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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Another guy who's smarter than the rest of the room... The post I responded to specifically dealt with drafting first round offensive skill players. Instead of taking offense to my post, maybe read it again and see that I was specifically looking at how first round picks have been used and making the comment that there hasnt been any first round picks used on offensive skill positions and when you actually look at how the Packers have fared using the strategy the poster is actually asking for, theres a lot to be desired. I'm not calling for irrational changes in the front office or even being overly critical. As for being mathematically challenged, I'm ok with that given that I'm fairly certain this is my ex-girlfriend trolling me because she literally would find that comment to be funny... which its not... so you can see the problem.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    You say this as if there is a proven record with this team having success with their recent early round selections. Hopefully the 2019 class willl experience the same level of success as the 2018 class, but lets not forget the wasted 1st round picks/reaches that are no longer with the team, completely ignoring the chance to invest in even ONE offensive skill position in the 1st since drafting Rodgers. When there has been a lack of elite playmakers being added in the early rounds of the draft or in FA, and then you look back at how those picks were used and there are so many names that have been 'busts' by NFL standards, I dont think we can second guess people wanting to see a little better return on their investment than what we have seen in the past 10 years. There is entirely way too much poopooing the opinions of those who don't subscribe blindly to strategies that some may want to discuss the lack of, to use your example, investing a first round draft pick on an offensive skill player. Sometimes there is a desire just to discuss why an offensive skill position isn't the best choice at the end of the first this year. Although, a quick jab response completely void of reasoning why you use the pick on something else is a close second. Every offseason you will have examples of teams investing heavy on one side or the other. Discussing it and how it applies in your teams scenario will not lose you style points.
  3. I agree that Elgton easily wins the OG job in camp and becomes a fixture on the OL, first at RG, and then, when the RT of the future that we draft in 2020 is a better and more consistent RG, Elgton starts week 5 in 2020 at RT and retires in 2030 still anchoring the RT spot...
  4. I love how I begin a thought, become distracted by earlier thought on Twitter that was not buttoned up, return to forum and someone has carried my initial thought/point through to completion. Those who are following my progressions are expecting me to resurrect the name Darrius Heyward-Bey, the WR from Maryland who ran a 4.30 40 at the combine and leap-frogged the rest of the WR class and was selected 7th overall by Oakland. It was interesting to interpret the value of which workout results are still carrying prospects into a earlier round or how measurables (height/weight) have less of a significance when packaged with strong agility tests or insane 40yd times by a 5'8 slot receiver result in a 3rd Round selection, but also remember not only is the guy liquid fire fast, a savvy route runner, has a resume showing that he has done this at a high level, and, just in case... he is the smartest man on whatever field he plays on. If you remove any single attribute listed above, the draft gods likely drop him a few rounds. DK Metcalf went in the 3rd, AJ Brown, a little shorter, a touch 'not as fast', a creepy trolling of Steve Smith Sr at the combine that might have been flirting with him in a weird display of confidence. And Isabella, who I really plan to follow. Any of those guys could have gone in the 1st and for whatever reason, one went first etc. It was fun to watch as rules were rewritten, and then speed, talent, and the best display by a WR was rewarded with going in the 1st round, Marquise Brown. With the spread of where these top prospects were actually drafted, I thought we'd see the Green Bay Packers draft a WR in the 2nd or 3rd because of less implied risk. But I bet there was something else that scared us. Because we need to watch trends instead of interpreting temperature fluctuations, and Bahk farted when an intern was coerced into letting him run thru the buffet and instead of compiling the data someone wanted to collect, AJ Brown went undrafted, for example, and now were back to stockpiling "Weapons" in Round 6.
  5. Remember when a sub 4.4 40yd by WR almost assured not only a 1st day selection, but usually a top 10 pick. The deep WR class is keeping owners honest but I thought for sure Parris Campbell's 40 time got him into the first.
  6. Dude, its not entirely your fault, it's your name, Jaegybomber...
  7. I like Jenkins a lot... Not gonna lie, with the 2 fourth rounders off the board as of now I really felt that #44 would allow us to get WR weapon that wont be there next round. Jenkins can play anywhere on the line.
  8. I'm guessing it has something to do with your chronic detergent allergies that you 'greased' to get you on stage to announce GB's pick at #44 with Jeff Rosen from Rosen Nissan (as well as Rosen Palms Movie Shed and Overnight Pet GetAway) and not a chronic attractiveness problem-- either way, someone paid her to smile at you... (unprovoked this year!)
  9. Trade down and draft David Sills V with AJ Brown, DK and Parris on the Board..
  10. Wait, is that still not public knowledge this year?
  11. Mel is nasty.. often need to pay off the wait staff. He now owns it. That satellite dish hair is 35lbs of sexy but thats one of those roads I'll just avoid. The Kiper Karousel right in the middle of the Draft Village should be avoided if 55+ male nudity is not your thing... why does ESPN cave to his demands?
  12. GREEN BAY PACKERS 2019 NFL Draft - DAY 2 Day Two - OFFENSIVE WEAPON - The board has some intriguing Offensive Weapons and it lines up perfectly with where the Packers will be picking and how the Board looks like it will fall. This pick is 90% WR or Irv Smith. Round 2, Pick 12 (44 overall): a. AJ Brown WR Ole Miss b. Irv Smith TE Alabama c. Parris Campbell WR Ohio State d. Trade Back, recoup 3rd or 4th Round pick, Select: Jachai Polite DE Florida (If the players listed above are gone in the first few picks, I like everyone's ex-girlfriend, J Polite DE Florida) OFFENSIVE LINE - Unloading both 4th Rounders ties our hands and means we need an OT with this pick, especially if Round 2 is an offensive weapon. Max Scharping or Yodney Cajuste. Michael Deiter can play anywhere along the line. Round 3, Pick 11 (75 overall): All options in Round 3 follow trading back to recoup a 4th Round Pick Trade Back, recoup 4th Round pick, Select: a. Max Scharping OT N Illinois b. Yodney Cajuste OT West Virginia c. Michael Deiter OL Wisconsin Round 4, Recouping: If Round 2 results in a WR, then TE. If the pick was Irv Smith TE, then WR. If OT is BPA. a. Andy Isabella WR UMASS / Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina b. Josh Oliver TE San Jose St/ Jace Sternberger Texas A&M BOOK IT! Because we need to remember that the Packers do it their way, it is almost guaranteed that by the end of the draft, _________________ will be a Packer. I'll say: David Sills V WR West Virginia Day 2 really needs to produce a WR that can be the weapon Rodgers needs as well as a TE that can stretch the field and there were only 3 in this draft that are sure things, and now we are down to one
  13. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I really hope so because he did nothing to address the lack of production for the entire year. You kinda want to hear that his people directed him to do as little as possible without hurting his stock. If that happens I think I can leave the rest of my questions about why building his brand had such a negative affect on his production. If it was the shoulder, then we need to know where its at. The fact that those that evaluated him, whether for NFL channel or the websites, magazines, etc all had extremely high grades for him, #2 or #3 DE consistently and believe his talent can stand alone and will not be affected negatively by his lack of production or injury questions. I mean, in the past I am bothered by any situation I can recall where an EDGE is considered a Top 5 talent, drawn comparisons to Jadeveon Clowney, but is said has never lived up to the hype. Now that he is branded with that, no excuses. He must meet those expectations. Everything he has done was to prepare for his arrival on this stage. We all support him, time is now.
  14. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I didn't know that Gute felt that Safety wasn't as deep as many others did. Then the move makes total sense... Thats what I was looking for because my understanding was again, a deep class without a clear #1. I love the scouting reports I have read so far. Hes the only guy I can remember being referred to as a 4-down player as well as having a terrific football character. I tend to question how things like this come together and play out. Ive never been a fan of 'trusting an unproven GM'.. or a proven one, for that matter. Ted proved that he did not deserve the trust that was placed in him.
  15. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    I get that. I'm not upset with the pick. Its clear that the Packers staff is convinced Savage needed to be a Packer by the end of the day. I'm just saying that there is a long list of really talented Safeties that the most respected evaluators varied in their top prospects and none of them stamped one of the group as a clear favorite.. actually, I think Draftek had Thornhill with a top 20 grade in their final Big Board. Look its obvious the Packers had a much higher grade on Savage. And apparently I must have misrepresented my understanding of Football and the nuances that vary from system to system. While I appreciate that you're eager to offer your opinion, but I respectfully don't agree that the evaluations by scouting departments and the people hired by magazines, websites, etc who were once employed by NFL Scouting Depts is not going to be as pronounced as you describe. Understanding that teams will target system specific skill sets, the skill sets between the 8 Safeties graded 1-2round were not that pronounced. Now that I see that they were able to retain their 2nd and 3rd round picks makes me like the move more than when I feared we lost a 2nd/3rd. Its still a move that doesn't make a ton of sense because Savage and Gardner-Johnson are actually very similar in that they both excel in the slot, have the versatility and range to play both FS and SS and both check all boxes with very few weaknesses. Still, I trust my initial reaction and honestly would have been fine with Gardner-Johnson at 30, or 42. But I appreciate that you believe these scouts to be of the magic variety but I would caution putting that kind of blind faith into a staff that gave away a Max Scharping OT (4th) and Dru Samia OG (4th) and a 6'2 FS who can also cover the slot in Mike Bell from Fresno State. My scenario should also include AJ Brown WR Miss. Can we both agree that my concern is not only valid, but that neither of us can say what that xfactor is that GB saw... most of that stuff is very well communicated from coast to coast by now. Look, my initial reaction was not that crazy of a thought given that the accepted opinions that were floating around suggested that there wasnt a clear #1 Safety Prospect and that Safety was a very deep position, maybe the deepest. 10/10 if I hear a specific position being described like that, I dont expect the Green Bay Packers to view that scenario and then jump 9 places when there wasnt a clear #1. Again, apparently there was. I like the pick but I dont believe my initial reaction should be dismissed so quickly, it's not a move that can be explained when the bigger picture is revealed.