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  1. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    I believe it’s the advertised wood that they get the oils from. From what I can find, it’s all alder or oak with the oils, or some are a 70/30 blend of the real thing. I know a lot of brands do a blend, but it’s the other direction (70% advertised, 30% of a base wood like maple)
  2. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    I like Lumberjack, but most are pretty equal. I try to stay away from Traeger because it's all one type of wood, with oils added for the flavor of what it says on the bag.
  3. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    Then the inside would get hot too.
  4. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    Put the thermometer in, and check it every 30 min while you drink inside. You're using a pellet smoker, so it's not like you have to sit there and add fuel every few min.
  5. Alcohol Thread!

    I have. What do you need to know?
  6. I want to go, but they charge way too much around here, or you have to haver a team in the league to get any time.
  7. The Technology Thread

    The problem is that Windows has to open a process to open a process to open a process. That's not an exaggertation either. A Service Hots will open another Service Host to open the software you want. It's a very ineffieient OS. More RAM will start to help, but it likes to use up what ever is available.
  8. Special is the key word in there. You can't change your name because every time I see a post from you, I hear the beginning of Me Frist and the Gimme Gimmes version of Desperado. That can't change.
  9. We are. You aren't.
  10. This will be my second time flying in/out of there. It's not bad. I'd say about 1.5hrs before the flight will give you time to chill before hainvg to board. Just because you're not going to the Con, it doen't mean there isn't things to do outside of the Convention Center. There's a alot going on around the Gaslamp area. Parking isn't easy, but it's worth going to check things out.
  11. This is bad for the world. You already think you know way more than you actually do. After seeing the commercials, and staying in a HEI, there's a good chance of people dying. The worst part is that they last thing they'll hear is you saying "Stand back, I got this".
  12. I'll be there too, but actually for Comic-Con. Not sure if we'll hit any breweries, but there's a few distilleries on the list for the last day.
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    $28-$33 is what I see it for. It's on par with other good gin, rum, and vodka.
  14. Are you tan, red, or did it get to the maroon state? i’m lucky that I only burn on my face. I just get darker. When my face does burn, I get a migraine, and usually puke, so that really sucks.