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  1. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Tom Brady - 64%, 262.1 ypg, 1.9 td%, 0.6 int%, 97.6 passer rating, 7.5 y/a, 7.80 ay/a, 6.86 ny/a, 7.13 any/a Peyton Manning - 65.3%, 270.5 ypg, 2.0 td%, 0.9 int%, 96.5 passer rating, 7.7 y/a, 7.61 ay/a, 7.23 ny/a, 7.17 any/a Drew Brees - 67.3%, 282 ypg, 2.0 td%, 0.9 int%, 97.7 passer rating, 7.6 y/a, 7.6 ay/a, 7.04 ny/a, 7.03 any/a Aaron Rodgers - 64.8%, 260.3 ypg, 2.0 td%, 0.5 int%, 103.1 passer rating, 7.8 y/a, 8.39 ay/a, 6.82 ny/a, 7.35 any/a Philip Rivers - 64.5%, 257.8 ypg, 1.8 td%, 0.8 int%, 95.6 passer rating, 7.8 y/a, 7.73 ay/a, 7.04 ny/a, 6.97 any/a
  2. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Rivers played in an era with arguably the 2 or 3 best qbs of all time. In which he still overall kept pace with them in terms of regular season production on a consistency, efficiency and volume level per season. I broke that down already with yds, tds, comp%, passer rating and ypa.
  3. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Dwarfed by 10 qbs in what? Because it sure wasnt production, consistency, efficiency and regular season individual dominance. I can tell you quite a few of those qbs didnt have more than 4 double digit win seasons. Rivers after 2019 will be 8th on the all time win list for qbs. Awful in the playoffs? Rivers certainly hasnt been awful by any stretch. What is an impact qb exactly? His resume is exactly HOF. Like i said show me any player, any era or any position who has had the regular season level of play Rivers has had with playing at a top 5 level for over a decade with 8 probowls to go with it and multiple MVP worthy seasons (08 and 09)
  4. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    In a pass heavy era, Cam has. 1 season with 4000 yds 1 season over 25 tds 3 seasons with atleast 60% comp. Only 1 at 65% or more. Only 2 seasons with atleast 90 passer rating and never 100. So basically you want to put him in for rushing as a QB? If McNair is not in i have a hard time seeing Cam. Same for Cunningham.
  5. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    We arent talking 1 or 2 probowls. There is 13 qbs (i know a broken record, people dont seem to grasp it) in NFL history with 8 or more probowl selections and they are all in the hall of fame. The exceptions are Peyton, Brady, Brees and Rivers. 1 or 2 probowls dont have much substance overall. 8 probowls or more have historic substance and track record shows that. 39 players in NFL history with 10 or more probowls and all of them are in the HOF or will be. Regardless what fans think of the probowl. Voters value them. 2/3 of the votes is by coaches and players (peers) that means something.
  6. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Said it before ill say it again. There is qbs with all pros not in the hall. There is qbs with an mvp not in the hall, there is qbs with rings not in the hall. There is 13 qbs in NFL history with 8 probowls. All of them are in the hall of fame, that are retired. Unless people are actually saying Rivers will be the outlier to all time trend that has a 100% track record, Rivers is a lock. There is no doubt about it. Its why i stopped arguing with people on here. It's their opinion vs a 100% NFL proven trend. I like the chances of the latter. If Rivers gets to 10 probowls, 0% chance he wont be a HOF qb. Only 39 players out of 10000s have been selected to 10 probowls. Its nearly the most exclusive club in NFL history. Outside of like players with 3 sb rings plus, or multiple MVPs or 3 plus all pros. ACCUMULATION achievements. This is all posture.. Rivers will be in the hall, guaranteed. Show me just 1 player, any position, any era with Rivers regular season consistency and greatness who didnt make the HOF and id start listening. Top 5 production and efficiency at his position for the 12 years hes been starting. Not sure when the number became top 4. Its either top 3 or top 5. Top 4 is a random arbritary ranking to either include someone who isnt top 3 or exclude someone who is top 5. Ive heard people compare Cam, Mcnabb and Bledsoe to Rivers and then it was clear, there was people truly void of the context of this topic. Those 3 dont compare to Rivers numbers in any context.
  7. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    In his 6 playoff losses, 4 came on the road as the underdog where his team heavily underperformed. This last post season 19 yds rushing from the team and defense gives up 41 points. 2013 lost on the road vs highest scoring offense all time as underdog. 2008 lost on the road vs best defense and sb champs as underdog. 2007 lost on the road to the 17-0 Pats on 1 leg as underdog. 2 years where they underachieved in the playoffs was 06 (Rivers first year) entire team choked that one away. Rivers didnt do enough to win. But that was an entire chokejob play after play by different units. 2009, he didnt do enough. But it was a 3 point loss in a game his kicker missed 3 fgs. I think people are ignoring how bad of coaches Norv and Mccoy are and how much of a hinderess they are. As an Eagles fan, you know as good as most how critical coaching is. Unfortunately HOF voters will not look at coaching effect so for voters that value post season highly, that will hurt Rivers. They wont look at if Chargers were underdogs or how team played or who they lost to. But im just adding some context.
  8. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    If the majority of your argument for someone is on the basis of 1 singularity, that is not equal to the totality. Rivers got multiple MVP votes in 2008 and 2009. If his team had more wins, he would of been MVP in 2008. You think the HOF votes in only 4 players from a position in an era? There was 7 qbs from the previous era. His era contemporaries have at minimum played 50 more games than him. I did a break down of the stats and it wasnt volume. He was right there with them and if you look at efficiency and bulk. Couple pages back. Never being top 4 based off what? Play or perception. Because perception is hard to guage. Off play, he absolutely was. If Ryan continues to play at a high level for another 3 or 4 years, i have no problem him getting in. I think you are short changing Rivers numbers, seasonal play and consistency. As well as impact to his team. Tell me how you gauge "dominance over peers" so we can actually measure it with data.
  9. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    He asked for a qb who had great rushing stats, who made the SB, won an MVP and didnt make the Hall. That is Mcnair.
  10. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Since 2006 Rivers has made the playoffs 6 times, Brees 7 times. Is Brees not a HOFer? Lets not ignore the fact Rivers has had to overcome Norv Turner and Mike Mccoy.
  11. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Wrong, again. This is the only thing consistent from you; being wrong. Go look at my post. I said perennial contender (made the playoffs or missed by 1 game). Sorry i didn't draw it out more clearly as a perrennial playoff contender. Which Chargers absolutely have been past 9 years. Not based on my definition, based on traditional definition. Which you have shown you struggle to grasp. Seems you struggle with boxing basics like you do football. Context is important. If i said superbowl contender or championship contender, youd have an arguement (first one yet in this entire debacle) You are the one who has been exposed of horrible contrarian arguments, continuously changing criteria for multiple different players to downplay Rivers and adjusting the goal post. I should of ignored you long ago. It was quite apparent you were never interested in a logical and intellectual debate. Just random variables into a pot and hoping you brewed up something clever. Low standards is someone who values singularity over totality. Either way, i doubt you will ignore me. So you can have the last word. This is going no where.
  12. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Again, wrong no surprise. 3 options equate to the same end conclusion, yes. So votes are going to be scattered amongst the 3 yes options. Where as there is only 1 no option, so any no votes are solely listed there. The majority voters said yes. You swore i was the only person to think so, you were wrong. This doesnt account for the litany of media outlets and personalities who agree with me. My arguments are facts because they are pretty defined universal definitions. Being a playoff contender, doesn't mean you are making the playoffs all the time or even a majority. But if you are right on the cusp or make it in 6 of the 9 years, that is a perennial playoff contender. By cusp i mean 1 game. Not 2 or 3 games out of a playoff berth or division title. This is a fact, no qb in NFL history with 8 or more probowls who is eligible to make the HOF, isnt in. A fighter who has cracked the top 12 a couple times and missed the top 12 by 1 spot, is definitely a contender. Not a title contender, but definitely a contender. Ala playoff contender. So you tell me what is a team that in 9 years made the playoffs 2 times, lost the division 3 times by 1 game and missed out as a WC by 1 game is? If that isn't a playoff contender, im not sure what is.
  13. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    You arent good with numbers. 30 have him in the hall vs 16 no. Most people who actually posted said yes. So a bunch of blind votes for no. My argument isnt to be bought. It's a factual statement based on the traditions definition of contender. If you say is someone a perennial playoff contender, the Chargers have been exactly that. How is this confusing to you? If i called them contenders, one would preface that by title contenders. That's why i said playoff contenders. If someone is a boxer and they are a contender. Do they need to have a title fight?
  14. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    Perennial playoff contender. Contended to make the playoffs. Without Rivers they likely would of been perennial top 5 pick contender.
  15. Id agree with that if it is 1 or 2 probowls. Making 8 probowls is extremely prestigious. Only 13 qbs in the history of the game have that many. Rivers based on his play can continue to add to that. If this was 1 to 3 probowls, id get the arguement. But it's not.