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  1. Just you... there is quite a few. Herbert, Allen, Watson, Baker, Burrow, Lamar... That's 7 deep counting Mahomes.
  2. Turncoat, traitor, heathen... may the SKOL curse your new team and their future endeavors.
  3. 1. Rodgers 2. Mahomes 3. Watson 4. Allen 5. Wilson 6. Tanne 7. Herbert 8. Brady 9. Lamar 10. Stafford 11. Carr 12. Baker 13. Kyler 14. Cousins 15. Dak If not for missing most of 2020 id prolly have Dak 8th or 9.
  4. HOF. From 09 - 12, he was legit top 3 in terms of production, play and efficiency. Maybe #1. I'll have to double check. Just lacked the overall success.
  5. Staley will bring good juju. He is bringing Mcvay magic with him.
  6. You aint wrong tho. Parham if used could be a nightmare for teams. A legit 6'8.
  7. Ok guys....take 223 Chargers fans: this is our year.
  8. I am trying to remember who were the lead candidates for Chargers job when they hired Lynn and if Lynn was considered a good hire at the time.
  9. Not sure what to think. I was really preparing for the Daboll hire. But coaching hires are such a crapshoot with 1st time HC's. I just liked Daboll's pedigree being under greatest NCAA coach and greatest NFL coach.
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