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  1. The Apple Thread 

    You can look around for your model specifically, but it seems like it's the right price looking at a place that sells used. They hold value. Go into Disk Utility, and the option to erase is in there.
  2. Grab a flashlight, take the batteries out in front of her, then turn it on. Then put the batteries back in, and turn it on. Mic drop, and walk away
  3. https://thetakeout.com/c/is-a-hot-dog-a-sandwich
  4. $25 on a licensed, or custom, shirt isn't crazy. It's on the higher end, but not as bad as can get. The people that go into the trendy stores and pay $40 for a plain tee are the crazy ones. Please try to hit your wifes with a spoon. Then send me a picture of the resulting dent in your head, and what she used to make it. When you wake up, of course.
  5. Ever buy something that’s good enough for what you need, have it not work correctly, take it back to exchange it, and go way overkill when you replace it? Is it just me?
  6. Alcohol Thread!

    It’s a Polish Potato vodka, so it will be smooth, and rich texture. Time for a side by side
  7. Alcohol Thread!

    Try Luksusowa if you haven't yet. It's one of the cleanest vodkas I've ever had, and only about $13 for a 750ml. It would be very hard to beat the value, but I'l find some Reyka to compare.
  8. I'd guess that Basset Hounds are like veal in that case. Everybody I know with a Basset Hound has a dog shaped dent in the carpet, like they just moved a piece of furniture. Has to well marbled, since they just lay there.
  9. I don't have to compensate for anything.
  10. Boston Terriers are even more awesome
  11. That might be the saddest dream becoming reality story ever.
  12. The Pot Thread

    Keep it to cookware
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    Guess I was confusing the guy I talked to from Jordan with a guy from somewhere else. I was thinking it was like Saudi Arabia, or Utah. I do know some Muslims will party, so will some Mormons, and even the Amish have Rumspringa.
  14. Alcohol Thread!

    I was trying to figure out what the significance was, until I saw the back label. Surprising that it exists, or at least that it legally exists in the open.
  15. An Album a Day - Taking Suggestions!

    Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike Larry and His Flask - All That We Know Westbound Train - Transitions Old Man Markley - Guts N' Teeth