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  1. @CKSteeler I agree with most of your points man, I am not arguing that Tomlin has underachieved plenty of times. Having him as your coach is a blessing and a curse. Yes, we will always at worst be a top-half team in the league, players love and respect him, and he creates a great culture. But then you have to live with the playoff disappointments, losses to teams we have no business losing to, bonehead play calls, and bad challenge decisions. He just doesn’t seem to be able to get the team mentally right before big games. Again, the point I’m trying to make is in my opinion it will be ni
  2. See I just find comments like these comical. You said a few posts ago that Tomlin supporters make excuses for him when he loses in the playoffs. Yet here you are making excuses for why what he did when Ben was out the whole year wasn't impressive or "tough enough". He was "saved" by Duck Hodges, a rookie UDFA from Samford who really had no business being anything more than a practice squad/TC body? He didn't lose enough defensive stars that season for it to be considered an accomplishment? C'mon... Also, Hodges didn't come in when Rudolph started to struggle, he came in when Rudolph
  3. Thats not what I said though is it? I'm clearly not trying to make that point but your Tomlin hate goggles won't prevent you from taking the discussion there. Let me make my point clear once again, Tomlin has performed better than average with backups/without Ben in his career. Plenty of teams have collapsed when their starting QB has gone down, the 49ers have done it TWICE. I can dig up other examples if you'd like. If you're trying to say that I will not place a bet that Tomlin's steak of not having losing season continues the first season Ben retires I can assure you I would gladly
  4. This is the part of the argument people who are against drafting a RB in the first I have an issue with. There’s 3 RBs worth drafting and they will all be long gone by #55. Sure, we could take a stab at yet another mid-round RB but we have done nothing but strike out at that position since we took Bell, so I have 0 faith in us finding a mid-round RB that can be a day-one starter. The draft is deep at O Line and we are much better historically at drafting that position group anyway. We found a guard who looks like a future all-pro already in the 4th round last year. We can address center and ta
  5. Wow Tomlin haters get so sensitive 😂 I’m simply pointing out he has done better when Ben has gone down the most coaches do when they lose their starting QB. And a lot of those games with backups like Dennis Dixon, Duck Hodges, and the corpse of Michael Vick. We’ve seen teams like the 49ers crumble without Jimmy G and that’s with a “offensive genius” for a head coach. Tomlin is a good enough coach to keep us competitive regardless of who is at QB. Winning playoff games is obviously a different story.
  6. Worth noting Tomlin is 15-13 without Ben in his career. And that’s strictly with backups.
  7. Yes but outside of Gibson they have JD Mckissic who is strictly a receiving back and...Peyton Barber (who are both on the last year of their contracts). They really don’t have that many holes..the defense is loaded and they spent good money on WR in free agency. They need a LT but in this scenario with Jenkins and Darrisaw off the board it might make sense to just add the best “offensive weapon” if they are high on him.
  8. @kurgan Pete Schrager has us taking Stokes at 24 with Etienne, JOK, Jenkins all off the board. Najee Harris and ASJ both still on the board. I’m starting to get more worried that Etienne will be the first back selected over Harris. He has Etienne going 19 to the Redskins which is something I haven’t given much thought to. He has Harris falling out of the 1st. Seems like people are finally starting to open their eyes.
  9. Daniel Jeremiah, Peter King, and Benjamin Albright are the only “insiders” who carry any weight with me personally.
  10. I’m not sure if I buy this. They did not attend Jenkin’s pro day and they do not typically take medical risks like Dickerson in the 1st, although I see a higher chance at Dickerson than Jenkins.
  11. Trade up = Fields Stay Put and take if he falls = Lance Pass = Jones
  12. I'm curious why you're high on Robinson. I watched every game of his career and he never stood out to me as anything other than an occasional liability. He only had 8 sacks over a 4 year career. I know he had some moments in 2020 but overall I just always viewed his career as a disappointment and one of the reasons FSU has had a non-existent pass rush the last few seasons. Maybe you've seen something while watching his film that I never picked up on watching FSU games.
  13. The most important factor to consider when evaluating Edmonds is how well does he compliment Minkah? It’s a similar situation to finding Ryan Clark who was a perfect fit next to Troy P and allowed Troy to freelance and be himself. Would we be better suited to find a 2nd safety who has more versatility to play deep safety as well as cover underneath/stop the run? In theory that may allow us to “unlock” Minkah and have him be less of a strict center-field type safety.
  14. I would also add, a big factor in the Edmunds hate is his complete absence of splash plays/turnovers, especially playing on a defense that has so many of them. It’s kind of crazy the guy still has not forced a fumble his entire career. If he starts getting 2-3+ INTs per year with some forced fumbles sprinkled in, the whole perception on him would change.
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