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  1. I don't mind the decision to pass on 2nd and 7, I want to stay aggressive. The issue I have is the choice of the route, we know it's going to Mclaurin they know it's going to Mclaurin and we have him to run to a spot and make a timing throw. Not running play action on a bootleg or read option is the problem I have. You give Heinicke a chance to make a play if it's there if not he can take off and keep the clock running.
  2. How does the IR trick we have used to do in the past work, can we IR Reyes and get him ready for next year?
  3. These are also smart deals because if these guys play well and leave similar to how Flowers did we get a nice comp pick.
  4. Yeah feels like he should turn to trying to be a "special teams ace" He probably gets another contract after this due to his athleticism but hard to see him working out anywhere.
  5. Would think if Young/Sweat go down you move Allen out there and rotate Greek/Payne/Settle on the inside.
  6. Hopefully the plan is for him to play safety seem good outside with fuller/Jackson
  7. The only thing I can say bad about Jordan is he may lack heart. He seemed to take forever coming back from injuries. Still at this point the talent significantly outweighs that.
  8. Hoping we take Brevin with one of our 3rds
  9. Really like Rousseau think he might be better than Phillips
  10. Wonder how far Darrisaw slides wouldn't mind trading back into the last few picks to take him.
  11. Giants going to trade down and take Darrisaw lol
  12. Just make the smart pick and take Darrisaw
  13. Less than Cooper got, should have taken advantage duirng a year when others don't have money. The cap will go back up.
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