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  1. Favorite Player Not on Your Team

    Taysom Hill is genuinely up there.
  2. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    Titans v Niners. Though it doesn't matter who they play, the Titans have been chosen by the Football Gods to win the Superbowl this year.
  3. Random Bears THOTs

    Makes sense with the amount of money they've invested in upgrading Halas Hall, players on Twitter seem to be pretty happy about it too. Just sucks for the fans, gonna be way less tickets available at Halas Hall by the sounds of it.
  4. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    Ok Chicago I like this. DeFilippo has been an awful OC but really pleased with bringing him in as QB coach. Lazor surely then has a bigger part to play in the run game than we thought, Castillo must be focusing on OL alone rather than implementing the run game, or else with Ragone as passing co-ordinator, what does Lazor even bring apart from being an extra mind in the room? Hoping this doesn't mean we're going after Foles...
  5. Ah man, one of my favorite players to watch in the league. Everytime he played he seemed like the smartest guy on the field - as well as being bigger, stronger, and faster than everyone else. He's definitely going in to the Hall of Fame, and deservedly so.
  6. Free Agent QB Discussion

    2018 Trubisky got us to 12-4 and a Division Title, if that's what we're getting then sign me up. And Dalton is comfortably better than 2019 Trubisky, with Dalton in 2019 we'd probably have been in double digit wins and back playing January football. Dalton is bang average, but he's shown he can actually run an offense competently (which Mitch can't right now), and bang average gets us to ten wins. It makes me sad how on board I would be with Dalton on the 2020 Bears. God damn it Mitch
  7. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Heard a stat this morning that Rodgers completed every pass he threw over ten yards against Seattle, he's not having that kind of success against San Fran. GB's offense struggles getting to the mid-20s, they're playing a defense that was on fire last time out, and they're gonna need ~30 at least. Head says Niners, heart says... Niners. But there's some weird vibe in these playoffs, just knock them out would you please San Fran? Doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things anyway, Titans have already won the Superbowl.
  8. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC; John DeFiliippo as QB coach

    He won't be doing that in Chicago anyway. Anyone know what his run games were like? Main duty of the Bears OC is designing and implementing the run game apparently, which is why Helfrich got fired. Saw Lazor had some decent success with Lamar Miller in his first year in Miami, but that was a good few years ago now.
  9. We're no where near bad enough to be picking early enough to get Lawrence in 2021.
  10. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    Underwhelmed, but understandable that we weren't able to get a big name in as OC. Saw on Twitter that his offenses have never been higher than 22nd in rush attempts, though he's never been OC a team with a winning record so he may have done some serious playing from behind. Good to see that he's had success with YPC when the run game has been used - in his one full year with Miami as well, Lamar Miller had comfortably the best season of his career: most yards he'd ever had, joint-highest TDs and highest YPC by a mile. Would have been really pleased with Shurmur, would have been cautiously excited about Kafka. I don't know enough about Lazor apart from checking stats and remembering him getting some praise in 2017 when he replaced Zampese in Cincy. So I guess I'll wait and see.
  11. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Because it looks like the worst thing ever and it's somehow still a thing, who doesn't love a plucky underdog?
  12. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    I only see the commercials because I'm in the UK, but I'm kind of so proud that God Friended Me got a second season
  13. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Derrick Henry's gonna have 300 yards against this KC defense next week
  14. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Momentum is the best player in the NFL
  15. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Here we go sports fans