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  1. Need certification advice

    If you’re looking at the network side of things, skip the A+. Your money is better spent elsewhere. I would suggest a Security+, CCNA, Jumiper cert, any other security cert, and anything UNIX/Linux you can get better with. I’m a telecom engineer, and have been in the field for over 15 years. I’ve worked in IP NOC’s, and on the systems side. All of the ones I listed have either helped me, I have, or would have put me ahead.
  2. The Technology Thread

    A Chromebook uses Chrome OS instead of Windows. It's basically a Chrome browser to do everything. Since the OS is very basic, the hardware looks really weak in comparison to the average PC, but they actually run pretty fast. Most stuff is done online, so you don't need a lot of storage. Chrome OS is essentially a browser with a desktop, so it doesn't need a crazy processor, or a lot of RAM. You wouldn't buy apps like Office for it, you'd use Google Docs online. Any apps that you can get for Chrome can be used, and some Android apps from the Google Play store. Because you don't need crazy power, the cost stays way down. I have an 11" that I paid $110-$120 for, and both of my kids get by using it for school just fine. I use it for browsing. Best Buy has an even more powerful version in the BF sale for $120. If you want a bigger screen, the price will go up, but they top out at $400-$500.
  3. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    https://www.bfads.net/stores/gamestop/ads/black-friday/page-1 Looks like a good scan
  4. What do the Chargers do from here?

    LA hates the Chargers, and always have. The move there was a terrible idea. The city belongs to the Raiders, and partially to the Rams.When you already have a smaller fan base, you make them mad by moving, and then you move them into a city that doesn't want you there, you're going to have problems filling a 27k seat stadium.
  5. 2017 Season Thread

    I want to know how they figured out Rivers had a concussion. What could be the giveaway that's different from the way he normally looks/acts?
  6. Cash Cab is coming back. The world is a better place.
  7. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    The shop down here sells Lumber Jack pellets, and I've like them more than any brand. They're actually made from the wood that it says on the bag. Traeger pellets are one kind of wood, with oils from whatever wood it says on the bag to flavor it. I know there's a few BBQ shops in the Denver area, but I haven't actually been to any of them. If you head south, check out Colorado BBQ Outfitters. That's where I get all of my stuff.
  8. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    That area you're talking about, that's whee I moved here from, and where I go when I'm in CA. I need to find out if they do pellets. I'll have to have a friend check when they go by Firestone next.
  9. The Technology Thread

    If she could deal with Google Docs instead of Office, it sounds like she'd do fine with a Chromebook. You can get a much nicer Chromebook at that price than you would a Windows laptop.
  10. 2017 Season Thread

    I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get to watch any football, I just got to watch the replay. That was in his arms, and he put up no fight for it at all. Sad.
  11. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    Traeger usually does something online. I would guess some of the bigger outdoors stores (Bass Pro, Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse) will probably have something too. Check with your local BBQ shop and see if they're doing anything for BF, or Small Business Saturday. If you're interested in a Traeger, Costco usually has good packages. The local shop I bought mine new one from offered 100lbs of pellets, and a free BBQ class with purchase. It was also discounted from MSRP. Best I saw at a big store was a free cover.
  12. He was trying to wait it out to see if you would leave. He was hiding from the life of panda milk, and gold pants as long as he possibly could.
  13. I'm hoping it was by adoption of a 1 month old. If not, you're never going to be able to buy enough flowers to make up for her having to push something that big out. And, congrats.
  14. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    I'm from CA, so I like oak for beef. I'll usually blend it with some sort of sweet wood to keep it from being too heavy. For poultry, I like to go heavier on the sweet wood, but still have some oak/hickory in there. Most pork will be Apple, or an apple/cherry blend.