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  1. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Since I have been a Chiefs fan for my entire life I'll go ahead and predict we'll find the most heartbreaking way possible to lose. I am confident though and did buy plane tickets to Miami last night, I'm sure i'll come to regret it. Just hoping for a great game!
  2. Jalen Ramsey

    I would say yes just looking at how good this years Patriots team is. Also our locker room has never been stronger, i feel like that's when you take a chance on a guy like Ramsey. Hill and the Honeybadger both tweeted come on over to him yesterday, seems like the guys on the team want the move.
  3. Hill under investigation for Battery

    If Hill is guilty I hope the chiefs cut him. If he's not guilty then we should all move on. I don't think anyone cares about Kraft using prostitution. Its more about the illegal sex slaves that were working at the "massage" parlor he would frequent.
  4. Free Agency

    I'm curious if Golden Tate or Jared Cook are holding out looking for more money, or if there just isn't a market for them. I would love to get one of these on the cheap end.
  5. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    I really think Reid wanted someone to be the HC of the defensive side of the ball so he can focus 100% of his time on the offense so he hired an ex head coach who is a defensive "specialist". I'm not super thrilled with the hire, but all we need is our defense to be is average. He is also hyper aggressive which I like with how good our offense is. They are going to score anyway, might as well as aggressive.
  6. Bob Sutton

    https://247sports.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/Article/Chiefs-defensive-changes-fire-Bob-Sutton-AFC-Championship-128129261/ Hey guys! I've used this site forever and figured I'd finally create an account, felt fitting as a chiefs fan my first post coming after a heart breaking lost. It looks like Sutton is going to be fire/retire, hopefully quickly so we can all move on from that discussion.