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  1. Ive avoided watching any media coverage so far. I cant even imagine the drooling over Mahomes happening right now. Am i right or has coverage been scarce so far?
  2. I hope you are right. Because i have a hard time seeing how the Chiefs lose this game. Their defense is playing fired up, no situation seems too big for Mahomes, offense has speed, great scheme to confuse defenses and get guys open. Jones and Clark are causing disruption at the line, Spags is doing some great disguises with that defense and commiting to stopping the run. 49ers will have to beat them with the pass. Chiefs oline is surprisingly good. Ive been watching every chiefs game for 2 years and i hardly see games where Mahomes is getting consistently pressured and when he does, he just makes plays outside the pocket. I think KC is gonna have success running more than passing and vice versa for SF.
  3. Not that id want Brady at this point, but why not? They have a good balanced roster that is relatively young, will have good cap situation coming up this offseason, had a pretty good track record of drafting, a solid coach, 2nd biggest market, playing in a new mega stadium. The negatives, worst owners in the league and bad oline play, with weak in stadium fan presence.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is a football forum and not politics. Keep that bs out of here.
  5. Agg% by itself with bad efficieny, isn't good. So the guys you named, who had high agg% but werent efficient, is just a good segway to show why they werent successful. But when guys like Tannehill and Stafford have efficient numbers with high agg%, it's a testament to how well they truly played. So Hodges and Carr are just great at reading defenses and finding the open target vs others? Or maybe, just maybe...hear me out. They have schemes, plays, by design that have alot more high probability route concepts that create a higher percentage of open targets. I know it's crazy to think if this was the case, why aren't all offenses the same. They just arent, everyone has their system, their schemes and their route concepts.. Yes a contrarian, because i dont like to have a boxed in view like everyone else, who gets told what to believe. As for the other part...the road doesnt matter (so digging deeper or why i do it) it's the results that matters.
  6. You dont see the direct correlation? 🤷‍♂️its like RBs who have a higher percentage of facing loaded boxes. They arent expected to have success. But when they do, its a testament to how good they play. Rbs who face 6 man fronts, are more likely to have success due to circumstances outside their play, rather what they face. When qbs, BY DESIGN are throwing to alot more open targets due to the scheme of their offense, they have more success. So their stats have alot less true context than qbs who have efficiency numbers when they are forced to throw to alot more covered targets. Unless you just ignorantly believe that qbs with lower agg% are just great at finding the open target. If thats the case Hodges must be a field general and Derrick Carr. Again, it is the single most relevant stat if people are being honest. What qbs cant have success throwing to open targets at a higher pop than the league avg? But carry on...
  7. 🤣🤣 i'm glad im not the only one that remembers that. I dont blame him tho. If my team was in the SB id be the same way. Hell my team is 5-11 and i might still be as bad.
  8. Anyone who argues that Tannehill wasnt better 2019 regular season than Mahomes is a homer or just clueless. It wasnt even that close. Which isn't a knock on Mahomes he had a very good season. It's a testament to Tannehill. But i have new found faith in you. You knew better than to even argue Derwin over Mathieu. Props fam ya growing as a poster.
  9. If stating FACTS, not opinions and very RELEVANT advanced metrics like agg% is discrediting, than Mahomes needs to be better idk. I dont control those results. But you called agg% meaningless. Which it isn't at all. Qbs having success throwing in tight windows is the SINGLE most telling attribute of a qb, anyone who says otherwise knows virtually nothing about football. Yes im very critical of Mahomes. So i do dig to find the negatives that others dont. For 1, division rival and getting alot of media hype, 2 for the general hyperbole surrending him. There needs to be balance and if me pointing to again, factual situational statistics or advanced metrics that alter the popular narrative, makes me a prick... so be it. It's crazy that fair criticism somehow translates to me saying Mahomes sucks or isnt very good.
  10. I was obviously joking about Jimmy over Mahomes. It's my brand of trollish sense of humor.
  11. Mathieu has been arguably best FA signing this off season
  12. I cant pick this SB. Unfortunately my gut tells me buckwheat called it, this KC team is on a run for destiny. But lets go SF.
  13. Nah, they have a qb friendly system. It was never in jeoprady.
  14. I'm picking the team with the best qb. So 49ers. Shots fired.