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  1. big time. Gute just doesnt have much to work with this year.
  2. no im just saying they cant all have that rare blend of size and athleticism that gary has and what i covet in a DL. those guys dont last to 30 though.
  3. i agree. they cant all be Rashan Garys
  4. a thing of cheese curds from the gas station?
  5. i just like guys on the DL with more length.
  6. Aiyuk and Weaver , im happy. not a fan of Madubuike's size and i dont think Gute is either. we need big, fast dudes on the DL.
  7. a bird in hand is better than two in the bush, or however the saying goes.
  8. Another good move by Gute. Lets see how the Bulaga one pans out but i think theres a good chance we see this same update for him next year.
  9. he has also only played 30 games in 3 seasons. true he is young and talented but there will be cheaper options available as im sure he will demand a...kings ransom.
  10. Not sure King is a deal you have to get done.
  11. lets get it done. Jones is the best RB we have had since Ahman Green. get it done Gute.
  12. reading more into KGB, hes gone off the deep end the last few months. theres a lot more to this story.
  13. the Rams have some work to do. they paid out some huge contracts and are now probably regretting it after losing that SB.
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