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  1. That was def pi but happy with the L
  2. Looking for a Mims td and then failed 2 point try
  3. Finally woke up and said just throw it up to mims
  4. Throw to mims and good things happen
  5. Punting from the 39 hahaha if this guy aint the worst i dont know
  6. Their u go chris, get your confidence back
  7. Team gotta is Chill with the good play
  8. Abe56

    2022 QB's

    Carson Strong of Nevada is gonna be a big riser come that draft
  9. He’s so bad, but was great for the tank
  10. Thats a good question. Im personally into the player coaches like Carroll and Tomlin or Rex high fiving the players and such and getting excited during big plays or moments but at times I think a coach needs to get on a guy and let him have as well, so probably all around maybe Gruden has the best of both those worlds
  11. Hate to see it.....not really
  12. Definitely didnt have any fire, everytime they panned to him on the sideline looked like a zombie
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