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  1. Mekhi Becton He’s been unreal, a pure highlight reel at LT, pretty rare talent The recovery in the 1st clip for a guy 6’7 370 is insane
  2. Everybody is doomed by Gase Look at even Tannehill and Devante Parker post Gase
  3. Mekhi Becton. Had him as the 5th OT, but has easily looked like the best of the group so far
  4. No chance Sam ever gets benched aside from injury
  5. Watching redzone earlier, seen a bunch of jets former olineman starting around the league Shell in Sea, Aboushi for the Lions, Osemele for KC, Dozier for the Vikings, Beachum in Arizona, Carpenter in ATL
  6. Today was pretty bad, but watching Cam Newton run over Jamal Adams brought a smile to my face
  7. 9 for 109 for Robby Not bad for a guy who the people said can only run one route
  8. Tannehill has looked very good in Tennessee Wonder what changed for him.... 🤔
  9. Yeah, somehow hamstrings are contagious on this team
  10. I knew we would be bad under Gase and that’s whatever but the fact that he completely neutered and ruined Darnold is the worst part
  11. The fg does nothing, if went for it and didn’t get the td it’s a 3 score game, with the fg it’s still a 3 score game
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