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  1. Both of my kids forgot their house key. My wife wasn't going to be home for about 2hrs after them. I had to leave work early, and miss disc golf leagues. I went and bought a smart lock. Did I overreact?
  2. My kids just did the dishes.
  3. Time change sounds better than drinking, but we all know what's actually causing it.
  4. My wife makes yogurt almost every week. We've done a cheesecake too. We do a lot of shredded chicken. I made Broccoli Beef in it last night. It's the best rice cooker I've ever used. Besides yogurt, the thing we use it for most is a chicken poblano soup. It's really green, but tastes awesome. Kids love it. https://twosleevers.com/pressure-cooker-low-carb-poblano-chicken-soup/
  5. Alcohol Thread!

    There's more to an Old Fashion than that. Little more to it than that. the original recipe from the 20's works out great 1 Sugar cube 1 dash of Angostrua bitters Dash of Club Soda 2oz rye Whiskey Slice of orange Twist of lemon peel Some other good ones... Gin and Tonic: 2oz Gin .75oz tonic syrup (Not tonic water) Juice from a lime wedge Top with club soda Stir with the gin, lime, and tonic syrup with ice. Pour int a chilled glass, and top with club soda. Final Word: 1oz gin 1oz lime juice 1oz Green Chartreuse (Or another herbal liqueur, since Chartreuse is really expensive) 1oz Maraschino liqueur Shake with ice, and pour into a chilled coupe, or martini, glass over a Maraschino cherry (Preferably Luxardo) Substitute rye for gin, and lemon juice for lime juice, and it becomes a Final Ward Martinez: 1.5oz dry gin 1oz sweet vermouth .25oz Maraschino liqueur .25oz Demerara syrup (Or Simple syrup) 2 dash aromatic bitters 1 dash orange bitters Stir with ice, and pour into a chilled glass
  6. Alcohol Thread!

    I mostly agree with this. Good cocktails are a great way to go. I disagree with the Dolin though. Lustau Vermouth is where it’s at. Their sweet vermouth is great in its own. Learn to make some classic cocktails, and the history behind them. Most prohibition era cocktails come out really good because they were made to hide some of the harshness of the spirits from the day, and they work even better with high quality stuff from today. The history of most of that era of drinks is pretty interesting, and is a cool topic of conversation. Makes you look smart too.
  7. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    You seriously just described Five Guys. In N Out at least seasons their burgers.
  8. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    Five Guys isn't as good as Culvers, or even Freddy's. In N Out tops all of those.
  9. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    I don't see how it's any different than Five Guys. You walk up to a counter, order, and pick it up when they call your number. Now that I think about it, you had the choice of full service, but we did the counter. Still killed Five Guys.
  10. Alcohol Thread!

    Yup. The distillery is with the brewery in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I finally got to try it when I visited friends in Maryland. Everything I tried was good. I only got a real small taste of the whiskey though.
  11. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    Five Guys is extremely bland. The only reason people like their burgers is because they pile on stuff that adds flavor. Fries are pretty good though. Smash Burger is better than Five Guys. The one time I've tried Wahlburgers, it was way better than Five Guys.
  12. Alcohol Thread!

    Guessing you're in VA? If so, you should have access to some Dogfish Head's spirits. Check out something from them. I liked all that I tried.
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    Might be a little harder to find up there, since it's from Colorado Springs, but try to find some Lee Spirits Dry Gin
  14. This guy is awesome https://jalopnik.com/man-drove-stolen-car-to-court-appearance-for-car-theft-1823620786
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    While you're in the area go find some Leopold Bros, and definitely some Lee Spirits gin. Lee Sprits is awesome, and balanced. Leopold Brothers is pretty light and smooth.