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  1. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Pro tip: don't fight someone that is 50 pounds heavier than you that is also certifiably crazy. You will go to sleep.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Tom Brady is also on Twitter now, and is making jokes? The end of the world is officially upon us.
  3. The AAF to cease football operations

    So the league didn't really fail as much as the majority owner didn't really want to run a football league. He just wanted something the league had.
  4. How deep is your "top tier"?

    Clayton Thorson.
  5. How deep is your "top tier"?

    One of these players is not like the others.

    Allbright is one of the better insiders around the league. Sounds like a lock.
  7. Based on this, in 2012 teams converted on 3rd and 15 at rate of 14%. A reddit study found something similar for the 2017 season. While 4th and 15 was converted at a 35% clip, I’m guessing that has more to do with small sample size and prevent defense than anything else. I would say that a 15-20% conversion rate is fair to both teams. I don’t think teams in the lead can complain very much when even after converting the other team would have to drive down the field to score. Not to mention a sack gives you the ball around the 20-25 to seal the game.
  8. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    At pick 208, the Detroit Lions select: Byron Cowart, DT Maryland @daineraider is OTC.
  9. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 187, the Detroit Lions select: Martez Ivey, OT - Florida He was still available when I checked the spreadsheet but I’m not sure if it updated to the most recent pick on my phone.
  10. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 129, the Detroit Lions select: 6840 - Beau Benzschawel - OG @squire12 OTC.

    This. Even last year, Buffalo gave up 53 and 56 to move from 12 to 7. While there is obviously some "QB bonus" in these deals, it's going to be expensive. I would think at least a pair of 2nds or a FRP next year.
  12. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    David Long is the second best CB in this draft and it's not really close TBH.
  13. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 87 the Detroit Lions select: 7673 - David Long - CB @EaglesPeteC is still OTC I believe.
  14. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Can someone explain to me how this foul doesn't get called at all? Thanks in advance.
  15. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 58 the Detroit Lions select: 7059 - Zach Allen - DE @IrishHooligan00 is OTC