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  1. Early Bird or Night Owl

    Yep. You are clearly "one of us." And it's weird because I raised a bonafide morning person. She was a trip as a kid. She would wake up naturally way too early. At 8 she asked for her own alarm clock so she could get up at like 6am to start getting herself ready for school. As a teen she would go to sleepovers and be asleep by like 10 and all the other girls were up all night. She would legitimately wake up in the morning wide awake. Like I would turn on her bedroom light and call her name and she would sit straight up and just start talking. Like she wasn't even asleep. It was like raising an alien. But my other daughter? Just like us. Indistinguishable from us. If left to herself she would never see the sun.
  2. Kupp out for the year(sorry Rammy)

    When asked for my opinion, I said we would be okay and I wasnt worried. My wife asked, "Really?" And...
  3. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Well now I was sure to point out it was only a subsection of Eagles fans, not all of them. I do my best not to generalize all fans based on a handful.
  4. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    When you dish it out, don't get rashy when it gets dished back. And don't use big words where they don't apply. My post was hardly a diatribe. I am sure it might seem so if we are the type that prefers sticking to 140 characters or less. But it was just a regular post. But it is your problem if you aren't effectively articulating your point. And I wasn't arguing with you, sensitive guy. I was elaborating on the point I was making and putting it into perspective since it seemed clear you missed it.
  5. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    How dare you. I have copious amounts of chill. Now...
  6. Early Bird or Night Owl

    Lifelong night owl who has fought with bouts if insomnia my whole life. I wish I was a morning person. It was nothing for me to get my days and nights flipped during the summer. By the end of the 2nd week of summer vacation I was staying up till the sun came up and sleeping till 3 (if I could get away with it). I still do it. If I have a 5 day weekend I am up till the sun comes up by the 5th day. It's stupid.
  7. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    People keep going back to Rammy. Is it safe to assume Rammy is the ONE exception to the point I just made?
  8. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    The fact that I got your point enough to counter with what I said proves my reading comprehension is just fine. Based on your answer, you might want to put down the reading comprehension and start playing with critical thinking. It's super fun as well. Give it a try.
  9. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    At least part of my post was relevant. You planning on doing your part at any point?
  10. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    So Jimmy Garoppolo has already won 2 superbowls and has a post season record of 7-1?
  11. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Maybe the reason your defense is blowing leads is because the opposing coach and QB are adjusting. But again, the argument is that once you take Gurley out of the equation and put the game on Goff, the Rams are in trouble. If anyone on the Rams didn't hold up to their end of the deal it is the defense that allowed 45 points. The most scored by NO all year. The most allowed by the Rams all year. How can you blame Goff, who apparently had Gurley taken out of the game and was forced to play well and lead the offense and ended the game with great numbers all by himself. Lets just call it what it is. Some of the Eagles fans around here have the weirdest boner for Goff. It's been this way for 2 years now. Call it low self esteem. Call it insecurity. Call it what you will. But it's obvious and has been pointed out by fans of other teams in the past. It aint all Eagles fans. But there is, without a doubt, a select sub section of them that can't handle anyone else at the prom having a pretty dress. And it goes like this in pretty much every thread Goff is involved in: Rams fans: Wentz is great Other fans: Wentz is great Eagles fans: Wentz is great and then Rams fans: Goff is great Other fans: Goff is great Eagles fans: Goff is Case Keenum
  12. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    I am not arguing Wentz support was better. I am arguing it was as good. Not player for player, piece for piece. But overall. Last years Wentz and this years Goff were/are in a position to succeed comfortably.
  13. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Exactly. Exactly. And exactly. A defense that helps keep your QB asnd your offense comfortable and in control of the play clock and play calling is a huge advantage for a QB. Arguing otherwise is amateur hour.
  14. What Song Are You Listening To?

    I feel like this is something a lot of the hip hop guys would like.