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  1. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    I'd still root for them, but I would also hope that the franchise move also included a sale of the organization from the Brown family...
  2. Bitcoin

    I agree Coinbase has been ridiculously easy to use. If IOTA, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash are coming there they should get a good bump. Is it wrong to assume I should buy some of those now before that happens so I can catch that wave? Specifically IOTA?
  3. The new 2018 head coach is...

    Questions I would ask the potential HC candidates: Do you believe in making halftime adjustments? Do you believe in playing veteran players over more talented younger players because of seniority? Do you hate John Ross? Do you value the Center position? Do you expect to run the team or do you expect Vontaze Burfict and Pacman Jones to run the team? How often do you expect to call timeouts on the first offensive possession of games?
  4. Bengals/Bears?

    Burn this mother to the ground...
  5. John Ross to IR

    That does explain things a bit better. I mean Marvin is idiotic with his personnel decisions but he usually isn't this terrible...
  6. CIN puts WR John Ross on IR

    Marvin Jones his rookie season had about 6 targets at this point in the year. He finished his rookie season with 18 catches for 201 yards. Marvin just don't like young talent. And thinks special teams is more important than explosive plays...
  7. John Ross to IR

    I have a theory, put your tinfoil hates on first. Marvin Lewis sees John Ross beating our corners (including WJIII the one good one) in practice today. Starts getting nervous because it was his decision to not active him this whole time and worries that once he plays Ross it'll expose even more of his incompetence. Decides to wet the field and make Ross run routes on that side, where he slips and falls. Ross gets up and says he's fine, Marvin says he doesn't believe him puts him on IR. The end...
  8. CIN puts WR John Ross on IR

    Only logical explanation is that it was Marvin Lewis in the Library with the candlestick...
  9. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    On the positive takeway side: WJIII is actually good. Not just lucky sometimes like Pacman and Dre in coverage. CB1...
  10. Bitcoin

    So I'm thinking of investing in IOTA. But I have no clue how. Any suggestions on where to buy in? It seems like there is only a single exchange (for US) to buy into it. Also, it requires that I exchange another type of crypto-currency (which I don't have) to get some. Seems like I would first need to buy some other crypto-currency (how?), then create an account on Binance and exchange that coin. Help...
  11. What should San Fransisco do?

    Why do you hate Jimmy G?
  12. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    0% chance. You should watch more George Illoka, late and high is just the way he hits. Which is why I think he got the 1 game suspension because this has happened at least 3-4 times now where he's drawn a roughing flag for a hit like that...
  13. Patrick Willis: HOF?

    Absolutely should be in the Hall of Fame. Dude was a stud on the field and had an elite peak to his career...
  14. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    DHB after the game actually made sure that JuJu didn't go over the Bengals sideline. Nothing nefarious on JuJu's part but I think DHB was just worried about 'retaliation' and thought it was probably smarter for JuJu to just go to the locker room. Although honestly with Pacman and Burfict out, I don't see any other player on the Bengals team that would do anything like that. Respect to the Vets tho (DeCastro and DHB) for ensuring things didn't get any worse:
  15. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    Oh sweet summer child, you're expecting consistency from the NFL front office?