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  1. Who are examples of the latter that didnt involve injuries? Like RG3
  2. Was hoping we'd crack top 5 or 3. But i guess 8 isn't too bad. Good job!! FF should pay ya for these contributions.
  3. Herbert only 3 primetime games? Yeah right.. what animals. Still more than Tua, Burrow, Zach and Trevor. Should be 6 tho let's be real for once.
  4. I just realized Dylan Moses went undrafted. That's crazy.
  5. Herbert isnt a prospect anymore. He is a phenom. Also how much of that is because Tlaw was always on stacked Clemson teams and Herbert was on poverty college teams. I think Tlaw will do better than Burrow in 2021, because of Burrow's injury. But Burrow has superior weapons.
  6. Nah Herbert is clearly better than Lawrence.
  7. Yes.. but no one was supposed to remember that.. I'm just the ghost of FF.
  8. What team was that, that the owner or gm did the pissed off half fist pump and looked mad about the pick they made?
  9. I have Gretzky as my 8th best NHL Jordan as my 11th best NBA Brady as my 7th best NFL So.. brady? Please respect my opinions and don't question them.
  10. This doesn't seem real. My god how tall is he. This looks like some WWE scene when they have giants next to little interviewers. Dude looks 7'0
  11. I hope Parham gets alot more playing time. So much potential and such a mismatch.
  12. Come on Chargers lets go Seminole-DBU and draft Hamsah
  13. Broncos and Dolphins great drafts so far.
  14. Why has jabril fallen so much?
  15. Damn Broncos building the best defense in the league.
  16. Some of these fans are clown. Just sit tf down. This isn't the WWE.
  17. Everyone has had a great draft and every is a contender in 2021 season..
  18. Come on Chargers... take Perkins
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