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  1. Check-In Update Good to Go: (8) Myself @squire12 @jcrell623 @Oregon Ducks @JaguarCrazy2832 @nagahide13 @HvacRaider @Bigbear72 Waiting On (2): @Hagar @Lionized
  2. I don’t think I can really fault Panini for the prices they are charging. For the past year or longer a bunch of this stuff has been selling out in seconds and then going for a huge premium on the secondary market. If you’re a business, why would you not try and get in on that? If you’re selling boxes with an MSRP of $100 and then 20 minutes later seeing those for $500 on eBay, why wouldn’t you just start charging $500? People have chosen to just go crazy with spending and are going to pay the prices regardless, whether it is to the manufacturers or the middlemen.
  3. It just seems like a bold strategy to look at your current position of greatest need, that you haven’t addressed despite numerous trades and picks, and suddenly trade the one player with potential at the position.
  4. The Chiefs just traded the LB they took 63rd last year who started 8 games for pick 202?
  5. 41 is someone I would like to target with a trade up if they make it another 10 picks or so.
  6. Personally, I would have 13 at the top of my board. It feels a little early for 46 and 55. I would be intrigued by trading the two 3rds to move up, but would potentially want to reach out to the Chiefs on Tyreek Hill. Their GM posted that they would consider moving him for some mid-range picks and if we could use both 3rds on that, it might be better value IMO. “Tyreek Hill is on the block asking price is a good collection of mid round picks and a couple good depth/role players ideally including a WR in return. We just don't want to pay Tyreek his next contract.”
  7. Gotta give a hat-tip to @mountainpd : Trading Xavien Howard for Caleb Farley and a potentially early/mid 1st in 2022 is a tremendous success. Not sure you can plan it any better.
  8. I believe I have found the perfect story for the CFB forum, a coach’s wife getting arrested for wire fraud. Her husband supposedly makes $450,000 a year, why is she trying to steal from the elderly?
  9. Can I ask why you love them so much? Newsome seems like a gamble given his injury history and Samuel is weighed down by the questions over whether he can stay on the outside. If those are the targets, might be able to just stay at 41 and wait for one to fall IMO.
  10. Probably moot since there is no GM around to try and negotiate the trade for us, but I would think this is relatively close on a trade-up for Farley 18 (900) for 41 (490) 72 (230) 113 (68) Total TVC: 788 Would still leave picks 75 and our later 3rd for depth picks.
  11. Just going to throw this out there as a way of moving forward: Caleb Farley is still on the board and the Dolphins are looking to move down from 18. It might make sense to consider packaging our 2nd and some 3rds to get up there seeing as the position is now a gaping hole.
  12. I think something happened with your graphics. It looks like it is showing 34-7 for both the final scores of the playoff games which doesn’t really match the narrative below lol.
  13. I’m not saying he’s Xavien Howard right now, I’m saying his trade value should have been much closer to that. He was every team in the leagues number one corner last year. He went third overall. He’s on a relatively cheap contract. He should have fetched at least a first this year. I think a lot of people would have him as the #1 CB on their board this year and would be willing to give a first for him, especially once Horn and Farley are gone. You got spare parts for the Lions top remaining asset IMO.
  14. I’m a Lions fan, I know how he looked last year. You don’t give up on a player with his size/athleticism/college tape because of one bad season where he struggled to stay healthy and was on a terrible team. Even if you wanted to give up on him, the price should have been closer to what the Dolphins got for their stud CB, not the bargain bin at Walmart.
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