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  1. I would agree, I love Wall and think he is great but Arenas is criminally(bang bang) underrated.
  2. The best part of that account is the people in his replies that are like "did you tell them about the waterbed"
  3. Looked like a blatant gold by Cobb on mooreland
  4. Being a bandwagon fan just means being a fan of something popular. Doesn't have to be only for winning to me that's more of a front runner.
  5. The issue isn't him being .5 off for 10 sacks, Clowney was billed as what Aaron Donald is now. Not only should he have had 10 sacks but pushed 15-20 been an unblockable force etc. Here is the beginning of his draft profile "Summary: The hype around Jadeveon Clowney is justified. He is the best defensive prospect to enter the NFL draft this century - with the possible exception of Ndamukong Suh in 2010. Clowney has a rare skill set with an elite combination of speed, strength and athleticism. He is the "Andrew Luck" of defensive draft prospects; a high-pick lock who is extremely coveted by every team in the NFL and a safe selection to turn into a franchise player." He has basically been Ryan Kerrigan a very good player.
  6. I didn't want to rely on Foster/Nicholson but they probably decided they had Rueben locked in and nothing could possibly happen.
  7. “I don’t know where that came from. I talk to him all the time and I’ve never heard him say that,” per Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Maybe it is just a leverage move for more money?
  8. Add on some Money to the current 2 year deal, he has earned it playing through the injuries he played through.
  9. Sign me up for trading out of the 2nd every year to pick up a 1 the following year we can throw in a late round pick if we need to to make it happen.
  10. Should make the minimum age 18 and maybe you have a chance.
  11. Assuming Haskins looks at least competent I would assume they will just PUP Colt.
  12. Hate that the cowboys got Michael Jackson
  13. I agree, this is the path I wanted to take once it was obvious the team didn't want to rebuild. Was just pointing out it is unrealistic to expect many improvements from the Offense if we invested all of our resources into the defense. If we have a good line and running game it will be a lot easier for the Rookie QB to succeed. One thing that could be better this year is our playaction passing game. I was shocked at how poor we seemed to be off of play action passing with how well the running game was going. I never expected Smith to come in and light the world on fire but that was one area I was surprised at.
  14. The thing is we haven't put many resources to improving the Offense so it is unrealistic to expect them to jump from 17 points to 25+. Guice and a healthy oline might help but we lost our top receiver in Crowder and haven't really replaced with much. If they wanted to prioritize the Offense they could have traded for AB but instead they signed Collins and Foster and have now drafted Sweat. We are built to try and be dominant on Defense and do just enough on Offense to control/win the game. We will be in most games but will have trouble if teams jump out to an early 14-0 lead.
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