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  1. @43M you mentioned the WRs being overrated I actually agree and I think it’s a big problem. We have three “B” receivers are we are desperately lacking an “A” receiver. JuJu can’t consistently beat man coverage on the outside, DJ shows tons of flashes but isn’t nearly consistent enough to be a #1. I keep waiting for him to put it all together and he dominant but there’s too many mental errors/drops/injuries with him. Claypool has turned into a one trick pony. I wish they will give him more opportunities to be an alpha type guy but this season Ben just throws him 50/50 jump balls. I wouldn’t fe
  2. We need an O-Line revamp similar to what the Chiefs had this past offseason. We have the cap space to do it. Keep Dotson, Green, and maybe Banner depending on how he plays this year and replace every other starter.
  3. Completely forgot we traded for him tbh, I like him out there over Layne for sure.
  4. Ruggs is not a good receiver. He is blazing fast with the ball in his hands but the dude can’t run routes/get open in the NFL and the Raiders don’t scheme him how they should. Bryan Edwards doesn’t scare me. This game is about stopping Waller, I think use a committee approach between Sutton, Schobert, and Minkah. The problem with Haden being out is it makes it harder to let Sutton go inside to cover Waller.
  5. Looks like he’s out. Big opportunity for James Pierre. Good game for him to miss though, Raiders WRs do not scare me.
  6. I disagree. Bush proved he was a playmaker his rookie season and he tore his ACL before he could really get going last year. I still have confidence he can turn those playmaking flashes into consistency but agree with you that we have to see it first. I am impressed with Schobert in coverage so far but admittedly no idea of his contract situation at the moment. I think him and Bush make a great duo though and if we can keep them both I see no need to address ILB this off-season. Ideally Buddy Johnson takes a step and is the top backup in 2022.
  7. I love Green but gotta have a little patience with him. He’s an undersized 3rd round pick who played guard almost his entire college career. That’s why I’ll take him being a reliable starter day 1 while showing flashes of traits that can one day make him an above average starter to pro bowl level player down the road. Another thing/trait I love about Green that foreshadows him becoming great is he’s nasty as hell. For an undersized guy he plays with a nasty mean streak. Combine that with his athleticism and you have a recipe for something special. I have no doubt he’s our starting center
  8. That’s a very tough block to make as a big dude running full speed in the open field against a DB that is much more athletic than you. Having athletic interior lineman who can pull, get down the field and in front of a runner, and also to the 2nd level is a major advantage? It’s part of what made Pouncey, Faneca, Decastro etc. so great. Yes it wasn’t the perfect play on Green’s part but it was a flash of skill/trait that not every center has and is a big component of being a high level guy interior o-lineman. He’s a 3rd round rookie, he’ll make those plays with better technique in the fut
  9. Kudos for to Butler and Tomlin for a solid game plan. Hopefully that type of strategy carries over for the rest of the season. We can get plenty pressure with Watt, Heyward, Tuitt, and Highsmith/Ingram, not always necessary to bring a 5th guy.
  10. The key to the game with be getting the running game going with Najee. He only had 16 carries last week, I’d expect to see him get at least 25 this week. If we can’t get him going a bit and get his YPC closer to 4 against the Raiders at home I think we can start to worry a little about the running game this season. I also hope they use him a bit more in the passing game this week.
  11. I’m really not worried about Waller at all. We have so many guys we can throw at him. Also Carr was really inaccurate for most of the game last night and will be running for his life all day against us. Their o-line rough and just suffered another injury.
  12. I know it’s not related to this game but… o/u 8 sacks for TJ Watt against big Al this year. Sheesh he looks awful tonight.
  13. We absolutely needed a draft like this and Colbert nailed it. Speaking of Punter, did anyone else notice Berry hit an absolute rocket for the Vikings yesterday?
  14. ‘Muth is quickly becoming an asset as a run blocker @Dcash4
  15. Although Najee didn’t go anything crazy today, he was such an upgrade over Conner/Snell. Just being able to convert short yardage without perfect blocking and the ability to get 4 yards on first down makes things so much easier on Ben. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if this is his worst game of the season, he’ll get better as well will the line and his chemistry with Ben. Haden showing no signs of slowing down. Diggs stats look decent but his longest catch was 13 yards and overall just wasn’t an x-factor in this game. Ingram sheesh man, playing like it’s 2015! Absolutely 0 drop off fro
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