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  1. It’s a great win and I’m incredibly happy. But I can’t help to look ahead and worry about Pettine. It’s not that we gave up a lot of points, it’s because of the game Kamara had. The only weapon playing that I was remotely afraid of and he destroyed us. Pettine couldn’t think of a plan to at least contain him ?? I hope they make Snacks an offer he can’t refuse. Even when Kenny comes back he needs help there. There was a lot of hate for Rodgers this off-season , hell for the last few years. Hell, some argued Kirk Cousins was better. Any thoughts?
  2. I guess I’m not a fan of humor in payoffs. I think it should be secondary to seriousness. Jericho and Cassidy was perfect imo, despite the Mimosa match being silly. The feud had its humor points, but it didn’t overshadow the feud.
  3. I guess you could put him there too. He does have all the upside you’d want. I viewed him as being safer than the other 3, so maybe that’s why I didn’t include him
  4. I’m not bashing it too harshly , I do think there is room for that kinda stuff, I just don’t think top level guys ( like Santana and Ortiz, for some people Trent) should do . I’m all for humor spots in shows, however if it’s over done , it’s a big problem .
  5. That’s a good point about the elite upside. Gary, Savage and Love are exactly that. Im all for it too. Swing for the moon in round 1.
  6. Followed by ‘ Botched Apparel’ and ‘ Mystery Grab Bag’ doesn’t mean much . I cannot find the ratings for that hour. If you or anyone can I’d love to see it
  7. Noooo. I’m willing to bet the BTE fans found it being funny. Not a majority .
  8. I really hope people start learning patience , and how to take sample size into account . There were a lot of ridiculous takes on Gary last year.
  9. That can’t be true ? On the wrestling spectrum I’m in the middle of both Dave and Corny. @Troy Brown what do you see in Best Friends ? The mom storyline is embarrassing. WWE level bad. Chuck , eh , it is what it is. He has charisma . Frankly, outside of Trent’s look, Idt Trent is anything special. Solid in ring, no charisma. Don’t see how he connects with anyone. I’m glad they left NJPW. Santana and Ortiz in Impact were incredible. Very cool, and they’re both great in ring. They still have it in them, but Ortiz needs to stop acting like a f****** moron . Im a big fan of AEW, but they’re missing the mark with so many people right now. And for a reminder NJPW’s G1 started this weekend. It is the best wrestling on the planet . Give it a shot. 1 month 10 bucks , you will be happy you did
  10. Week 1 pick Buffalo Bills Week 2 pick Tennessee Titans
  11. Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers Week 1 Pick: Buffalo Bills I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  12. I’m very confident we will be better as a team. 13-3 will be hard to achieve, but going into the playoffs, I think we’ll be considered a team nobody wants to play.
  13. All Out thoughts * The Bucks are toast imo . They lost their edginess and aren’t believable as ‘aggressive’ wrestlers . * I don’t like the layout of the battle royale. Entrances are a huge part of the fun. Kinda forgettable match. * Archer is too hokey. He’s goofy and weird. He needs to be darker and violent. * Shida and Thunder Rosa has a great match. Ending a bit flat, but very good match. * I hated FTR vs Kenny and Page. The match had no flow, and made an already confusing story even more confusing . Hangman tried to leave The Elite and had issues with Kenny long before FTR and now he has second thoughts? And why is Kenny mad at Page? Making Page, who was the hottest in the company look like a geek is a terrible idea. * I thought Brodie Lee’s work was great last night. It is a very intriguing character. I really like the DO being submissive to him. I don’t get Cabana ( I never have) but I am a fan of DO. * Jericho vs Cassidy was a great match . Perfect length and pace, with a lot of action . Overall, I really enjoyed the feud. Had some misses, but did what it had to do. Made Orange legit. He was fantastic. Jericho deserves a lot of credit. * Fantastic main event . Mox constantly delivers high quality matches. MJF’s stock continues to rise. His in-ring is incredible and only getting better. He proved his ‘toughness’ tonight , going toe to toe with Mox , taking a ton of punishment . The next time he challenges for the belt, he’ll be viewed as legitimate. Perfect scripted ending too. Gives MJF something to harp on. The thing about AEW is it’s always solid. I don’t love or even like everything, but I don’t think it’s ever a waste of time. For years I would watch WWE and get upset at how insulting and what a waste it was. Even if I didn’t care for Dynamite or whatever, I never feel cheated.
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