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  1. I think every adult should go back and watch Mr Rogers Neighborhood, or at least take some time and read Fred Rogers quotes. Then everybody should go out and live by the lessons he gave.
  2. The Car Thread

    Check your oil. If you’ve burned a quart, it’s time to change it. If not, you’re good. 8,000km should be about the time you would consider it on a car that new. The deal ships like to tell you more frequently because it makes them more money. if you check it, and it’s black, smells burnt, and is below the low line on the dipstick, change it.
  3. That looks like something you'd see at the Winchester Mystery House.
  4. Alcohol Thread!

    Whisky and tequila are very similar in that a bad one is really bad, mid grade is a mixer, and the good stuff can be sipped on. You wouldn't sip on Jack Daniel's, or Johnny Red, same goes for Cuervo and Patron. Get something good from Mexico, and it's easy to do. I can't even get Cuervo close to my face without gagging, and I can sip on good stuff.
  5. The Car Thread

    Brakes should be $150-$200. Transmission fluid change will be $80-$150. Do the plugs yourself.
  6. Go do some fun things as a group. Escape room, laser tag, bowling, paintball..., then go drinking. You can also do things like a food tour, brewery/distillery tour, and those are usually during the day. You can call it whatever you what, but you're a maid of honor. People look at you weird when you say "man of honor", but they just laugh and accept it when you just go with maid of honor. Worked out much easier that way when I did it. They wouldn't let me wear a dress though.
  7. Alcohol Thread!

    It's kind of like beer when you want to do it right, but there's less cocktail glasses. I would do a rocks/old fashioned/whiskey glass, a coupe, a highball, martini glass, and a champagne flute. Should be able to cover all of you bases with that set.
  8. Alcohol Thread!

    Muddle a sugar cube with 2 dashes of Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Bitters, or Angostura Aromatic bitters, and a dash of orange bitters until the sugar is dissolved. Mix in 2oz of rye, or bourbon. Drop in a big ice cube. Express an orange peel over the glass, and drop it in. If you want good recipe books for traditional cocktails buy the Jerry Thomas Bartender’s Guide 1887 edition, American Bar, the Savoy Cocktail Book, and Contraband Cocktails: How America Drank When It Wasn’t Supposed To. The last one is a little history book, with some classic recipes at the end.
  9. You might be the only person that still cares.
  10. The Car Thread

    Winter tires are definitely worth the investment. The stopping distance is way less, and the cornering is way better, in snow and ice. You also get a lot more grip when it's 40 or below. If you only drive around the city, and they're good about plowing, you can probably just leave the AS on. If you have hills, and ice, and they don't plow the area you live fast, get the snow tires. If you swap them at the right times, you can get a lot of life out of both.
  11. What does everyone do for a living?

    What kind of work is it that you want to do, or at least think you want to do? Even specifying security still leaves a very broad field. As far as the certs, they're going to be more important than degrees in most cases. The problem is that they can be specialized, and crazy expensive. There are some that can get your foot in the door, and not cost a lot, but they're not going to get you something really high paying.
  12. Alcohol Thread!

    Which one?
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    Everything about this feels wrong. Scotch has a lot going on already, and doesn't need the extra that the leftovers from an IPA barrel would give. I could see doing a bourbon that way, but then it couldn't be a bourbon because of the barrel.
  14. The Car Thread

    I get that, but there are people that can do the work on their car in the garage without making a mess out of the neighborhood. I don’t think that somebody working on their car, or restoring one, in their garage should be able to be fined if they open the door and somebody sees it. That’s HOA garbage
  15. The Car Thread

    Don’t work on your car if you live in Sacramento https://jalopnik.com/sacramento-county-says-its-illegal-to-work-on-your-own-1836085130