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  1. Gallbladder surgery

    It doesn't have to be real fatty, so don't be too confident when eating anything at first. Definitely don't eat bacon or a ribeye though. A bacon cheeseburger before a baseball game with coworkers is what put me over the edge. Hope my experience helps. My mom is actually getting ready to have the surgery, so it was fresh in my brain from telling her about a week ago. Hope it all goes well for you.
  2. Gallbladder surgery

    I've actually had my gallbladder out 11 years ago, so I can share my experience. What I went through with the surgery wasn't typical, so don't think yours will be the same. I actually showed no symptoms until a couple of days before. I started having pain on Friday night, and had the surgery Monday. Mine was completely packed with a few hundred small stones, and it was gangrenous. The surgery took about double the time as normal because of the way they had to get it out, without it falling apart. Everybody involved was pretty surprised that I wasn't having way more problems for a long time before. The surgical recovery wasn't as bad as I expected. I was sore for about a week, but I could sit and walk around the house on the second day. I even went to a minor league baseball game on the 4th-5th day after surgery. I didn't have stitches, and neither did a few other people I know that have had it done. The digestion part isn't fun. Eat as light as you can for the first week, and slowly add back anything fatty. Basically, you're going to poop. A lot. A lot, a lot. Usually faster than you can prepare yourself for. There are times when it's 5-10 minutes from mouth to exit. Fatty foods make it way worse. I would limit spicy stuff for a while too. There's a long period where "silent but deadly" takes on a literal meaning. You have the right idea about what foods to cut out. It took a while before I could just eat normally, but you can add stuff in slowly to see how you do. Just make sure you have a clear line to sprint to the bathroom (not kidding) at all times for a few weeks. I don't remember any real pain after eating something, but your stomach will let you know what you did wrong. Good luck with everything.
  3. The Car Thread

    It's weird how people have an attachment to old cars, even if they were way before our time. You saw "History decaying", when in reality it was just a mass produced (for the time) product, that was meant to be disposable. I totally get it too. There's something about old cars that give you feeling that aren't there about new cars. In 50 years, nobody is going to walk by an F150 or Silverado, and be sad that it's rotting. Even back in the 80's-90's, cars from the 50's-60's were cool. Nobody feels the same about a car from 2000, and with a few exceptions, nobody ever will.
  4. The Car Thread

    Nope. Even if you did, it probably wouldn't handle the pressure of ignition. Good news is that if it's an old truck, you can get a 350/351/360 crate engine for a reasonable price.
  5. Show me Fry in a green jacket, Leela with red hair, a gold Bender, and a blue Zoidberg, or I don’t believe it.
  6. The Car Thread

    You don’t have to take it back to where you bought it. The warranty is through Subaru, not the dealership. Extended warranties can be different, but you’re nowhere close to that yet. If your tune doesn’t effect the warranty, is one that stays on an OBD2 device, or stays hidden, have them look at the knocking. That shouldn’t be happening with, or without, the tune. If it’s engine related, it would definitely be covered
  7. The Car Thread

    Depends on the price. It's going to have old car stuff go wrong, but the engine in those things go forever (If it's the 4cyl 22R). If it was taken care of, and only has 120k, it's good reliable transportation. Value is hard on something like that. It's almost a 35yr old car, that isn't a collectable. It's just a good car. I looked at a couple sites, and I saw two of the same year. Both are really clean in the pictures, had just a little more miles, and they were asking $9k (125k miles) for one, $6,500 (140k miles) for the other. I wouldn't pay that, since they were $11k brand new, but $2-$3k would be worth it.
  8. The Car Thread

    It sounds like you're trying to find the balance between tuning your car, and reliability. There really isn't one. Every time you add more power, you put more stress on the entire drivetrain. While it might be able to handle it, it's still wearing things down faster. You also kill resale value by tuning a car because nobody wants a car that somebody else tuned. Dealerships also don't care if you put $200k into it, they're not paying for your work on it if you try to trade it in. If it's your daily driver, and you're not tracking it, don't go too far with upgrades. If you are tracking it, and it's your daily, you might want to reconsider. Especially with a car that expensive. I personally say to wait until the warranty runs out, and the car is paid off, before tuning it. After that, have a blast. 1. Neither really does enough the power to matter. It's more about the sound. You're still building pressure when you're on the gas either way. 2. Subarus are all pretty reliable, but the STi is at the bottom of their list. They took a 177HP engine, and tuned it to 340HP. It's a lot of extra stress, even if they did try to upgrade things to handle it. I know there was a higher than average total engine failure with the 2019 specifically, but everything else I've heard about was the little stuff that could go wrong with any Subaru. 3. Who's tune did you get? You really shouldn't have knocking on a stage 1. Most stage 1 stuff shouldn't make you change anything. It should just be a bump in power and/or economy. 4. I'm on the opposite side. If you want less problem, buy less things. 5. It sucks to have to go out right now, but they get really picky with a car under warranty. It's probably something simple, like replacing the switch. If you mess with it, or replaced the switch yourself, and it causes any problems, they could completely void the warranty. You could do everything right, but there was something wrong with the part you bought, and it did something as stupid as blow a fuse, they could just blame you for everything. It sucks, but it's usually best to let them fix anything that would be under warranty.
  9. Jerry looking like he's aged 20 in the last 5
  10. Chargers don't draft OL high
  11. I can deal with rain, and don’t mind it most of the time. When it’s that type of rain, I can’t get myself warm. I would take a hot shower to warm up, but then couldn’t dry off, and it starts all over again. I’d be the weird guy that would summer on the west coast, and winter in CO, but don’t ski/snowboard.
  12. Because 50 with dense, wet, fog, and/or rain is actually pretty cold. Where I moved from in CA was a cooler climate than SD, but I’m colder there than in CO when we go home in the winter.
  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    This thread is done next time there’s a treatment mentioned without an article from the CDC, or WHO.
  14. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I told my wife that in a few years social distancing will be a way for parents to explain divorce. Mom - Remember social distancing? Kid - Yes Mom - Well, Mommy and Daddy will be doing that again, but just with each other. If you remember what isolation is, Daddy will be living like that for the rest of his life.