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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Fair enough. I think Hurst is a backup swing tackle, not a starter. You start him at LG, then who is the backup OT? That may solve a problem but creates another one. Call me crazy but I think the Bowser/Williams could outperform Houston in 2019 and beyond. I'm not big into bringing a guy from a very simple defense where he had limited responsibilities over to the Ravens, I'd rather have the two guys who have been in the system for a couple years.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    If those draft picks bust or get injured, you've basically cost Lamar a year of development. He needs to develop a his throws outside the numbers, if he doesn't have a competent WR on the outside to run reliable routes, he'll stagnate. I think the Ravens can nab a WR after the draft as well, not necessarily Jordy Nelson. I think your plan is WAY too risky.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I think he's a competent vet who can run NFL routes, and will likely outperform a 4th round rookie WR. Percentage of offensive plays by Jordy Nelson, with targets. Week 17: 89%, 12 targets Week 16: 79%, 10 targets Week 15: 97%, 8 targets Week 15: 94%, 7 targets Week 14: 91%, 11 targets Week: 13: 90%, 1 target (vs Ravens) I get that you don't want Nelson, but to fabricate data is really not an honorable way to debate. The Raiders played Nelson a lot the last 5 weeks and gave him plenty of targets.
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I can definitely see the argument not to sign Spain or Nelson, but I think it is pretty clear that if the Ravens signed them, they would be upgrades and immediately be put into the starting lineup. That's all I'm saying. Those are the two spots where the Ravens are weakest.
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    1st round I agree, 3rd or 4th round no way. Sorry but if you think every WR taken in the 4th round is better than Jordy Nelson, that's just a silly position to hold. Even if they become a better WR over time, there's little in the Ravens history of drafting WRs that indicates we'll have a plug-and-play WR drafted at that position.
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Quinton Spain and Jordy Nelson would be clear upgrades to the roster.
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I disagree, I think the Ravens have often tried to go in the draft with no big holes on the roster. Signing guys like Quinten Spain or Jordy Nelson would clearly upgrade the roster, and allow the Ravens to draft purely BPA than reach on a pick to fill a need. Well we don't know which positions we really need until after the draft. Except for WR, and to a lesser extent LG. The team will absolutely sit on that cap space, and wait out roster cuts following the draft and during training camp. I think now EDC has to have a specific plan before the draft, and then everything changes after the draft. But running up to the draft, given the cap situation, the best way forward is to plug holes, and not blow our wad on defensive player who may block the development of ascending young players.
  8. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I'd say regarding need, the Ravens should prioritize FA's at: 1. WR 2. LG 3. EDGE 4. ILB 5. DE I don't see the need to spend any money on defense before the draft save for resigning Urban, because we have players waiting in the wings to ascend to the starting spot. Plus if a great defensive LB/DE prospect falls to us in round 1, we can take him to plug and play immediately without being blocked by a FA veteran. However, I don't see an answer on the roster for WR or LG at the moment. I like Chris Moore, but I haven't seen anything from the other WRs and I don't trust Ravens WR draftees to produce. Likewise, at LG I see nothing but backup quality players, below-average starters. If EDC wants to spend more, I'd put it toward either a WR or LG, and then see how the draft shakes out. Investing more capital into the defense doesn't really make sense right now, because the draft is going to reshape the roster anyway. But the Ravens front 7 right now has quality/youth/upside at every starting spot, from what I've seen from them. I don't mind a starting front 7 of DL (Williams, Pierce, Wormley) ILB (Peanut and K. Young) OLB (Judon and Bowser/Williams) to pair with an all world secondary. I don't see a starting caliber player at WR1 or LG at the moment, however.
  9. Ravens Sign Justin Bethel

    It's just an odd move to me because the numbers are so tight at DB. Are we going to lose another young DB because a ST player is taking a roster spot? I know having a good gunner is important, but I feel like after the draft is time to address it. Let the rosters shake out and see who is available. Given all of Harbaugh's ST coaching experience, I'd rather see him coach up young guys to do a good job rather than lose a quality developmental DB to a ST player.
  10. Ravens Sign Justin Bethel

    Why even consider Bethel as a DB? He couldn't even see the field playing for Atlanta's sorry *** defense. He should be considered like Cox, Tucker, and Koch, a ST player only.
  11. Jerry Rosburg Retiring

    Ha, I forgot about him! I guess him getting beat up allowed the Ravens to retain his rights for the year. I hope he's been working on punting more than kicking.
  12. Jerry Rosburg Retiring

    I'm really not that worried, as long as Harbaugh is there to direct things. I wonder if they will look at bringing in some serious competition for Koch. The punt coverage unit was below average for 2018, and Koch's line drive punts really hurt the Ravens in their playoff loss to the Chargers.
  13. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    For defense, I think you can strengthen it just by adding a DE/LB, I would not narrow down too much by position. Best prospect available, whoever has high upside. For offense, I agree IOL and WR are targets are spots where Ravens would fill an immediate need. Can't see drafting a RB or TE high. If the best player available is an OT, do the Ravens pull the trigger? I could kick Orlando Brown inside to LG, where his lateral mobility is less exposed. Seems like there are some good OTs, if one falls I could see the Ravens going for him.
  14. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Jordy Nelson seems like a decent pick up given the current pool of FA wide receivers. However, someone better might get cut or become available in the near future. I wouldn't be rushing to sign Nelson at this point. Especially if he signs a contract that prevents the Ravens from bringing in a better player later on.
  15. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    I think the 2018 injury was actually fairly predictable. Earl Thomas sat out training camp and refused to practice with the team due to the contract issues. So I'm not sure he had the appropriate muscle mass NFL players need to protect their bones from collisions. I think with a full offseason and regular practices his body will be in much better shape to handle contact.