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  1. Coaching has a negligible impact on NBA outcomes, every novice knows that. Football coaches have way more impact. Pippen didn't really accomplish much without Jordan so I don't know why you think he's so incredible. Obviously you can't win an NBA title with scrubs as supporting cast. And Rodman was well past his prime when he joined the Bulls. Meanwhile, Brady was throwing to the 2nd greatest WR ever in Moss and the greatest TE in NFL history from 2007 to the present. And played behind incredibly coached offensive lines by Scarrnecchia.
  2. Funny how you say Brady is the QB of all time, you can't even claim he is the best NFL player of all time. Brady has the greatest career of any QB, but in terms of skill and ability, he is on par with other great QB's. He certainly never had a dominant peak like Marino or Manning where year-after-year he was obviously the best. Nothing like what Jordan accomplished.
  3. Larry Bird in 1986: “I would never have called him the greatest player I’d ever seen if I didn’t mean it,” Bird told The Boston Globe. “It’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan.”
  4. Ok so there's no way you can ever compare Andre Drummond with Steph Curry, according to your logic. I mean, they play different positions, so we just don't know how valuable each one is. It's a total mystery.
  5. Ok show me which years was Brady clearly and obviously the best player in the NFL.
  6. We don't have to talk about MVPs then. Just talk about dominant seasons. How many years did Brady have where Brady was an utterly dominant QB without any peer. Maybe one or two (2007, 2010)? MVPs aren't that interesting to talk about. Just look at Jordan's peak from 1986-1993 and tell how Brady is in the same conversation as him. Brady was an excellent QB who was fortunate to be on great teams and has had an incredibly long and healthy career. But let's not pretend like he was just eviscerating the competition like Jordan was, physically and mentally, and was essentially w
  7. Not every stat is one-to-one, but they are comparable. Now with advanced metrics you can calculate very precisely how much each rebound and assist is worth.
  8. Please. Jordan was the best player from 1986 to 1993 without question. Later in his career he learned to dial back his usage in the regular season, but then increased it in the playoffs when needed. So he's not going to win every MVP every year, because it usually goes to the most accomplished player on the team with the most wins. Bottom line is Jordan was a much more dominant player. Brady can't come close to matching Jordan's peak from 1986-1993. Brady would have to have 5 or 6 years like 2007 in a row, but really Brady only had one year (2007) that is comparable to 7 or 8 Jorda
  9. I'm not interested in talking about MVPs. But they are a useful indicator. Bottom line is, Brady was simply not the best QB in the league for 17 out of his 20 total career seasons. From a production standpoint, he's certainly complied a lot of stats over the years, but was never consistently dominant. He was elite for maybe 3 years. Jordan, meanwhile, put up some of the most insanely dominant seasons from 1986-1993. Brady could never dream of putting together such a peak.
  10. You can compare NBA players because no matter what position, a player can be judged on similar stats (points, shooting %, assists, rebounds, etc). There's no similar metric that allows you to compare how good QB is to a TE, DE, etc.
  11. He won more MVPs than Brady did, in fewer years. Also its much harder to win MVP in NBA. You are competing with every other position. NFL MVPs are almost always QBs, so you are only competing with 32 other players.
  12. Jordan was better than every other player at every position. There's no need to compare him to other SGs because he was better than every PG, SF, PF, and C.
  13. The fact that Brady only has 3 1st team all pros (2007, 2010, 2017), 3 MVP (same years), and 2 offensive player of the year awards (2007, 2010) is utterly disqualifying. He just wasn't noticeably better than any of his peers, he just was blessed to be on very good teams throughout his career.
  14. Djokovic's peak will never compare to Federer's (2004-2007). Yes it will look like Djokovic may surpass some of Federer's numbers for their entire careers, but will never compare to Federer's greatness.
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