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  1. The nice thing about Stafford, regardless of where he goes, is he makes a team above us go after a QB in the draft most likely, pushing more talent to us at 1.9
  2. I think if you get Stafford, you’re essentially trading his salary for Casey and Bouye. If you can get Von to restructure and/or send a player and his contract to Detroit that could really work. Send James along with a mid round pick for Stafford?
  3. Looks like getting rid of Driskell and Vannett will add some decent savings too
  4. The one thing about getting Watson (which I am fully on board for) is bidding against The Jets and the Dolphins, however I think Watson can dictate where he ends up since he has a trade clause so might get pretty interesting
  5. JJ has tailed off bud deserves consideration too IMO
  6. Yea as long as it isn't crazy I'm fully on board getting Stafford. Been on that train for awhile. He's only 32, meaning if he stays healthy another 4-5 years of solid QB play is definitely attainable. Why I'd love to draft or get the QBOTF, I don't think without Lock taking a massive jump and/or Denver sucking enough to get a top 5 pick that there will be many chances in the foreseeable future to do that. Getting Stafford would kick the can down the road, but allows time to maybe get a guy that can be developed. Hell maybe that's Lock.
  7. Had the Browns on the ropes too
  8. I see Peyton more on the investment group side, but could be wrong. Is GM work something he’s hinted at wanting to do?
  9. How much of that is Pat's legacy though? Solid ownership goes a long ways towards having a stable franchise IMO, and you can't really sell ownership to a new GM when in all likelihood it'll be a new owner in 18 months.
  10. Fresh eyes can’t hurt and guessing the new GM will get to bring in his own coach come 2022. Curious who potential options are
  11. Oh darn, was curious though, Tankathon says only the top 5 picks are “clinched”
  12. If Philly wins I think we get #8? I could be wrong though
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/makeagif.com/amp/R_Gl_5
  14. New York (NYJ) at New EnglandDallas at New York (NYG)Minnesota at DetroitPittsburgh at ClevelandMiami at BuffaloAtlanta at Tampa BayBaltimore at CincinnatiLos Angeles (LAC) at Kansas CityNew Orleans at CarolinaLas Vegas at DenverJacksonville at IndianapolisTennessee at HoustonSeattle at San FranciscoGreen Bay at ChicagoArizona at Los Angeles (LAR)Washington at Philadelphia
  15. If I had to pick out of those 2 honestly it would be Winston. Yeah he’s gonna lose ya some games, but he’s capable of putting up a monster game and that’s what it takes to beat the chiefs
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