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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    Put to rest any doubts I had about him. Just played unbelievable against the top talent this season. On to pick #33 debates...
  2. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    When the team was fully healthy at the beginning of the year, the offense looked good. Lots of spread concepts, and RPOs. Once Eifert went down, it started to fall apart. I was a fan of Lazor the first 6 or so games, but the last 10 it was bad. Dalton did go down though. Can't say I've been impressed with Nagy's playcalling this year but let's see if two failed playcallers equate to success...
  3. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    He was only briefly the OC in Cincy. Wasn't great, too many 3 and outs IIRC. He started out well though, just the offense got stale and didn't evolve after defenses adapted to what Lazor was doing. So...2nd round pick for Dalton?
  4. Draft Talk 2020

    Can't wait for Fred Johnson to go down, and the Bengals Plan B is signing Andre Smith again...
  5. Draft Talk 2020

    Yeah, if he was off the board I most likely go to another position and let Fred Johnson compete with Hart for RT. But with Becton there on the board, I couldn't pass up that kind of talent. If we want to have a top OL, guys like Michael Jordan, Fred Johnson, and Bobby Hart are ideally backups that can fill in. I was impressed with both Johnson and Jordan the last couple of games but we faced some weak talent. I'd rather not rely on hope that they can do that against elite talent...
  6. Draft Talk 2020

    Muti has some medical concerns but without them, he's probably the best guard in the entire draft. Worth the risk IMO to solidify that OL. He is an absolute bully in the middle: I don't mind John Miller at RG (for now), but we need competition at LG. Billy Price needs to be cut/traded, I hope he proves me wrong but he hasn't shown anything thus far to keep a roster spot. Agreed, that I don't see Mims dropping that far but there's a lot of quality WRs in this draft...
  7. Draft Talk 2020

    With all the LBs that are going back to college, this will need to happen. The decision was Troy Dye or Beckton in the 2nd round, and I decided to take the beast OT...
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    Another mock draft Monday, this time 7 rounds. Burrow, plus potential starters at RT (Becton) and LG (Muti). Speed on defense with Winfield and Barry. Also, I'd like to add McDonald as a backup QB. My thinking is if your starter goes down, it's good to have an athletic QB who has enough arm to make defenses defend the entire field. I'd like to see the Bengals take Cole McDonald on Day 3 and work on developing him along with Dolegala...
  9. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

    People shouldn't start dunking on candidates until they at least see what the staff looks like. Now if the Giants hire Jason Garrett as the OC, yikes...
  10. Draft Talk 2020

    Prior to the injury, I had Tua as QB1. After the injury, I'm 95% there with Burrow, so there was a big shift for me as well. Just need to see how Burrow does against Clemson. Venables is legitimately one of the best DCs alive, so let's see what his gameplan and halftime adjustments will be for Burrow...
  11. Draft Talk 2020

    95% onboard with Burrow as the pick at #1. 5% of me still wants Tua. The Clemson game will probably get me to 100% onboard with Burrow...
  12. Draft Talk 2020

    I'm all for bringing Whit back. Jonah + Whit in the locker room would be outstanding. Also, our depth ends up being John Miller, Whit, and Bobby Hart. While Hart isn't a starter, he has shown he can be an OK backup at RT...
  13. Draft Talk 2020

    While I've been impressed with Fred Johnson thus far, he might be able to move to RG. Would potentially make a starting OL of: LT: Jonah Williams LG: Michael Jordan C: Trey Hopkins RG: Fred Johnson RT: Mekhi Becton Also, Shawn Williams needs to be replaced...
  14. I'd feel bad for Marvin, going from Mike Brown to Snyder...
  15. Bengals place WR AJ Green on IR

    Honestly don't see how you handle the situation any worse (other than maybe what transpired with Cordy Glenn). Should have been put on IR, to begin with, but our medical staff can't evaluate injuries...