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  1. MLF is a run focused coach. When most of your plays are built to play off a strong run game and then that run game does not show up (or you’re down by a lot) then it’s hard to have a successful offense. MLF needs to build AROD a game plan where he can come back in these tough games instead AROD just shuts down. This isn’t because of MLF, he’s had this problem under MM too.
  2. NFL could care less about Brady. He is old news. The face of the NFL is now Mahomes.
  3. The 2019 Packers defense gave up an average more than 350 yards per game and more than 25+ pts per game. And that’s with Clark, the Smiths, Savage, and Amos.
  4. I said “spanked”. I don’t mind losing in a hard fought game. Getting spanked is concerning. Every team is going to look at this video when they face the packers in the playoffs. Make sense. And teams that can do this in the playoffs are a dime a dozen. People like to think the 49ers or Seahawks have our number (Which they did/do). But reality is [insert a team that can pressure Rodgers] and you will see him regress and overthink. Add Dom Capers 2.0 on the other side of the ball and you are suddenly blown out. Our record made us look better than we were. Glaring issues on defense and a great O LINE that protected Rodgers thus prevented his alter ego from showing up.
  5. He now gets rattled easy against defenses that attack him especially in the playoffs. One reason is he cannot scramble and extend the play like he could in his early days. He also doesn’t have 6th sense Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings to abandon a play and get open for him when plays fall apart. The 15-1 season and subsequent playoff humiliation set the tone for future playoff curses. No reason to get spanked by the 3-2 Bucs.
  6. I love the guy but Rodger is one cocky SOB. The other day on the podcast he goes ”My down years are guys‘ career years”. Yet his track in the playoffs since 2014 championship has had games like this. Where he gets rattled and just completely shuts down.
  7. Nice to see the Capers and Pettine apologist come in. Your rolodex of excuses is seemingly endless.
  8. Same old Packers. Do great until you come up against a hard hitting defense with a competent QB. A-Rod then activates his alter ego and becomes indecisive and Pettine gives up 30+ pts. Of course if this was a playoff game. A-rod would throw 2 more touchdowns in garbage time to make the game appear closer than it is. Until this team has a vaunted defense you can forget a Super Bowl.
  9. Nice to see more people come to this realization. FIRE Dom Capers 2.0 Same old packers, if we don’t score 20+ pts we lose. And if we do score 20+ pts Pettine make sure to keep the game close till the end.
  10. Actually he had a rather lucky break or else he should have been 0-4. He is worse than Garret (Mike McCarthy Lite 2.0) with a Cowboy’s team that has a decent amount of talent. He clearly had Aaron Rodgers to thank for his success during his tenure. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Sean Peyton got the job instead of MM. MM will be fired soon and out of the league. If he doesn’t have AR in his prime he basically can’t win games. Packers should have let him go after the 2013 NFC Championship game in Seattle. Warning flags this man cannot innovate nor take calculated risk. Just wanted to get this off my chest. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
  11. Fire Dom Capers Going to be 3 years now this dude can’t turn around this defensive unit. Same old problems missed tackles and lack of toughness.
  12. Dom Capers 2.0 sucks and needs to go. I was so disappointed when MLF was hired and decided to keep him. Historically users on this board have been wrong about DC. They made so many excuses for Dom Capers that it became laughable. So whatever any of Pettine’s “supporters” say is worth nothing. But Packers leaderships is glacial at making changes. They kept stale MM when he should have gotten the boot after 2015 NFC championship game. (Maybe even after 15-1 season they got embarrassed in playoffs).
  13. Not sure why you wouldn’t do a QB sneak. Def don’t agree with going for it at the 49 yd line. And Then go back to back run players without Williams? Bad play calling all around on that drive
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