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  1. Pre-Season Week 2 GDT : Falcons @ Steelers

    Matakevich just got bulldozed
  2. Pre-Season Week 2 GDT : Falcons @ Steelers

    Martavis Bryant looks massive...
  3. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Guess I should have specified that the first group is who I'm looking at for my 3rd round pick and second group is who I'm looking at for my 2nd round pick. I have pick #9 in a 12 team .5 ppr
  4. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Need some help here. Who would you draft out of: a) Martavis Bryant b) Terrell Pryor Sr. c) Kelvin Benjamin Also: a) Mike Thomas b) Dez Bryant c) Amari Cooper d) Jay Ajayi
  5. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    Martavis returned to practice today! Big step for him, it's nice to see him back on the field.
  6. Steelers VS Giants Preseason Week 1

    Mike Hilton earning a spot on the team tonight!
  7. Steelers VS Giants Preseason Week 1

    Watt looks pretty impressive so far. He has beaten both the RT and the LT multiple times and looked good in coverage on a few plays as well. Matakevich looks a little slow out there. Nice play on the ball by Cockrell in the end zone on that last drive.
  8. Steelers VS Giants Preseason Week 1

    Watt with the sack!!
  9. Steelers VS Giants Preseason Week 1

    He has showed some good things in TC so far. I expect he will make a few plays with his feet, make a few good throws, but will also make quite a bit of mistakes, especially on the first few drives against the Giant's starters.
  10. Wake up folks....we get to watch our Pittsburgh Steelers play a nationally televised game tonight!! Now I know we have a ton of "dinged up" players but there is still plenty to watch for. https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2017/8/10/16118048/steelers-vs-giants-2017-preseason-game-time-tv-schedule-online-streaming-announcers-and-more-nfl James Conner, RB Questionable Aug 8 Alejandro Villanueva, OT Questionable Aug 8 Ben Roethlisberger, QB Questionable Aug 9 Landry Jones, QB Questionable Aug 9 Martavis Bryant, WR Out Aug 11 Players I will be watching the closest: - Joshua Dobbs - JuJu - Justin Hunter - Xavier Grimble - Jerald Hawkins - Javon Hargrave - TJ Watt - Sean Davis - Tyler Matakevich - Brian Allen
  11. 2017 Breakout Player

    Came in here to say that. I think he has realistic potential to get 8-10 sacks this year. Other names that haven't been mentioned: - Alejandro Villanueva: Think he starts getting some serious recognition as a top LT in the league this year. Has been beasting in training camp so far. - Martavis Bryant: May seem obvious, but I could see him seriously blowing up this year if his hands are consistent. Jeremy Fowler reported that he looked extremely fast running routes on the side fields at practice. - Sean Davis: looked better and better as the season went on last year. Has been quite in TC so far but safeties typically are. - Stephon Tuitt: more about gaining name recognition than anything.