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  1. Hmmm me thinks you greatly overvalue our recievers.
  2. Most of the posters in this forum would have used your strategy, hell I wanted Nixon since the 2nd. Unfortunately our front office likes to think they're smarter then everyone else.
  3. Recap: Day 2 was a winner for me. Lots of potential with this class. Feel we did get a few good starters, and overall the team did get better. Fave Pick: Moehrig Least Fave: Leatherwood (Draft value not player) Sleeper Pick: Hobbs (Gut feeling he's starting sooner then later) Best Part: Abram is on notice, Leavitt is as good as gone. We have some real safeties now. P.S. Front Office really must have hated this years DT class. Thought there were a few opportunities to add one. With the lack of new talent drafted and the fact no DT are under contract after the sea
  4. I know, I was pulling your leg lol. Im just in a good mood.
  5. Shouldn't we think every pick we make should have some chance to be a starter? Wheres the fun in picking a player knowing he'll never ascend to anything more then a 3rd string DB lol.
  6. With our young secondary, sign me up for some Sherman. The leadership we can use for a season. To teach these guys how to play DB in the NFL.
  7. So potential outside starter or slot? Dont know much about the kid, so I'll be paying attention to this thread, fellas dont let me down!
  8. Bobby Brown III was the 20 yr old, not Rumph.
  9. No idea why Nixon is available, but still love the idea of adding him.
  10. Very happy with the pick. Thought he'd be it at 17, so great value. Best part is still 2 3rds so let's get some pass rushers.
  11. Give me Nixon or Bolton at 48! or Ronnie Perkins, all defense today!
  12. I Dont hate the player, it's just the value that sucks. Really hope Leatherwood succeeds
  13. Give me Bolton, Nixon, and Grant for our 3 picks tomorrow.
  14. Well fellas, my words and thoughts are NSFW or this board. That's all I'll say. Gruden needs to GTFO already.
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