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  1. The Saleh and Wilson effect
  2. Just constantly posting political opinions, anti vaccine, anti mask, anti BLM etc etc
  3. I wish Zach Wilsons mom would get off social media Dont need her giving him distractions he doesnt need
  4. Jaleel Scott was just cut, he wore #1....
  5. All I could notice while watching him, this dude got some long arms
  6. Not sure JFM is gonna be a DT, think he might just be a big 4-3 strong side edge, kind of like Shaun Ellis pre Mangini
  7. He led all SEC interior lineman in pressures with 29 and led the SEC in run defense grade and is the 2nd most athletic DT in RAS testing history Doesnt even make sense how he was a 6th rounder
  8. Wasnt really familiar with this guy or most the interior class because I knew it wasnt going to be on our radar of early selections, but knew of him because the incredible pro day. Thinking he might just be a workout warrior, actually going back and watching their is something here with this guy, he actually looks as athletic and strong on the field as the workouts show but didnt get to showcase all of his abilities playing a lot of NT in Arkansas defense, he is much more of a natural 3T. Truly is prob the highest upside of all the defenders we drafted.
  9. Of all our UDFAS i like the Hoge signing the most
  10. If he does make the team, could see some commentators just calling him Chris and leaving it at that instead of that career ending slip up
  11. And SMU K Chris Naggar
  12. Two more offensive line signings Air Force T Parker Ferguson Purdue T Grant Hermanns
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