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  1. Offseason Work to do

    Why? As long as he can still shrug off 280lb defensive ends who cares? I don’t think Ben has ever had “jacked” legs. As long as his elbow is ok, he still has good mobility (looks like he should), and is good mentally (seems to be in a good spot right now) we should be ok.
  2. Offseason Work to do

    Now THIS is the Ben I’ve been waiting to see. He looks like he’s incredible shape.
  3. Offseason Work to do

  4. Offseason Work to do

    I listened to his interview on Schefter’s podcast and he asked him about that and Conner was adamant that his cancer stuff is completely past him/he is 100% recovered and won’t affect his ability to participate this season.
  5. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Draft - Discussion Thread

    Is it too late to join? If not, I'm in. If so, no worries.
  6. Offseason Work to do

    The more highlights I watch of him the more I see a more polished rookie version of Antonio Brown. That’s the kind of potential he has. Their games are exact mirrors of each other’s with their ability to separate, run efficient routes, YAC, and PR ability. Both play bigger than their size by making acrobatic and contested catches. No doubt in my mind we will have two 1000 yard receivers in 2020 and DJ will be considered the #1 by the end of the season. And that’s no slight to JuJu.
  7. Don’t forget that when we lost Ben last year we basically lost our OC as well. Fitchner is Ben’s puppet and was exposed last year when asked to be a true OC and design an offense. Ben will call the majority of the plays this season. Fitchner leaves when Ben leaves and Canada takes over as OC is my prediction.
  8. The main thing I noticed is it looks like he lost some upper body muscle in his arms, chest, and shoulders. This is to be expected after months of rehabbing from serious elbow surgery and Ben has never been “jacked” by any means but I hope this doesn’t effect his play style too much.
  9. That was comforting to watch
  10. kurgan's Coach/Film room

    Hell of a write up @kurgan, well done. You should be getting paid for this content. 👏🏻
  11. Offseason Work to do

    His team was ranked around top 5 all season in the FFPC Main event last year which is like the biggest most competitive fantasy league amongst fantasy analyst. Think there’s like 1000 teams. He was the reason I had Lamar, Eckler, Godwin, and Darren Waller on all my teams. Also I would just ride with him and Levitan’s top DFS plays each week and killed it. Maybe they were just hot last year. Also he is always near the top in NFL Mock Draft accuracy. Someone mentioned FantasyPros, they are my #2. Sylvester is unbearable and just throws out insane hot takes and won’t shut up about his handful of guys he likes who half end up being busts but Mike Tagliere is super smart and puts a ton of time into his work.
  12. Offseason Work to do

    Evan Silva is my #1 guy for NFL and fantasy stuff. He uses really solid logic to make predictions and he’s really high on the Steelers this year for both real life and fantasy. Trust me, I pay to subscribe to his ETR website, listen to every single podcast he puts out, and won a bunch of money in fantasy last year because of it. He really knows his stuff.
  13. Offseason Work to do

    Ben should be able to carve them up. They still have major holes all over their defense and 0 pass rush. If we can limit Saquon at all we should be able to win by 2 scores IMO.
  14. Offseason Work to do

    I seriously don’t think so. Jags will be lucky to go 4-12 this year best case scenario. They probably have the least amount of talent in the league. Also, that stadium is guaranteed to be 75% or more Steelers fans.