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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    In reviewing various draft analysis of EDGE rushers projected to go in the 1st Round, I've seen some experts say that Clelin Ferrell is strictly a 4-3 DE. Is this an accurate assessment of the type of player he is? If he were to fall to 12, is he someone that we consider passing on because of the limitations he has on the EDGE or can he succeed without having his hand in the dirt? Given the questions surrounding Ferrell and Polite, does Brian Burns become the better prospect given our defensive scheme? I tend to see Burns fall into the next tier of EDGE rushers down when compared with Ferrell, Polite, and even Sweat but in comparing notes its hard to find something not to like with Burns. Thoughts?
  2. Lieker's Mock Draft 2.0 2019

    I appreciate the effort and thoughtful application here. Omenihu was not on my radar before reading this mock as the measurables don't jump out as someone that follows the mold of the usual suspects we all have become accustomed to discussing and seeing mocked to the Packers. In the little bit of digging I've done on him as a result of seeing him mocked here, I am intrigued. Kudos for unmasking another Nasir Adderley to put in this years Draft Darling / Gem competition discussion.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I'd like to ask for some input on how you think the Packers address the WR position. I like what I see as far as the potential from MVS and EQ but its no secret that the lack of experience with the group was an issue. Issues with routes, finding a way to get open, and extend plays for Rodgers were all rookie mistakes that I believe will be corrected with game experience. We always draft a mid-round prospect. Do you think we use an early round pick to provide Rodgers with a redzone threat? Do we focus on the development with MVS and EQ and address the WR position in FA? The WR position has got some intriguing prospects that look to start coming off the board in the late first and spike in the early to mid second round before the guys that I see as feature receivers are off the board by the beginning of round 3. I have seen enough variation in rankings to indicate that there isnt a clear #1 prospect among the experts but its also clear that the same 5 at the top of the position have separated themselves from the rest. Top 10 (Top64 potential) 1. DK Metcalf Ole Miss 2.JJ Arcega-Whiteside Stanford 3. NKeal Harry ASU 4. AJ Brown Ole Miss 5. Kelvin Harmon NC State Metcalf has the highest ceiling of the prospects possessing elite speed and the skill set, measurables and intangibles to be the next elite WR. Metcalf suffered a season ending neck injury. Ive seen Stanfords Arcega-Whiteside projected anywhere from mid 1st to 3rd. The buzz around him is that he is the other top tier wideout prospect that has all the tools to be a top 5 WR in the league. He is also the prospect that is associated with having an issue with drops. Any other notes that I could provide on these guys would be the opinions taken right out of their draft profiles. Is there a prospect you like at a specific round for the Packers? I am concerned with the talent level we have provided for Rodgers because its become a thing inside the locker room. Davante had the breakout WR 1 superstar campaign and was on a noticeably different level than the other WR. I like our young depth but I want to see another established veteran FA addition to complement Adams. If we dont add another starter via FA I like the two guys I mentioned above in the second round. This class is hard to gauge given how they grade out. A source with Pittsburgh confirmed Sunday that Antonio Brown is on the trade market. He is the obviously the biggest name at the position. Golden Tate is the only other WR 1 FA
  4. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    Khalil Mack is an elite NFL superstar who probably had the most significant impact of any single player on the improved success of his new team. A player of his magnitude comes along every 10+ years and the opportunity to add him to your roster without a hefty penalty is an opportunity that requires at least a serious look. Adding Mack to their roster has had a significant impact on the entire team. To argue against this is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as stating that multiple Macks will result from this draft class. The prospects you mentioned are talented but no where near the level of Mack and while it is possible, to dominate in the fashion that Mack has is only achieved once every 10 years. There is so much missing from your assessment, including the humility to recognize when you start believing your own hype over a widely accepted belief that is shared by the best minds in the game. This is gotta be how PFF started, right?
  5. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    I am making the argument that I believe that this is the year to make that move and that I believe Bosa is the prospect. (Allen and Oliver are included in this as well) I understand the football philosophy that you are referencing and I agree that this isnt the typical model for draft day trades; however, Bosa is a player on that level where this works. I believe that the opportunity should be pursued if its there. I also took the opportunity to argue that the Packers conservative attitude towards draft day trades and the involvement in FA should be reevaluated as the list of GB Round 1 picks that have been busts is shocking.
  6. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    #1. I am not going to feel bad about loving our Jaire Alexander pick in last years draft. Jamal Reynolds was drafted EIGHTEEN years ago... we have two first round picks in the last 18 years that we are not ashamed of... I will gamble with a couple of those if it means a better than average shot at a ProBowl Edge Rusher. #2. Lets not defend how truly terrible some of these-- MOST of these picks have been by saying our 1st Rounders grade out more like 2nd Rounders.. Ok then, lets trade a couple of those 2nd round grades for a bonafide first round talent. #3. I agree that we are in a pretty bad situation when it comes to WANT v NEED with this team. I am surprised just how wrong we all were when assessing the depth of the team and judging the ceilings of a lot of these guys. I was very happy with last years draft, especially 1st/2nd Jaire/Josh... I remember when they announced the pick thinking that Ted never would have touched this guy because of the difference in size of what amounts to a finger nail.. Each pick was someone I had researched and wasnt 'cute' or 'smartest guy in the room' but the picks made sense and the guys werent drafted to play a different position, etc Correct me if Im wrong (I'm not...) EQ had a late 1st/2nd round grade for most of the time leading up to the draft I am actually a fan of the process and trusting our scouts and grading measurables. I'm not a Packer fan that looks for greener pastures or can't respect how good our team has been over the last 25 years. But I was not a blind 'White Wizard' apologist and there were a few moves that he should have been made to answer for. Just to put the bookend on where I was coming from, I am for utilizing the value of future 1st Round Draft Picks to move us up in the 1st to get one of the premiere EDGE rushers. I just didn't realize how much I want to see our GM do this because seeing how historically bad our track record is I think we should probably be open to ideas that are different from the previous leadership and don't have 20 years of evidence that support trading every future 1st round pick because the value these picks have are at their highest when they have the potential to be shipped somewhere else.
  7. Mock Offseason.... A little Different on DL

    Excellent approach... I came across Nasir Adderley S Delaware while reading the prospect profiles on the Draftnetwork site and became convinced that he is someone we should pursue. In the past week I have seen his draft stock falling anywhere from 5th round to now possibly sneaking into the end of the 1st Round
  8. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    What happens when we invest multiple 1st round picks and trade for an elite talent/ a generational talent that is widely considered a can't miss talent.. and THAT guy that I'm describing busts? Nothing is a for sure thing but I like my chances and if after weighing pro/cons and vetting every step of the process along the way, I cant imagine there would be a lot of regrets. We have tried the conservative route with our top picks and I'm ok with risking the safety of drafting Kevin King because these safe picks havent helped our team at all... in fact, passing on the safe pick for an even safer pick because that pick is a CB and the years leading up to the Kevin King pick hadnt produced a return on the early selections used to address the secondary.. so we had to address the need... again... at the same position. What happens when a calculated risk is taken on trading multiple 1st Rounders for a generational talent where a relatively low risk could provide a lift to your team that could be.. dare I say a 'galvanizing move' by the front office that will influence the direction this team takes for the next 10 years. Is it worth risking the Damarious Randalls, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Datone Jones, Nick Perrys, Derrick Sherrods, Justin Harrells, Jamal Reynolds... Read those names again and ask how can we justify not subjecting ourselves to our annual kick to pants we seem to reserve for ourselves every April? One could argue that not investing in trading two or three first round draft picks for Nick Bosa, a player that is considered by just about everyone as the best talent in this draft, is a detriment to this team and will almost ensure that we will have to tear down and rebuild this team by getting a top 5 pick organically. DATONE... DAMARIOUS... now that I see the evidence on paper, no argument can be made that supports anything less than a calculated plan of attack to obtain a pick between pick #2 and #5 with the express reasoning of moving into that position is to draft an elite prospect on the defensive side of the football who is considered an elite prospect when it comes to rushing the passer. Bosa, Oliver, or Josh Allen
  9. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    Draft Crush: Nasir Adderley S Delaware -- (Thanks to the guys over at the Draft Network) FA: Antonio Brown ... (just going off of local sports talk rumors) A splash will be needed in both FA and the Draft to put us back in the conversation in the NFC. Someone mentioned Josh Allen's name as a 'crush that is out of our league' and I really hope that our Front Office has a little more vision than the previous administration and I hope we see the willingness to at least see what it takes to get a seat at the table. We will be drafting at least two EDGE rushers and theres a good chance that the previous EDGE incumbents (Matthews/Perry) are done in the Green and Gold-- and to put it another way, regardless of what these two do, GB needs at minimum one starter and probably two and they better produce otherwise Rodgers arsenal wont be able to score at the pace the Packers DEF will be allowing opposing offenses. If Bosa or Oliver can be had at a cost that reasonably follows what we have been seeing in these forums, then I want my GM seeing what it takes to land the closest to a sure thing in this draft and where our needs are the greatest and where we can get the most out of the positions we draft and who we target in FA Given the history of the previous GM squandering 1st Round picks by making bad picks, drafting oft injured prospects, and reaching for talent in the 1st round. Additionally, the NFL is not as exposed as far as draft capital results are concerned, at least compared to the NBA. The Nick Perry experiment was painful and its time to see a GM be a little aggressive in addressing the issues we are all talking about. If the value is there, ie Bosa for a dowry of picks or maybe a couple of first rounders and second -- if the works for the Bears with Mack then we should see the same creative thought process. If my team doesnt think that Mack is worth everything the Bears gave up plus more-- then someone get Brian the hell out of 1265. Chicago had the vision to make that deal for Mack happen and we better appreciate that Chicago saw the opportunity and made it happen. Our guys need to go for the throat when thats what is called for with Mack and if Bosa is available for a reasonable cost, then you make it happen... I don't mind investing multiple 1st Rounders to ensure that we invest in a blue chip talent like Bosa, Oliver, or Josh Allen. There are other names that will be called on day one and two but the drop off in the third and fourth means two of our first four picks could be on a pass rusher. The likelihood of using multiple early picks on EDGE defenders seems to be a very good approach especially when we are seeing what the top of the 2019 FA class is looking at commanding based on the previous years $15mil+.. or we invest multiple draft picks into a 'sure thing' and start seeing how the pieces come together when you are getting to the QB.
  10. Moderators 1,572 59,178 posts Happy New Year! You can call me Bang! I have been a member of this community since March of 2005. I have experienced the highs and lows with most of you, only I did so without sharing my opinion... That will probably change as and I look forward to getting involved in the chatter... (Remember the FA thread for Randy Moss that had more activity than anyone would have thought. About me: Your life Username: Bang! Age: 30s State you were born in: WI State you live in now: WI Something unique about you: I'm always just enough out in front of the curve that I usually dont recognize it and I just answered any question relating to taking advantage of opportunities Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 1989. Before '89 I was a huge 49ers fan thanks to the NFL Yearbook my Uncle in Columbus OH brought as a gift for me. I read that reference book front to back and became a huge Joe Montana fan because he led the league in TDs with 31. Don Majkowski made the Packers relevant again and I was in the right place at the right time to join the rest of the neighborhood in chanting "REGGIE!!!" What made you become a fan: See above Favorite current Packers: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Bahk, Jaire and Josh All-time favorite Packers: Rodgers, Favre, Matthews, Reggie, Chuck Cecil, Charles Woodson Favorite moment in team history: Super Bowl victory in 1996-97 Your interests Other favorite teams: Brewers, Bucks Hobbies outside of football: Women, Music, Architecture Favorite movie: Star Wars Favorite TV Show: meh Favorite band: Superdrag, Killers, Beatles, Stones Heimdallr likes this Quote