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  1. Here's a rough framework for what I would consider an ideal scenario for the off-season: 1. Ben, Pouncey, AV retire 2. Butler stays, Fichnter fired. Bring on a high-profile/former OC to re-invent our offense and running game. Someone mentioned Doug Pederson, he would be a great fit. 2. Bring back Bud, Hilton, Sutton, Banner (cheap), Alualu (maybe) 3. Let Conner, JuJu, Feiler and mostly everyone else walk 4. Trade/Cut Joe Haden, Cut Vance McDonald - I love Haden but he's going to fall of a cliff sooner rather than later. Doesn't fit with our re-build, I'd rather keep
  2. I gotta say @43M I’m usually on you for being too pessimistic especially against Tomlin but this entire post is pretty much on point and I can’t find much I disagree with. I know we got into it a bit about Tomlin earlier in the season and I will happily concede and say you were mostly right and I was mostly wrong about the amount of criticism he deserves. Only two things I would say: - I have no issues with Colbert, I think he’s one of the few that is absent from any blame in all of this. What he’s done with our defense from trading for Bush/Minkah, signing Haden/Nelson/Alualu, the track
  3. I have that fear as well but it’s a risk I’m willing to take to keep Hilton. We clearly will not be able to keep both. I forgot to mention Banner in my post. I’d probably put him in between Feiler and Sutton. Cam moves up to #2 if Hilton is gone.
  4. In terms of priority this is how I would rate our FAs: Bud Hilton (He impacts our defense almost as much as Bud with a worse replacement if we don’t retain Sutton) Juju (the biggest luxury to bring back IMO. I would love to have him back but Claypool, DJ, J Wash is a more than serviceable 3 WR set and we will probably draft another regardless) Feiler (I think they should move him back out to RT and let Dotson start) Sutton (hasn’t looked AS good in a more expanded role this year, Hilton miles better/more impactful. Sutton’s value lies in his versatility) Tyson
  5. Well it looks like Marlon Humphrey has Covid. Let’s hope he didn’t give it to Juju or anyone else on the offense.
  6. If we sign Bell he will not be replacing Samuels lol...He will be 1A with Conner being 1B. I would envision a 70-30 split. Samuels would be either cut or sent to the PS. As @43M mentioned Conner is likely to get injured again at some point this season. Snell has looked shaky at best since week 1 and McFarland surely isn't ready to be a featured back. One last point I'll make...Bell showed up to TC this year looking freaking chizzled. I hadn't seen him in that good of shape since the 2016 season. Check out his Instagram if you don't believe me.
  7. Your point was that we aren't beating teams by enough. And you ignored my question, how much is enough? Do we need to win each game by 14+ points for fans like you to be satisfied? Yes you are right, any coach or player can be criticized even the Aaron Donald and Tom Bradys of the world. I just find it laughable at how much Steelers fans point the blame at Tomlin when you look at his track record as a HC for us and how highly he is regarded by the people who matter, you know like his players/former players, other coaches and GMs etc. You are accusing Tomlin of being a "deeply flawed
  8. Seriously, how much do we need to beat teams by for fans to be satisfied with Tomlin? This isn’t college, style points don’t matter. Tomlin is a top 5 coach in the league, we are 4-0, and fans will still criticize him and call for him to be fired. Who would you rather be the coach of the team besides Bill Belichick? Andy Reid the guy who took 20 years to win his first SB? Pete Carroll? No thanks, too conservative. Kyle Shannahan? Maybe but personally would rather have MT. Its honestly laughable that people still find ways to criticize Tomlin. The grass isn’t always greener.
  9. Poor mentality to have and I guarantee Colbert doesn’t think this way. Always have to be willing and ready to improve the team when the opportunity presents itself.
  10. I for one and hoping we sign him to a team friendly deal and think it can happen. With the proven track record of Gase just ruining good players (Kenyan Drake, Tannehill, Bell, Robby Anderson, DeVante Parker, etc) you have to think it’s his fault Bell has fallen off a cliff. I love Conner as much as the next guy but let’s face it, this is his last season here and he certainly doesn’t provide what Bell could provide to this offense. FWIW Bell admitted the Steelers tried to trade for him in the offseason but couldn’t make anything happen due to his contract. Now that we could hypothet
  11. @Dcash4 that lineup looks great to me. There would be some growing pains but that’s a great youth transition with a ton of cap savings. I seriously could see Dotson being a peak level Ramon Foster type guard by 2021. He’s been nothing but dominant since training camp. If he went to a bigger school and wasn’t 24 y/o he could have been a 2nd rounder easy.
  12. Agreed, I can see Houston picking in the top 10 after the season. I know they have played the Ravens & Chiefs but I just don't see much on this team outside of Watson and JJ Watt. Now do I see a path to us playing down to competition, especially after we are feeling all good about ourselves for starting 2-0? That's a different story.
  13. He was on Casey the majority of the game, they didn't move him around much and Dotson really held his own especially in pass pro. He's going to be a stud and a full time starter by week 1 of 2021.
  14. Man I think a line of Chuks - Dotson - Pouncey - Decastro - Feiler would be awesome. AV through two weeks looks like he has lost another step (he lost one last year too). Also Feiler hasn’t looked quite as sold at guard as he did last year at tackle. I know this isn’t Madden and we are only two week into the season but interesting to think about.
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