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  1. I thought the same. I actually wind up gettin more done without people around. I turn on the TV, or a Podcast, and just go without interruption. Kinda nice. Now I just need to make sure my boss doesn’t realize I do it, and things will be fine.
  2. Sprint just got bought by T-Mobile.
  3. For cell service, Verizon has the best coverage, but T-Mobile has the best service/plans.
  4. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    Ahhhh... That’s much better than thinking it’s too cold to use it in the winter. I know people that put it away in Oct/Nov and won’t take it out until around this time. I use mine 2-3 times a week year round, unless it’s single digits or lower
  5. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    Wait.... Do you put your smoker away for the winter?
  6. The Car Thread

    Nissan is slightly better than the rest, but they still accelerate terrible. I wrote that after driving a new Corolla, and trying to merge on the freeway in horror. They’d be fine if you could slowly pull away at the steadiest of paces. Otherwise they could all die and it would make me happy.
  7. I need to quit helping out by doing my old job. It was simple when I was actually there, and now everything is blowing up on me.
  8. Normally i’d Make fun of somebody for not being able to do something that’s pretty basic, but I think it’s for the best you don’t touch anything.
  9. Robot Overlords.

    Yes, EMP or magnets.
  10. The Car Thread

    Dear Auto Manufacturers, Please stop putting CVT's into cars. Everybody hates them. The extra 1 MPG they provide isn't worth the terror of trying to merge with one. Sincerely, All Drivers P.S. If you want to improve fuel economy across your brand, stop force feed people these bloated, overweight, station wagons you're trying to pass off as SUV's. They have no sport capabilities, and no real utility. The suburban soccer mom doesn't need a vehicle so big that they can't park it, or see other cars around it, just so they can sit a little higher.
  11. The Apple Thread 

    Go refurb on the MBP. The price difference is definitely worth it. Let me know if you need help with a HomeKit setup. I've done a lot of research, and setup a few devices at my house already.
  12. Alcohol Thread!

    Has anybody tried Colonel EH Taylor Bourbon? I'm hearing it's great, and won a lot pf awards.
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    Awesome drink. One of my favorites.
  14. My wife gets migraines. Her biggest trigger is weather changes. Spring is a fun time.
  15. That's a normal week in CO. I've seen it go from 70 to snowing in the same day more than once.