? You don't even need to pass block if you just throw fifteen yard jump balls to the edge.
  7. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    Hey when you throw the ball to NFL caliber wide receivers, you score. It's amazing. Maybe we should do that more?
  8. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    Pereira isn't the end all be all, but the call should have at least stood.
  9. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    You guys got a gift with that overturned catch on the Michigan second drive. I think you can handle a bad spot or two.
  10. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    My point is that if you actually try and tackle someone rather than truck stick a guy that's going down, you don't get that call.
  11. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    I get all the complaints about the 1st hit. But that second hit was dirty.
  12. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    His knee was down and the defender left his feet and hit him in the head/neck area. That's pretty much the definition.
  13. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    I've been trying not to break my laptop for the past 2 hours so I've been away from the thread. But how exactly does this happen on 4th and goal against Wisconsin. Even a toddler knows that scores every time.By the way, that is a 220 pound LB over the LG there.
  14. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    We got ourselves a shootout.
  15. GOTW #2 | Week 4 | #11 Michigan @ #13 Wisconsin

    Meh, the biggest problem so far is the LB and DB levels having no idea what they are doing. On both of Taylor's longer runs they were sparked by a second level guy getting way out of position rather than being gap sound.