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  1. They performed well enough, also there's still FA and the draft, I'm sure getting Wentz some weapons will be high on the priority list. Dont forget they have a very good run game behind that OL. Which will take the pressure off Wentz. Everywhere else the colts are solid, I believe you'll be surprised but I guess we'll see
  2. Your hatred of the colts is amusing. They have a great team already. If they can even get average play from Wentz they're a threat.
  3. No QB would do well on that trash Eagles team. Now that he's back with Reich, I bet Wentz surprises a lot of people this year. Great deal for the colts.
  4. The colts D alone could win them the division and if anyone can fix Wentz its Reich
  5. Except Watson can hardly ever lead his team to a winning record. He's all stats. He hardly ever elevated his teams to be successful. Like other, better QBs can. Luck had more success in that department
  6. The colts will trade you guys for Goff
  7. Seems like half this thread is split over if Goffs good or not lol
  8. Rams were stupid for benching goff.. Wolfford getting injured might help them in the long run
  9. Right. Get a solid QB and the colts probably win this game. Even though rivers played well, it wasn't nearly enough
  10. The refs were *** all the way around.. Not just for your team but nice try
  11. That guy is a poor example of a colts fan. The majority of us realize the colts made too many mental mistakes and lost. Bills played well. Colts are close to being a yearly contender so they don't suck...
  12. The colts are one player away from being a powerhouse.. Tough loss. Although i do think Rivers played well today
  13. Keep saying stuff like this. All of the nay sayers seems to be pushing the colts forward
  14. People have been sleeping on the colts. They're a great team
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