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  1. What video game are you playing?

    That's the only one on the list that I know of, and some do think it's fake as Eclipse is a hell of a lot similar to the last title being Shadow, so that doesn't make sense. So I'm not promising anything haha, but apparently Square Enix did advertise for a lot of new job roles recently which sound like they could mayyybe be for creating Tomb Raider-y environments, so the smoke is starting just a tiny bit...
  2. What video game are you playing?

    Tomb Raider: Eclipse is picking up steam elsewhere in the old rumor mill as well. Don't tease me like this Square Enix...
  3. Madden 20

    Could not agree more. I just don't think it will happen either while so many people keep spending full price on the new games once a year. For Madden 21... I watched the trailer and read EA's article on their webiste. I'm really getting the Madden itch at the minute (didn't get 20), but that trailer and the article were so dull and so thin. I'm not paying full price for that. Some of the things they've listed as new features are a joke - new cover art? New celebration style? Who the hell cares? And on their article they had the audacity to list MUT and X factors under a 'what's new' section ughhh... I was looking forward to Madden 21 but looks like I'll be spending my money elsewhere, no big deal I guess.
  4. What video game are you playing?

    My favourite game I played in 2019 so I second this recommendation. It's not your usual, lengthy RPG though - I tried to do every quest and finished the game in 30 hours. If you just did the main quest you'd have it done really quick. But yeah, it's Fallout but fun...
  5. Misc minor news, stats, etc

    I found this bit of Long's tweets weird yesterday. In that article on The Athletic by Dan Pompei about a month ago, Long said he knew at half time of the London game that he was done, he kind of made it sound like it was his decision then but now he's saying the decision has been made for him. Strange. Either way, that was the turning point. Can't really blame him for not wanting to come back under this coaching staff, he clearly loves the Bears but this was the staff under which his Bears career ended so understandable he wouldn't want to work with them. Enjoyed him being so open about it to be honest, it was interesting stuff.
  6. Playstation 5

    I've been an Xbox guy the last two console generations, but watched last night seeing if anything would draw me in. Aaaand not really... I enjoyed it but nothing that made me go I NEED THIS CONSOLE. The only one I have a hankering for is Horizon Zero Dawn, that looks right up my street and never been able to play it, I know I'd love it. Everything else I'm pretty meh. Will look in to them more at release date to decide which one I get. I will say, the console itself looks so nice, much better than the new Xbox. But what's with this only being able to stand on its side thing? I don't know of anyone who owns a TV cabinet with a tall rectangular shelf in it.
  7. What video game are you playing?

    Ha yeah I moved to xbox 360 after PS2 and got the red rings of death pretty early on, there's no way that thing is reaching is 18th birthday. Still got it in a cupboard somewhere but it's old and frail and no controllers I own work with it I think, needs putting out of its misery really.
  8. What video game are you playing?

    Thought my PS2 had died last week but got it working over the weekend, it turns 18 this year and still going strong. Had that set up and now playing through Simpsons Hit and Run because one day I will 100% this game damn it.
  9. What video game are you playing?

    I scratched my constant Tomb Raider itch by completing Anniversary in three and a half days over the weekend... I know it's not the longest game, and I really enjoyed myself but holy crap get this lockdown lifted
  10. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Finished BoJack Horseman last night. I've been that annoying person who won't stop bringing up the TV show they're watching, it's brilliant, highly recommended.
  11. Random Bears THOTs

    Oh yeah I meant the Bucs old ones were the worst in the NFL until they changed them, I think their new ones are ok, played it safe but understandable with how bad the last ones were. With you on the Chargers, I think they're my favourite of the new ones. Don't like the Falcons new ones either, but those Rams ones are something else...
  12. What video game are you playing?

    To be fair I wasted about 15-20 hours trying to do every location on the map before I realised that was pointless, so think you could do everything in maybe 120, dunno I tend to be pretty slow. The DLC does give you a lot more hours than I was expecting though.
  13. What video game are you playing?

    Yeah it actually made me really interested in the war that was going on during the game, think I spent an entire afternoon at work reading about it a while ago haha. Some of those new dynamics in Valhalla sound amazing, I'm ready for a AC break after finishing this, but I'm gonna be so pumped for that when it comes out.
  14. Random Bears THOTs

    They look like the basic option 1 on a Madden craete-a-team or something haha. I was wondering a few weeks ago who has the crown of worst unis in the NFL since the Bucs changed their's... well congrats Rams!
  15. Rams release New Uniforms

    These would be an ok uni for a high school team. That font is terrible. New leader in the clubhouse for worst uni in the NFL for me, congrats Rams!