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  1. I’m curious if Packers use the “ask madden” button instead of Pettine on their playbook and see who does better.
  2. I been complaining about Pettine since 2018. I literally see a younger fatter dom capers. The issue is....is it the scheme or are Packers failing to get players that fit the scheme (draft/FA) or are the Packers not able to coach the players to adhere to the scheme. Whatever it is Pettine isn’t the answer anymore. This defense has checked out. Previous defenses sucked but would be turnover machines that helped mask some of the weakness until the playoffs, but this defense the only bright spot is the Smiths (or one of them actually).
  3. You probably have to go back to the Holmgren era to when Packers defenses were semi decent. I mean Capers 2010 season aside, the Packers have had underperforming defenses spanning 3 coaches (MLF, MM, and Mike Sherman). It’s quite astonishing really.
  4. MLF scheme is based on the run. Everything plays off the run (the tricks, the misdirections, the similar looking plays different outcomes, etc) when it works Packers are rolling and fooling defenses when the run isnt biting then offense chugs along as the schemes strengths get negated. What hurt us is not having AJ. Jamal is great (4.7 yds per carry today), but he isn’t AJ.
  5. In the regular season? Not many. In playoffs? Different story. I don’t think this is just a WR depth issue because that doesn’t explain the MM years when we had a stacked WR Corp and they would fail to show up. The TB Bay Bucs game is literally a foreshadowing of the playoffs. I think fixing the defense gives us a good chance at getting back to the Super Bowl. But Rodgers cannot be MIA in the playoffs. I don’t know if Rodgers being MIA is due to our defense or the opposing defense pressuring Rodgers and making him overthink.
  6. MLF has been great. I like him. The issue is 13-3 season result was the same as the MM high win season: defense collapses and Rodgers & Co disappear for 3 quarters. The TB Bay Game is like a PTSD flashback of our playoff losses. While the WR depth is lacking it doesn’t explain the MM years when we had a stacked WR Corp and still got smacked out of playoffs. Fixing the defense will get us back to SB. But Rodgers head needs to get fixed too. Dude cannot got MIA in the playoffs.
  7. Agreed that defense is a problem. I mean thank god Packers got rid of Clay “Let me get behind the line and still not tackle the player” Matthew and got the Smiths or else could you imagine how terrible this D would be without the Smiths? We would have Zero pressure. However, if we merely fix the defense and keep this offense than we will have problems against stacked defenses in the playoffs. Can Adams defeat double coverage or shut down corner? Can Rodgers adapt when Adams is shut down and opposing defense pressures him in the pocket? A good defense will prevent us from getting
  8. Fair enough. I went back and checked and in ‘18 you were hard on Pettine’s performance. So I made a mistake in thinking you favored the guy.
  9. Is Love going to throw to himself? I am not sure why people want to trade Adams. He’s the last decent WR we have. People think that because the Packers do well against sub par teams without Adams (injury) that will happen against elite playoff teams? Lack of WR depth is the problem. So the solution some people are recommending is to increase that problem? Tough to be successful in this league with one WR. To do that you need to have an elite defense.
  10. No I don’t disappear. Again you are simply more active. There is only so much that can be said about the Packers and I’m never gonna give Pettine credit for a good game if that’s what your waiting for. He doesn’t deserve it. But it’s a thread about how Pettine sucks so you coming in here expecting a discretion on why he sucks is too late. FIRE DOM CAPERS 2.0 is all that needs to be said. But I don’t know if this forum doesn’t allow swearing or what. But reading your asterisk filled posts makes me sympathetic to what you must feel when you read mine.
  11. I don’t know how much power MLF holds in the Murphy/GM power scheme. It is not a traditional power sharing organization. That being said MLF had a chance to clean house when he was hired and didn’t do so. Missed opportunity. I agree 100% with your point about early payoff exist point. Defense has cost this team championships and will continue to cost this team.
  12. Didn’t know you were being sarcastic. There are those that don’t like MLF (not sure why) and those that still do like MM (again not sure why).
  13. I don’t disappear when things are going well, I simply don’t post or visit this forum as much as you do. If more of my posts are complaints it’s because it’s the same problem that pops up. My 2 major complaints were MM & Capers/Capers 2.0 if anything I have just been consistent in those complaints. It’s a thread about firing Pettine so critiquing him or holding on to MM past his expiration date is not allowed on this forum? It’s hilarious how quickly people’s opinions change and they forget the stances they had on here regarding things WR depth problem, Pettine, MM etc. but tho
  14. How is MLF like MM? MM runs the old 90’s West Coast Offense that is pass first and downplays importance of the run. MLF runs a variation of lasted trend in NFL offenses with the running game as the centerpiece. MLF was 13-3 in his first season and 5-2 in a pandemic season with a defense that has one legitimate WR compared to MM that had stacked offenses in his time at GB. This loss was on the defense not MLF.
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