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  1. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Brady is the GOAT. So him.
  2. My Elite Tier heading into next year: Barkley, Elliott, Gurley, Kamara (in that order) Then there is everyone else. Slice and dice them as you wish.
  3. Desean Jackson traded to the Eagles

    Think he gets 10 back?
  4. FOLES WATCH: Signs with the Jags

    I wish Nick the best.
  5. I didn't expect this but think it is a great move - on the field and chemistry-wise.
  6. Personally, I really like Carson. But I can't help but think this whole situation is going to backfire and leave the Birds and us fans in a bad spot. This is just a gut feeling but I still can't resolve these issues: 1. Carson's injury history and penchant for getting hurt 2. The mental aspect where - no matter what Carson does - he can only equal Foles, who bought the team their first SB and won SB MVP. Even if Carson "pans out" the most he could do would be match Foles. I think this is something that will play on his mind all day and every day. Like McNabb and the "booing at the draft." It's something that will always be there. Carson is human. 3. Foles seems to play better with this "team" and uses his weapons better. Carson is all about Ertz and Jeffrey and others are mostly non-factors it seems. 4. Foles reminds me of a modern day Bernie Parent - the Flyers great goalie. Same path, same story. The Flyers plucked Parent from the expansion draft, had him the first time, then traded him for minimal parts to another team. Then he bounced around to another team and even played in the WHA until the Flyers acquired him on the cheap for a second time. When they did, they had a new goalie. He learned, grew, and ended up being the greatest goalie in team history... and being the main reason the Flyers won 2 Stanley Cups. He was just magic. IMO, this is Foles. Forget about the past, the draft position, and all the rest. Right now, I think the Eagles are going to regret getting rid of him. Just my opinion.
  7. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    What in the world were the Rams doing last night? They looked absolutely horrific.
  8. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    Good luck Rams and Melonheads alike!
  9. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    I hope the Rams destroy the Pats. But, the way Brady moves the ball at will, the Rams D will need at least two massive plays in the game to swing momentum.
  10. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    I wanted the Rams to win badly, but I have to be honest - that was one of the worst non-calls I've ever seen. Terrible. The Saints have every right to be furious.
  11. This would be an amazing trade for the Birds. This would also be a great trade.
  12. To be fair, I don't think anyone in their right mind would just flat-out keep Foles over Wentz lol. Let me ask you a simple question: Would you rather have... A.) Wentz, and paying him an insane amount of cap hit dollars for the next 8-10 years or B.) Foles for another 6-7 years, (3 or 4) additional 1st round picks, and the money to sign a game-changing RB?
  13. That Saints game was ripe for the taking. After going up 14-0 in the 1st, the live Vegas odds made the Eagles a 2-to-1 favorite to win the game. If Foles doesn't throw that pick, I firmly believe we get 7 or at least 3 in the possession, and the Saints never have the chance to fully swing the momentum. I think we win 30-21 at the very least. I also think we would beat the Rams next week and make it to the dance again. Foles wasn't the problem (other than the awful risk to Ertz that resulted in a pick and changed the entire game). Even with that pick, the 4th down conversion, and the D sucking, Foles was a bad drop by Jeffrey away from pulling another miracle out of you know what. I think the Eagles need a stud RB who can win a game by himself, or at least strike the fear of God in the opposition. We also need to improve the secondary by a lot. I don't think trading Foles will do anything to improve that, and we'll still have big holes surrounding a better (but injury-prone) QB in Wentz. But, trading Wentz could fill tons of holes IMO, and give Foles the added weapons he needs to make 3-4 more runs at the big show. That's why I think Howie needs to at least "listen" to another team who may be willing to do something stupid to acquire Wentz.
  14. Then they will be mocking both of us. My gut tells me that Wentz is going to have a very nice (McNabbish) career for us, but constant injuries will continue to prevent him from achieving ultimate greatness... and I sure hope I'm wrong. To me, this is the best way the situation could possibly play out for us: 1. Some team is willing to surprise us with a trade for Foles. We parlay Foles for a great pick or a potential impact player. 2. A team is willing to offer an insane package for Wentz that could set the Eagles up for the next decade+. Again, I'm talking (4) 1sts or (3) 1sts, a 2nd and something else. Then the Birds spend the extra money on extending Foles long-term, while adding an impact RB. Plus they own (8) or (7) 1st rounders over the next 4 seasons. I think letting Foles go for basically nothing will sting. But it is what it is. If I'm just picking Carson vs. Nick straight up, I'm talking Wentz 100 x out of 100 obviously. But if the option is Wentz vs. Foles + stud RB + (3 or 4) 1st rounders, I'm taking the latter. Chances are, Foles is gonzo, Wentz is our franchise QB and we'll all love him and wish for the best. I hope Wentz wins 2 or 3 Super Bowls, but man, the constant injuries scare the heck out of me. Some players are just injury prone. Call it bad luck, whatever, but it is what it is.