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  1. @Dcash4 that lineup looks great to me. There would be some growing pains but that’s a great youth transition with a ton of cap savings. I seriously could see Dotson being a peak level Ramon Foster type guard by 2021. He’s been nothing but dominant since training camp. If he went to a bigger school and wasn’t 24 y/o he could have been a 2nd rounder easy.
  2. Agreed, I can see Houston picking in the top 10 after the season. I know they have played the Ravens & Chiefs but I just don't see much on this team outside of Watson and JJ Watt. Now do I see a path to us playing down to competition, especially after we are feeling all good about ourselves for starting 2-0? That's a different story.
  3. He was on Casey the majority of the game, they didn't move him around much and Dotson really held his own especially in pass pro. He's going to be a stud and a full time starter by week 1 of 2021.
  4. Man I think a line of Chuks - Dotson - Pouncey - Decastro - Feiler would be awesome. AV through two weeks looks like he has lost another step (he lost one last year too). Also Feiler hasn’t looked quite as sold at guard as he did last year at tackle. I know this isn’t Madden and we are only two week into the season but interesting to think about.
  5. If I had to guess I’d say Will Fuller is going to be out. Looked like he was getting his hamstring worked on yesterday. I like our chances against a WR group consisting of Cooks, Stills, and the corpse of Randall Cobb
  6. I’m really happy with how this draft class is looking so far. Claypool looks awesome everywhere on the field. Reminds me of Martavis rookie year but he can also block and looks like a hell of a special teamer as well. Highsmith has looked good and the fact that he’s rotating in so early is a very good sign. I really love Bud and hope we can afford to keep him but we might not be in bad shape if Highsmith has to start next year. Dotson had a few noticeable plays at the end of the Giants game and looked awesome out there today. McFarland hasn’t gotten his chance yet but anything he can add would be icing on the cake. Just exciting to see a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round pick putting in solid contributions so early in their rookie seasons. Claypool and Dotson especially were HUGE today.
  7. 1. Watt 2. Heyward 3. Dupree 4. Tuitt 5. Vince Williams 👀 (relative to his position)
  8. What are you guys saying? Dupree was the best player on defense for both teams last night. He was playing like his hair was on fire and I seriously doubt we win that game without him. I get that it took him a few years to develop but the guy had 11.5 sacks last year, looks like he could be even better this year, and is going to get PAID after the season (probably by someone else unfortunately). He was touted as an extremely raw player with a high ceiling coming out and people still holding it against him that it took him a few years reach it, I don’t get it.
  9. One small thing I noticed that I loved from Ben is after DJ ran that wrong route and the pass hit him in the back of the helmet, Ben immediately went to him on a nice back shoulder throw the very next play. This demonstrated that A) Ben and DJ already have a nice chemistry, despite what we saw the play before B) Ben has a lot of trust in DJ I am not worried at all about DJ. He bounced back huge in the 2nd half. We are 4 deep with playmakers at WR and Cain on the PS isn’t bad insurance in case one of them goes down.
  10. Did you actually watch the game or just box score checking? Or maybe this was sarcasm (I hope).
  11. Jaylen Samuels gets the game helmet over Anthony McFarland. Kinda disappointing, but I get it. I thought at least we get to see AF return some kickoffs.
  12. With Dupree we have Highsmith, Conner we have Snell, and JuJu we have Claypool. I bet their plan is to see which young players they are most confident in going into 2021 as full time starters to decide on who to re-sign. Then again, we could lose all 3 if the cap doesn’t go up. If Dulac is right about another contract coming I think it’s Feiler.
  13. Since I posted this I noticed this was one of the “OR” spots. Same for Chuks/Banner, McFarland/Ray Ray for KR, and Ebron/Vance for TE. Some gamesmanship from Tomlin.
  14. This is interesting. Allen must have had a baller camp, wish we could have had pre season games to see what he looked like at ILB.
  15. Are you really stunned? He was labeled as a “box safety” and possibly LB convert coming out. And every report I’ve seen has been very positive regarding his camp performance this year.
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