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  1. Stats don't always show the whole picture. Phillips is relentless and has an arsenal of moves against offensive tackles. He is always around the ball and when he isn't making the immediate impact play, he is usually the man causing the disruption. Having him opposite Myles Garrett would be a nightmare for offensive lineman.
  2. Here is the pass rusher we should be targeting in the draft. And here is the safety
  3. correct I believe he hired an agent when he opted out of this season thus not allowing him to opt back in.
  4. He looked good today and is a rising prospect. I also like Jaelan Phillips DE Miami
  5. Most draft pundits say that this is a good year for safeties, but it's confusing because not many have any of the safeties going in round 1. I think there will be a quick run of safeties early in round 2. I was re-watching Grant Delpit and it appears he is most effective when attacking the line of scrimmage. With that said I think the Browns should look to target Trevon Moehrig FS TCU the dude is 6'2 200. He plays best when being a free roaming back end safety. I think these two would compliment each other quite nicely.
  6. My wife works at the Cleveland Clinic as a nerve conduction tech. Nerve damage ain't no joke. I hope only the best for Greedy. Get well soon. When you get back on the field we got your back.
  7. Can I just say how refreshing it is to see the receivers and tight ends making sure when they are moving along the line pre-snap that they make sure the other players are also adjusting for the right alignment. I remember us always getting called for this in previous years.
  8. Different Browns team this year we are gonna gut this game out for the W.
  9. Myles Garrett calling on this guy to come join the d-line. Thoughts?
  10. Jaelan Phillips The U 6'5 266 Edge Jordan Smith UAB 6'7 255 Edge Patrick Jones II Pitt 6'5 260 Edge Zaven Collins Tulsa 6'4 260 Linebacker Azeez Ojulari Georgia 6'3 240 Linebacker Ronnie Perkins Oklahoma 6'3 247 Linebacker Brenton Cox Jr. 6'3 250 Linebacker All these guys can get to the quarterback I like Bashman too. For safety's Xavier Henderson Michigan State 6'1 210 Kenderick Duncan Jr. Georgia Southern 6'3 225 Kolby Harvell-Peel Oklahoma State 6'0 210 I like Cisco too.
  11. When looking at last years draft picks do you think the front office will follow the same trend this year and again focus the majority of the draft picks on Juniors? Harrison Bryant and Nick Harris were the only Seniors selected in 2020. I remember reading somewhere that this was an analytics strategy focused on the idea that if a player can have success in college at a younger age he projects to have a more successful career in the NFL, or something along those lines.
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