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  1. Chargers vs Patriots: Divisional Round

    This will ensure the Chargers never last in LA.
  2. How good is Jared Goff?

    It's like I said, you are in that fan friendly "safe space." No expectations = no disappointments. I guess it's all in personal perspective. Again, we have played the hardest schedule in the NFC and one of the top 5 toughest schedules in the NFL. Despite that we are 11-2. We have beaten playoff caliber teams in the Chargers, Chiefs and Seahawks (x2). We fought a very tough game against the Saints. And we lost a 29 degree game to the Bears. You don't think maybe you are being a little reductive in what the Rams have managed to accomplish or how they have looked this season? I am far more nervous about whether our defense can do its job and how our relative inexperience in the postseason will impact the team than the two losses we have had this season. I mean... we lost to 2 good teams. Right? Isn't that who the Rams should be losing to? Good teams? Like... would you be less nervous as a Rams fan if we lost to the Cardinals and Raiders?
  3. How good is Jared Goff?

    I am going off of profootballreference's SoS. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2018/ But regardless, we can admit that Chicago's schedule has been buttery soft, right? So going back to your original query, doesn't that make you a little nervous? I mean, the Bears did beat the Rams. in a 29 degree game. Which they probably won't see a ton of in the postseason. Worrisome? Or "we are the underdogs, so no pressure"? By talking ish I just mean busting chops. That's all. You were laying it on a bit thick originally. That's all I am saying.
  4. How good is Jared Goff?

    What QB hasnt had some tight games, though? And I mean... let's be real. I am not aware of any QB that doesn't struggle playing in 29 degree weather.
  5. Had a guy die on the table on me. I am a radiation therapist. I treat people with cancer. They aren't all "walky/talkys". Meaning some of them are inpatients and are literally at death's door. But they generally don't die on you while on the treatment table. They die up on the floor. Or they die in hospice. Because by the time they're THAT bad, treatment is halted and the priority becomes "comfort care." But yeah... I had a guy come down. He was an inpatient. He had an odd set up that involved him laying on his side for treatment. Conscious and responsive, mind you. Weak and sick, but still there. So we got him lifted from his stretcher to the table and we were getting him set up and another therapist (without a ton of experience) whispered to be that he was "breathing funny." I looked down and it was clear he was "agonal breathing." Or, in layman's terms, "guppy breathing." If anyone has seen it, you will recognize it immediately. I saw it once on TV and my wife, who works in respiratory care and has watched between a hundred and two hundred people die, told me, "That is agonal breathing. If you ever see that, the person is getting ready to die. You literally have minutes at most." So I said, "Oh <crap>! I am grabbing a nurse. He is crashing." And I ran out of the vault to grab a nurse. Thirty seconds later I walk back in and the therapists in the vault are like, "It's okay. He isn't doing it anymore." I look around and everyone is just standing there kinda waiting. So I run over and shake the patient and call his name. No answer. I try it again. No answer. I feel for a pulse. No pulse. CODE BLUE!!!! CODE BLUE!!! Pull him off the table back into the stretcher. Started CPR. Code gets called over the PA. Doctors trickle in from everywhere. Rapid response shows up. They manage to get an unstable pulse and bag him and rush him off. But he was never stabilized, he never woke up and the plug was pulled as soon as family could be contacted.
  6. Raiders sign RB C.J. Anderson; Released

    If only there was a really good, really young RB sitting on waivers waiting to get picked up. If only... idiots
  7. 1. Wentz 2. Goff 3. Mahomes 4. Mayfield 5. Watson
  8. Oh man. All I can say is you have to watch the hot team going into the postseason. And right now that team is, undeniably, the Cowboys. Are they my favorites? Eh... I always find it hard to make a team with so little postseason experience, particularly at QB, my "favorite." My favorite right now is the Saints. They have the coaching, the QB, the experience, etc etc. And they're playing some great football. But the Cowboys are clearly in the mix and looking verrrry strong. If I was a Cowboys fan I would be riding high. I can say this much. I was soooooo wrong about the Cooper acquisition. I didn't think Dak was good enough to make the addition work well enough to be worth the investment in Cooper. It was a bold move and it clearly paid off.
  9. How good is Jared Goff?

    We have had the toughest SoS in the NFC. Fourth toughest in the NFL. That is current. Not preseason. The Bears, by comparison, have had the easiest (by far) schedule in the NFC and 2nd easiest in the NFL. You started out talking ish before coming back down to earth so I can't tell if you really thought this was true. But in case you did think we have had a soft schedule, we really haven't. You guys have. I mean, congrats on a huge win. But come on, mayne.
  10. How good is Jared Goff?

    I've been nervous since Talib went down and our secondary exposed our defense. But I find the loss to the Bears a lot more worrisome than the loss to the Saints. The Saints are, arguably, the best team in the NFL. And it went down to the wire. Whereas the Bears should have been a win. They lost to a sorry Giants. They struggled against a sorry Lions. They just havent looked impressive lately. So for Goff to go in and lay an egg like he did will naturally concern me. Let's face it, the Rams are the darlings of the NFL media. So teams bring their A game. But the Rams fans aren't buying into the hype. We are just as real as any other fans. The only difference is we don't get the security that comes with rooting for an underdog. You know... when the underdog loses it was "because they were supposed to" but if they win it's "because they're badasses." It's a "safe space" for a fan to be in. All I can do is root from the sideline and hope my boys get the job done. Just like everyone else.
  11. Best Landing Spots for Kareem Hunt?

    Well, the NFL is going to care if it shows a pattern of behavior and getting into physical confrontations. I don't want to sound anti Hunt. Im not. As a non-chiefs fan I can respect what the Chiefs did. But if I was a Chiefs fan I would be pissed they released him over this. And I think he should (and will) get snatched up. And rightfully so. But if enough of these incidents (taped or not) keep popping up, the NFL will start to care.
  12. Best Landing Spots for Kareem Hunt?

    Now don't get me wrong, because I disagreed with that guy too. But you are jumping to conclusions as to why he wasn't arrested. You have no idea why the officers decided not to arrest him. I mean, it was clearly assault and/or battery by most legal definitions. And he probably should have been arrested, imo. Just not tried and sentenced to time for it. There are plenty of examples of officers not arresting people who, by all rights, should have been arrested. The fact that the officers decided not to arrest Hunt that night doesn't mean a thing in terms of what he did or didn't do or the severity of what he did/didn't do. But based on the video, I cant believe they didn't arrest him. I am guessing the woman in question changed her mind and told the police she didn't want him arrested. And that part maybe never made it to the light of day. Maybe they were being overly sympathetic to the big sports star because they knew what an arrest, even for such a (comparatively) trivial matter could do to the kids career. Or maybe they were just derelict in their duty. Because Hunt clearly needed to cool off in the pokey. Either way, the people are asking the responding officers why Hunt wasn't arrested. So we might get an answer sooner rather than later.
  13. Best Landing Spots for Kareem Hunt?

    That would be ridiculous. This isn't a case of a guy KOing his woman in an elevator. It was a couple shoves. This almost sounds like collusion. I can't believe 32 owners would unanimously pass on him without any sort of back channel discussions or agreements. Question: If Hunt makes it to the off season does he become a UFA? And if he does, and signs some big fat contract with a new team, do the Chiefs get a comp pick? Could this be a case of owners throwing Clark Hunt a solid? Just spitballing.
  14. Black Friday/Cyber Monday hauls

    Instapot (85) Saved 50 8-1 combo Air fryer/convection/toaster/everything else (120) saved 60 Two new Serta pillow top mattress/box springs. King for my room, queen for the guest room. (1,400) saved 800 New gaming rig (1,600) who knows. But I was going to build my own through newegg and ibuypower can build the same rig for me for just about as much. I'll just say its a great rig for the price. 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5 Limited (7,000) saved @ 3,000 according to KBB
  15. Best Landing Spots for Kareem Hunt?

    I didn't use it as a pejorative. I used it as an identifier. And the only kicking and pushing I see from her is AFTER he shoved her. Like I said, if she didn't put her hands on him, he needs to keep his hands off her. Once he put his hands on her, he was in the wrong. Her retaliating means nothing to me. It certainly doesn't tell me she was in the wrong. And I would say the same thing if the roles were reversed. If she shoved or slapped him and he launched her in retaliation the first thing I would have said was, "She should have kept her hands to herself.| This is not a "both sides are just as guilty" scenario. This is a "Dude lost his temper and did something stupid" scenario. And that is all I am going to say. I dont want to be part of the reason this thread gets locked.