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  1. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    DEE FORDLB, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS NFL Network's Tom Pelissero confirms the Chiefs are expected to franchise tag free agent Dee Ford. GM Brett Veach himself more or less confirmed this two weeks ago. The Chiefs have until March 5 to formally apply the tag. The sides will then have four months to negotiate a long-term contract. SOURCE: Tom Pelissero on Twitter Feb 19, 2019, 5:57 PM
  2. Browns 2019 Mock Offseason #1

    You know who else did what they want? Bobby Brown - My Prerogative
  3. Browns 2019 Mock Offseason #1

    Why not just post this in either of the other mock draft threads that already exist?
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    found it. Targeting explosive players The Chiefs drafted 38 players during Dorsey’s tenure, and 28 of them participated at the annual combine. Take out the quarterbacks (they’re scouted differently than other positions), and players who just went for the team interviews or only competed in the 40-yard dash and/or bench press, and you’re left with 21 combine players. This is where it gets interesting. Of those 21 players, 10 scored in the top five for their position groups for the vertical leap and/or broad jump, two drills that measure leg power. No other drills had so many Chiefs picks perform so well during Dorsey’s years in Kansas City. As The Ringer’s Kevin Clark wrote prior to the 2017 combine, NFL teams are targeting explosive players more than ever before, and Dorsey had the Chiefs riding that trend. In fact, Dorsey told Clark, the Chiefs had crafted a formula from combine data that he felt was “a pretty good indicator of athleticism.” “(Dorsey) says that he emphasizes scouting players who can ‘win’ on the first step after the snap. Dorsey estimates that football gets significantly quicker every five years, meaning first steps, and the explosion that fuels them, are pivotal,” Clark wrote. “He would not share the specifics of the team’s formula, but the Chiefs’ recent draft selections suggest that being able to jump - in both the vertical and broad drills - is a must for making it onto Kansas City’s radar.”
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Taylor Rapp with perfect technique
  6. 2019 Draft Prospects

    @candyman93 If I remember correctly when Dorsey joined the Browns there were specific categories he focused on like the broad jump etc. This was one of the ways he measured how explosive he thought a player would be. Am I correct? or am I confusing Dorsey with someone else. I can't remember and do you recall off hand what those categories were that Dorsey focused in on?
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Speaking of PFF just saw this headline. Browns earned the NFL’s worst tackling grade from PFF The 2018 Cleveland Browns improved in so many facets of playing football, but there were still some dark spots on the resume. The biggest negative, even worse than placekicking or defending the pass against tight ends (though that was wretched too), was the tackling by the Browns defense. From Briean Boddy-Calhoun whiffing on a potential critical TFL in the late loss to Baltimore, to Joe Schobert getting blasted by Marshawn Lynch in the hole in the loss to the lowly Raiders, to T.J. Carrie forgetting to wrap and allowing a key first down YAC in the early close loss to the Saints, bad tackling cost the Browns in the win column. Pro Football Focus put some analytical context to the poor tackling. Cleveland graded out dead last among the 32 NFL teams with a score of just 34.8. The next-worst team was San Francisco, a full 9 points higher. Those were the only teams scoring below 50 in the PFF grading metrics. Even the best players miss tackles here and there, but the rate at which so many Browns defenders failed at such a fundamental task is alarming. It will be interesting to see if new defensive coordinator Steve Wilks places more of a concerted emphasis on proper form and positioning compared to predecessor Gregg Williams, who loved the big hits but didn't preach wrapping or positional discipline well. Maybe we should be focused on drafting players that may not have the athletic numbers that jump off the page, but combine smart fundamentally sound defensive skill sets. Here is the list I came up with. Christian Wilkins Maxx Crosby Joe Giles-Harris Ben Burr-Kirven T.J. Edwards DeAndre Baker Julian Love Hamp Cheevers Brian Peavy
  8. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    #2 I like all of those players, but I think each of those players will be taken before we make our selections in each of those rounds. scenario #1 I really only care for Harmon of that bunch scenario #3 Wilkins is the only player that peaks my interest. #4 1. Jeffery Simmons, DT 2. Jace Sternberger, TE 3. Mercole Hardman WR, 3. Christian Miller, LB
  9. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I would agree with this statement, but we shall see in the next two weeks. Today through March 5th marks the time frame for teams to place designated tags on players.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Could Ronheen Bingham 6'2 243 be our next Genard Avery type diamond in the rough late round find.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Many people mock Profootballfocus.com grading scale, but I believe there is some merit to what they do. This list is from there top 101 best players. I cycled through it for potential targets that might interest the Browns. The first number is where they were ranked out of 101 the ending number is where I predict they will be drafted. DT's 3. Christian Wilkins, Defensive Interior, Clemson (1) 14. Jeffery Simmons, Defensive Interior, Mississippi State (2) 15. Jerry Tillery, Defensive Interior, Notre Dame (2) 18. Dre’Mont Jones, Defensive Interior, Ohio State (2) WR's 6. Andy Isabella, Wide Receiver, UMass (2) 40. JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Wide Receiver, Stanford (2) CB's 7. Byron Murphy, Cornerback, Washington (1) 23. Deandre Baker, Cornerback, Georgia (1) 27. Brian Peavy, Cornerback, Iowa State (6) 68. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Cornerback, Florida (1) 73. Hamp Cheevers, Cornerback, Boston College (5) OT's 10. Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle (1) 16. Dalton Risner, Offensive Tackle, Kansas State (1) LB's 12. Ben Burr-Kirven, Linebacker, Washington (4) 100. Joe Dineen Jr., Linebacker, Kansas (6) Edge 25. Brian Burns, Edge Defender, Florida State (1) 49. Ronheen Bingham, Edge Defender, Arkansas State (7) 79. Joe Jackson, Edge Defender, Miami (Fl.) (2) S 62. Malik Gant, Safety, Marshall (4) TE 93. Jace Sternberger, Tight End, Texas A&M (2) C 97. Garrett Bradbury, Center, NC State (3)
  12. 2019 Mock Draft Thread

    I'll be honest I have a hard time figuring out all the dt's in this draft. I've watched game tapes that spotlight individual players and highlight youtube tapes. Honestly 90% of the time i see guys getting washed out by offensive lineman and having no impact on the play. Then you read websites like profootballfocus and thedraftnetwork and they rave about how amazing players are and i just don't see it with my eyes. This goes for players like Rashan Gary, Jeffery Simmons, Dre'Mont Jones, Jerry Tillery, Brian Burns. I get that players won't make plays all the time and often they have gap assignments and what not but trying to determine who will be a star and who will be average is not my cup of tea when it comes to determining defensive lineman.
  13. 2019 Mock Draft Thread

    Round 1 Byron Murphy CB Washington Round 2 (Trade up to the top using a 3rd and 6th) Jeffery Simmons DT Mississippi St. Round 3 L.J. Collier DE TCU Round 4 Christian Miller LB Alabama Round 4 (Trade to the back half using 2 5th's) Terry McLaurin WR Ohio St. Round 5 Ugo Amadi S/Nickel Oregon Round 7 Matt Gay K Utah Doesn't fill all our needs but I think we walk away with 6-7 players and Dorsey moves around a bit to target who he likes. Also probably none of this will happen but it's fun to dream.
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    If Free Agency nets us FRANK CLARK, CLEVELAND BROWNS The Browns need someone to pair with Myles Garrett, and John Dorsey will certainly be one of the GM’s willing to take in Clark’s checkered past. prediction from profootballfocus.com and Bleacher Report predicts WR Adam Humphries signs with Browns would that be considered a successful offseason?
  15. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    How dare you leave Charley Hughlett off of this list