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  1. I've become so keen for this to happen recently, so this is really good to see. I'm in England, but sign me tf up for a Bears game in Munich.
  2. I know he earned that big new deal, but personally I wouldn't have John Franklin-Myers in man coverage against Kyle Pitts
  3. I hate the whole "BuT iT's ThE lIoNs" argument, just because it's the Lions doesn't mean the QB still doesn't have to make the right reads and the right throws. You've still got to be good at what you do to execute, let's just stick Mike Glennon back out there if everyone looks good versus the Lions. There were some balls in that game that were absolute dimes - see the completions on the right sideline to Robinson and Mooney in the third quarter TD drive. Plus Fields had five pass completions over 20 yards in that game, Trubisky only seven all last SEASON as an example of how putrid this Bears
  4. In the Browns game with an historically terrible gameplan, yes. In the Lions game... absolutely not - he was excellent. He made a number of throws in the Lions game that Dalton can't make, or (more likely) wouldn't even attempt. Fields obviously has some issues which are typical for a rookie (holding on to the ball too long is the most obvious at the minute), and Dalton has that over him. But with his arm, ability to use that 4.4 speed, and much more attacking mentality, Fields is the QB that gives the Bears the best chance to make this offense work.
  5. I've played it on PS5 now for about 10 or 11 hours and generally it runs ok. Still a fair few little visual bugs (NPCs just spawn in without heads for a second or two sometimes), and had one crash but didn't lose any save data and just loaded it up again.
  6. Week 5 pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  7. I'm not huge on swords and sorcery type stuff really, I'm more of a sci-fi man, which is why this is right up my street. Only ever played one Fallout game but did enjoy it, would try 76 if you didn't have to be online for it, so was always going to try a new Bethesda RPG.
  8. Yeah same, my plan is to get a Series S/X in a year or so, even second hand if I can by that point. Honestly just for this and Outer Worlds 2.
  9. Played about eight hours over the weekend and... yeah I'm on board. Honestly it took me a good four or five hours to get in to it, and I really wasn't sure at first. Just throws you in the middle of this huge world with so much going on and I have no idea what's happening, very overwhelming early. I've hardly done any main quests yet, just side quests to get used to everything. The main quest of getting a chip or something for Dex, in that car ride with him I was like wtf are you talking about sir. Seriously I cannot follow this plot early on at all. But I'm enjoying the gameplay, a
  10. I can literally think of nothing else to play, so congratulations Cyberpunk, you win by default. Installed it last night, didn't play it though as the update took FOUR HOURS. Will give it a go over the weekend. Feels like I'm getting a new game for free really seeing as it came in a bundle like eight months ago, so don't feel any obligation to carry on if I don't like it. I'm intrigued, from what I've seen I think I'll find it good but not great, prove me wrong Cyberpunk.
  11. Has anyone played this on PS5 recently? Just wondering how it's holding up? I'm like one session away from finishing the game I'm playing now, and I'm seriously stuck for something to play for about a month until Jurassic World Evolution 2 is out and I can just release T.Rexes in to downtown San Diego and stuff I got Cyberpunk in a bundle when I bought my PS5 months ago, but haven't even installed it yet. Don't know whether to give it a go now while I'm stuck for something to play, or still hold off until the PS5 update.
  12. That does make me a little more optimistic, as the first one was cool. I'll finish them over the next day or two and see what we got.
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