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  1. Yeah perhaps this was to replace Adams all along. Not the same player, but we all thought this was to replace Maye. JD looked into the future.
  2. I hope you're right. I'll take a king's ransom type package for Adams and be happy. Otherwise, I would tell him to either shut up and play, or sit out. How long are you going to sit out for? Forever? Not like you can hold out and stroll in Week 9 anymore.
  3. I mean I wasn't around in the 80's, but I've gotten pretty freaking tired of the Pats constantly winning.
  4. If you're 5'9'' and slow you're probably not playing in the NFL at all.
  5. I would gladly trade a 4th for either one and heck I would be happy trading a 3rd and a 4th for Kirk AND Samuel.
  6. Agree - if we don't trade for Samuel then I would def love to add another WR. Saw a lot of chatter about Devin Duvarnay in the general draft thread - another guy I would add to the list.
  7. Round 2: Pittman/Mims/Shenault Round 3: Matt Hennessey Round 3: Trade for Curtis Samuel I would be thrilled if this is how today played out.
  8. Is one of our 3rds too much? If we can land Shenault, Mims, Pittman, etc. in Round 2 and then add Samuel I like the WR corp.
  9. I would be happy with Hennessy too. If we're going to fix the OL then let's fix the OL. I agree with the sentiment that we had zero CBs last year, and the defense was still good. Plus signing Desir, maybe we don't even take a CB this year and wait another year. Another OL and 2 more WR as some combo of these next 3 picks would make me happy.
  10. My targets in Round 2 (in no order): EDGE Yetur Gross Matos AJ Epenesa Julian Okwara Terrell Lewis Darrell Taylor WR Michael Pittman Tee Higgins Laviska Shenault Bryan Edwards Denzel Mims CB Trevon Diggs Jaylon Johnson Kristian Fulton OL Josh Jones Lloyd Cushenberry Ezra Cleveland
  11. Thanks for the insight. Seeing as our last few draft classes included high draft capital on players like Calvin Pryor, Jace Amaro, Stephen Hill, Dee Milliner, Geno Smith, Devin Smith, Hackenburg, Darron Lee, (you get the point) - If we can snag players who are "average and not a complete disappointment" it'll be a good start.
  12. As a Jets fan I'm curious if you really think this way. We certainly have high hopes for JD, especially since our last 2 GMs were the stunning collection of John Idzik and Mike Mcaggnan. 2019: Sanders looks like a young play maker. Dillard and Whiteside need some more time. 2018: No first round pick. Goedert looks like a stud. 2017: No idea how Derek barnett has turned out - would love some insight here. 2016: Made the move to go get Wentz which, IMO, has very much paid off. Also got decent late round value with Vaitai being a 5th rounder I would say. I don't know much else about your draft picks from 2016-2019 so I would love to hear what you have to say. Putting a lot of faith in JD to help rebuild this thing for the Jets.
  13. Officially "off the clock" for work at 5:00 EST so I will have an Old Fashion in hand at 5:01. Dinner looking like some buffalo wings and some pizza. Medium sauce and garlic Parmesan are my go to wing flavors.
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