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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

  2. How much has Bell befitted from Pittsburgh’s offensive talent?

  3. How much has Bell befitted from Pittsburgh’s offensive talent?

    I don't necessarily disagree, but IMO it helps to have an OL that's going to open up holes if you give them time to. What I mean by that is, Bell looks amazing in Pittsburgh waiting for the holes to open up, and then hits the hole and breaks tackles better than anyone else in the NFL. Now if he goes to a team where he waits for the hole to open up but the OL isn't good enough to consistently open those holes, will it then look like he's dancing in the backfield too much? I don't know if I can definitively answer that question one way or another...
  4. How much has Bell befitted from Pittsburgh’s offensive talent?

    I've often said the best RB in the NFL is the Steelers OL...
  5. AJ Green Injury Update

    And...he's back:
  6. Are the Redskins criminally underrated?

    First the Bengals and now the Skins. Thanks FF. I'm starting a "Steelers are the most underrated team in the NFL" thread...
  7. AJ Green Injury Update

    A lot of it I think goes back to "Marvin will play the guys who have been in the system longer". Young guys make mistakes because they don't know the playbook well enough, and they don't get snaps. Other players either suck, or drop passes but because they ran the right route, Marvin will continually keep giving them snaps. Marvin is all about mediocrity ball...
  8. AJ Green Injury Update

    The usage or lack thereof for Malone this season has been odd to say the least. Malone and Tate from what we've seen previously should be the guys getting offensive snaps over Cody Core, but the Bengals seem committed to playing Core over them...
  9. AJ Green Injury Update

    Time to elevate Auden Tate...
  10. Why can’t a defensive player win MVP?

    The previously undefeated Rams lost because the Saints put up 45 on them. Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the NFL, but if you take him and Drew Brees out of the game yesterday which loss would have had a bigger impact?
  11. SNF GDT: Patriots vs Packers

    Weekly meeting McCarthy...
  12. SNF GDT: Patriots vs Packers

    James White is 80% of the Patriots offense this season...
  13. Week 9 GDT

    Early Games Falcons @ Redskins Lions @ Vikings Steelers @ Ravens Chiefs @ Browns Jets @ Dolphins Bears @ Bills Buccaneers @ Panthers Afternoon Games Chargers @ Seahawks Texans @ Broncos Rams @ Saints
  14. Who’s the worst team in football?

    I really do think the Raiders are purposely tanking. Bruce Irvin their only semblance of a pass rush only played 9 snaps yesterday...