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  1. Nico seems incredibly unlucky. Seems like he hits the post a ton and gets so close to a lot of goals
  2. I’m labeled as a Rodgers apologist who thinks he can do no wrong. and I think that that’s not accurate. I keep saying he didn’t do enough to win in the big moments. I keep saying he’s a weird dude who I probably wouldn’t like in real life. I’m fact , I think most people defending Rodgers think the same way. but I’m still labeled that .
  3. I’ve alreaady said more than once he hasn’t been what we need him to be in the playoffs many times. This is a lot more than just yesterday. You can’t tell me that people have been objective towards him.
  4. Unfortunately you’re right. This obsessive hatred towards Rodgers for some is just strange. Weird way to be a fan.
  5. A vast majority of rich people fight for every penny. It’s not an Aaron Rodgers thing.
  6. I feel ya man. I think a lot are assigning too much blame towards Aaron. Damn shame this team couldn’t get it done.
  7. I agree with @AlexGreen#20here. He’s the mvp making the big bucks, he needs to lift the team up. He didn’t make any of the losing plays, but he also didn’t make any big ones. He didn’t and hasn’t put his team on his back when it mattered for a long time.
  8. The first paragraph I agree. That’s a big problem. As for what I want. If Aaron wants to come back on a REAL team friendly deal where the team isn’t decimated , I’m all for it. If he wants what others will pay him, I think it’s time to move on. I don’t want him back with a lesser team
  9. I don’t disagree with any of this, especially in the playoffs. Oh well, at least this off-season will be entertaining.
  10. Nah not that, I’m one of them who is ok to move on. I’m talking about the hyper critical ones who have been dying to get rid of him. Can you explain the last part? Talking about the last two playoff losses, the way I see it : he didn’t lift his team. He wasn’t the mvp. Hell, he wasn’t even above average. But in both games, he played well enough to win and there are far more things to point the finger at .
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