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  1. Rashan Gary - Atlanta Falcons connection

    Thanks bro! Appreciate the love
  2. Rashan Gary - Atlanta Falcons connection

    Haha sorry I’m new to this. Thought I was doing it right. Thanks for putting me in my place lmfao
  3. Rashan Gary - Atlanta Falcons connection

    Lollll sorry. It’s why the Falcons drafting gary makes sense
  4. Rashan Gary - Atlanta Falcons connection

    Atlanta Falcons potential package looks with @atlantafanatics projected first round pick Rashan Gary on the field: BASE package (Run Support): 0T: Senat 3T: Jarrett 5T: McKinley 5T: Gary NICKEL package (Pass Defense): 3T: Jarrett 3T: Gary 5T: McKinley 5T: Beasley NASCAR package (Speed Look): 5T: McKinley 3T: Gary NT: Jarrett 5T: Beasley Gary is clearly versatile. Dan Quinn, in several pressers emphasized that in his defensive lineman, he looks for speed, agility, ability to fill gaps and beat guards to the punch, first step quickness, athleticism and can use their feet well. The ability to penetrate gaps is huge in our 4-3 under. Quinn wants his DL to be relentless; able to finish plays. As for combine measurements, Dan Quinn keeps a keen eye on the 3-Cone drill and tends to liken those with a vertical jump in the 70th percentile or higher. Gary should fit most, if not all the criteria. His potential is scary. In Michigan, he worked well off of space eater DT Maurice Hurst. Sure, Gary’s statistics dropped off following the declaration of Hurst, but that’s because Gary essentially worked with a LEO rusher in Chase Winovich all season. It was practically a two man show. Take the Alabama situation for example. Raekwon Davis & Quinnen Williams prosper off of eachother. Davis, being a threat himself allows for more opportunities for Williams to succeed. That should explain why both are arguably first round picks. (Quinnen for sure) The Wolverines box look essentially consisted of LEO Chase Winovich, 3T/5T Rashan Gary and field general LB Devin Bush. Film goes to show the unbelievable potential Gary possesses. Rashan Gary 2017 Stats (w/ Hurst) 25 Solo Tackles 33 Assisted Tackles 58 Total Tackles 11.55 TFL 5.5 Sacks 1 FF Rashan Gary 2018 Stats (w/o Hurst) 20 Solo Tackles 18 Assisted Tackles 38 Total Tackles 6.5 TFL 3.5 Sacks 0 FF Obvious drop off. Don’t look too much into it. Like I said, film says otherwise. Pair him with Grady Jarrett, who is far and away better than Maurice Hurst and add Takk McKinley and Vic Beasley, who is like Winovich in several ways, and you’ve got yourself a threatening front. Drafting Gary will also allow us to take some snaps away from guys like Reed, Irvin in the NASCAR and Steven Means, assuming he returns as depth. These comparisons get annoying, but I can legitimately see this one: Gary is essentially the Michael Bennett in Q’s defense. I’d like the Falcons to bring in Dwight Freeney as the DL coach. There is NO Vic Beasley without Freeney. Coach Quinn loves Freeney and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a move that was made in the off season. Freeney’s a heck of a mentor, and with that being said, adding another young guy to the list would go a long way. I can totally see Q and Dimitroff running the table for Gary. He’ll likely have a great broad jump and 3 cone. Keep an eye on this connection until April.