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  1. Ugly: Defensive awareness. On the Herbert fumble at the goal line, the defense was just standing there staring at the ball rolling in the end zone. You jump on the ball...you win the game.
  2. He can do anything that the team asks him to do. He was initially brought in as a receiver and that's where he played most of his college career. Last season, UK lost their 1st string QB Terry Wilson to a torn patellar tendon in their 2nd game of the season. Back-up Sawyer Smith got injured in the 4th game. Bowden took over at QB in the 4th game and started the rest of the season beginning with the 5th game and proceeded to rush for over 1500 yards against SEC competition. I see him as a gadget type of player tho, he can run, he can catch and if you're looking for some tricker
  3. Guys, I don't post in here much. But I just wanna say that I'm from Kentucky and I've watched a ton of UK Football. Trust me, y'all are gonna love Lynn Bowden. He'll give you everything he's got. I am absolutely thrilled that he's joining my favorite NFL team!
  4. I'll be going to the Indianapolis game.
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