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  1. "Not a bust, but generally disappointing" IMO this label probably applies to 50% of 1st round draft picks ever drafted.
  2. 1st down runs are going nowhere against most defenses we face these days. "Forging a run identity" means we'll be in 3rd and long a lot. Better idea is to put in in Lamar's hands and see if he can improve his quick passing. Sink or swim it'll be a good experience and we can learn from it.
  3. The same team beat the Bills. Its a week-to-week league. It doesn't matter what a team did the week before, there is no "momentum". Sometimes teams play well and sometimes not. Look at what they've done over the season and make your evaluation. Don't cherry pick data points and try to draw sweeping conclusions.
  4. I'm enjoying this season just to watch the development of Lamar. He went up a level in the early part of the season, with the development of his deep throwing. Now the league has adjusted. Teams are forcing him to make quick, accurate throws. That's his biggest weakness right now. He just can't "grip it and rip it", and he's a bit slow making these reads under heavy pressure. If Lamar can adjust and start playing better, we can beat anyone. He's struggling now, but he has never struggled for long. We just need to be patient for him to figure out a way to solve these defenses.
  5. Ok, we just lost a road game to an above average opponent by 1 point. I'm not sure why to be so pessimistic. We can't win all the close games.
  6. I've seen Marlon Humphrey get straight up beat by average TEs multiple times this season. That's something that doesn't happen to a decent CB.
  7. Given his skillset, I think Humphrey could be a truly elite FS. He just isn't twitchy enough to be a great cover corner.
  8. I honestly don't think think a healthy Westry is much of a drop-off from Humphrey, in terms of pure cover ability. J. Smith, Averett, Young, and Westry is a perfectly serviceable group. As long as they are healthy and not sick.
  9. I think we'll easily make the postseason. We can easily beat the Browns because their offense is predicated on the running game and we can still stuff the run. We can beat the Steelers at home. I don't fear the Packers, they have a lot of wins but are ranked 11th in DVOA. They aren't that good. We're at home. I don't fear the Rams either, McVey's offense is inconsistent and can be solved. We're at home. @ Bengals is tough, but we had the lead against them in the 3rd quarter last game. We just need to play more cover-2 and not big blitz.
  10. Yeah he seems more like a luxury at this point with the offense as it is now. I'm fine with building around Batemon as WR #1 with Andrews and our good RBs. I'd rather devote resources to OL rather than Hollywood.
  11. A couple thoughts on the last play: It looks like Andrews slows down when he turns around to look for the ball. He is settling down, whereas Lamar throws it as if he would have kept running. So I can't really say if Lamar missed the throw or Andrews shouldn't have slowed down. They just need to focus on those details in practice. Any plan the involves an unblocked TJ Watt screaming at the QB isn't a good play.
  12. I just don't think Hollywood is a great fit for this offense. He great 15 yards downfield when he's wide open, but he a) isn't effective close to the LOS because of his size, b) isn't good at contested balls, and 3) can't block. He would be better off in pass-heavy offense. I don't think he would mind leaving the Ravens.
  13. I wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with you. Don't watch for the rest of the season, then.
  14. It finally happened. Jim Harbaugh surpassed John Harbaugh as a HC.
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