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  1. Infinite Discs, OTB, Disc Golf Center, Truly Unique, DZ Discs, Discovering The World, Marshall Street, Sun King, Another Round, The Disc Barn, Gotta Go Gotta Throw, and then every manufacturer sells from their site. Those are just the online shops I can think of without stopping. There’s many, many, more. The first 3 are the biggest. Truly Unique and Another Round always have stuff in plastics that nobody else gets. Discovering the World is the original, and I can remember ordering from them in ‘99-‘00
  2. Branch out before you make a big switch. There's so much out there now that it's harder to rely on one brand, and these smaller companies are starting to push out great stuff. I throw Trilogy stuff because of the plastics, and the rim shapes, but there's a lot worth trying out there. If you like Star plastic try stuff in Fusion/Gold Line/Tournament Plastic from Dynamic Discs/Latitude 64/Westside. Kastaplast might have the best feeling plastics out there right now. If you want to try something more like a Zone, a Westside Harp is the closest thing in flight. People also swear by the Kasta
  3. Make sure you like the feel of the Roc before making that change. The Roc can be a great disc, but it feels terrible in a lot of people's hands. I personally can't throw one, and I love throwing mids. I know a lot of people that use the Pig in place of the Zone. I know the Rat isn't nearly as overstable. I know the Shryke is a lot faster than the Scorch, but I think the stability matches up ok. I know a few people that use a Mystere in that slot because the speed matches up better. Any reason to switch to one brand? It's usually a better idea to just throw what you're comforta
  4. People want to see what they could be, not what they are, and marketing departments are happy to make people feel bad about themselves. Models don't match reality. If you go by pictures on clothing sites, or the sizes on the racks in most stores, the average woman would be 5'5" 125lbs, and wear a size 4-6. The reality is that the average woman is 5'3", 170lbs, and wears a 16-18. Most of the women that are considered a plus-size model are smaller than what the average is. The average woman has to shop at a plus-size store. There's a lot wrong with that. Men aren't much different. The aver
  5. If you have an iPhone, go into Settings->Phone->Silence Unknown Callers, and turn it on. Sends any call from a number that's not in your contacts to VM. Just have to remember to turn it off on the days you're waiting for an important call.
  6. Watching car chases on TV is something you don't realize you'll miss until you move out of CA.
  7. I don't know that I'd say it's deceptive. All of the facts are public record, so it's not like they're hiding something. It's more that it doesn't benefit everybody.
  8. I would go with the Logitech Circle stuff if you have an iPhone. It’s secure video that can’t be accessed by anybody but you, it all integrates into iOS well, and it’s actually really good stuff. I’d always go for the stuff that uses HomeKit Secure Video, or has local storage. Ring is the most popular, same with the Echo stuff, but they’ve had a lot of security issues, and Amazon gave a back door for police to access any video they want if they say they need to see something. That’s without your permission too.
  9. The states that don’t have an income tax will make it up somewhere else. It’s either in property taxes, or sales tax. You’ll see some people move to those states because of the tax situation, but it’s not like people are just flooding in for it.
  10. Do you already have other smart devices in your house, and are you using Apple or Android?
  11. Was the Gladiator under sticker?
  12. You guys must be drinking the wrong stuff, and have the wrong people making you drinks with it. I use a lot of clear spirits, and never hide it. Not every drink makes it the star, but you only hide the bad stuff. I'll be around if there's any questions, until then I'm goona go look at the few bottles of gin that I have, figure out what drink I want to make, and figure which of the styles gin I should use to make that drink so the gin is the star.
  13. https://thetakeout.com/wendys-new-fries-review-1847717741
  14. I get a headache every time I hear one of them talk. Does that count?
  15. I recently bought the PS Pulse 3D one, and it’s really good for $100. I moved my PS5 to a different room From my surround system, so I wanted a replacement. Sound quality is good, surround is good, chat is clear, you can seat bias for chat and game audio, and it integrates really well. The bad is that the lows are good, but it’s not a rumbly bass like a surround system, and it’s a little heavy. I’ve always had a pretty good 5.1 system, and these didn’t let me down as a replacement.
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