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  1. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    .5 PPR: Chris Hogan VS Hou or Chris Carson @ TEN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also: Stafford VS ATL or Cam Newton VS NO Thanks in advance!
  2. Not looking good for Bradford today. Apparently he went out to test his knee and wasn't even dropping back/moving his feet at all. Didn't stay out there long.
  3. Trade Help Thread

    Jeffrey and Crowell is a much better package if you can pull that off IMO.
  4. Trade Help Thread

    I personally don't like the way your receivers look after the trade, but you could use an upgrade at RB2. I wouldn't do it but if you are comfortable with a combo of Crowder/Tate as your WR2 than it makes sense. What does his team look like? Is there a receiver you could snag that might be a little more promising than Crowder?
  5. Alualu and Chick both played well last week, hopefully they can't keep their play up again this week if they are forced to start again. Alualu I was particularly impressed with (Re-watched the game on NFL Game Pass this morning). More than held his own against the run and also showed penetration against the pass. This will be a huge test for our offense after struggling last week. Honestly our biggest issue was penalties. Bell actually had a few impressive runs that were called back due to holding. I know I'm stating the obvious but those penalties really killed us last week. I'm expecting a huge bounce back game from Bryant as I predict Xavier Rhodes will shadow AB all game, leaving burnable Trae Waynes on Bryant all game. Apparently a Vikings beat writer tweeted that Rhodes was practicing lining up in the slot/opposite side of the field in preparation for shadowing AB. The tweet was taken down as it is against team policy to report what goes on in practice. Take it FWIW.
  6. Trade Help Thread

    .5 PPR, 12 team: This trade won't go in to effect until next week but just got this approved: I receive: AJ Green, WR Jonathan Stewart, RB Corey Davis, WR I send: Doug Martin, RB Martavis Bryant, WR Not sure how I pulled this off, but here is my starting lineup now. Not bad for a 12 team: QB: Russel Wilson/Big Ben RB: Kareem Hunt RB: Ty Montgomery WR: Jordy Nelson WR: Michael Thomas TE: Jimmy Graham Flex: AJ Green D: Seahawks Bench: J Stew, Corey Davis, Richard Matthews, Jamaal Charles Going to try and package Matthews and Jamaal for a better bench player. What do you guys think?
  7. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Hey Key, I'd appreciate some help on this one. Lost last week and really don't want to start 0-2. Pick two receivers and a flex (.5 PPR) Dez Bryant @ DEN Chris Hogan @ NO Martavis Bryant VS MIN Cooper Kupp VS WAS Chris Carson VS SF Right now I have Dez, Martavis, and Hogan in. I think Kupp has a much higher floor than any of those three though. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Pick two receivers and a flex (.5 PPR) Dez Bryant @ DEN Chris Hogan @ NO Martavis Bryant VS MIN Cooper Kupp VS WAS Chris Carson VS SF Right now I have Dez, Martavis, and Hogan in. I think Kupp is going to have a big game but can't decide if he is worth benching Dez or Martavis for. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. Trade Help Thread

    Update: Picked up Chris Carson and Cooper Kupp on waivers. Also traded Derrick Henry to the Demarco owner for Chris Hogan. So essentially I traded Cook/Benjamin/Derrick Henry for Bell/Hogan Much happier with my team now than I was two days ago!
  10. Trade Help Thread

    Any advice on who to prioritize on my waiver? Right now I have 1. Carson 2. Cohen 3. CJ2K for my first claim and 1. Kupp 2. Algholor for my second claim. Also, mixed my two leagues up. I have Cam Newton and Stafford, not Russell in this one.
  11. Trade Help Thread

    12 team, .5 PPR Just completed this trade::::: I receive: RB Leveon Bell Other team receives: RB Dalvin Cook WR Kelvin Benjamin I clearly win here right? Here is my new lineup: QB: Russell Wilson/Matthew Stafford RB: Melvin Gordon RB: Leveon Bell WR: Dez Bryant WR: Martavis Bryant TE: Delanie Walker Flex: Will most likely be Sneak once he returns. I have #3 waiver this week so will either be Chris Carson/Tarik Cohen/Chris Johnson/Cooper Kupp (any advice on who I priority in this is also greatly appreciated). Bench: Jamaal Charles, Derrick Henry, Willie Snead (SSPD)
  12. Love the way he flys in when he blitzes. Comes in like a bat out of hell. Troyesque
  13. Dupree and Watt look great rushing off the edge together. They both do are doing a great job of getting off the ball quickly. Dupree close to a sack-fumble there on Anderson. Watt was right there too. Look out for #79 this season..