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  1. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Feel ya there. We did 27 holes of golf Saturday and I’m still dying
  2. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Morning paper? You are getting old my man
  3. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    That’s a good point
  4. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Bad drafting for the last few years (pre 2018) has nuked the depth on this team
  5. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Got a couple options WR wise and can’t make up my mind: Anthony Miller in the 7th Courtland Sutton in the 10th David Moore in the 15th Tre’quan Smith in the 15th All help would be appreciated
  6. 90210 Reboot

    Never watched but it did lead to one of my favorite jokes ever:
  7. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    And I agree, but healthy Sanders is good and I’m high on Sutton so i guess I’m optimistic. To the tune of a projected 7-9 season haha
  8. Hall of Fame Game and other Preseason Matchups

    I will say on offense; top 3 WRs, top 2 RBs, starting QB, & starting RT didn’t play, so not a lot to see there IMO. Obviously Fant didn’t do great but as a rookie TE not much is to be expected from him. Backup QB and OL depth are pitiful agreed but all in all not much to see. I think the offense will will be improved from last year but it will again be a team carried by the defense and I’m OK with that
  9. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    100%. Cut Hogan and if you need him there’s pretty good odds he isn’t on someone else’s roster at mid season anyways
  10. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    Not to me. A first time HC and With KC and LAC in the division it’s gonna be super tough. If Denver is in the hunt at the very least till late in the season Or has a 9-7 season that would be a success I think
  11. Team Needs

    Mike Daniels released, he a fit here provided he’s healthy?
  12. And IF Rypien is the #2 that means 3 QBs on the active roster
  13. Pretty sure Risner is signed as of today
  14. The Wheel of Time TV Series

    I will watch it, I’m a big book fan, but I am very curious how they accomplish some of the visuals (channeling etc) and how the character progression via internal monologues in the books is accomplished on the show
  15. Westbrook traded to Rockets