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  1. Week 7 GDT - Raiders (3-2) @ Packers (5-1)

    finally, a GDT.
  2. Week 7 Games

    waiting on dat GDT like
  3. Is Aaron Rodgers still good as a pre-snap QB?

    leave it to Cowherd to take a QBs record and make a blanket statement.
  4. Rodgers also played on one leg too. Cowboys fans love making blanket states backed up by nothing but their own delusion.
  5. Cowboys fans really are the worst. Almost intolerable. Which is surprising after the last 20 some odd years of plain old mediocrity.
  6. 2019 WEEK 3 PACKERS vs broncos GAME DAY THREAD

    he BARELY got out of Chicago cleanly. when i saw him wince on the sideline i assumed the worst. CHI is his bugaboo for some reason.
  7. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    at least we know they will identify the problem and attempt to fix it in game. i cant say as much for the last coaching staff.
  8. 5 Down Week 2 vs Seahawks

    any word on the severity of Connor's injury?
  9. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    do i start Cousins this week in fantasy? their commitment to the run game has me scared. my other option is Jimmy G or Minshew. The only thing making me want to choose Cousins is that he had 2 really good games vs the Packers last year.
  10. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    2 QB League, who do i start w/ Dak as the other starter? Minshew, Cousins or Jimmy G?
  11. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Minshew 22/25 275 2 TD and 1 Int vs KC after Foles went down.
  12. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    2 QB League Start or Sit for the 2nd spot behind Dak, Cousins or Jimmy G or Minshew
  13. Packers & Bears Postgame

  14. Packers & Bears Postgame

    but i thought he lost his arm strength.