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  1. I can’t really see the Lions taking a QB with their 2nd 1st round pick. If they’re sold on taking a QB early this year I think they take someone like Corral at 2 and then someone like Dean or Anderson with their later 1st. If they aren’t set on taking one early, I could see them going defense with both picks in the 1st and then taking one in the 3rd.
  2. Does the optimal lineup include the playoff teams? I don’t know if that would fix the entirety of the problem though with how many teams trade 1st round picks. I think the second biggest issue, besides the unset lineup helping the team lose, is it helps give the team they are playing a win. Which is great for the team that might now make the playoffs, but it hurts the draft position of the owner of the picks a ton.
  3. Can we please make sure to be setting lineups. Lot of inactive players starting this week.
  4. As the owner of your 1st this year, I would prefer if you didn’t trade it again lol. Unless you have another one from someone else.
  5. Yeah, should probably wasn’t the right choice there. I meant it more as a “can” than anything else. TBH, I think anyone booing a random player on their team is pretty lame, but I was trying to avoid getting on a soap box or something. Although I have cursed the sky at certain players (from the comfort of my own home) during certain plays against OSU so I might be a bit of a hypocrite there.
  6. I believe this topic is relevant to many people here, especially when it is noted he is a McCaffrey
  7. Using DJ U as an example, why does it matter that he is the face of Dr Pepper specifically though? I feel confident in saying that both he and Lawrence made a TON more than that under the table from boosters, so why wasn’t it okay then? For the record, I think fans should boo whoever they want in college. Personally, I probably would boo the overall team more than a specific player, but everyone can make their own call. I just think it’s weird to point specifically to players getting paid legally as the reason, when they are/were getting the same amount under the table already.
  8. Not really addressing this at you, but I’ve seen this sentiment that NIL is a game changer for booing a lot, and I don’t really understand it to be honest. Your relationship with the player hasn’t changed, as the funds from your TV viewership or tickets is still only “paying” the player in a scholarship. That hasn’t changed from NIL. If it’s because the players are now *legally* making money off their status, were you okay booing the Alabama, Georgia, OSU players but not MAC kids because only the big schools had bag-men? I guess I just don’t see how NIL has changed the equation here.
  9. TigerDroppings might be the option for the cyber-sleuthing, but I think we need some cadets on the ground.
  10. I went with team 5. They have easily the most RB depth 1-4 IMO and I think they can easily sell Sermon or Carson in a couple weeks for a premium to someone that needs an RB2.
  11. Congrats on hiring Tom Herman.
  12. Had to go through and pick him up when I saw the trade. I think he has a legit chance to steal touches from Henderson if he can get the playbook down.
  13. Why would the Saints (or any NFL team) care too much what secondary ticket prices are? They’ve already sold-out all of their box office tickets, which is where they are going to make their real money. Those seats are still going to be filled by fans, so they are still going to sell parking and concessions. So if those fans sitting in the seats are the ones that bought them originally or for $1 on stubhub it doesn’t really matter to the team financially. The only real impact would be if it caused them to not sell out tickets next year, which would be quite the stretch to say happens.
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