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  1. Interesting they had an article in the tribune about this yesterday. I do think zimmer will get one more season. I think spielman should go. But as controversial as this sounds I would say zimmer is no longer a dc he’s a head coach and needs better input and stop blaming the oc.
  2. I’m surprised the raiders didn’t trade him for a fulback. Sort of their mindset this year.
  3. They make some noise, but there’s not the passion as a lot of them aren’t supporting the two teams playing. In soccer it’s much more rowdy. My first game was the favre record breaking game and I was shocked there was no fighting being a local derby lol.
  4. I think the evaluating talent on the oline is a good point. The problem is the lt and rt we bought in were upgrades over even poorer players. We are ranked between 28th-30th for a reason and I just don’t see spielman getting that done. As every year for a while we know that he oline needs upgrading but it’s a big upgrade needed not a minor one. But that’s just my take.
  5. Although my name has a Star Wars tinge I’m English and no clone do others not see the oline as massively overlooked the last few years? Not a loaded question just interesting seeing different points of view.
  6. Wembley is ok, but very sterile as it’s no ones home. And it’s all very generic stalks etc. The metrodome and tcf bank felt Minnesotan. It had that home feel and loved seeing the sea of purple. In terms of fans Wembley has all 32 teams represented so you never get that complete home stadium volume although the pregame shows are good. Like Dorothy said though there’s no place like home lol.
  7. Yeah seems strange when we drafted him. Would have at least one more game, maybe two if the kicking was better.
  8. That might seem harsh, but he’s been here long enough to have had an input into th oline. He doesn’t seem to be backward in coming forward. So to qualify my comment he is either oblivious or it’s not as much of a priority for him, when it should be. A lot of assumptions I know, but every season for the past few seasons will he oline has always been a problem and will hinder how far we can go imo.
  9. O’Neil looks like he will be ok and elfein been good when not injured, but we’ve been rebuilding the oline for 3 or 4 years and we’re back to rebuilding it again. The oline is currently ranked 30th and with cousins not being a mobile qb he needs to be protected more. there are lots of candidates for gms we can either promote, bring in a previous gm or a coach like Marty. Zimmer is tougher as he has a winning record, but he seems oblivious to oline problems other than the guys should play better. The team just seems to have too many strange blow out loses. I’d like to see harbaraugh or lincoln Riley, but understand that wouldn’t happen.
  10. I wouldn’t want to reach on the oline either. It may mean we need to trade up to grab a better player. The problem is if we just wait for whoever the best available is we may miss the oline yet again.
  11. Hi all, I’m from England. Big fan since mid 90’s. Been to a Wembley game and 4 games in Minneapolis. My record is 3-2 lol. Skol
  12. Firstly let’s start with slick rick. He’s constantly ignored the oline over the past 4 or 5 years. Trying to bring in rejects from other teams and then chucking them after a season. The problem is if your dline is bad your secondary can compensate to an extent. If your oline is bad your Rb or receivers may never get a chance to make an impact. He paid so much for a QB but gave him nothing to protect him with. There have been some great D picks, but first rounders in particular have been hit and miss. My opinion is he should be gone, but sadly won’t be. Then there’s Zimmer. He seems to only want to draft D and the team seems to be soft at some times. The bills loss was shocking and the championship game was awful, as was the second half v the saints. IMO he doesn’t seem to install fight on the team. Even the D seems to erratic at times. Do you think the Vikings could win an SB with him? I think no. But could another coach do a better job? Maybe. I think he’s definitely safe, but the franchise has a ceiling with him as coach. Winning seasons but a soft team when it counts. Am I right?
  13. I don’t think Rodgers is better than Brady. Most of this season seems to be Rodgers padding his stats. Has there ever been a QB with only one int after 12 who’s team has this bad a record? Overall from a career perspective It’s not just the rings, but with the game on the line would you really Rodgers over Brady? There seems to be a cocky ness to Brady, but arrogance about Rodgers. Both hall of famers, but only one in the goat conversation imo.
  14. They should never have put so much faith in Bortles. Yes there’s many other reasons, but they needed at least a game manager. Teddy Bridgewater might have done a decent job for them. He also could’ve put pressure on Blake. Ultimately a QB can carry or hinder a team in equal measure.
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