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  1. Mahomes sat for a year. Herbert is the model. Rookies dont play like Herbert. Please edit title. Ok thanks!!
  2. I might be discrediting Adam's. But to me what separates WRs when they are close in production is who cab routinely make the improbable catches. That is Nuk.
  3. Yeah but i don't think that's a skill set. It's a situational performance data point. Clean pocket data was passes Herbert made quickly, due to having the worst oline in the league. So when he had a clean pocket and executed an attempt, alot of those were to rbs or screens. Quick passes that didn't net alot of yds or tds. Chargers threw to rbs alot to make up for a bottom 3 run game in terms of YPC. Short passing game was an extension of the run game. It's why Herbert who went deep at a high count, but still had a lower ypa, ay/a, ny/a, any/a. Chargers are bad at screens.
  4. Will they make a 30 for 30 on B.O.B and what he did to the Texans?
  5. How is anyone not sold on Herbert. 1 year or not. Where is the weakness? Size, arm talent, arm strength, accuracy, athleticism, mobility, agility, strength-power, vision, intelligence. Does the hard things great (3rd downs, vs pressure, vertical passing) I don't wanna pull a Vans. But how isnt Herbert already considered elite? What more do you need to see? Big game performance, consistency? Ok i can get. But the talent.. doesn't get any better.
  6. Bucs vs Chargers was a great game. So was Chargers vs Saints. Steelers vs Ravens and Phins vs Cardinals was good.
  7. I'm afraid you won't be happy. I didn't make a 2021 prediction. My 2020 prediction will come to in 2021. Much like in 2019 when i predicted phins go 11-5, eagles would be one of the worst teams, Browns make the playoffs, etc. I missed the year i made the predictions... but they hit the following year... for the most part.
  8. My predictions always seem to be a year early. Always!!. So look for my 2020 Prediction to come to fruition. Chiefs miss the playoffs. They just got smashed. That will take a huge toll. You don't just shake that off and pick up where you left off.
  9. How about 2020 Bucs vs 2019 Chiefs And 2O20 Chiefs vs 2019 49ers.
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