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  1. Then you look at the trees in most of the state, and there's generally only two types, oak and pine. Pine burns really easy, and oak burns really hot. Perfect combo to keep things moving.
  2. East Coast is very different than the West. I never left CA until I was 26, and I was in 4 states, and DC, in one weekend a couple of years ago when I went to MD. I could drive 12hrs north from where I was, and not get out of CA. I was 2.5-3hrs north of LA too. In 2hrs on the East Coast, I was in 3 different states. I had a friend that moved from CA to San Antonio. He dove back to visit one time. It's around a 22-24 hour drive, and over half of it was in TX.
  3. Next week is good. It means you have time to slow down and realize that you're trying to move to TX, home of @ET80. I get the desire to move, and start a new life, but there are 48 other states that you have to option to go to. Take some time to sit and really think about this, and remember ET is there.....
  4. A lot of people just walking around scanning cool stuff. Find something you know they actually need/want from the registry, or get them something personal. My wife and I knew that one of my friends and his wife really liked to cook together, and watch Food Network. We skipped the registry, and instead got them a bunch of spices from a spice shop, a salt block, and some other little kitchen stuff. They loved it.
  5. Judging by your posts, and misspelling of alcohol, it's probably a little too much.
  6. Should have just drank it instead of sending it to that jackass, and that opinion would definitely change. I'm sure that jackass did, and enjoyed it.
  7. We have a brewery here that has a golden ale that’s real easy to drink. Easy enough that you watch people stumble after a couple. Then you see it’s 8.7%. Very dangerous
  8. For the two models you listed, there's something that stands out immediately, and it makes a lot of difference. The HW-T650 is a 3.1 system, with the 3D audio. That means in the bar there's 3 speakers, left and right, a center speaker, and the .1 means 1 subwoofer. So that says it's going to try and mimic a full surround system using 3 speakers, instead of 5 or 7, and it does an ok job at it. The T550 is a 2.1, so it's just stereo sound, with some extra bass. These are for somebody that just wants to enhance the sound of the TV a little, and make it louder. My guess is that it uses the same speakers as the T650, but there's one less, and it won't mimic the surround sound. If you want a surround sound experience, and you're set on Samsung, look into the HW series. They're closer to a true surround sound in a bar, and have the ability to add wireless rear speakers if you want a true surround. They have a model in the $400 range. There are some other good brands out there that have wireless rear speakers to make a true 5.1 soundbar system if you decide to go a different route.
  9. Try the syrup, keep using the lime. It comes out so much better. Here's how I make mine: In a shaker/mixing glass with ice 1.5-2oz gin .75oz tonic syrup Squeeze a lime wedge in, and trim it down to the peel after Stir Strain into a rocks, or Tom Collins glass. Express the lime peel, rub it around the rim of the glass, and drop it in Top the glass off with club soda, and stir just enough to mix I use Jack Rudy, or Strong Tonic, for the syrup. I've been told by the best bartender I know to use Small Hands. It takes a little more work, but it's well worth it.
  10. I actually think a gin and tonic should be treated the same way. Use a good gin, a good tonic syrup, and it's a totally different drink than what you'd get at a regular bar.
  11. What do you consider "fancy gin"? I didn't list anything that costs more than $33 a bottle. Even the big names are around $25. There are a lot of gin cocktails where the type of gin really isn't that important. A Martini is going to make the gin shine, so you might as well use a good one. It's the same with any spirit though. If you're having whiskey and Coke, the whisky really doesn't matter, but if you're making an Old Fashioned or sipping it neat, you want something that stands on it's own. So I guess you use vodka when your option for gin is Segram's. If you like the big botanical flavors of Blue Sapphire, or the huge juniper of Tanqueray, use those. If you want something smoother, spend $5 more and get something that's more balanced.
  12. Best gin I’ve had is St Augustine Distillery New World Gin. It’s a little juniper forward, but it still balances nicely. You’ll probably have to order it, unless your in Florida. Worth it though. I made gin drinkers out of people that thought hated it by letting them try this. For stuff that’s available pretty much everywhere, I like Big Gin over the rest. It’s clean, and balanced. Aviation and Hendrick’s are both respectable too. Check out some local distilleries. The smaller places are doing better with gin than standards, by a lot. I used to hate gin because I thought it all tasted like Blue Sapphire or Tanqueray, then I tried St Augustine, and my world was changed.
  13. @Shanedorf @Warhorse If you guys didn’t know, and you’re interested, CBS Sports is about to air the Dynamic Discs Open. It will be a round per night until Friday, and a skins match on Saturday. All the info will be in the link http://blog.dynamicdiscs.com/2020/08/dynamic-discs-open-coverage-set-to-air.html?m=1
  14. People are drinking like it’s the civil war, and the doctor is coming with a saw. The value of any company that produces alcohol has to be at a high point.
  15. He’s now a $600m richer dreamboat after selling the company.
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