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  1. Also Fuller's knee never touched the ground on the pick, and the refs blew it dead. That was a TD.
  2. This is what I'm (optimistically) thinking too. Week 1, Mitch was bad. This week, I don't even think he was given the chance to be good or bad, he was given nothing. I can't post a Twitter link as I'm work now, but check out Dan DeYoung on Twitter who put up Mitch's throw map thing from the game, he attempts like three passes longer than ten yards, and nothing over the middle. I think this was the game plan this week. The final play to A-Rob, and that absolute DIME early on to Cohen still give me hope for Mitch. The miss to Gabriel is what worries me. I'm not giving up on this offense just yet, but Nagy has got to open it up. Just been watching his presser from yesterday and he's saying how the team needs more 10+ yard plays, yeah tell me about it Matthew, but they're pretty hard to come by on 4 yard out routes. To be fair to Fangio as well, he excels at doing that to offenses, his defense is designed to not give up big plays. Washington's pass defense has been poor weeks 1 and 2, and with the way Nagy was talking yesterday, I'm expecting us to attack them. If we look this awful next Monday, then colour me worried. Just glad this is happening in September...
  3. Ok some of my thoughts on this: - That was ugly. But it's on the road in Denver, in September. What had they lost? Just one of their last like 17 home openers? Any type of win in that scenario for us is impressive, ugly or not. - Road games are ugly. Think Cardinals away last season, 49ers away, Bills away (offensively). This was (hopefully) just another of those, we have A LOT to work on offensively but we have seen these types of games before - I'm not saying that's a good thing, just saying this might not be the trend for the season. - Nagy needs to take the trainig wheels off Mitch. He says it's offense 202 now for him, but it sure doesn't look like it. It seems like there was a point last season when the offense changed, in the Bucs and Lions home games we were throwing the ball all over the field. Then things changed, it might have been after the three-pick game against the Rams IIRC? But ever since then, the offense has been this dull as hell short out route and hitch route lovefest. Mitch has the talent to be better if given the chance, I do believe that, and he needs to be given that chance so he can develop - that play at the end of the game was brilliant. Nagy seems almost scared to let Mitch loose now, it took us six plays to punch in a TD from inside the five because there was zero chance of us doing anything but running up the middle on most of those plays, and the Broncos knew that. Let Mitch play. - I usually need to rewatch the game to judge the o-line on an individual basis, but no sacks against that Denver front? Impressive. The Patterson long run was blocked beautifully by Whitehair, Leno and Robinson too. - Khalil Mack is good at football. - The defense was absolutely gassed and still only gave up 14 points, we might be relying on them a ridiculous amount this season, but they are unbelievable. I'm liking Pagano's more aggressive approach a lot. - Eddie Jackson is good at football. - Hook that Eddy Pineiro game-winner and the celebrations afterwards to my veins. I will be thinking about that for the rest of the week. Amazing, after all the kicker crap we've been through this off-season, and so many kicks missed around the league these first two weeks... Well our kicker is 5/5 in total, and has hit two 50+ yarders. - All that matters is we're 1-1. We got out of Denver with a win, that's extremely rare in September. So much to work on, but we're up and running. #VictoryMonday #GiveMitchAChance
  4. Rooting for you guys the rest of the season with Vic being there, go well Denver.
  5. What video game are you playing?

    I really like them, very creepy at times so pre-warning there! But good storylines, first two are very linear and the third which came out this year has a little more exploration to it, with the levels set out as open hub worlds, they're a mix of heavy stealth elements (when you're fighting other humans) and all an out shoot 'em up (when fighting mutants). Good replay-ability too as your story changes depending on the good/bad decisions you make (stuff like chosing to help people or not, killing people or just knocking them out). The first two games will be really cheap in that Redux version, well worth picking up.
  6. What video game are you playing?

    Finished this the other day, I got the bad ending as I messed up early and knew I did, so then went around just killing anyone I felt like killing. Screw that last section, I struggle with that amount of creepiness. But another great installment of the Metro series, probably my favourite of the three.
  7. 2019 Adopt-a-Bear

    Thanks all, nine Bears given new homes. Hope you're all very proud parents.
  8. Preach. In a damn 12-4 season Rich Campbell earned himself an unfollow from me for his negativity. I get controversy equals more sales/clicks, but everthing he says seems to have an odd negative edge to it.
  9. Holy **** get Sunday here so we can play this game, I am so ready to see the back of week 1...
  10. 2019 Adopt-a-Bear

    No worries! @malagabears up next
  11. 2019 Adopt-a-Bear

    Take yours if you want @soulman, Madmike's had his 24 hours.
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  13. 2019 Adopt-a-Bear

    Understandable, this is the only thread I can bring myself to read since Thursday. I take it that's Jackson as well? And not Goldman? Or Pineiro? Too many Eddie's on this roster. Should go with the Ed, Edd and Eddy approach and all be called something slightly different.
  14. 2019 Adopt-a-Bear

    @SLCbear feel free to pick yours, Supe has had a couple of days, he can just pick his whenever
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