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  1. This is all going to end in weird diseases, lawsuits, and tears. https://thetakeout.com/jell-o-debuts-edible-slime-december-1-1830491519
  2. You know that video of the guy doing the card tricks with the ribbon that Pwny posted a few pages back? It's kinda like that, but with wires.
  3. People always think they want to know how stuff works, but never actually do. I get it a lot when people are curious about how the internet works.
  4. Actual Instant Pot. Go with the size that will feed all of the people you need in the 7 in 1. Of course everyone is doing it. I’m doing it. Still doesn’t mean it’s not cheating.
  5. I'm willing to bet poor Goofy didn't feel the same.
  6. Alcohol Thread!

    It might be because you don't like your MiL, but you're saying that like it's a bad thing. That sounds like an awesome time. If I looked at my schedule, and all I saw was drinking, napping, Matlock, and chilling with a probably drunk old lady, I'd be ecstatic.
  7. We were lucky enough to get to see him at Denver Comic-Con a couple of years ago. The guy was incredibly sharp, and had great answers for everything people were asking him. My oldest got to ask him a question that turned into a 10 minute answer with cool stories, and a huge applause at the end. We paid way too much to get a family picture with him, know this day wasn’t too far away. He was friendly and laughing with everybody that got a picture. He will definitely be missed, but his legacy, and his characters will live on forever.
  8. RIP Matts death by puppy striking first
  9. No children were eaten. It was the charger, and not the laptop. Now that you made your plan know, you have to go through with it, or your throat while you sleep is the next thing she eats.
  10. Adding on to what Pwny said, the dog probably got the DC side of the inverter. DC doesn't cause issues, unless whatever it's touching is grounded. If the dog was on something metal, or in water, it would have been really bad. It's the same reason you can touch both sides of a battery, and not get shocked.
  11. This may be the first time I actually agree with something you’ve said. Most of your opinions are complete garbage, but you got this one right. Hope this is the beginning of a good change for you.
  12. That's the way it used to be. Sept 1st is now Halloween, and Nov 1st is Christmas. Thanksgiving is no longer an actual holiday, just a day off to eat a huge dinner.
  13. Who's going with me? https://thetakeout.com/restaurant-elf-spaghetti-breakfast-syrup-chicago-1830281975
  14. That’s what you get for using incandescent bulbs. That’s the result of the environment trying to kill you back