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  1. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    When my "crazy" predictions dont look so crazy once the season gets rolling, i expect some back pay on the rep points.
  2. Come on, that was Belichick's first stint. There is no evidence that Brady can win without Bill. There is evidence that Bill can win without Brady. You can have the semantics of 07, 08 and 09 and use the order youd like. But in 08 without Brady they went 11-5 and with Brady back in 09 they went 10-6. Yes in 07 they went 16-0. But cant ignore 09 following 08.
  3. Put it like this. Give the Chargers from 2004 to now bilichick, with their talent they have 8 SBs. Give Brady, the Pats and their talent Chargers coaches in that span.... they dont make the superbowl, not once. Bilichick is 95% of their success. He went 11-5 with Cassell. The next year Brady went 10-6. Brady is clutch and great. But alot of that is Bill being able to strategize masking deficiencies. That brady homer makes no sense and yet to make a single logical argument. Confusing people to submission is not making sound arguements. I cant even imagine how horrible NE with Brady would be with Norv Turner and Mike Mccoy. When Brady retires, if Bill stays in NE they will still be yearly contenders. If Bill leaves, NE will be horrible.
  4. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    When i first came here in the game day thread i posted the pics that showed steelers got away with mugging on the Brown td pass and the connor td run. I also showed the King return had no blocking in the back. So outside the Benjamin false start td, i cant see where Chargers got any calls. So even that 1 doesn't balance out the 2 egregious no calls on the holding by Pit. If you find that game thread you'll see my pics.
  5. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    Rivers is no question a HOFer. It's silly to think otherwise. I seriously cant recall refs ever helping Chargers in a game. If anything Refs always screw Chargers but i never cry about refs. Good teams overcome it. Chargers look like the best bet in 2019 for the entire NFL. That roster is insane.
  6. Kyle Murray - RG3 before the injuries Haskins - Baker Mayfield Daniel Jones - Dan Marino
  7. After really looking into this formula, i truly believe it is very accurate and dependable. This should be the standard used from here on out. Good Job.
  8. Rivers finally pulled out..... along with some other qbs.
  9. So basically the formula is a win per each probowler? Seems like a pretty intricate and complicated formula.
  10. Russell Okung - 2 Mike Pouncy - 4 Philip Rivers - 8 Tyrod Taylor - 1 Melvin Ingram - 2 Casey Hayward - 2 Keenan Allen - 2 Adrian Philips - 1 Melvin Gordon - 2 Derwin James - 1 Thomas Davis - 3 Joey Bosa - 1 12 players, 29 probowls.
  11. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    Top 5 offenses (my team excluded... would hate to establish rep as homer)..... dont quote me with "too late on that front" bullies. 1. Texans 2. Browns 3. Rams 4. Falcons 5. Bucs Dark horse: Cardinals Top 5 defenses. 1. 49ers 2. Titans 3. Bears 4. Redskins 5. Bills Dark Horse: Dolphins
  12. Best 2019 Offense and Defense

    Chargers LBs have potential to be a top 10 LB corp. If Thomas Davis still has it, Perryman can finally play a full 16 gane season. If Kyzir White can continue his early play last year before being out for the season with injury. He only played 3 games... but was on an early pace to be with Darius and LVE. Nwosu also showed some great strides and was deterimental in a couple of wins to as a rookie. I think people sleep on CHARGERS LB corp, because all of them were basically hurt last year mid point or so mark. I think that unit will be as good as the secondary and dline. Plus they drafted Tranquill and Egbule. Tranquill has an immediate shot at being an impact player. Egbule at best good depth. As for DT, yeah alot of it depends on if Tillery is as good as some say he is or not. If he is avg, DT will be a big hole. If he is great, that DLINE will have to be as good as any. As it stands, proven DTs on the Chargers leave alot to be desired as starters.... but would be good depth and rotational players. Their 7th round DT can also be a big contributor in Cortez. But banking on 7th rounders is a crap shoot. I think Chargers did well on paper in the draft, FA and just by proxy of getting healthy to address the 2 defensive "weaknesses" LB and DT. Im not sure how much of a weakness LB really was, beside everyone being injured. Barring injuries, Chargers should have a top 2 or top 3 defense by season end of 2019. Their offense depends on their oline and again injuries (like with any team) but they have the pieces to be top 2 or 3. Anyways my picks.... outside my team are. Top Offense - Texans will lead the league in PPG and be top 3 in YPG. Browns will be 1 in YPG. Top defense - 49ers will lead in PPG, sacks and total turnovers... Steelers will have #1 defense in YPG.
  13. Trent Williams Wants to be Traded or Released

    2020 3rd, Travis Benjamin and Mebane/or Adrian Phillips.
  14. 8 qbs in 2019 will have 40 tds. Remember i said that. And 6 will have 5000 yds. 2019 will be the most prolific passing season in NFL history by a good margin.
  15. Trent Williams Wants to be Traded or Released

    Chargers ahould trade for him. Put him at LT and move Okung to RT.