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  1. I thought they just cancel each other out?
  2. I’m really happy with the Purple we bought. It has some bounce like a spring mattress, but feels like memory foam when you lay in it.
  3. Alcohol Thread!

    Getting recommendations for a good sour is a tough ask. Most people hate them, or have only found 1-2 they can drink. Even people that like them seems to be pretty particular. Your best bet would be to find 1-2 that you like and can find, stick with them, but try new ones along the way. I've personally only found one that I like, and it's only available sometimes at a brewery in Kansas.
  4. If you're running 10+ miles, a car is a far better investment than socks.
  5. But they told me they ship that stuff in a discrete package....
  6. I think of small kids like dogs now... I like them when they belong to other people. They're fun to go play with, but I done taking care of them.
  7. Alcohol Thread!

    In the words of Chris Hardwick, "Drinking is like pouring smiles on your brain"
  8. Most people are taught that a margarita comes in a mix with Cuervo, and a Daiquiri is strawberry flavored. They don't know better. They usually don't like a real one because they're not used to lime outside of a few items they can get at a Mexican restaurant. People tend to think that all cocktails are sweet, and girly. They usually only go to places where a Red Bull and vodka is the big drink that the bartender "makes". They don't know how to feel when they get a booze forward drink, or when a drink is on the sweeter side it still gets balanced with a sour component. It's the same as people that think Bud and Coors Lite are good beers. They were just introduced to drinking wrong.
  9. Jack Rudy's, Strong Tonic, or Small Hands tonic syrup. The tonic should compliment, not overpower the gin, and all of those do just that. Which distillery is it? I have a local distillery here that has an incredible, balanced, gin. Great for making cocktails.
  10. Once you make it a few times, it will stick. Get through what you have to remember like it was a test, and then brain dump. Even the best bartenders I've seen keep a cheatsheet behind the bar.
  11. If the Margarita or Daiquiri start with a mix, or are blended, you did it wrong. If you make a gin and tonic, and the tonic part comes in water form, you did it wrong.
  12. I know there’s good people left, and people will do good things. Watching the most angry looking people get happy, or the most pretentious people start jumping around with another person, shows that it’s still in everybody.
  13. Picking up family from the airport for my daughter’s graduation. As horrible as it is to have to come here, doing some people watching is actually restoring some of my faith in humanity. Seeing the look on people’s faces, and their reaction, when they see their person come out of the security area shows there’s actually still good and innocence left in the world.
  14. Fictional All Pro Movie Team

    We all know Moxon was the superior passer, and smart enough to go to Brown. He would have killed the Wonderlic, and been great at the accuracy stuff at the combine. Harbor was a running QB, that would have wound up an RB in the NFL. Antwan Randle El at best.