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  1. Alcohol Thread!

    Page 87. I posted pictures of Jerry Thomas’ egg nog recipe, and the one for a Tom & Jerry
  2. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Never said that, but there's a lot wrong with me. Maybe when I drank regular soda, I would prefer RC to either of the other 2? So between that and Dr Pepper, I got way more Texas soda love than you, or any of the other wrong people that call everything a Coke down there. As far as diet goes, Diet Dr Pepper is the king of diet sodas. For diet cola specifically, Pepsi Max is the most real tasting, and also has the most caffeine (Even more than Diet Dew).
  3. Unpopular culinary opinions

    I understand that in Texas, everything is a Coke, so you might not know what the differences are, but that statement wasn't incorrect.
  4. The Technology Thread

    Glad to hear it worked out. By far the best place to buy a TV from, especially when you're going to spend good money on one.
  5. Unpopular culinary opinions

    I can't do tofu because of the texture either. I've only had it once where it was edible, and it was at a Jamaican restaurant. The only reason I even had it was because we were doing a food tour, and my wife noted my onion allergy when she signed us up. The restaurant marinated all of the meats with onion, which usually doesn't get me, but they gave me tofu instead. I wasn't going to eat it, but it was a family business, and they hung out next to me to see if I liked it. I was shocked that I did. So it is possible to have good tofu, even if you're a texture eater, but it's not easy to find it done right.
  6. Every once in a while wouldn’t bug me. An occasional neighbor envelope slipping into my box isn’t a problem. The problem is 3-4 times a week, having be way off, and having her put it back in my box after I put it in the out box.
  7. Just do what the lady that delivers our mail does, just throw a bunch of random mail in one box. I get stuff for all of my neighbors, stuff that has 2 digits of the same address on different streets, or stuff for the same house number on a street 5 miles away that doesn’t have a single letter the same as mine.
  8. The Technology Thread

    You might want to call the local store. They don't show in-store inventory online, even though everybody should be doing that now.
  9. The Technology Thread

    We had that issue with the alcohol. They updated the law, and one of the two in town has it in the store, and the other has a liquor store with its own entrance. The electronics deals are usually pretty great. The Apple stuff, which most places aren't allowed to sell at a discount, are $20-$30 cheaper than other stores. If you catch sales, you can sometimes do better at other stores, but you can't beat them on an average day.
  10. The Technology Thread

    They add an extra warranty for buying there, the extended warranty you can buy is longer than anybody else, and the return policy is unmatched in retail. I'm surprised it's the same price because it's usually a lot cheaper since you're the membership. If you don't know somebody with a membership, I believe you can still go take a tour without one. It's worth going to check the prices in the store because it's a different price online unless it says members only. You might save $100-$200 on the price. That can let you get a membership, and the 5yr extended warranty, and still be the same price or less as other places. If you get a membership, and not looking to buy bulk, alcohol, other electronics, clothes (They actually have some nice stuff sometimes), tires, and kitchen stuff is always a lot cheaper there. They also do things like 2x$50 gift cards for $75-$80 to restaurants/stores, and have deals for travel, amusement parks...
  11. The Technology Thread

    OLED is probably worth the extra cost. The colors look a lot better, and so do the blacks/grays. Unless they've really changed things recently, I'd worry about LG. They've always had the highest return rate, and early failure on all of their products. I have a friend that's an electronics engineer that did some work for them. He called me as soon as he got out and told me never to buy anything from them because he had never seen such horrible quality control. I know the reviews have gotten better recently, but I would buy it from Costco because of their return policy if you're going that route.
  12. Alcohol Thread!

    Maker's 46. Maker's Mark is one of the best values in bourbon, and the 46 is a little smoother with a little more flavor. I've seen the 46 for $30-$35 a bottle, and regular Maker's for as low as $20. Four Roses Single Barrel, and Knob Creek 100 proof are good for the under $40 class.
  13. You're not too far off. You can probably find a Mac Mini for around $600 next week. A few places are running deals. If you go a different route, and she doesn't do much, something like a Chromebox is definitely doable for that price, and will handle everything you said she does. For the monitor, if it's Apple, it's either a Mini DV or Thunderbolt connection. You can get adapters, or new cables, for either to HDMI or DVI.
  14. Depending on what the computer is, and how old, you might need an adapter for the monitor to work on something different. If she's used to the Mac, and you don't want to change that, there are a few ways to go less expensive. What kind of budget are you looking at?
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    If you ever make it to CO, I'll take you around and show you some good rye.