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  1. I don't know that I agree, but I also don't know that I can find a good enough disagreement to convince even myself.
  2. You can respectfully disagree that Krispy Kreme is better than Dunkin’, or Domino’s is better than Pizza Hut, but disagreeing about a virus that is killing people, and ruining other people’s lives is dangerous. You can believe what you want, or don’t want, just stay home, and don’t spread bad information. If you actually did research, you’d see that they started making a vaccine for the common cold (a form of coronavirus) in the 1930’s, they were working on a SARS vaccine (another form of coronavirus) when it broke out, and they’ve been doing mRNA research for years. That gives the data they u
  3. The 5G isn't for you. It's the remote connection to the mind control device. If you knew it was there, you may try to resist the voices.
  4. Yeah, but are clear sinuses really worth the E. coli?
  5. How stubborn does somebody have to be that they're not having a "Come to Jesus" moment when walking up, or sending somebody, to a feed store to get dewormer to take for a virus that has been killing people worldwide for almost 2 years?
  6. The way they’re talking about the Maverick, you’d think it was the size of early 80’s Toyota pickups. Being smaller is great, but it’s still not exactly a small vehicle.
  7. https://jalopnik.com/stop-saying-the-ford-maverick-is-small-its-not-1847575246
  8. So if a doctor was going to perform surgery on you, and didn't put on a mask, you'd be fine with it because it doesn't prevent anything?
  9. It’s definitely a function over form thing, but the convince factor is a win. I sold cars when I was 21-22, and I used to have to drive the vans for dealer trades. I learned early that they were comfortable, and great road trip vehicles. I also didn’t grow up with one, so I don’t have the nostalgic hate. My manhood is also not attached to my vehicle, no matter what it is. No matter how nice your vehicle is, somebody rich has something nicer, or will pay to have someone make them something nicer, so you can never win. I would have recommended the Odyssey a couple of years ago, but it was a sl
  10. Sometimes demonstration is the answer. Go look at both a van and a mid-size crossover. Put something bigger in the back with the 3rd row up, go sit in that 3rd row, fold the seats up and look at the space. The difference is pretty amazing in a van's favor. SUVs are the fallback option for people that won't admit they need a van, and they don't do anything as well. The stigma of a van is usually the problem. Nobody wants to be a "soccer mom", but if you look at kids' soccer games, vans aren't the option anymore. It's a sea of the same crossovers, but with different badging. If I still
  11. https://gizmodo.com/tiktoks-algorithm-is-speeding-up-the-spread-of-covid-19-1847512268 That's why
  12. It can and will definitely end. If people are here to talk about it is what to be worried about. That, and whatever mutation will finally create zombies. Then the first one again.
  13. Are you on Rumspringa or something? Because that would be awesome
  14. Agreed. Lines are bing crossed, and this is done if continues.
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