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  1. Was talking to my boss about taking the Monday after Superbowl off, as I try do every year. And with the delayed date of the Superbowl being 2/13/22 this year it got me thinking: I've read places that an estimated $4billion in productivity losses the Monday after Superbowl. Guys like me being the main culprits. Why not add a bye week to the regular season, and have a 17 game season with the Superbowl coming on the 3rd Sunday of February, the day BEFORE President's day?
  2. RE: the HC inexperience, I hope Munch is retained to help out in capacity
  3. Thank god we drafted Peyton manning…. You can hope to draft and develop a franchise QB and I hope someday soon we do. Or if you can get an elite MVP caliber QB that fits in with a strong roster I don’t see how you don’t take that chance but that’s just me
  4. Financially I think it’s more likely Sutton or Patrick would go back to GB. Otherwise that’s a lot of $$$$ tied up in WRs
  5. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/eric-barriere-eastern-washington-qb-nfl-draft-scouting-report-2022/ Way late round dart throw I like Eric Barriere
  6. Very interested in who his coordinators will be
  7. Not to mention Adams is only 3 years older than Sutton, and should play well for the next 3-5 years with his play style. Now can we afford him? I have my doubts but I'd also trade Sutton as part of the package to get Adams if it was feasible
  8. Honestly the best hope for competition with KC is kelce falling off and mahomes contract knocking their roster down a step and even then without a major upgrade at QB the next 10 years are still gonna be an uphill climb every year
  9. At this point I'd like just one win against KC, The Force Awakes wasn't even out the last time we did that
  10. I think it will put us above Cincy yes, maybe a step below KC/Bills/ and pretty even with the Rams but we do have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds this year, it will require hitting on those mid round picks and picking up some decent FA picks on the DL to get us on even footing with the Bills and Chiefs as they are currently constructed but it's doable I do believe so But without Rodgers or Wilson we are wasting all these young guys cheap solid years hoping we find a QB that can elevate us to that level so I'd rather take the chance on one of them and even so it'll be at least 2023 i
  11. My point was not so much them as SB contenders year in year out necessarily but Herbert being as good as he is more so it makes a .500 in division record tough to achieve on paper. Unless we drastically upgrade our QB 3 division or more losses a year makes making the playoffs very difficult let alone ever getting a high seed or bye
  12. Oh I don’t trust the chargers but I do believe in Herbert’s talent. Even if he’s Rivers though that’s a tough *** division Coupled with Burrow, Lamar, and Allen that doesn’t leave a lot of room for errors to make the AFC playoffs
  13. And then coupled with Herbert, this division is going to be a bloodbath for Denver for the next decade
  14. I believe Rodgers contract is up after 2022 so you could also protect the team by structuring the contract for more money in the later years, not that it helps with the potential loss of draft picks
  15. I gotcha. I disagree on the draft/develop as this roster and sale of the team situation currently affects things outside of how I would normally want the GM to go. I want to find our Mahomes/Allen/Herber/Burrow but I think this QB class is weaker than average (could always find the next Russ or Cousins but I think that unlikely) meaning it's another year of wasting a roster with subpar QB play, and I think that would really affect attendance which is going to be a big factor in how the decisions get made at Dove Valley this offseason
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