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  1. Morgan Cox was easily our best snapper last season.
  2. Is Kaare Vedvik available? In all seriousness, Ravens punt coverage was near the top of the league this year. According to DVOA it was 5th. I've been harsh on Koch in the past, but he was very effective even if he doesn't have the booming leg anymore.
  3. I don't think Brown would be considered an LT for most teams. He is fine in the Ravens super run-heavy scheme, but for most teams he wouldn't be what they're looking for at LT.
  4. I'd rather have Lamar so I'd need at least a 1st plus Watson.
  5. Position groups in need of upgrade: 1. IOL 2. WR 3. S FAs need to resign: 1. Some OLBs (Bowser, McPhee, Ward should be cheap resigns - Yannick and Judon might be too expensive) 2. Derrick Wolf Coaching moves: 1. Improve passing scheme (not sure how this is done without firing Roman - I don't think he would accept demotion to run game coordinator) Notes on other position groups: 1. QB - good 2. RB - good (cut Ingram) 3. TE - good assuming Boyle can come back health. Draft for depth 4. OT - need a swing tackle. Is Andre Smith coming back? 5. DL -
  6. the cap might be $23 million lower than 2020 so I'm not sure he can spend even if he wanted to
  7. I'm just sayin I don't see why we would pay a premium for Judon (6 sacks) or Ngakoue (3 sacks in 9 games) when they don't really produce in this system. For the amount of $ they'll cost, it isn't worth it.
  8. Wouldn't that trigger a huge cap hit? Like $50 million? I don't think we are flush with cap space. The cap could decrease from $199 mil to $175 mil, but it is not settled yet. Not a lot of wiggle room.
  9. boy that loss still stings. If we could have mustered 13 points we probably could have won that game. Pathetic showing by the offense. The bad plays that really hurt were the Mekari's snaps and Lamar's pick. I can't pin it on Tucker because the Bills kicker was also 1/3. The Bills scored in the red zone and Lamar threw a pick 6 in the red zone. That's the difference. The Ravens outplayed the Bills between the 20s all game long.
  10. We can bring back Bowser, McPhee, and Ward on the cheap. That'll make a decent crew with Ferguson.
  11. I think based on the scheme we don't really need to invest that much in OLBs. I'm not sure how much value Judon or Ngakoue bring in this defense, even though on the open market they will likely get a nice deal. We can probably resign Bowser, McPhee, and Ward for pretty cheap to go along with Ferguson.
  12. Yeah but having another good WR would help too. Nobody except Hollywood has a chance of shedding their man.
  13. Ngouke does nothing for this defense. A waste of a 3rd round pick
  14. In retrospect we should have signed Antonio Brown
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