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  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Should make fans feel a little better....through all the ups and downs the Steelers haven't landed a top 10 pick since 2000 (Plaxico Burress) and a top 5 pick since 1970 (Terry Bradshaw).
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I remember back in the day when trolls like Money would get banned
  3. jalen ramsey

    This didn’t age well
  4. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I am FAR from a Salary cap expert but with AB’s dead money, Sean Davis, Dupree, and potentially Hargrave coming off the books, shouldn’t we have a ton of cap space this off season? maybe this move allows us to re sign Hargrave?
  5. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    If Rudolph balls out and we finish 9-7 or even 10-6 this trade looks a lot better. It’s a very difficult trade to grade right away so I’m going to reserve judgement until I at least see how Rudolph looks.
  6. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I was really high on Hilton coming into this season but he has been trash.
  7. jalen ramsey

    0% chance we give up our first round pick mid-season now that there’s a good chance it’s a top 12-15 pick at worst. Giving up a 1st for Fitzpatrick made sense when we were thinking Super Bowl but Ben’s injury changes everything. Can’t afford to be throwing around picks anymore.
  8. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Apparently we are the betting favorite to trade for Fitzpatrick. Probably means it won’t happen. I’m not sure how Colbert wouldn’t give up a second after watching our defense week 1, Davis in a contract year, and our inability to draft DBs.
  9. Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

    I would shadow Lockett with a Steve Nelson inside and out. Andy Dalton just carved up Seattle on the road last week, I think Ben has a big bounce back game at home.
  10. Josh Dobbs traded

    It won't happen but I wouldn't mind trading that pick we just got from Dobbs for Kenyan Drake.
  11. 5down

    I'm not willing to say the sky is falling yet. Coming out and trying to beat the Pats on their home field the night they unveil their 6th super bowl banner is no easy task. If we are the like the Ravens and instead our 1st game of the season is against Miami and Ben throws 5 touchdowns (could easily happen when we play them) then we are having a completely different discussion. And I bet the Ravens would have gotten a beat down if they were put in the situation that we were last night. The Pats are freaking good and unless a team gets lucky and knocks them off in one of the two games they play in the playoffs, they are probably going for their 7th Lombardi this year. AB being a part of that ride only adds salt to the wound. But these are my observations from last night: - Moncrief does not deserve to be anything more than the 4th WR right now. Give me JuJu, Johnson, and Washington. I personally would bring Rodgers back if I was running the team. I'm not against 1 year Dez Bryant rental either - Stop getting cute with Samuels. I understand we want to preserve Conner for the season, but we need to feed him and get him in a rhythm. - Why the &*^(*& is Chickillo seeing the field???? This was one of my biggest frustrations of the night. He looked absolutely terrible every time he was in. Has Ola not earned an opportunity over him? We need to see what #92 can do for us because Dupree looked awful and Chik is just a lesser athletic version of Dupree. - Mark Barron low key had a really bad game. So frustrating to watch them repeatedly match him up 1v1 with James White and just get toasted. Brady just had an absolute field day against Butler. All of this being said, I think this is a good wake up call for the team. The Seahawks who struggled with the Bengals at home, now have to travel across country to play us in Hienz field for a 1pm game. The Seahawks defense is much improved but Ben can hang some points on them at home and they don't have anyone who can completely take JuJu out of the game like the Pats do. After that we have the Bengals at home which should be a winnable game as well, especially if Joe Mixon misses the game. If could be heading to LA week 4 for a primetime game, which will essentially be a home game even though it is on the west coast with a 2-1 record.
  12. Josh Dobbs traded

    Some decently good news on a crappy day
  13. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    I would be ok if Moncrief never played another snap for us
  14. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why James Washington can’t get any run with the 1s. What have Moncrief/Rodgers/Switzer done that is so great? They all got PT with Ben last night.
  15. Training Camp 2019 news and discussion.

    Spencer just looks different with the ball in his hands than anyone else we have on our roster (maybe Diontae Johnson but we haven’t seen it too much yet). Switzer is shifty but just doesn’t do it for me. He’s good for a 5-10 yard return every time but is no real threat to take it to the house. I really hope Spencer and Kelly can be legit contributors this year. Wouldn’t that be a cool to have two AAF players play significant roles this year?