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  1. Alcohol Thread!

    Are you wanting warm drinks, or just strong drinks that make you feel warm?
  2. Alcohol Thread!

    I'm sad to find out that Kentucky Bourbon isn't as great as it's made out to be. Of all of the bourbons I've tried in the last 3 days in Louisville, I still think Maker's is the best, outside of the $100+ bottles. Some of those $100+ were good, but not nearly good enough to justify the price either.
  3. The Car Thread

    Everything about driving a German car is more expensive. They're nice, but be ready for little things to start falling apart around 100k miles. Those little things add up to be a lot of money, especially if you don't do any work yourself. The interior doesn't hold up as well either. An oil change is going to run you $70-$80, and it doesn't hold up as long as in most other cars. I love driving a VW with a turbo, but I won't buy another one.
  4. Alcohol Thread!

    It’s a brewpub with a restaurant. There were some old traditional breweries that use some dis parts as a filter, and the vegans are opposed to that
  5. Alcohol Thread!

    I just lump all of the people that would go to Starbucks at take 10 minutes to talk out their one drink order together. There is a brewery here in town that has a vegan section on their menu, has a beer style that nobody has made in a very long time, and gives you a discount if you come in on a bike.
  6. The Favorites Thread

    This is why I play disc golf. Same principles, but way more laid back, and way cheaper. It's the same type of challenge to get your form right too.
  7. Alcohol Thread!

    Please stop letting Starbucks people order beer.
  8. Alcohol Thread!

    I don't have any for Scotch, or a single malt, since those are usually served neat. I do know a strong, herbal, easy to make, whiskey drink that seems like it would work for fall Louisiane (or a la Louisiane, or Cocktail a la Louisiane) 1oz Rye 1oz Benedictine 1oz Sweet Vermouth .25oz Absinthe 4 dashed Peyschaud's bitter Stir with ice, pour into a coupe glass Garnish with 3 Luxardo cherries on a toothpick.
  9. The Favorites Thread

    - Sport other than football Disc golf. Even more than football anymore. - Vacation spot Jamaica was my favorite vacation so far - Movie Star Wars (It's one story, so it all counts as one) - TV show Futurama - Video game Final Fantasy III/VI - Season (of the year) Summer because more daylight for disc golf - Food or meal Tri-Tip or Pizza - Alcoholic drink (if you drink) Cocktail: Cocktail a la Louisiane, Last Word, Bee's Knees. Neat: Law's Whiskey House Farmer's Select Bourbon. Beer: Märzen (It's that time of year) - NFL player that is NOT on your team Darren Sproles
  10. Looking to enter a trade

    Have you thought about a shift in the industry? Maybe a field tech, Instal tech, or fiber splicing? IT and telecom have so many different areas that you can use the skills you have, work a totally different job, and not have to completely start over. Pay is still good, and there’s always OT.
  11. Alcohol Thread!

    Punk is good. Haven’t tried the rest. You’re doing it wrong if you buy Brewdog and it’s not Tactical Nuclear Penguin, or End of History.
  12. Legen... Wait for it https://gizmodo.com/absolute-legend-catches-iphone-in-midair-while-riding-r-1837922581 ...dary
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    I said it was a boozy sugar cookie when I had the first time
  14. Alcohol Thread!

    The dozen yolks, and 5lbs of sugar turn a lot of people off
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    They do them here at the speakeasy I hang out when it snows, or drops below 20. Jerry Thomas' tradition was to serve it when it got below 20, but ti doesn't do it enough here to only do it then. It doesn't seem to be a really common thing though. Most people wouldn't touch it if they saw how it was made either.