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  1. Penix should of left for the draft, stock is going in the toilet
  2. Hes not the biggest center, but ive never seen anybody manhandle him. In his college career he’s only allowed 4 pressures. And we want to be a ZBS style oline which is supposed to be more dependent on athleticism and if he actually performs to these numbers when the lights or on at the combine or pro day, he is arguably the most athletic center of all time.
  3. I think Tyler Linderbaum is the best C prospect since probably Alex Mack back in the day. I know JD gotta be a fan
  4. The alternative was looking a lot worse off first impression
  5. Wills and Becton both carted off, bad start for two of the NFL’s promising young LT’s
  6. Fought hard in 2nd half, Jets lose that game 40-0 last year
  7. For being banged up and inexperienced, d is atleast competent
  8. If gonna run this much should of played Moses, much better run blocker than Fant
  9. Not sure what feed u guys are watching, but these two commentators are so pro panthers its gross
  10. Prob will struggle this year with our outside cb’s but looks like found a gem with last years udfa Javelin Guidry Guidry dropped into coverage on 29 snaps and did not allow a first down. He was targeted five times and gave up three catches for 20 yards, all of them stopped short of the marker. Of the 20 yards allowed by Guidry, 23 were gained after the catch. He was never beaten down the field, allowing negative-3 yards through the air. MC 2 was also good in the preseason
  11. Lose one Lawson and gain another Im sure the compensation aint much
  12. Jonathan Marshall is really talented
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