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  1. What Are You Eating Thread

    You're probably not gonna be able to walk away from the bathroom tomorrow either.
  2. The Travel Help Thread

    Has anybody here booked a cruise excursion through a 3rd party site (Expedia)? If so, how did everything go? It would save me $40 compared to booking thorough the cruise line, but I'm a little hesitant.
  3. The Travel Help Thread

    You're thinking about it wrong. It's not that she doesn't do well on long car rides, it's that you haven't tried things to make the ride easier. If you have to make a long drive, kep her up longer tha usual, and leave at night after bedtime. Sucks you have to drive while everybody sleeps, but it makes it easier. Rotating you and mom in the back with her also works if it has to be during the day. Wake her up early, and pushing out nap time is another trick. Don't stop living because you have a kid. You may have to change the way you would normally do things, but it can be done. If I could make the drive back and forth from CO to CA with a 2yr old, and a 6yr old, anybody can do it.
  4. The Travel Help Thread

    Kids are portable.
  5. Most people have turned their lives into The Truman Show with social media. So I don't have that feeling, but I can see how most would.
  6. Dogs are pretty good at judging character. Even the most timid dog would want to bit you.
  7. 2 year associates degree help

    Network Security with certs is something that's in high demand, and pays well. It would help being in a bigger area though.
  8. Your fault for living in Canada
  9. The Technology Thread

    LG doesn't have the best quality control. You can either wind up with something that lasts forever, or it dies way faster than it should. I personally stay away from their products, but a good warranty can make it ok.
  10. I really like Grave Before Shave stuff. Makes the beard soft, and their stuff smells really good. Rocky Mountain Barber Company is pretty good shampoo. Maple Hill Naturals is another one that I'll use regularly.
  11. Beard shampoo, and a beard balm will fix it.
  12. The Technology Thread

    You have to do something very wrong for that to happen.
  13. Is the “Wow” about the joke, or that it took you so long to get it?
  14. The Technology Thread

    Unless you want to have to use different apps, go with stuff that's HomeKit compatible. It makes things so much easier. The security standards are a lot higher to be HomeKit certified too.
  15. Or a job in show business....