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  1. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    I know you didnt say it. Thats why I am asking. Because it sure seemed to me like you felt I was using it in a negative way.
  2. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    That is ridiculous. He has clearly been an above average player at his position. I'm not suggesting he has been a world beater. And I have no idea if he will ever live up to the contract. But to suggest that AT BEST he was average is crazy. "Average at best" is what you call a borderline starter in the NFL. And Cooks has clearly played well enough to be considered a quality starter in the NFL. The Pats never pay anyone not named Tom Brady, btw. I mean, when was the last time they ponied up for a WR contract? That isnt how they operate. So that really shouldnt be any sort of factor in the equation. The fact that NO moved him is far more worrisome. But cap space, dead money and future signings may have played a large factor in that decision as well. I'm almost positive the Rams wont be kicking themselves though. Its a team friendly contract. Only 25% of it is guaranteed. The break would be fairly clean if it didnt work out. A lot of these young WRs are getting up to 60% of their contract guaranteed.
  3. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    But in the entirety of my post you responded to, did it seem like I was using it as a negative???
  4. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    I have always liked Cooks' game and I have all the faith in the world in McVay. He went after Cooks for a reason. Theyre investing in him for a reason. McVay clearly sees big things with the kid. Just saying he is the only acquisition of the off season that really has any sort of risk of backfiring on us. Just because of the size and length of the contract compared to what he has proven on the field. The rest of our acquisitions, imo, are all completely risk free moves.
  5. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Do you think the term "dream team" is meant as a negative?
  6. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    I even said I was probably more excited going into this season than I have any other season in decades. But apparently "cautiously optimistic" aint good enough. I guess I gotta consider the season over before it begins and be like
  7. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Its worse than that. All I said is that I am not going to get "too high" on the big acquisitions and someone took exception to it. And I am a fan of the team. Buggin.
  8. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    1. I have no idea what that wall of text is supposed to be telling me, brother. Are you saying I should expect the Rams to win the SB? All I said was I am not going to get "too high" on them. 2. Everything you said about the 2011 Eagles is pure hindsight. 3. "This is why they failed to impress and we won't" is a terrible argument. We can fail to impress for other reasons. And if we do, hindsight will tell us exactly why. 4. There havent been many "dream teams". But I can think of three (2011 Eagles, 2000 Redskins, 1995 Dolphins) that failed to impress. That is three (out of how many?) too many for me to get too high on the Rams.
  9. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    I have seen too many “dream teams” fail to impress to get too high on the Rams big acquisitions. But most of those big acquisitions are either cheap or on short contracts. So they’re all “win/win” situations really. We are already a very young team. We had holes. We filled many of them temporarily with some very solid pieces. Veteran players with experience are, imo, what we needed more than more rookies at this point in the teams history. Veteran leadership and veteran experience. And... as no small bonus, very good players to boot. The only really risky play is Cooks. I have no doubt that McVay sees Cooks playing a vital role in the offense he envisions. But that is a ton of scratch to give a WR that, imo, hasn’t proven a whole lot. I don’t think the signing was a bad one. I just think its the only signing that has the potential to backfire on the Rams in any way. Time will tell. I have no problem with anyone being optimistic about the Rams. At the same time I don’t have a problem with anyone taking a “let’s not crown them yet” view. I am that type of person. A “don’t tell me, show me” kinda guy. That said, I am thrilled about what my team has done in the offseason and probably haven’t looked forward to a season this much in decades. The only thing that comes close is the Rams first year back in LA. And that was tempered by the fact that we all knew our team was gonna suck.
  10. All Time Offense?

  11. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    Redskins fans can thank Ace for this one. But seriously, sorry to hear the news. I hate, hate, HATE hearing about stuff like this. No matter what team. These kids have busted their butts their whole lives for this moment. Plus I hate it for the fans.
  12. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    The Rams are going 0-50
  13. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Sam Darnold: Future HoFer
  14. The Donald Situation.

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on Donald. He has been called the most important player in the NFL that doesn't take snaps behind center. He is dues for a massive payday from some team either this year or next year. Still young at 27 years old. The word is he is asking for money towards the "QB Spectrum." A lot of money for a non-QB. All that in mind: 1. Do you think the Rams retain him? 2. When do you think the deal gets inked? 3. How much would you be willing to see your team spend on him? How much is "too much?" I think we retain him. I think we see a deal inked this coming week. Just wishful thinking? I also think he ends up getting 21 per. Which is insane. But can a team really afford to let a talent of that caliber walk because they want to pinch pennies? Who wants to be the Eagles and let the modern Reggie White walk because he costs too much?
  15. Jared Goff vs Carson Wentz

    Goffs thowing motion isn't really anything like Alex Smiths. Smith- https://youtu.be/4S2BipEf2IY?t=204 Goff- https://youtu.be/DalbsyK59K8?t=37 Alex Smith, even with greatly improved mechanics compared to his college days, still wastes a lot of motion. He drops his elbow, drops the ball, has this odd wind up. Goff really doesnt have any of that.