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  1. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    My bad, didnt scroll right.
  2. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Rivers top 3 years. 2008, 2009 and 2018: 312 478 65.3 4009 34 7.1 11 2.3 67 8.4 8.8 12.8 250.6 105.5 378 544 69.5 4478 32 5.9 11 2.0 60 8.2 8.5 11.8 279.9 105.5 347 508 68.3 4308 32 6.3 12 2.4 75 8.5 8.7 12.4 269.3 105.5 Rodgers and Brees have 3 years with higher passer rating. Brady 4, but one of them is 105.6 and Peyton has 3, but one is 105.8. So 5? No, just not true. I misspoke earlier. Rivers has 5 seasons with atleast 100 passer rating (min 400 attempts). 4 that are 104 PR or higher. Peyton, Brady and Rodgers have 4 and Brees has 5. No one else in league history has that many. IMO Passer Rating is the most telling individual indicator of a QB's level of play. Unless someone else has a more telling stat.
  3. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    You are putting Eli over Rivers for 2 games and ignoring the huge discrepancy in their career numbers in avgs and efficiencies. In no world is Eli a better qb than Rivers. Also saying he was the 12th best of the 2000s is also not true. Why are we overvaluing 2 or 3 games post seasons or not, over numerous seasons. Outside of Peyton, Brady, Brees and Rodgers.. you can make a real case for Rivers over any qbs of the 2000s in totality. Meaning total level of play throughout the 2000s (Consistency, sustainability, volume, efficiency) It's also so disingenious how the anti-Rivers crowd keeps ignoring that 10 of his 13 playing seasons have been with Norv and Mccoy. Guys who struggle to keep coordinator jobs. His 3 years without those guys. 35-13. So random how any real football fans knows how important coaching is, but in some debates like this, it gets completely ignored. Or circumstances get ignored. Is Ben a lessor QB since 2008? Or has not even a top 3 defense hurt him. Is Brees a lessor QB since 2009 or Rodgers since 2010? Or has circumstances changed in aiding their success. How about Brady from 05 to 13? Basically the people saying he isn't a HOFer are saying 1 arbitrary accolade can change that. Meaning if he is 1st team all pro, or MVP or wins a SB this year... he goes from not HOF to HOF. That means IYHO you see him at worst as a brink HOFer. If it's that close to yay or nay.
  4. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Maybe Rivers has been an all pro. Seems to suggest that here. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2009/allpro.htm
  5. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    I was wrong about Warren Moon. He had some 2nd team all pro. They did all pros differently back then, did them by conference. The 3 years Moon was all pro, never 1st team. They had 5 qbs, 5 qbs and 4 qbs. If that was the format now, no doubt Rivers would have atleast 3 all pros, potentially 5. 08, 09 and 2010. Potentially 13 and 18.
  6. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Warren Moon
  7. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    You talk about talent, but ignore coaching. What qbs have ever won with coaches as bad as Norv and Mccoy. Not to mention in 2 division games that were lost by 3 points each, his kicker missed 4 fgs. Brady has 3 rings due to 3 fgs. Rivers has missed making it to 2 additional AFCC due to 4 missed fgs. You keep overvaluing all pros where he should of got all pro bids in 08, 09 and 2010. He is 1 of 5 qbs in NFL history with 4 or more seasons with 100 plus passer rating with atleast 400 attempts and unlike 3 of those other 4 qbs, he has done it with 3 different coaches. His defense fumbled a game winning int vs Brady in 06. He proceeded to drive his offense in position to tie the game to only have Kaeding miss. In 07, he was playing on a torn ACL and even then if Chris Chambers doesnt let Asante Samuels tear a ball out of his hand for an int, Chargers have a good chance to win. Or if Vrabel doesnt get away with illegally tripping Rivers, Chargers have a chance to win. Rivers has had some of the worst luck and breaks. #1 offense and defense and team misses the playoffs due to an all time bad special teams. Oline has been a make shift unit for almost a decade. We all know about the constant injuries before the season even starts, Chargers front office letting talented players go like Turner, Sproles, LT, V Jackson, etc. Rivers production, that isnt predicated off singular seasons or arbritary achievements are as good as anyone who has played the game. From number of 25 plus td seasons, number of 4000 yd seasons, number of 65% comp seasons, number of 100 plus passer rating seasons, number of 7.8 ypa seasons. His overall DVOA avgs. His overall PR avgs. Chargers are one of the worst run franchises and Rivers has been the only constant. Without Rivers, Chargers would be the Browns level of futility. When you can say 1 all pro season would make someone a HOFer in your book... fam, then he already is a HOFer in your book. Ya just aint got to the last page yet. When something as arbritary as 1 all pro season is the bridge from HOF to not, then there really is no need for a bridge, because that gap is non-existent.
  8. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    If anything he's underrated. National media rarely gasses him up. Not like others atleast. As for looks. Id get in his soccer dad van.
  9. 2019 Scrubs League - Need owners!!!

    Sign me up
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I just realized there is an entire thread for fantasy football. My bad. Guess that's a good place to start.
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Does anyone organize fantasy football leagues here. Id like to sign up to a couple if there are any done with FF posters.

    Favorite Team: Chargers Week 1 pick: Dolphins I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your Edits"
  13. How likely...?

    1. Cleveland fail to live up to this season's hype / expectation*...2 2. This is Brady's last season....3.5 3. We will see 1 team in the playoffs that haven't been in there for 3 or more years...5 4. 3 teams from the same division in the playoffs....2 5. Todd Gurley is back to his best, or close to his best....1 6. Teams use the fullback or heavy formations (12/22) a lot more this season**...3 7. 49ers make playoffs...2.5 8. The Carr - Brown connection goes off (something like...1300+ yards, 10+ TDs)....2 9. KC number 1 seed again...0
  14. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    Maybe hope. Maybe a premonition. We'll see i guess.
  15. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    I dont think it has. Seems like regardlesd the head coach, it keeps happening. Happens to all teams i guess. But with Chargers seems to happen to key players before the season even starts. But its life of the NFL. Next man up. If the conditioning staff hasnt changed, it definitely needs to. Because they suck.