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  1. I'm in England, but chose the Bears after I had a dream I was lost in Illinois and I loved it, I was obsessed with Illinois for a couple of weeks, even though I doubt I'd ever even thought about the place in my previous (at that time) 18 years on Earth. I then randomly watched the 2008 Superbowl for no reason and was completely drawn in. I asked a friend if Illinois had a team, he told me they did, and I've been in love with the Chicago Bears ever since.
  2. Is the NFL worth watching anymore?

    Imagine how good that must feel, if it was your team that was making people wonder whether it's even worth watching the NFL anymore... That's the stuff of dreams.
  3. Stranger Things

    I felt exactly the same, that's how it should have ended. I don't think it needs a season 4 but I'll still be watching. Enjoyed season 3 a lot by the end. Was really unsure about the first two or three episodes, seemed to be way more cheese than usual early on, and the kids were very annoying. But the more things started kicking off, the better it got. More sci-fi, less cheese for me - but overall another good season, with a great final episode. Also I'm in love with Robin, Tammy Thompson doesn't know what she's missing.
  4. Home uniforms 2019

    I'm finally ready to admit it to myself - I don't like the orange alternates. Give me the navy throwbacks like in @beardown3231's avi instead, those are my favourite of our unis, they're awesome. Hopefully they're back next season.
  5. Haha yeah the ones they've been wearing since they re-designed them a few years ago are so nice. If we're talking worst unis... No team can match the Bucs current unis, MY GOD they are ugly.
  6. Hicks Breaking Himself Down

    This popped up on my recommended videos on YouTube last night, loved it. Hicks is awesome, we've known that for three years now and it's great to see him getting the recognition he deserves nationally now. I could listen to him all day too, his interviews are always the ones I look forward to, speaks with such passion, charisma and knowledge. Gonna have to find a few more of these videos from Baldy too.
  7. I doubt we make a move, we've already traded for one kicker in 2019, we're not going to do it again. Gould will sit out the entire off-season then show up week 1 for the Niners.
  8. What video game are you playing?

    I picked up Assassin's Creed: Origins for really cheap at the weekend. Never played an AC game before but randomly found myself watching a lot of Odyssey on Twitch last year and thought it looked great. Didn't realise there were no dialogue options in Origins, which I was looking forward to, but really enjoying it. I have absolutely no idea what the hell's going on with the present day story thing, but the more I get used to the gameplay, the more I'm liking it.
  9. Madden 20

    Madden 19 was so bad that I've given up on the series until drastic changes are made, first time I've ever crossed the line in to the "I hate Madden and I'm only posting in this thread to tell you I hate it" camp. I'm all aboard the FIFA train in a few months.
  10. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    Yeah I believe he's going to call this on every single play in 2019... As a Bears fan, I have us at 10 wins this season. There is no way the defense will be able to reproduce the kind of production from last season, so hard to do that in back to back years, but they should still be very good as the talent level is ridiculous. The offense I'm confident will take a big step forward - Mitch's 2nd year in the system, Nagy has his RB, WRs were all completely new in 2018 so again 2nd year in the system. We should just be a lot more comfortable offensively. Comes with the territory of winning the division last season of course, but our schedule is so tough this year. That, plus some regression in terms of defensive takeaways is why I don't see them reaching 12 wins again. Still confident the Bears will be a very good team, and I'd be very surprised if they were .500 or worse, the roster is too good. Screw it, the Bears take the division.
  11. Raiders vs Bears

    Looks like the season tickets sold out too. The way the process is set up buying them makes no sense so good luck! There will always be tickets re-selling on other sites to be fair
  12. Raiders vs Bears

    How have we done? That whole process is awful, but I got lucky and got in after about 40 mins. Completely different place to where I wanted to sit originally but who cares, SEE YOU IN OCTOBER BEARS.
  13. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    It made sense being the 100th year too. I'm still holding out hope that they'll be included somewhere, but even if they aren't, those leaked white ones are awesome.
  14. Raiders vs Bears

    Yeah @beardown3231 all I've heard is that the single game tickets are on sale in June, so likely next week maybe? I saw conflicting stuff on Twitter yesterday, one person said there was only 1100 seats left at Wembley after the season ticket sale, another said there were way more. But the if the 1100 bit was true, that's what scared me in to trying to get the season ticket today.
  15. Raiders vs Bears

    I've changed my mind and decided to try and get the season ticket, then sell the Panthers/Bucs game. Looked like it was a nightmare getting tickets for the Wembley games this morning so good luck tomorrow everyone... Anyone know which sideline the Bears will be on as well? With the way the logos sitting on the field on this map I'm guessing we'll be on the East side, but anyone know for sure?