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  1. Yeah same, I've moved on to other games now, but did four years of a franchise, put over 100 hours in overall. Had a good time, gameplay was much improved. Money well spent.
  2. You paid $27 for a sandwich? You might as well have just bought Madden.
  3. Kick returns are not solely on the returner. Look at Cordarrelle's last week, that was blocked beautifully, he was untouched. With the kickers too, I'm not convinced how much an ST coach can really help them anyway, but what can Tabor do when he's given a pile of trash like the group we had in last year. It's not like ANY of them have gone on to be successful somewhere else. And FWIW about Parkey being better before he came to Chicago - his ST Coach in Cleveland in 2016? Tabor. Plus look at how much Santos has improved under him, he's damn near our offensive MVP. We're 12th in Special Teams DVOA, which is nowhere near the hot garbage that you say he is. It's always a case of fans just hate their ST coach, even when the team is ranked as an above average unit like the Bears are. I'm not saying he's Coach of the Year, but he's a good, solid coach, and if he was to stay on with a new regime I'd be totally ok with it.
  4. Couldn't get a PS5 (shocker), so I bought Jurassic World Evolution for £12 in the Black Friday sale. I was not expecting to enjoy this so much... It eats away at your time, accidentally played it for three hours yesterday without realising. Can't wait to get back on it, my Huayangasaurus needs feeding.
  5. Disagree. I think he's good, and I think ST coach is just one of them where unless you've got Toub or Fassel, every fan in the league just hates their ST coach. Who have we had since Toub? DeCamillis and Rodgers? Tabor is definitely better than both.
  6. I've been having a brief look at a few candidates this week too (emphasis on brief). Matt Campbell is one I'm interested in, a guy who has been a successful HC in more than one organisation and just won. He knows how to run a team and knows what it takes to transition his style to another team and remain successful. I'm kind of at a point where I just want a proven winner, I don't care whether they call plays. Just be a good locker room leader, have your co-ordinators set and organise everything - carrying on the good culture we've got going now is important too, but just you know... win some more games. If we go the unproven co-ordinator route again then Joe Brady does interest me, he's only 31 but I guess if you're good enough you're old enough. Arthur Smith I like too. Byron Leftwich I'd have more concerns about because of how badly he did in Arizona; he's obviously done well in Tampa, but how much of that is on the Head Coach? <--- Sounds familiar.
  7. X on the Xbox, square on the Playstation. It was just one tap but it changed to double tap in an update not long after 21 came out. Think you've gotta tap it really quick, so I just hammer it fast like 12 times in panic but they do slide haha.
  8. As long as you've got enough people on your team yeah. You can pick and choose who to play as at any time, each one has their different benefits. And you can recruit literally any person you see on the street. If all of them die though, that's game over... You can play without permadeath though.
  9. I'm watching a playthrough of this and it looks great. I've got too much stuff on my need to play list, and didn't get in to Watch Dogs 2 at all, so gonna leave it at just watching Legion. But the concept of no main character and picking your group from any random person on the street actually works really well - especially with permadeath on so there's real tension in case one of your group dies. Also just seeing London in a game is awesome. I love London.
  10. Ah interesting, good to see them keep things fresh by changing that up a little from Odyssey and Origins. And yeah, I'm excited for the camp/base building especially. Not expecting it to be Fallout 4 level of detail, but just having a little base to customize will be awesome.
  11. Didn't they say at one point that it was going to be smaller than Odyssey? But now that's changed. I spent 150 hours on Odyssey and if Valhalla is bigger... Oh boy. I am totally ready.
  12. Washington. Things not really going too great for them in DC right now so thought I'd start again
  13. I'm the Owner and play every game, every on and off field decision is mine and I moved the team after the first year (let's go Oklahoma City Bisons) - new stadium, finances to manage, do I take $2 off the price of pretzels at the stadium? I'm doing every tiny detail. Immersed af.
  14. I don't want to call it a career on Trevathan after two games, but they have been two really bad games... In a weird as hell pre-season let's just give him a few and see what he's like in a month. If nothing has changed then it's a serious problem and a contract we can't get out of easily. Some of my other quick (ok they turned out not so quick) thoughts on the game: - I thought Mitch played really well. I'll have to watch the all-22 but I don't think either pick was on him. Maybe the first was a little late, maybe the second should have been a foot higher, but the fault lies more with A-Rob. I love A-Rob but seeing him with his head in his hands on the sideline after the picks was tough, he knows he messed up - I hate how we can't put games away, play calling seemed a lot less aggressive second half and obviously two turnovers are going to let the Giants back in it - Thought the defense was much better this week. Wish Pagano would blitz more but Quinn made a big difference on the third downs. Only gave up 13 points and taking the ball away twice? That's damn good stuff. We know we're gonna have to wing it a bit with no decent NT this season, but when Dion Lewis came in he still only averaged 2.0 yards a carry. I know it's Dion Lewis and a really poor Giants OL, but still gotta stop them, and we did. - The more we run the ball, the less we might see of Miller. Wims is in there because he's huge and can block now we're focusing on the run much more. - David Montgomery is very good. He has a chance to put up good numbers this season if Castillo's scheme continues its good work. - I can't believe we've signed a failed first round tackle in Ifedi, stuck him at guard and it's working so well. Yeah fair play on that one Mr Pace. - Jaylon Johnson and Darnell Mooney can play, we had no first round pick and three of our draft picks our playing a lot already, with these two guys as starters. Seriously excited to see how they both continue to improve the rest of the season - I'm loving this under center/play action style on offense. This is playing to Mitch's strengths. Credit to the offensive coaching staff for changing the offense and finding what suits the QB. Now just put it together for four quarters please
  15. I'm about to take Hufflepuff to the top of the ******* wizarding world. I've only got a moderate passing interest in Harry Potter, but I'm so keen for this game.
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