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  1. I will say don’t disregard Lance because of NDSU, by that logic you should worry about fields since the last good QB Ohio State put out was?? For the record i prefer Fields, I think his athleticism makes him so dynamic in the league. But if Lance fell to #9 it might not be a bad pick. Let Drew play the year out and Lance learn
  2. When he was at NDSU, Montana States coach (Jeff Choate) said before their playoff game that Cox was up there with the best LBs he had coached or coached against. He coached at Boise St, Washington St, Washington and Florida ftr
  3. Yeah I'm probably wrong there, but I still have concerns about him holding up long term. I know he avoids hits pretty well but he's a skinny guy. If we're talking the next decade, in my opinion, Watson is at least on par with Lamar. Again just an opinion I'll probably end up regretting haha
  4. Not sure on Lamar, and 3 of these are on their way out of the league in the next few years even if Brady does play to 45
  5. Ryan Tannehill sure got better away from Gase
  6. I mean I get what you’re saying but what me and @germ-x are saying is that it’s really not that much money in the grand scheme and isn’t going to negatively affect the team. If he busts were looking for a QBOTF again and who cares if there’s one year where we have an overpaid Sam Darnold. We been paying James that much to not even play. I think it’s a no brained IF you believe that Darnold can turn it around. Well worth the risk even $30m guaranteed if he is worse than Lock is worth taking the chance IMO
  7. Also not 100% sure what the contract situation is in 2022 but how many of the younger guys will even be up for a renewal at that point? Sutton? I’m sure I’m missing some but if the contract won’t keep Denver from keeping talent home I think it’s worth it, even if Darnold busts
  8. It’s only one year, and if Darnold busts and he’s not deserving of a new contract, then the team won’t be competing and will be back to square 1 the year after he leaves.
  9. He either busts and gets paid the $30M for the next 2 years, or he’s good enough to get a new contract, and while that might be expensive it would be a good problem to have
  10. Not too mention I think he's about washed. He didn't look good last year and unlike Tom Brady doesn't appear to have taken care of his body at all. Guessing the decline in skills cliff is coming up fast for Ben
  11. I really like Hamler too, but that's a deal you gotta do
  12. I really liked the coin flip and dice analogy somebody made in this thread earlier
  13. Enjoyed both immensely, however, Chappeles show has infinite rewatchability for me though, so it gets the vote. Also use a ton of gifs from that show on a daily basis
  14. There’s players like Parsons who didn’t play the whole year, making the choice of him that much riskier Testing only tells you so much. Lower cap is gonna affect the contracts FA get but I don’t see how it has any bearing on how teams will be more in the dark for the prospects And yeah there might be some gems that fall but in the end: Less available info = less informed decisions. Making the choices of those prospects riskier, thus devaluing the picks used on them, it’s not that hard to figure out.
  15. Less tape collectively on all the available players. So yeah the draft most likely will be even more of a crap shoot than normal so makes perfect sense that teams would devalue the picks this year
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