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  1. Death Stranding Release Trailer

    Watched the first couple of hours of this on YouTube yesterday. The story has me really intrigued, and I want to see more. But there's no way in hell I'd buy the game, the actual gameplay looks really dull and frustrating.
  2. Cam reportedly would welcome trade to the Bears

    Welcome it all you want Cam, Bears have got to want to welcome you first. And I'm praying they want nothing to do with you.
  3. The TE Position

    Burton has something like $7.5m dead cap hit next season if we cut him, he's not going anywhere. Braunecker has flashed little bits in the passing game in his time, keep his reps on the up the rest of the season.
  4. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    I want absolutely nothing to do with Cam as the next Bears QB, a lot of Bears fans on Twitter seem to want him badly but glad that good old FF is in agreement with me. The injuries have broken him, his accuracy was always bad, now it's worse and he's lost some of his agility, he doesn't provide much anymore. Plus he's a giant POS.
  5. The TE Position

    Burton is definitely playing injured, absolute shell of what he was last season, I'd be more confident in him next season if he stays healthy all off-season. That being said, we still need to be looking at TE as a high priority in the draft, should be picking one up on day two if we can. Shaheen is god awful and needs to not be on the roster in 2020, absolute Kellen Davis v2.0. Holtz is actually doing a decent job as a FB so I don't mind keeping him around. But we are in desperate need of a new Y Tight End.
  6. Panthers place QB Cam Newton on IR

    I'm really disappointed, mainly because I wanted him to take the job back from Allen and go on to finish the season well so the Panthers wouldn't trade him away in 2020. I want absolutely nothing to do with Cam Newton as the next Bears QB.
  7. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Yeah I don't think Rivers ever plays for a different team, he won't move his kids to the other side of the country. The other QB name who's contract is up at the end of the year and is currently a pending free agent... Tom Brady. The odds on him being a Bear next season are lonnnnggggg, but if you want a change of scenery for your last couple of years Tommy, feel free to come to Chicago. Prove you can do it without Belichick, I dare you. All I'm doing is throwing his name in the hat and then running away, but I would be all in on Brady.
  8. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    Yeah agreed, don't want to be paying $22m for Foles. Dalton is on $17m next season which I could deal with, but I asked the question on the Bengals forum last week and a lot of their fans think they may even cut him in the off-season as they can do it without having any dead cap money. Not too many other teams are gonna be needing a vet QB as badly as we will, so if that happens maybe we can get him for less.
  9. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    In terms of vets, Dalton is my number one option right now, him plus a 2nd round pick is what I want added to the QB room next season. Dalton's a solid QB who can give you league average play if given the chance, he's still only 32 and will be cheaper than Foles. My quick two cents on some of the options: - Foles I'm not even sure is going anywhere, he's likely starting again for the Jags after their bye, and he's making $22m next season anyway. If Foles does well the rest of the season, he could well just stay in Jax. - Bridgewater is going nowhere - Mariota is garbage, and Helfrich might be gone anyway so there goes that connection - Winston has talent but he's broken, no coach is coaching those horrific turnovers out of him - Minshew I'd like but the Jags aren't dumb enough to trade away a young talent like that (you'd think) - Alex Smith intrigues me a lot but his injury also scares me alot. If he is 100% healthy I'd be all for signing Smith to be honest - Philip Rivers would also interest me, but I think if he's not back for the Chargers next season then he might retire - Cam Newton's injuries seem to have ruined him, and honestly I just can't stand the guy, I don't want him as the face of this franchise
  10. Who will be the scapegoats

    Yep, these are my three as well. I wouldn't mind seeing Tabor replaced, but it often seems like poor ST Co-ordinators just hang around, I thought Jeff Rodgers and Joe DeCamillis (especially) were bad before as well but they never lost their jobs until the Head Coach got fired, and they've both still got jobs in the league now. Maybe there just isn't many good ST Co-ordinators out there.
  11. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    If we're going the vet QB plus a 2nd round draft pick next season (which is what I'm hoping), then I wouldn't mind seeing them bring in Andy Dalton. Cincy are pretty likely to either trade or cut him in the off-season. I'd have Dalton higher on my vets board than guys like Mariota, Winston, Smith. And he'd be way cheaper than Foles.
  12. Thanks Bengals fans, I'm all for a year or two of Dalton in Chicago while we develop a 2nd round QB we draft in 2020. I'll be hoping either you guys draft one or Finley looks great the rest of the season.
  13. So just looking at Dalton's contract, the Bengals are likely cutting him in the off-season, right? I'm just (depressingly) thinking about which veteran QBs are gonna be out there for the Bears.
  14. Ryan Pace's Future

    Yep, I'm pretty surprised at the hate Nagy is getting. Nagy's scheming guys wide open, and Mitch is missing them, this is on the QB. We can't judge Nagy's offense properly when he hasn't had a competent QB running it yet. Finding a QB is so damn hard, Pace has missed on his attempt, but he has built a good, young roster. Both will - deservedly so - be here in 2020. Whether that's the case for other coaches I don't know - Tabor I've never been impressed with, and need to take long looks at Hiestand and Ragone with the way their position groups have regressed.
  15. This is where I am as well. Nagy is scheming guys wide open, but Mitch is missing them. Nagy is handcuffed by Mitch right now, he said he took the knee before the FG because he didn't want to risk a sack, we ran the ball on 3rd and 9 in the redzone early on in the game - those things show how he doesn't have trust in Mitch. Give Nagy and Pace one more chance with another QB. Right now I'm thinking vet QB plus day two pick in 2020, Mariota or Alex Smith if he can prove he's healthy. I really like him, but I'm finally ready to admit that Mitch isn't the guy. Two positives to finish on: Montgomery IS the guy. And Roquan seemed to play with a much better energy this game, so good to see him make a few plays and be bouncing around after it.