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  1. Not sure James Morgan giving up that #4 😂
  2. Wow a coach that wants to coach the entire team, what a concept. Something Rex, Bowles and Gase couldnt figure out
  3. They should Only a fool wouldnt trade for a top 5, 25 year old QB if given the opportunity
  4. I never get excited or believe this stuff ever happens for the Jets but the smoke is getting beyond interesting
  5. Some more of the staff being put together
  6. Tua was straight trash this year, if you can upgrade to a top 5 qb who is not that much older than Tua you do it without hesitation
  7. Why are they doing this to me? Cause I already know its gonna be hes a Jet and its great or its gonna be something horrific and hes a Dolphin
  8. Chase is better, just not really thinking about positions outside of QB at #2 unless it is confirmed somehow that Darnold is gonna be the QB
  9. Pretty good start with Becton And it has happened before, that Jet oline that Tanny built I think is one of the best in league history. Alan Faneca is a hall of famer and was the worst player on that line (granted it was towards the end of his career)
  10. Joe will build that in time
  11. As I sit here watching this GB game, just imagine Mormon Arod running a similar offense in Jet green next year.
  12. If you wanna watch a real fun running back watch Kenneth Gainwell of Memphis. Sat out the year because of covid fear but a really talented back, especially in the passing game.
  13. Dont think he falls that far, but Kwity Paye could be an option
  14. Would really like Witherspoon
  15. Like some of it, but that would very ehhh
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