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  1. Offseason Trades

    Well when Fournette got his guaranteed $ voided, some speculated he could be cut or traded. Same with Flacco, some think he will be either cut or traded. I've seen both linked to a 3rd round pick. So I think the range of value of each player is hard to determine right now. 3rd round pick to no pick at all is a wide range of outcomes.
  2. Offseason Trades

    Quit misrepresenting what I say, and I won't get annoyed. Your ability to summarize is poor. Anyhow, the Jags fans felt Flacco would have been a marginal improvement from Bortles, not worth cutting Bortles and taking on Flacco's big salary. They also need money free to lock-up their young defensive talent. But Jags posters were in a consensus that Bortles can be decent with good offensive line play, same as Flacco. So why use all that money on Flacco, especially when they are cash strapped? If the line isn't fixed, neither QB will succeed. If Flacco is willing to take a pay cut, then maybe his value would increase. But $18.5 mil is a tough swing for Jags, Dolphins, and Redskins given their cap now. Keenum looks like he's staying in Denver. So I'm not seeing much leverage on the Ravens side right now.
  3. Offseason Trades

    Why is my opinion of Flacco flawed? My opinion is similar to that of fans of the 31 other teams. There is a contingent of Baltimore fans who really like Flacco, but fans always overrate their own players. From what I've read, cutting Bortles and trading for Flacco costs the Jags $35 million in 2019. I'm not sure that Jags will put up that money AND draft picks, especially when they need to rebuild their offensive line. That is why I suggested trading player for player. I never doubted other teams could have interest in Flacco, but I am questioning the compensation. You are a dishonest poster. You misrepresent my position intentionally. What is your motivation to spread disinformation about me?
  4. Offseason Trades

    I just read a couple Jags forum about QB for 2019. Not a single poster wants Flacco, and they aren't even considering having to give up draft picks to get him. Their reasoning is, why give up resources for a below-average QB? They already have Bortles, they don't want to pay more for mediocrity. They need to build the offensive line before their offense can get on track again.
  5. Offseason Trades

    Ok. So what if the Jags offered a 6th rounder for Flacco, or Fournette? The problem is, it takes two to make a deal, and the Jags are not going to want to give up those picks. It's easy to come up with great deals when the other side isn't involved in negotiations.
  6. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    I think its more likely Kubiak leaves because of another stroke rather than getting an HC job.
  7. Offseason Trades

    The Jags are offering a 3/4th round pick for Flacco? What are your sources?
  8. Offseason Trades

    How about Flacco for Fournette?
  9. Offseason Trades

    I am reading the opposite from Denver sources. Keenum is affordable, and still reasonably skilled. The Broncos certainly will try to find a long-term solution to the QB position, but Keenum in 2019 is a fine bridge to that future.
  10. Offseason Trades

    Is Flacco an upgrade to Keenum at this stage in their careers? Keenum's best season (2017) is better than Flacco's best seasons (2010, 2014). Keenum is younger, healthier, and more mobile than Flacco (a big plus in Kubiak's scheme). Plus Keenum is under contract, if you cut him and add Flacco, that subtracts $10 mil in dead money and adds $20 mil in salary. In a vacuum I can see taking Flacco over Keenum. But if adding Flacco means you lose $30 million in cap space, I don't think it's worth it. Especially since Flacco is becoming older and injury prone. Neither Keenum or Flacco are franchise QBs at this stage, so why would you pay so much for a stop-gap player?
  11. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    Everyone is blaming Marty for the gameplan vs the Chargers, but maybe this is Harbaugh getting his chance to channel his inner-Bo Schembechler? Before 2014 everyone complained about Harbaugh's conservative run-first philosophy. Now with Lamar at QB, he has an excuse to run the ball ALL of the time. I agree Marty deserves blame for that loss. But he also coaxed a very raw Jackson to a 6-1 finish to the regular season. It just looked like they reached the max of their potential this season, and could not add any new wrinkles that could beat a very good defense for a second time in 15 days. Taking the season as a whole, Marty did a good job with Flacco in the first few games, and a good job developing Lamar at the end. I can excuse a coach for a bad game.
  12. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    This is a useful chart! Thanks for posting. The only player who will definitely be jettisoned is Flacco (most likely by trade). Jimmy Smith's number is high, but I wonder if he is willing to take a pay cut to stay around. If not, he's cut. Snead's contract is very cut-able, but he was decent this year. I wonder if the Ravens would get equal production from a receiving TE like Hurst or Andrews in his spot, though. He plays like a TE at WR (good blocking, low speed), I don't think his role would be hard to replace. Crabtree had a rough year, but that's a lot of dead money if we cut him. I like his competitiveness, and I think he can work out a rapport with Lamar. I would keep him. I trust him to come back and work hard in the offseason. Koch could be cut, that's an easy $3 million in savings. He was a great punter, he's still good but fading a bit. You can run trick plays (passing or running) with him, he's a good athlete. If Harbaugh stays, Koch stays. That's too much dead money to cut Jefferson, he stays. But they Ravens need to add some young safeties in the draft. No reason to cut Williams, Carr, Yanda, Weddle. All productive players and respected veterans whose absence would hurt the team.
  13. QB are we good?

    Poor post. Nick Fitzgerald had a higher INT% and lower completion% than Lamar in college.
  14. QB are we good?

    No way Nick Fitzgerald is better passer than Lamar. But he is the one college QB who I think can run the Ravens offense as it is set up for Lamar. And he is a big guy who can take NFL hits.
  15. QB are we good?

    Nick Fitzgerald from MSU. We can get him in rd 6