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  1. 53 Man Predictions with practice Squad

  2. Saints CB Breaux out 4-6 weeks, 2 doctors fired for misdiagnosis

    Curious if he actually does. Coaches (mainly based on my experience with Marvin Lewis) I've seen generally don't take concussions/injuries seriously enough...
  3. Poll o' the DAY! THE RETURN!

    This seems like a poll where you should be able to select multiple answers...
  4. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    I'd add Broncos to the list...
  5. Injuries! - McCarron Trade?

    I'll talk to my guys about a conditional 2nd, you do the same...
  6. Should Blake start?

    May I interest you in AJ McCarron?
  7. Injuries! - McCarron Trade?

    Come on Jags (and Mike Brown), pull the trigger...
  8. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    Definitely missed it. So my problem with Boling at Center (Would rather have TJ Johnson or Westerman) is that Boling is 6'5. Dalton is on the shorter end for QBs, and having a 6'5 center in front of him isn't going to help IMO. But certainly worth trying...
  9. Preseason Week 1 Buccaneers @ Bengals

    Coach* Paul Alexander sticking to scrub OLinemen too long is his worst trait...
  10. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    On one of Mixons runs he created a nice hole. Strength is what he's known for. If anything we should think about using him in our heavy set packages...
  11. Preseason Week 2 Chiefs @ Bengals

    I thought Westerman played well, but so did Hopkins. If anything I'd like to see a starting Interior with Boling-Westerman-Hopkins. Or Boling-TJ Johnson-Hopkins. Heck, any combination without Bodine in there as the starting center...
  12. Offensive Line Report - Preseason Game 1

    You're 100% right. Too often he just tries to push guys with their momentum out of the play instead of engaging them and grinding with them. For a guy that's supposed to be a great athlete that just needs to refine technique, he looks really lazy out there. Still, he did do well overall. I can live with the performance from preseason game 1 for the season. As long as he doesn't get worse...
  13. Preseason Week 1 Buccaneers @ Bengals

    Someone help me understand the "WJIII just played OK" comments. I'm seeing it everywhere but didn't notice any negative plays from him other than giving up 1 catch. For the number of snaps that he played giving up one catch isn't exactly a big deal IMO. I did see some communication issues but I blame that on the LBs not him. On the first drive, he switched off of Mike Evans and took the deep man who came into his zone (As I'm assuming he should have). He pointed for someone else to rotate to Evans but no one did. From what I did see, he tackled well and was pretty good in coverage...
  14. Minor News - Injury Updates from Camp

    No video but good news:
  15. Preseason Week 1 Buccaneers @ Bengals

    I've re-watched the game 2-3 times now. I have to give Hill credit, he's running like his rookie form again. Not a lot of hesitation, and hitting the hole hard/decisively. He's no Mixon, but I don't mind keeping him on the roster. Give him the tough carries and let his body take the pounding, which should extend Mixon's career and keep him fresh late in the season...