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  1. Um what? This is next level code. Not sure what any of it means. But I'm sure it's deep.
  2. And i am throwing him out of there.
  3. I'm just not even going to point out the bad list anymore. I refuse to have an intelligent debate with anyone who doesn't have Bosa top 5 and just call you a hater or casual in my head and move on. Because i suspect the bad list are coming in attempt to trigger me. I will not subside to the peer pressure. 🤓
  4. Cook is pretty much consensus top 3 RB. Smith i think is consensus top 5 SS. I think Hunter is in the convo for top 5. To me top 4 is easy. Myles, Joey, JJ and TJ. Then 5 becomes a scramble. Chase, Hunter, Mack, Graham, Chubb, etc. (More guys have arguments here for the 5 spot)
  5. Of course you can, when there are variables and qualifications to adding credibility to your opinion, you can in fact have a bad opinion. Right or wrong, i guess could depend on the premise of what your opinion is about.
  6. All you need to see is this. Level of double teams, with win rate. Not sure what more i need to show. This is with Joey never having good interior dlinmen play.
  7. Opinion is subjective. There is usually no data to support or refute opinions. Did a lasagna taste good, was a movie bad. There is no right or wrong answer. When there is a number of performance indicators that demonstrate value or the quality of something, your opinion starts to lose the use of subjectivity. If i made a top 5 qb list and listed Goff Carr Tua Daniel Jones Wentz Can i be free of criticism by saying it's my opinion?
  8. What Miller did 8 years ago is irrelevant. Your opinion was bad and now you are throwing a tantrum over someone's opinion on your opinion. When your baseline is ignoring all advanced metrics and using a barometer of best seasons where someone had .5 more sacks or 1 more sack with completely different situations, which negates any variance in situation based on those advanced stats is just bad. Especially when you are using historic data from years ago which is just not a good argument for your opinion. You are free to your opinion and i am free to call it bad. Becaus
  9. Every advanced stat favors Bosa. There is so much more to edge rusher than just sacks. Same games started, Hunter has 7 more sacks while facing single blocking assignments at a much higher rate. Also you seem defensive. The guy had 2 players on his list that had a combined 9 sacks last year that no one else had on their list. So not sure why you assumed Hunter was the odd man out. It's ok to be wrong. No Joey on a top 5 edge rusher list, means you are wrong.
  10. Some people can't own having bad opinions. I don't need a list to have an opinion on other peoples list. Never had more than 13.5 sacks... then proceeds to put players on the list who never had over 13.5 sacks or max 14.5 sacks. Right on.
  11. Your contararian opinion goes against every single advanced stats posted or charts and every list. Good case for bad opinion. Especially when your reasoning is injury concerns. It's fine to have bad opinions, just don't get heated when called on it. Use "homer" but when all list either on here or off here support me and not you. I am not a homer... you just might be a hater.
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