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  1. What video game are you playing?

    I did just the main story of Origins, took me around 35 hours I think. My midweek quarantine game at the minute is Odyssey, been playing that for a good month or two and I'm on about 85 hours now - safe to say I love it. It's a step above Origins IMO so if you liked that you're in for a treat with a Odyssey. I'm in the UK and we're in complete lockdown for the next three weeks at least, so my plan at weekends is to have a few beers and play some older games that I can just jump on for a few hours. Last weekend I played some Smackdown vs Raw 2008 and FIFA World Cup 2006. This weekend I'm lining up Lego Jurassic World, I completed the story years ago and always wanted to go back and see if I could 100% it, gonna see how close I can get this weekend.
  2. Bears bring back DHC

    Always kinda liked DHC, core special teamer and has done well enough in preseason games when we've seen him get extended playing time. Not saying he should be starting or anything, but as a 5th safety/special teamer he's solid.
  3. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Didn't think Brent Urban deserved his own thread (sorry Brent) but per him and his wife, he's re-signed on a one-year deal. Thought Urban did some ok things in run defense last season, guessing this isn't far away from a vet minimum deal. With Nick Williams gone, makes sense to bring Urban back for a year.
  4. Bears sign OLB Barkevious Mingo

    This is the first tweet in a decent thread about what Mingo will bring. He's going to be a key special teamer (KPL and Kwit leaving meant we needed that) and can play some on defense. Lynch played 23% of the snaps on defense last season so that's all Mingo has to do too, guessing he'll do some of the coverage things at OLB that they used to ask Floyd to do. This signing makes sense. Also saw on Twitter that Lynch last season had seven flags and six tackles... That's the definition of doing less than nothing, that's being detrimental.
  5. Bears sign Artie Burns

    With Burns and Cordarrelle we're gonna have the best damn pair of gunners the NFL has ever seen, love it, seriously how good of a gunner is Cordarrelle. I'm happy to take a look at Burns, even if he's struggled in Pittsburgh. Kind of like how we're going at the #2 CB spot. Three-man competition there at the minute with Tolliver, Roberson and now Burns. And wouldn't be surprised if there's a day three draft pick thrown in the mix too. Whoever wins the job will have earned it, will be a fun battle to watch in preseason (unless they're all garbage).
  6. Bears re-sign S Deon Bush

    Happy with this at that price. He's solid backup but still want another SS added soon.
  7. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Yeah definitely, if they wanted Ha Ha back surely they'd pay him that, apparently he liked it a lot here too so he may have even taken a little less. It's got to be that we want a different type of player, if the Cowboys get the Ha Ha we saw last season for $4m then that's a very good signing.
  8. Part of me is wondering if this is why his deep ball looks so off, but his Jags tape is not inspiring. I may go and look back at some of his 2018 games with Philly (no, definitely not that one...) and see how different it is.
  9. Just watched his week 12 game at Tennessee. Another blowout and the Jags O-line were awful in this one, so it's even hard to judge some things. But: Positives: - Pocket presence. This immediately stands out as much better than Mitch's, he is by no means athletic but he understands how to manipulate the pocket so much better through the slight adjustments I spoke about in the week 11 game. A QB with awful pocket presence gives up about ten sacks in this game, think they gave up maybe three in the end. - Accuracy/ball placement. Again, a lot of the more impressive throws came in garbage time, as he didn't have the time all day to throw downfield. But there are a couple of nice throws in the third quarter where he fits the ball in to a tight window, velocity on the passes is ok, seen better, seen worse. Has very good ball placement on a 2-point conversion, sticks it right above his WR's head and over the defender. - RPOs. Couple of times I noticed he made the correct read on RPOs and completed the pass. Mitch was awful on RPOs. Negatives: - Deep ball. In both this game and the week before his deep ball is just not there, which is odd seeing as that was one of his strengths in the Superbowl run with Philly. Against Indy he made poor decisions on when to pull the trigger on the deep ball, and in both games they were inaccuracte. - Athleticism. My God, his pocket presence may be good but do not get him outside... Are we sure this guy's only 31? At one point they call a designed (I think) QB run, and it's like watching a baby deer being born. I mean holy crap, legs all over the place. Again, tough to analyse this one as the game was over halfway through and the O-line was awful. But Foles just looks like a below average QB in these two games. Better than Mitch though, and hopefully that's enough to win us an extra couple of games this year.
  10. 2020 Bears Free Agent Moves - Yay! or boo?

    Same, and Joseph just signed for Cleveland, not seen how much for yet. I really wanted Joseph, but all aboard the Bell train now. Eric Reid got released by Carolina too, he's still only 28 and I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) played SS for the Panthers. Could be worth a look too.
  11. Ok my horror about this move has been well documented earlier in the thread, but I can't go in to the season being so negative about our QB, so let's see what we've got. The arguments about Foles knowing the offense I understand and that is a positive, especially with coronavirus possibly ruining all OTAs and pushing back other off-season stuff. The deal itself I hate, and I still don't get the contract restructuring. But... if he gets us to the playoffs, what the hell is a 4th round pick? So just watched Foles in week 11 last season at Indy. He has a really nice first quarter including a great TD drive, makes correct reads, distributes the ball well with good placement, executes RPOs properly. But after the scoring drive his play falls off a cliff, he starts to stare down Chark and just chuck it up to him when double-covered, he throws a TERRIBLE pick and should have been picked off twice before that. He plays better by the end of the game but it's in garbage time (Jax were 31-7 down in the 4th quarter). His pocket presence struck me as much better than Mitch's, he makes slight adjustments to re-position himself for the throw, and gets the ball out fast and often to the correct read if he has a defender right in his face (whereas Mitch has that headless chicken approach when the pressure gets there). I'm going to watch his next two starts when I'm "working" from home tomorrow, have to find the positives in this. So far, pocket presence and decision making under pressure are the big advantages over Mitch, but if we get the Foles that I just saw in the 2nd quarter of that game then that's not an upgrade.
  12. I think they're just going to tell everyone that this is a competition. Including Mitch and Foles. But we probably still see Foles week 1.
  13. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Can't believe he got that much, hope they play him as an off-ball LB, interested to see how he does in that role.
  14. I'm trying to figure out what we've done to restructure it apart from give Foles give the option to quit on the contract... I don't get it. I need to see the money, we must have changed something/moved bonuses around to lessen cap hit or else this restructure does nothing for the Bears.