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  1. Random Game Talk

    Just ordered the Spyro Reignited series, hoping it's there when I finish work so I can start playing it tonight. Hopefully the (kind of) buggy controls that were in the Crash remastered series aren't in this one. Only had a couple of Spyro and Crash games as a kid but was always a bit more of a Spyro fan...
  2. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    We're just guys on a forum talking about football, I don't think you're gonna get too many people creating their own version of Baldy's Breakdowns...
  3. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    I've only been casually scrolling through this argument from afar, but... you aren't serious are you? Sarcasm doesn't travel well in text so this might have gone over my head, but come on
  4. Rookie Camp Kicking Competition Seemingly Sour

    The beat writers aren't allowed to say too much about the kickers. But some of them have been dropping little nuggets... In Nagy's interview on YouTube after Saturday's practise, one of the reporters mentioned to him that one kicker went 0-8 to start on Friday but was much better Saturday. Guessing that might have been Spencer Evans. I'm addicted to this kicker competition, it's amazing - even if they're all garbage.
  5. Chicago Drafts RB David Montgomery

    Holy crap, end of an era. That's gonna take some getting used to
  6. Random Bears THOTs

    Looks like we're definitely in the market for a vet back-up at CB with Kayvon Webster coming in for a tryout the other day and now Rollins. It makes sense I suppose with the big lack of experience at outside corner behind Fuller and Prince. CB is gonna be so crowded this off-season is one of the vets gets signed.
  7. Random Bears THOTs

    It's not confirmed but it sure looked like it. Best smile in the NFL has been ruined. He might end up getting tried out as a pass rusher to be fair with the 45 WRs the Cards drafted. 15 sack season, we had him scouted all wrong.
  8. Random Bears THOTs

    Two random Bears thoughts: The first is some new numbers have been confirmed (I'm a numbers nerd) #13 Marvin Hall #21 Haha Clinton-Dix #24 Buster Skrine #25 Mike Davis #32 David Montgomery #38 Kerrith Whyte #84 Cordarrelle Patterson #88 Riley Ridley The other thought is does anyone follow Kevin White on Instagram? I think his story yesterday showed he'd had his gap tooth fixed what have you done to him Arizona? You've changed Kev, man.
  9. This is the better way to go, just two guys in a studio, no stupid gimmicks like the Booger-mobile. But this is an underwhelming pair... I don't mind Tessitore but Booger does nothing for me. GET JAY CUTLER IN A COMMENTARY BOOTH. Holy crap I only just thought - no more Witten means no more "HE'S GOT HIM!!" before the ball's even left the QB's hand. That was the absolute worst, it was like having two or three mini spoilers a game.
  10. Bears Draft Riley Ridley WR Georgia

    Yeah I hadn't looked in to the concepts their college teams run to be fair haha, just going off the coaching staff's comments about Miller last year and wondering if they'll adjust their approach. I hope you're right because we've only really got Miller to play the slot now. With them drafting a WR similar to Miller (great route running, great hands) in Ridley it makes sense that they'd look at giving them similar roles in the offense eventually.
  11. Bears Draft Riley Ridley WR Georgia

    Remember last season as well when part way through Nagy started admitting that they threw too much at Miller by asking him to play inside so early and having him learn so many different routes? I think they'll have learned their lesson from that and we'll see Ridley mostly on the outside in 2019. Miller I think with it being year two will be inside and outside but I think they'll ease Ridley in.
  12. Chicago Drafts RB David Montgomery

    Yeah this is clearly what the Bears were looking for from their rookie RB this year. The scout (can't remember his name) on the Bears YouTube channel who was interviewed about Montgomery, said that people at Iowa State actually thought he had the best hands on the team.
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Finally finished the main story last night (still have the epilogue to go), I have never been more angry at a game for (spoiler) killing my horse. Loved the ending though, I got way more attached to Arthur than I initially thought I would.
  14. What I Learned

    This is something I really came away thinking too. I was reading up on fast, deep threat WRs in this draft when we might have to change our minds as to what Nagy is looking for. The only real speed guys we have in the WR corps now are Gabriel and Marvin Hall (if he even makes the team). The WRs they're looking for are all about routes, hands and catch radius. Route running seems to be the main criteria. This offense is more about getting players open deep using route combinations, regardless of speed - Trey Burton's long TD vs the Bucs immediately springs to mind for example.
  15. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    I have never been more angry about missing out on a player than I am right now. Matt Gay is gonna be the greatest kicker in NFL history.