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  1. 🤣 oh i thought you were being serious. I see now you are just doing a comedy routine to lighten the spirits around here.
  2. wonder how sloppy the first quarter of the season will be.. atleast weeks 1-3.
  3. no where close to being the best? Based on what, other than a bad take. His win rate/dtr says otherwise. Great contract for great player... bad take bro... blame it on 2020.
  4. Chiefs are going 3-13. You guys getting emotional isnt changing that. 3-13 lock that in. The fall will be greater than the rise. I mean no ill will. What ive noticed is my predictions are always a year too early. Literally ALWAYS. So look for Dolphins to go 11-5 this year.
  5. Chiefs 3-13. I said what i said. Subscribe, like or comment below. They rely on HFA and crowd noise more thab almost anyone. SB hangover, Mahomes got paid so he's all but guaranteed mediocre from here on out. Biggest reason. The rise of Herbert.
  6. I think 14-2 and #1 seed. Did you guys watch same team i did? This team had a chance to win every game outside of the Vikings game and that was a 7 turnover game. If QB doesnt turnover the ball, this team is as good as any in the league. Good thing about Tyrod, while not a top end qb, he is mobile and doesnt turn the ball over. Herbert is a big question mark. Linval is gonna lay dividends and help Tillery. Nassir will be healthy and added Harris. Love Murray as our ILB with Tranquill in year 2. Our defense will be as good as any in the league. Love our WRS with Hill at the #3. Depth beyond him is avgerage with some good potential. I love love the Parham signing. Him and Hunter bout to go off. I like our RT our LGs and OC. Im optimistic Pouncy plays at high level. If not, i like Feeny continuing to develop there. Lamp is still a question. LT is biggest concern. Im exicited about the backfield. Alot had to go wrong last year in games to lose them. That isnt sustainable year to year, even for the Chargers. No fans in crowd will be HUGE for Chargers vs literally any other team. Legit.. this could be the year. Also Chargers always do better when everyone writes them off.
  7. Other - Chargers, clearly. Question mark at QB for now. Other than that, they are stacked. But cool poll.
  8. Oh and if Mcree the year before deflects the ball instead of intercepting it, they beat NE and then Indy and are in back to back superbowls. Cant argue science.
  9. Yes for sure. What Rivers success rate vs NE was overall has no bearing on that one game. He wasnt able to step into throws. I think they beat NE and NYG with a healthy Rivers.
  10. You know what they say about tall qbs. They have high ceilings.
  11. Chargers did. That kid had 2 games and couldnt crack 200 yds in either game and had 1 td 1 int in both games. Answer here is Chargers. Next topic?
  12. I think you got the best QB in the league, then you got guys like Mahomes, Carr and Lockm
  13. There is always more options in life.
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