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  1. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Well let’s not get greedy
  2. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Hopefully James is back next week

    Hamilton’s gotta catch that

    Nice play by Dremont there
  5. Funny stuff from Sketch comedy and Stand up

    @Ozzy the Gus Chiggins skit is one of my all time favs. So damn funny
  6. What movie are you watching?

    Worth the watch? 3.5 hours is a daunting run time
  7. When should Drew Lock start games this year?

    I'll take it. Last time we embraced a rebuild, Elway drafted BPA and we built the team that went to the Superbowls. Hopefully we can get back to that
  8. Random Thoughts

    So I know most of you are Coloradoans, but if you ever get a chance to attend the Cat/Griz college football game in Montana I highly recommend it. A bitter rivalry dating back to the 1890's with the location alternating between the 2 beautiful mountain towns of Missoula/Bozeman it makes for one of the most fun weekends around
  9. GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

    Won't happen but I really want someone like Hurts beginning of Round 2 to try and emulate something similar to the Ravens. If Elway takes another 6-4+ guy who can throw it a mile I'm going to lose the little hair I have left
  10. GDT Week 12: Broncos@Bills

    Lock needs to play agreed but if anyone is keeping him benched Imo it’s coming from higher than Fangio
  11. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I think a good OL will go a long ways in helping Drew, him getting blown up back there won’t do anyone any good. And just cause a Rich shares similar philosophies doesn’t mean he can coach up a QB yet. I’m optimistic but he’s yet to do it without Kyle so it is all projection. I hope you’re right, if Drew is even decent to end this season we can spend all those top 100 picks on solidifying the trenches and putting a team together that can be competitive and learn with Drew next season and then be ready to complete in 2021
  12. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    While I think Trevor was ruined by a god awful OL, and I hope you’re right about Lock, those numbers have no correlation to what Lock can be. Different coaching staff, less experienced/successful teammates, etc. Everything about Lock is projection and if being cautious about his future makes people a hater, the other side of that is blind homerism which isn’t any better
  13. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    And outside of a few runs; ie Flacco, Dilfer, Brad Johnson and 2015 Manning having an elite QB gives you the best odds at winning a chipper. Especially when a mediocre game manager such as Flacco gets a big contract. And that’s a tough spot to be in as a GM, do you let the guy walk knowing that he is solid if unspectacular and try to find the next QBOTF, or give him big money which then makes finding talent to surround him much more difficult. Thats why I hope Lock is an elite player or completely blows because otherwise in 3 years we will be back to square 1. An ok QB and a tough decision to make on his contract.
  14. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    They went on a crazy playoff run and were one Hail Mary away from not making it out of the 1st round?