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  1. He is nothing like Mariota though. Other than same college. They literally dont have any similar skill sets. Justin is bigger, athletic, mobile with much better pocket presence and with a cannon arm, elite arm talent, great under pressure and a elite deep threat passer. Mariota was bigger than he played, was accurate on short passes, was somewhat tough , athletic and mobile couldn't make all the throws. This has nothing to do with being a Chargers fan. Just watch the tape. If you dont see "it" and see Mariota based on Herbert's first 4 games in the NFL, than i question whether you have watched Chargers games or your ability to assess QBs. Herbert has been as electric and dynamic as any qb in the league this year and that's his first 4 starts in the league. What will happen moving forward i don't know. But what has happened, i do know, definitively and you are waaay wrong on this.
  2. Eagles are as bad as it gets at 2 pt plays this year.
  3. Why is Tucker and Straham not getting any pressure on Wentz.
  4. Crazy how much time Eagles have with 2 to's in the pocket left to.
  5. Fualghem sounds like someone with a mouth full of food trying to say fk em.
  6. That was not a perfect throw by daniel
  7. Look at that.. Wentz with another turnover.
  8. Looks like my eagles and dolphins predictions from last year are a year late. Sometimes i get ahead of myself.
  9. Damn that Hummer EV looks dope af. A hummer banged a tesla.
  10. That rpo is so ugly. Same one they did vs Balt on the 2pt attempt.
  11. I'm calling it. Game of the year so far, if you ignore records.
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