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  1. Fix our Defense thread

    Richard calls the game. Yes. But isnt it Rods scheme and KR just calls plays? Rod doesnt believe in a 1T. You referenced Seattle plays the same defense during the Superbowl run. Did they not had Red Bryant and Brandon Membane to plug the gaps and stop the run? Our issue is tackling but we also play soft and give up yards.
  2. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Dak has played much better than I expected. My biggest issue with him was his consistency and although he still shows sloppy mechanics every now and then, it is light years better than previous years. Another year with Kitna should continue to help. This next stretch of games will be another test to see what he can do.
  3. Fix our Defense thread

    Get rid of Rod. Play a scheme that is from this decade. Blitz. Draft a 1T. Draft a safety or trade for Jamal Adam's.
  4. You mean skipping practice and training in Cabo is no good?
  5. Their matching Slay up 1 on 1 and putting an 8th in the box.
  6. Around the NFL: Week 11

    It was retaliation at that point, but to Plans comment, retaliation wouldnt have happened if Garrett didnt hit his QB in the head with a helmet. Rudolph should get suspended as well.
  7. #FireJasonGarrett

    Exactly. The salary cap killed the team. Back then, we were very talented and could just impose our will on other teams.
  8. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    We're all fans here and I would say about 90% of us want JG gone. Unless he was tweeting about how much he loves JG>
  9. #FireJasonGarrett

    We have too much talent to be just average. Our Defense plays too soft. Dont believe in run stuffers yet teams can run on us all day. Poor play calling at the end. 3rd and 2 and you run when you cant get 3 yards all night. Fire JG. Fire Rod. Let them all go.
  10. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    What a throw!
  11. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    Can we just tackle?
  12. Lil Minny Winny @ BIG D SNF DO YOU BELIEVE???

    So you must really love Rod lol.
  13. Dallas Cowboys at the NY midgets..MNF 815

    Zeke seems to have a bit more wiggle and burst tonight.