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  1. HaHa Clinton-Dix

    I enjoyed them, good to learn more about his playing style, nice work @dll2000
  2. Kevin White signs with Cardinals

    Hope he kills it. He's completely missed three absolutely crucial years of his career so we'll never know what kind of player he could have been, but I wish him nothing but the best. Go be good Kev.
  3. Free Agent Rumors

    Same, wish him nothing but the best. Don't think I've ever wanted a player to succeed in the NFL more than him haha. Good luck Kev. Just wish he'd have had just one Bears TD... The hail mary vs the Pats last season... if only.
  4. Free Agent Rumors

    Still plenty of OLBs out there, should be able to pick one up for cheap. I'd like to bring in Markus Golden but PFT had an article today that four teams were looking at him, and none of them were the Bears. Still unsigned you've got Houston, Ray, Barrett, Okafor, Lynch of course too. OLB should be the next target I think now Clinton-Dix has been signed. Highest priority other than kicker and punter.
  5. Free Agent Rumors

    Still need a punter too. The positions I'd still like to see us address this off-season (second wave FA and draft): K, P, OG, TE, WR, RB, OLB - in no particular order. All of those are as depth too, we have our 22 starters pencilled in already.
  6. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    This is my favourite deal of our FA so far. I expected this to be $6m minimum, bringing him in for $3.5m is great work. Look what happens when you're a good team too, players turning down more money to play for the Bears.
  7. Amos to Green Bay

    I like the player but I don't want to be taking eight-figure gambles on a strong safety who may be better with a pass rush. We need cheaper options with our cap situation - unless a true difference maker fell in to our laps that we couldn't refuse, like if Le'Veon Bell had for example.
  8. Hope we bring both of these players back. Scales you don't even think about him most of the time which is the biggest compliment you can pay to a long snapper. And I like DHC, turned himself in to one of our core special teamers and looked good in pre-season when he got some playing time at safety.
  9. Amos to Green Bay

    9? NINE? I was all for signing Clinton-Dix but expected it to be about $6m a year. There's no way I'd want to pay that much for him, don't see the point of refusing to pay Amos $9.25m a year then going out and spending the same on Clinton-Dix. Then again, that could just be his agent driving up the price. Look at what happened with Ingram, rumoured to be getting about $9m too then goes and signs for $5m a year.
  10. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    Same, but if he is, then even better seeing as we lost Bellamy who was doing the job for us. McManis and Patterson would be a good pair of gunners #gunnertalk
  11. Bears sign Ted Larsen

    I don't mind this, we needed depth at OG and he's better than Witzmann, still wouldn't be surprised if Witzmann came back too and they had them compete in camp for the backup OG spots.
  12. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    Fingers crossed yeah, Gabriel struggles making anyone miss in the open field, get me some Patterson on those plays.
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    Can't remember who it was but some guy (well, a reporter, not just some random guy) was saying that Ingram is looking at $9m a year. I like Ingram a lot but there is absolutely no chance I'd pay that for him. If that's BS and he's actually looking for a lot less, count me in.
  14. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    I'm with you. I wanted Patterson this off-season but didn't expect he would cost that much. That's free agency for you I suppose, everyone who gets signed early gets overpaid. But this should be a huge lift to our kick return game, and it's like a shiny new toy for Nagy, he'll use him in a number of ways on offense. Still going to have to pick up another WR along the way this off-season too.
  15. I think this money freed up is more to add depth, not to splash on one big name. We still to add a safety, OLB, WR, maybe another RB, maybe TE, maybe OG. Then still have a bit of cap left for the draft and for wiggle room during the season. I would be doing cartwheels for weeks if we sign Bell but I'm not keeping my hopes up for him or any other big player.