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  1. Ok I found the post on the other thread. You are mistakenly saying that the DT is penetrating the gap, whereas really the DT is running himself out of the play. He doesn't come within 3 yards of Lamar. I don't think you understand the nature of pass blocking. You don't seek to engage the defender. You blame Skura for "taking such an extended period of time to accept the handoff". That's just not how pass blocking works. You wait for rusher to come into your area. What bothers me is that you are impugning the integrity of Ken McKusick. He does a tremendous job and has no incentive to be biased. I'd say your anti-Skura biases are fully on display here. I wouldn't have spoken up if you had just talked about the play, but after the things you said about Ken, I don't feel that was right.
  2. What in the world are you talking about? The DT that Skura blocks doesn't get anywhere near Lamar. The idea that the DT blows up the play there is flat out inaccurate.
  3. I think the people are overrating the Steelers because offensive line play has been real sloppy so far. A team like the Steelers, which has a tough front 7 that can generate pressure with a variety of blitzes, looks great at this stage of the season. Once offensive lines start to gel a bit better, the Steelers front 7 won't be as tough to deal with.
  4. The read option isn't really working that well so far, though. I don't think the offensive line is in sync yet. Maybe in the second half of the season it will improve. As of now, our best offensive is dropping back to pass on 1st down, and passing to set up the run. Then we can run out the clock to end the game. I don't see the offense being run first, anymore.
  5. Not necessarily. If teams keep playing our run tough, Lamar will shred them through the air. I think teams will continue to try to contain the run game, and do it better than they did last year. Teams will rather lose by Lamar passing, and I think Lamar has pretty good weapons now to beat them.
  6. Maybe the Ravens saved all their good running plays for Dobbins on the shelf to use for KC. We had control of this game vs the Texans from the 2nd quarter on, so no need to show our best plays.
  7. I have been trying to assess Burrow as well, wondering if he is going to be a pain for us to deal with the next decade or not. He doesn't have a particularly quick release any time he throws deep. So his arm strength is iffy. But he spreads the ball around effectively over the middle and short throws to the sideline. Seems to read the defense well. He is also fairly athletic, but unfortunately he thinks he's more athletic than he really is. Similar to Josh Allen. So he might get in trouble at some point, as defenders will tee off on him unless he dials back his aggressiveness running with the football. I don't think he's that much different than Dalton, overall. Dalton did give us fits for a number of years, so I'm not trying to diss him. He could be better than Dalton, but he has a similar skill set.
  8. If our offensive line is not gelling, the game vs WAS in week 4 might be tougher than expected. Their D-line looked great vs PHI.
  9. I was nervous that drive anticipating Myles Garrett going at Fluker but we got the TD anyways.
  10. Yeah if he's not going back to the locker room for xrays I figure it can't be terrible.
  11. Maybe Tyre Phillips could have slid over to pick up that blitz.
  12. Yeah watching Andrews now, it is clear he was really hampered by injuries in the 2nd half of last season. He looks way more explosive.
  13. Yes it was a smart throw because it was at a spot where it would be either TD or incomplete.
  14. I feel like the rush D was sloppy early, but really settled down later on.
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