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  1. Ah. I misinterpreted the list.
  2. That's a great group to be a part of, let alone be among the top.
  3. Great job with the list. Maybe my bias since Aikman is my personal favorite of all time but not sure I'd have Aikman below Zack Martin and Ware.
  4. So question because I'm no cap guru. How does this deal hurt us? Dak didn't want to go to 5 years so he could opt out for more money. Sure Mahomes got a lot more average annual than anyone but he signed a 10 year deal, that should look good in about 4 or 5 years. I dont care that Mahomes signed first, im not paying Dak a cent more than Mahomes. He doesnt have a ring or an MVP and Mahomes is younger.
  5. Did they? Based on this, shouldnt Dak sign a longer term deal now? Mahomes signed a 10 year extension while Dak didnt want to go from 4 to 5 years. Depending on how the deal is structured, a 10 year deal may favour KC. Or maybe @plan9misfit is right. Dallas never had an intention on signing Dak long term.
  6. you forgot the great L.P.
  7. I would do a 5th or a 6th with conditions it can go as high as a 4th if he meets a certain criteria (60 catches, 700 yards).
  8. Jamal Adams

    Supposedly Jets now asking for Lael Collins
  9. @Matts4313 if wins are a team stat then why do you bring up multiple charts about where Dak ranks in wins since he started? If wins are also a team stat then wouldnt losses be the same as well? You put a lot of blame on our oline in 2017.
  10. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    You're right it is lip service, but you need leaders to be accountable to say, I'm the superstar, my job to go and make plays regardless. There will always be times when you have to throw, high, low, behind. How many times did Romo "underthrow" Dez because Dez was superior than most CBs at playing the ball in the air, stopping and going up to go and get it.
  11. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    We need to draft extremely well if we are about to pay Dak. Giving up our 1st for someone, although is proven, we have to pay right away might be challenging. I'd be trying to go with a 2nd, 3rd and give them a choice of Woods, Awuzie, Lewis, or Connor William's.
  12. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    Or we flop do to an injury and have a top 10 pick.
  13. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Exactly. If we pay Dak that kind of money, we have to nail the draft. Is Adams worth a 1st? 100% However, having to pay him $15 mill a year will come at the expense of someone else. I would throw in a 2nd, our 3rd round comp and let them pick a player between Lewis, Awuzie, Woods or Connor Williams.
  14. Yet you say Dak struggled in 2017 because of oline play? Guess Dak should have played better during that time?
  15. But if your QB doesnt have time to throw and is ineffective, was the root cause the poor oline or the poor QB play? So if the purpose of controlling the line of scrimmage affects our team and the opponents team QB play, then the root cause/behaviour that you want is controlling the line of scrimmage. QB play is just the effect. Therefore QB doesnt matter if you cant control the line of scrimmage.