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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Sorry man but I had to do it. But honestly I did not know how it would turn out. If Ramsey kept on sitting out, I thought the Jags might IR him as punishment. Even though the Jags lost a great player, I think everyone made out pretty well.
  2. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    I think it depends on if the Rams can lock up Ramsey. He's going to want close to Aaron Donald $. I would assume they are willing to meet him or they wouldn't trade for him.
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yes Khan clearly torpedoed Ramsey's trade value. He's now worth more than two 1st round picks.
  4. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Okay, if it is is "most of the complex assignments" is that better? I wrote all meaning one ILB position is inherently more difficult than the other, but granted on some specific plays this may not be technically correct.
  5. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    You need to exaggerate what I'm saying to make my argument look bad. Nice strategy.
  6. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    I think calling Mosley awful in coverage is incorrect, I'm not sure you are accounting for the how much the leagues passing efficiency increased in 2018. You have to grade him against the rest of the league, and the Ravens fielded an elite pass defense last season. You can show me any gif you want. I would advise evaluating every snap of a player rather than picking and choosing evidence that supports your beliefs. ILBs have to be prepared for multiple scenarios on each play. A LB who bites on a play action won't even be near a TE who fills their zone, whereas a disciplined LB will at least make it a harder throw for the QB. That's why I mention shooting the gap. Sure, it can turn out to be a splash play, but it's not a recipe for long term success unless you are very judicious about when you do it. A player with fewer responsibilities can take more risks, because if they're wrong there won't be bad consequences.
  7. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    It's easier to blitz than to play coverage. It's easier to shoot the gap than read and react. It easier to cover the RB out of the flat than play zone and guard against both the TE up the seam and the WR shallow cross.
  8. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Because Mosley had all the difficult assignments. Good players like Mosley sometimes look bad because coaches put so much responsibility on their plate. Bynes can at least manage the difficult assignments, while Peanut and Kenny simply don't have the instincts and awareness.
  9. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Kenny Young was outperformed by cast-off veterans who had a couple practices before being put in games. Athleticism at the LB position really isn't valuable if the player has poor instincts.
  10. 2019 Roster Injury Tracker

    Given that the Steelers gave up a 1st round pick for him, we'd have to give up maybe a 1st and a 4th to get him to outbid the Steelers, because they'll have a worse record than us. No thanks.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Also, maybe this isn't worth a thread, but FIx LG Bozeman is making multiple drive killing errors per game now. Everyone else is pulling their weight, but this guy is going to cost us games the way he is playing.
  12. Fix The Defense

    Harbaugh and company badly misevaluated the ILBs the offseason, and their assessment of the OLBs wasn't much better. Fortunately they grabbed McPhee to help out the OLBs. He's not great but a functional player. It was nice to see Bowser get some pressure today. But for them to have grabbed Bynes and Fort a few games into the season and have them immediately outperform our young ILBs is embarrassing. Getting Jimmy Smith back should be a boon to the secondary at least. And the run defense plugged its leak with Brandon Williams back healthy. So I think if the secondary and defensive line are health, and we can get improved LB play somehow, the defense will be okay.
  13. Our ILBs and the Importance of Position Coaches

    It's hard to estimate, because the good position coaches are almost always promoted to OC/DC. It is rare to get a lifelong position coach like Clarence Brooks. Dante Scarnecchia is another rare example. Mike Munchak is another one, he went from OL coach to HC back to OL coach - never a coordinator!
  14. Our ILBs and the Importance of Position Coaches

    No, it's the players. Position coaches can only do so much in practice. In games it is up to the player. If I were to estimate, I'd say 50% up to the player, 45% up to the OC to utilize the player correctly, and maybe 5% position coach to train him up. A position coach can upgrade a player with a B grade to B+/A- at most. But he can't turn a D into a B.
  15. Our ILBs and the Importance of Position Coaches

    That would fall on the DC, not the position coach. So are suggesting that the LB coach is doing this incorrectly? With Wink Martindale looking on, who has coached the LBs from 2012-2017? Seems like a far fetched scenario. The techniques that a position coach are implementing are handed down to him by the DC. I think it is ridiculous to blame position coaches, who have virtually no power at all. It's like blaming the waiter for a bad meal at a restaurant. A team is lead by its HC, and lesser extent OC and DC, who set the tone and manage everyone below them.