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  1. This is the route we need to take. Sign Mariota to a cheap deal, either he surprises us and leads a playoff run or tanks us and puts us in a position to take Bryce Young in 2023. This would also give us a shot to spend some money on improving the o-line in free agency. It’s kind of horrifying how awful the outlook for our o-line is moving forward.
  2. I’ve beaten the Rodgers to the Steelers drum harder than anyone on here but I am so sick of Tomlin and how undisciplined our team has been that I don’t even know if it’s worth it anymore.
  3. It’s time to clean house and fire Tomlin and Canada. We won’t though, and Jimmy G will come in and lead us to another 7-10 type season.
  4. Kelce being out is giving me some better vibes going into the game. No doubt he would've abused Bush, Schobert, Edmonds etc. Kind of wild we could be watching Ben's 3rd to last game as a Steeler today..
  5. The Chiefs have been playing incredible defense. We can’t run the ball and can’t stop the run, certainly an awful combination. It seems like just a few weeks ago we had a good thing going with Najee and he was pulling up 4-5 yards runs pretty consistently. The last few weeks it’s looked like Benny Snell just jamming into the line up scrimmage for 0-2 yard gains. If we want to have a shot this week and moving forward the ground game needs to be fixed. We can’t rely on the defense getting us 3+ turnovers and short fields every game. Even if we face the Chiefs B team due to Covid, going into
  6. Thats why I said he reminds me of Gay. In his prime, Gay could play some outside but he was really at his best and made more game-changing plays from the inside.
  7. I was critical of the trade before but it looks like we might have found a player in Witherspoon. I like him on the outside opposite Haden and moving Sutton around more. I think our secondary is better with Sutton as the chess piece. Sutton reminds me of Willie Gay.
  8. You’re delusional if you think there was ANYTHING Ben could have done that would have changed anything with Mason yesterday. Mason sucks, that’s not Ben’s fault. And like the dude was symptomatic with Covid lol. You clearly have an agenda here and you’re reaching. Your additional “evidence” that Ben doesn’t want Mason to succeed is he doesn’t consult with him on the sidelines? Do you blame him for consulting with the literal genius sitting on the sideline over Mason freaking Rudolph. Wtf is Mason going to do for Ben during a game 😂
  9. I have that guy muted on Twitter, he’s awful. But c’mon, Mason has been in the league/on this team for 4 years how long is Ben supposed to hold the dude’s hand? Mason is an awful QB and no late night Saturday night phone call from Ben is going to change that. How is it “clear” that Ben doesn’t like Rudolph? Because he made a comment 4 years ago that he wished we drafted someone else to help on offense instead of a QB? You’re reaching.
  10. Mason about to finally get his Tom Brady moment, comes in and never gives the job back.
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