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  1. So why would it matter if the Redskins played them in the playoffs. Yeah, and they lost 38-6 against Detroit in the divisional round. And then the Redskins beat the Lions 41-10 in the conference championship. The Cowboys weren't that good so I don't know why you think the Redskins would have to beat them in the playoffs to prove anything.
  2. SF didn't make the playoffs You called Philly "questionable competition" in an earlier post, so why would playing them in the playoffs matter? You called Dallas "one year away" in an earlier post, so why would playing them in the playoffs matter? Your arguments make no sense. At least try to be consistent.
  3. With these new stats out, I'd say Deacon Jones could legitimately be argued as the GOAT defensive player, along with Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor.
  4. Warthogs I think is best. Plays homage to the hogs, but is also an awesome plane.
  5. Let's not forget the rematch later in the season where a non-existent passing game put up 47 points despite Lamar missing about one full quarter of play.
  6. Ok for Ravens I'll go with 1. Flacco TD pass to Jacoby Jones ("mile high miracle") vs Denver in AFC divisional game in 2012 season. 2. Blocked-FG run back for a TD vs Titans in AFC divisional game in 2000 season. 3. Shannon Sharpe 96-yard TD reception vs Oakland in AFC championship game in 2000 season. 4. Lamar Jackson 46-yard TD pass to Brown vs Browns on MNF in 2020 season. 5. Bernard Pollard forced fumble vs Stevan Ridley in AFC championship game vs Pats in 2012 season. As a bonus, Jimmy Smith's pass defense vs Crabtree to win the Super Bowl vs the 49ers
  7. I always felt the blocked FG returned for a TD was the most important play that game. That swung the game from 13-10 Titans to 17-10 Ravens. Once the Ravens had a 17-10 lead in the 4th, the game was over. The Ray Lewis INT was icing on the cake.
  8. Career passer rating: Lamar Jackson: 102.6 Baker Mayfield: 89.1 Career AY/A Lamar Jackson: 8.1 Baker Mayfield: 7.1
  9. Tell that to this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIZC2UF5K1o
  10. LOL then tell him to add his scrambling yards to the passing totals.
  11. Brown got a new contract with the Raiders and won his first Super Bowl with the Bucs. Bell got a nice chunk of change via guarantees. The Steelers used him so heavily that it was probably smart to grab the biggest bonus he could, if he was already in decline.
  12. Yes Brown was unhappy with Ben and Bell didn't think he was being compensated fairly. Just because you think it was a fair offer to Bell doesn't mean he thought it was as well. Per year averages are a joke, it's all about guaranteed money. And Brown immediately received a new contract with the Raiders, so it's obvious he wasn't happy with his contract either. But his beef was mostly with Big Ben.
  13. Brown is crazy and Ben is a douchebag. Both can be true.
  14. Is he taking in these players because he wants to help them, or is he taking them in because he thinks they can help him? There's a fine line between selfless and selfish. Does he take in and mentor troubled players who are at the bottom of the roster, or just the talented ones?
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