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  1. GDT Week 2: Niners

    There are other cities than Reykjavik?
  2. GDT Week 2: Niners

    Leaving to Iceland today and won't be back until Sunday night, so here's my early predication: George Kittle destroys our D One big run for Breda as well (either a broken tackle or off a screen) Boyd carries us to a W this week in a close game Garoppolo throws us a couple of INTs (hopefully our DBs can catch) 24 - 20 Bengals...
  3. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    Buckner, Bosa, and Dee Ford will definitely show what this OL is made of. Also, curious if we actually have a plan to stop George Kittle or we'll just let him do whatever he wants to us...
  4. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    Do we...do we...do we actually have an Elite pass blocking OL?
  5. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    100% and I love that strategy. Also, I think if we had more athletic OL they could do combo blocks better. Right now it seems our OL can't get to the second level to seal running lanes for our RBs. But yeah, it looks like we'll need our RB to make the first man miss every time or it'll be a long season for our running game...
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The pocket was fine, and normally you see QBs like Brady and Brees standing tall in the pocket and bouncing on their feet. I think that's what Winston was attempting but in a really odd way. Like he was in no position to get the ball out of his hands quickly once he found the open receiver. He had plenty of time in the pocket as well. Was just odd...
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm like 5 plays into that TB/SF game, and the first drop back from Winston he had the happiest feet I think I've ever seen in the pocket...
  8. GDT Week One: Bengals @ Seahawks

    Great article on it Essentially we didn't block the MIKE LB except for one run all game. Not ideal especially when that LB is Bobby Wagner...
  9. Week 1 Overreactions Thread

    Zac Taylor will lead the Bengals to a playoff victory (eventually)...
  10. Heroes! Week 1!

    I feel like this has happened multiple times to Dalton but he was always bailed out by the Tuck Rule. This time the DL happened to catch the pass...
  11. Heroes! Week 1!

    It's happened before, but it probably won't happen again since we're moving on from Dalton after this season...
  12. Zac Taylor Appreciation Thread

    Just wanted to take a minute to appreciate how much better things already are under Zac Taylor: Started Trey Hopkins at Center (which we all knew played well at that position). Cut Michael Johnson and gave Hubbard the starting spot. Michael Johnson went from playing like 90% of the snaps to being retired and out of the league once Marvin left. John Ross sounds confident and Zac Taylor has given him an opportunity immediately despite not practicing a lot in the preseason due to injury. We all know instead of Ross and Willis, it would have been Malone and Core playing if Marvin was still around.
  13. Heroes! Week 1!

    John Ross sounds like a different man this year. He touched on it post-game but he lost his confidence the last two years. He's in a much better place mentally with Zac Taylor and his staff. He obviously won't be putting up the same numbers weekly but I don't think this is a one and done type game for him. He does need to still prove he can stay healthy all season. Also, it helps not having an idiot at head coach that would rather start Brandon LaFell at WR than a more talented player because they dropped one pass...