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  1. Poll o' the DAY! Ride Sharing!

    Add rape cover up, stealing medical records of a rape victim to try and make her look bad, all kinds of bribery, user privacy issues......
  2. Poll o' the DAY! Ride Sharing!

    Used to use Uber, and then they became a horrible, horrible company. I use Lyft now.
  3. Hello im a new member

    Sorry @The LBC, topics merge in the opposite way I thought they did. Welcome aboard @SpanosPayYourRent. Join us in our misery.
  4. How long does shipping take from Russia?
  5. Chargers 2017 Schedule.

    Called it. Be prepared for more problems.
  6. Pretty simple today. Are you playing fantasy football? Are you happy with your team so far?
  7. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    It would make me sad if I didn't expect it....
  8. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Look at how long they let Clary stay after how much he cost the team. Not only stay, but start. They don't care.
  9. Chargers In L.A.

    Probably going to be like this the whole season, except the Raiders game.
  10. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    @AkronsWitness Knock off the trolling
  11. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Stiff arm by 16, and then 83 pushed him into 16 trying for a pick before the ball was there. Could have been 2 call against Denver.
  12. Poll o' the DAY! Working Out!

    How many times do we have to talk about using these imaginary units of measurement? I mostly play disc golf, which winds up being around a 3 mile hike. I also have a Treadclimber at home to use.
  13. Chinese knock off jerseys?

    I wouldn't send any form of payment into China, or any of the other countries that have had people regularly stealing personal info. You're better off spend extra to get a better product.
  14. I didn't have good answers for a lot of the questions, so I don't know how accurate this one really is. Came up ENFP-A for me.
  15. POTD 9/13 - Cell Phones

    Motorola DynaTAC 8000X