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  1. Around the NFL: Week 2

    I'd love to get OJ.
  2. Taco TRADED to FA for roster spot

    I dont disagree, but it doesnt seem like the coaching staff is willing to sit Heath. Are we going to bring him and disrupt chemistry? Base 4 DBs -Is he going to play over Byron, Cheeto, Woods or Heath? Is he and will he are different questions. Id love to move Woods over and have Minkah play FS but I dont see coaching staff doing that. Nickle - I have no issues playing him in the slot over Brown, but I dont see the coaches messing with chemistry. This also shifts Lewis from playing at all. Dime- Again, Lewis doesnt play. No issues from adding talent and would love to add Minkah, just someone wont have playing time this year. No Byron and AB next year, could roll with Lewis, Cheeto and Minkah.
  3. Taco TRADED to FA for roster spot

    Love the idea but who do you play? We already dont have enough playing time for Lewis when Byron comes back.
  4. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    @Matts4313 out of curiosity who are your top 10 QBs on order as of right now? Who are your Top 10 QBs if you got to choose to build a team with for the next 5 years?
  5. Taco TRADED to FA for roster spot

    I wouldnt mind Taco for Wilkins, Minkah or Solomon Thomas. I just dont know if we could land any of those 3 without giving up a pick.
  6. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Looked pretty good and better than I expected. Most of his yards came when the game was out of hand. However the O-line seemed to play much better than what I expected. I was shocked that you barely used Saquan.
  7. GB's and Plan/Daboys Straps: Vagiants at Dakas

    GB: Dak, Kellen Moore, Receivers, and Oline. Slappers: Dline
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Goff signing a 4 year extension. Curious to see the terms.
  9. Cowboys, Collins nearing deal

    Wasnt expecting that deal but cant complain with the dollar amount. I assume this means no chance of resigning Byron and Malik Collins?
  10. That’s a Preseason Wrap!

    Disappointed that we let Cedrick Wilson go.
  11. That’s a Preseason Wrap!

    I dont. think he does. Doesnt he go on the exempt list?
  12. Just pay Zeke more than Gurley and get him back on the team. Using logic for Dak and the cap rising along with Barkley Kamara McCaffrey deals in the future, this will be a steal of a deal.