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  1. I watched someone playthrough KOTOR on YouTube recently, and loved it. Would be all over an HD remake for that. But my choice is classic Tomb Raider games. I'm being greedy and saying all of the first five. That era of Tomb Raider is what got me in to video games, and I absolutely adore them. My personal faves are 2 and 3, so maybe even just the first three games if I don't want the game devs dying of exhaustion (and I probably don't). Part of me even thinks an HD remaster would be better than a full remake for these games, but I'll take anything. They did remake the first game as To
  2. Ah ok yeah this makes more sense, as I genuinely wasn't sure what it meant! It's just not for me that type of thing, I largely ignored the events in Valhalla too. I just want a game story that I can experience start to finish in a linear fashion, don't like going back to things after I've already finished them or having random things added in for a few weeks. I'd be like that with any live service thing so not necessarily an AC issue, just not my kind of deal if that's where they choose to go. Campaigns definitely need coming down I agree. With the wealth, mysteries, artifacts in ea
  3. I wasn't totally sure what live service meant, but just read one article when I googled it and they compared the new AC project to Fortnite and GTA Online... Nooooooooooo thank yooooouuuuuuuu. Valhalla put me off the AC franchise a bit anyway after playing the last three, but if that's the kind of direction they're going with it then it's really not for me.
  4. The only other rebuild Texans-style one of his I've watched is a Browns one from Madden 19 I think. That one he must have done around 12 seasons but can't remember for sure. He had players he'd drafted retiring, won a couple of Superbowls. Think he simmed a few years straight at the end to see if any of his drafted guys made to HOF. Seems like he's loving this Texans one though. I'm only on about episode 64, but the playlist is constantly increasing.
  5. Ok call me crazy but I am damn excited for Ubisoft's Avatar game 😂 I like the Avatar world and think it's interesting/cool, also interested to see where the other movies take it. Just the story from the first movie was meh.
  6. I finally finished Assassin's Creed: Valhalla a few days ago. 130 hours of it. I had a longer post a while ago explaining how I preferred Odyssey so much more. And that didn't change as I carried on with Valhalla. Found Valhalla good, but Odyssey great. So I've recently started a second playthrough of The Outer Worlds. Played it about 18 months ago and it was honestly one of the most fun experiences I've had playing a game. Already hooked again, will try making a few different choices this time (I always regretted which town I chose to give power to in Edgewater the first time around...).
  7. Man when Jeff Goldblum popped up on Summer Games Fest talking about evolution and chaos, I really thought this was going to be the new Jurassic Park game I've wanted for so long - I just want like a story-driven, action, open world, RPG type thing, you know what I mean. I'll take another Park builder, and I'll probably be getting Evolution 2. But for a minute, you had me so excited Jeff... Life... uh... finds a way
  8. Yeah I've seen others saying this too. Like everyone in the galaxy knows each other. It still makes me seriously geek out when someone we've seen before turns up somewhere else, but we don't need it every single episode. It'd be nice now if we could go 6-8 episodes until the end of The Bad Batch without the side characters in an episode being someone we know. I don't mind the little references, like in Fennec Shand's episode we saw one of those little weird alien dog things that was in Resistance - that made me laugh. But not every week with the characters please, Dave, it's like they're one-w
  9. Haha that's what I'm worried about too. Am I really keen to play some Madden? Or am I just really in to Hurriicane's latest series? Good thing is I've got like three months to see how I feel. I am kind of in the mood for a sports game this year, but I'll check out both FIFA and Madden to see which (if any) make significant changes on next gen.
  10. I watch so much gaming stuff on YouTube, just find it so relaxing. I'll either have a stream on in the background while I'm working, or watch a full series of something I don't necessarily want to play, but enjoy watching. Some of the channels I watch are OfficialNerdCubed, Many A True Nerd (sensing a theme here?), and Mr Hurriicane. Many A True Nerd has a great Fallout 4 series going right now, and Mr Hurriicane's Madden rebuilds will have you hooked.
  11. He's on a new one now, can't remember what the channel's called but search No Rolls Barred and you'll find him. All the original WhatCulture guys who left were so good, and their channel Cultaholic is excellent for wrestling stuff, I've just not watched wrestling for like a year. But Blampied was the best one, real shame about what happened.
  12. I'm like 45 episodes in to MrHurriicane's Texans rebuild series on YouTube at the minute (well worth a watch if you like that sort of thing), so I'm so keen for Madden now. Not a chance I'll be buying Madden 22 day one, but I am really intrigued to see what they do with franchise mode. It's next gen, we've had some big talk about franchise mode over the past year, show me something EA. Also maybe I'm getting old, but the cover can be a blank sheet of A4 for all I care
  13. Was wondering if I'd be ready for Forbidden West after only playing the first game earlier this year. After watching that trailer - yes, yes I am ready. Glad to see even more ways to slow the machines down with those adhesive grenades. That was my only way to kill everything by the end of the game. Pin them down with the rope tie thing, chuck a load of sticky bombs on them, run away.
  14. Ah ok, thanks man. This definitely makes me want to pick it up. I think it was just the guy I watched play it on YouTube was an absolute expert. Think it's officially going on the list.
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