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  1. Ramsters Gallery..

    I got a request. how about a sig pic of yourself with Jared Goof's purple veiny **** crammed halfway down your throat, you ******* goober
  2. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Now they clutch their pearls like some tarted-up halfwit debutante in a bad Jane Austen book (all Jane Austen books are bad, but YMMV) wailing and moaning to their ****head polo-playing douchebag boyfriend who's only real interest in being there is because he wants to **** her sister. "Fan me, Gregory! I just can't stand all this bellicosity, I think I may have the vapors!" ******* nitwits
  3. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Beat it, spook, this don't concern you
  4. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Wait, now here come Numbnuts Dip**** and Dip**** McRetard to tell me about my "meltdown" or whtaever, LOL> Hopefully they know by now I've blocked them and won't see their verbal diarrhea but whatevs, they ain't too bright as we all know. ******* losers.
  5. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    You're one of the biggest trolls here and you haven't been banned. I'm probably OK. And if I'm not, who cares? This site is pretty much a dumpster fire anyway, no thanks to trash like you.
  6. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    There's literally not one thing I said there that is factually incorrect, so IDK what you mean. - Mike Thomas did block 40 yards downfield for Taysom in the last game. I'm sure you have the Youtubes if you want to view it. - Most catches and yards of any player in his first four years - I mean, that's just math, feel free to verify with a calculator or some scratch paper if you're old school. - More than Rice, Carter, Julio, etc. - Again, this is just math. Sorry, I don't make up the maths, I just use them to illustrate how ******* amazing my man Mike T. is. - ****ing man. Unless you have proof that he's a really pre-op transvestite or something, IDK what your beef is with this statement. Seems unlikely he could be beasting all over the field against grown-*** men the way he's doing carting around two X chromosomes. But I suppose anything is possible. - On track to be the best WR in history. This is true. He's on pace for it statistically. IDK what your beef is again. It's just math. I'm bad at math too, but I can add and **** just like anybody else with half a brain (which precludes at least a few posters on this site, LOL) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And yes, I would like better discussions and less arguments and trash talk. But I've been reading this site for like 4-5 years. If it hasn't happened yet, it ain't going to, and there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do about it. It's a baby step above the PFT comment section, but that's about it.
  7. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    chicken **** successfully scraped, damn that's much better
  8. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Ah, the "I'm rubber and you're glue" defense. very compelling, a true classic
  9. Cowboys fire HC Jason Garrett

    Yeah, that needed to happen
  10. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    And by the way, I'm supposed to have these two idiots on ignore. But yet I keep seeing their half-witted slackjaw bull**** everywhere. It reminds me of when my wife had chickens and they would eat the pumpkins after Halloween and just **** straight diarrhea all over the driveway for a month. How do I go about scraping their chicken**** off my shoes?
  11. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Hmmm. Maybe you should ignore those poster and not get so sensitive that you have to go trolling up threads for well over a year in retaliation or whatever. Talk about having a full-scale meltdown, that's you all the way bruh
  12. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Apparently commenting on a message board with statistics = "a meltdown" LOL
  13. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    "It's an awful argument when you say it, but undeniably true when I say it" Get lost dude, I'm not interested in your bull****
  14. All Rookie Team - Scouting!

    These last few rookie classes have been ridiculously good. 2016: Rankins, Bell, Thomas, Onyemata 2017: Lattimore, Ramczyk, Marcus Williams, Kamara, Anzalone, Hendrickson, Tom 2018: Davenport, Tre'Quan Smith, B. Scott, Clapp, Kirkwood, Stallworth, Gray 2019: McCoy, CGJ, Harris, Tuttle, Granderson This is just absurd.
  15. Hard to get enthusiastic after the last two years. IDK. I want a Super Bowl and anything short of that will be a disappointment, and it just seems like the cards are stacked too high against us. I got hope, but I'm prepared to be disappointed again.