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  1. Most accurate? Nope. Most athletic? Nope. Biggest arm, most mobile,best pocket passer, best touch, best anticipation. Id say no to all of those. Does he have the coolest looking off script out of the pocket plays, yes. That isn't the most talented. That's just the flashiest. I don't know baseball that well. But i would assume it's like saying the guy with the most homeruns isn't necessarily the best hitter. As for leader how tf do you even quantify that? I mean i don't disagree that he is a great leader. But he isn't the only one who leads in the way that he does
  2. I'd call Mahomes flashiest QB ever. Talent is hard to say. He is the barry sanders of QBs.
  3. Ravens are the hardest game 1 in the business. I'm sure the injuries hurt, but still good win for Raiders.
  4. Hey all you east coast bums. AFCW/NFCW 8-0. Say something funny.
  5. Yall got me on here defending Carr. Whats next defending Mahomes.
  6. It had zip.. but good placement. WR gets paid to catch that.
  7. Thats not on Carr. Went right through his receivers hands for an easy TD.
  8. Waitt.. did Gus take the Chargering Chargers curse to the Raiders. Does that mean we don't have it anymore.
  9. Wow.. clutch. See i like the Manning broadcast when they are actually showing the game.
  10. Can Carr prove he is the 2nd best qb in the AFCW behind Herbert here?
  11. Who finishes 2nd in the AFCW between KC, LV and Den?
  12. Anyone watching Manning Night Football?
  13. AFC & NFCW have a chance to go 8-0. NFCE & AFCE are 2-6. NFCN is 0-4.
  14. Take it back.. Chargers 1-0 Packers 0-1 😬
  15. Chargers twitter is Grade A trolls... don't hate.
  16. You say this every year and every year its true.
  17. Man i love those cameras and shots they have when they zoom in after tds. What are those 4k cams?
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