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  1. Training Camp Thread

    So, I'm bored at work today and was getting hyped about Courtland Sutton. His 3 cone time is insane for a guy his size. Top 10 going back to 2008. IF he can create separation with his size and leaping ability he could really be a steal
  2. Most Underrated Broncos of All-Time?

    DT is the jersey I have right now so hopefully he sticks around haha. And is that take from On the Rox? Or do you care to elaborate I'm having a slow day at work haha
  3. Training Camp Thread

    Depth is an issue but unlike Leary Harris and Roby have been pretty durable.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    Keenum is a huge upgrade IMO, not saying he's long term QBOTF but his first few years were held back by Jeff Fisher so maybe Musgrave can get the most out of him. I'm really stoked on Sutton and think the WR corps is going to be a ton better than last year. I also am hopeful/high on Jake Butt, if he can even just be consistent and an option at TE then that spots improved. It all comes down to OL play and the running game IMO. I think Bolles will be better especially with Leary playing next to him now. The right side is a huge question mark though. We really need Freeman to be an impact runner. All in all, I expect KC to take a step back, SD was my SB pick for awhile but they are the Charger after all. I think the AFC is weaker after NE, SD, and PITT leaving us with a really good opportunity to make the playoffs as a wildcard. Maybe I'm drinking the koolaid
  5. Top 10 Denver Broncos of All-Time?

    I think after his playoff run in 2015, if he can have a few more dominant season, and another good run in the playoffs Von will be eassily top 5 and maybe closer to top 3. My list: 1. John Elway 2. Peyton Manning 3. Champ Bailey 4. Terrell Davis 5. Shannon Sharpe 6. Gary Zimmeran 7. Von Miller 8. Tom Nalen 9. Steve Atwater 10. Rod Smith
  6. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    Have to have the keepers in by August 15 gives some time to avoid training camp injuries
  7. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    Tarik Cohen - 9th round Alex Collins - 15th round Already keeping Tyreek Hill (14) & Jerick Mckinnon (15) needing to decide on one of these 2, leaning Collins way but Dixon worries me
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Is it just me or is there a small amount of trading happening
  9. 2018 OTA's

    What about Kelly is he going to be an option at #2? Or is he getting the job because Lynch is playing poorly. Cause if that’s true we’re one injury away from being super bad on offense again
  10. 2018 OTA's

    Thats immediately who I thought of as well haha
  11. 2018 OTA's

  12. 2018 NBA Finals: The Warriors vs LeBron Pt. 4

    JR smith....
  13. Odds of going Worst to First

    Huge loss man
  14. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    With Corey Coleman apparently on the block, he could be worth a trade if the price is right
  15. Chubb will play over Walker, Sutton and Hamilton both will play over McKenzie (if he makes the team) and Freeman will have a bigger impact than Henderson although I'm hoping Henderson gets some passing down work. Yiadom and Langley are pushes. I think if Walker can actually contribute, Bolles takes another step forward and Butt gets meaningful minutes the 2017 class can be close to level of impact for the 2018 year that the 2018 class will have. I just think between Sutton, Freeman and Hamilton there will be a lot of snaps/targets/touches more so than the 2017 class. Chubb and Jewell (by end of year) will both be playing heavy minutes for the defense IMO. Now if Chad Kelly miraculously becomes a competent starter then it skews it for 2017, but as of right now I think the 2018 class will have a bigger impact next season