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  1. Copy this to make your picks: New York (NYG) at Philadelphia Kansas City at Denver Detroit at Atlanta Cleveland at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Tennessee Carolina at New Orleans Buffalo at New York (NYJ) Dallas at Washington Green Bay at Houston Seattle at Arizona San Francisco at New England Jacksonville at Los Angeles (LAC) Tampa Bay at Las Vegas Chicago at Los Angeles (LAR) Survivor: Buffalo
  2. Houston at TennesseeCincinnati at IndianapolisAtlanta at MinnesotaDenver at New EnglandWashington at New York (NYG)Baltimore at Philadelphia Cleveland at Pittsburgh Chicago at Carolina Detroit at Jacksonville New York (NYJ) at Miami Green Bay at Tampa Bay Los Angeles (LAR) at San Francisco Kansas City at Buffalo Arizona at Dallas
  3. Little off topic, but does anyone here have the wherewithal to make this video into a gif? Without the added caption of course
  4. Need a 2 week hiatus at this point. Keep all the players isolated and training
  5. Yeah I think she's coming back all Darth Vader style. Cybernetics and the works. I did like how they brought up how Edgar despises her but still does what he views as best for the company. Could be an interesting dynamic there going forward.
  6. Game vs New England has been postponed till Monday night
  7. I had a similar idea except do 2 week byes between the “bubbles” and do away with the 2 non division related games
  8. I’m with ya; it’s gamesmanship. Why risk Drew in a game we probably struggle to win with him. That defense contained the chiefs for 3Q. Get drew healthy for the stretch run to see what you truly have in him. Trotting him out at 75% against The Pats isn’t going to end well
  9. Tampa Bay at ChicagoDenver at New EnglandCarolina at AtlantaBuffalo at TennesseeLas Vegas at Kansas CityArizona at New York (NYJ)Philadelphia at PittsburghLos Angeles (LAR) at WashingtonCincinnati at BaltimoreJacksonville at HoustonMiami at San FranciscoIndianapolis at ClevelandNew York (NYG) at DallasMinnesota at SeattleLos Angeles (LAC) at New Orleans
  10. Whole there were definite up and downs for Rypien, in his defense he didn’t get a whole hell of a lot of practice time this week. I’d rather see him make the start against NE to see if he is worthy of being a good backup in this league. Give him a real shot
  11. Denver at New York (NYJ)Indianapolis at ChicagoJacksonville at CincinnatiCleveland at DallasNew Orleans at DetroitPittsburgh at TennesseeSeattle at MiamiLos Angeles (LAC) at Tampa BayBaltimore at WashingtonArizona at CarolinaMinnesota at HoustonNew York (NYG) at Los Angeles (LAR)New England at Kansas CityBuffalo at Las VegasPhiladelphia at San FranciscoAtlanta at Green Bay
  12. He was stumbling...just a freak play
  13. Rookies who didn’t have an offseason either. Youngest offense in the league + injuries is a recipe for disaster: Missed the game, doesn’t look like I missed much though. I struggle to think outside of the Jets who Denver can beat on the schedule. Maybe Miami, CAR is an 11 AM east coast game. I’m n optimistic For the rest of the season but hopefully the young guys improve and Drew comes back healthy
  14. That was exactly what I thought as well when I read it
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