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  1. Dak is better than what most on here give him credit for but I wouldn't call him top 5.
  2. Really curious with all these moves QBs being traded/about to be traded, if Jerry has called around to shop Dak. If Wentz with his contract and terrible year, is about to fetch a 1st, Dak has to be worth at least 2. Not saying we should or shouldnt, just wonder if Jerry will try.
  3. Thanks. Can lions move on from Goff or does he still have guaranteed money left?
  4. Anyone know how the cap is affected for both teams after this deal?
  5. @Matts4313 I agree, players dont need a say in who the coach or GM should be. If you ask them for their input, you hire a consulting firm and pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to recommend someone, then go in a completely different direction because your VP of Operations with no football experience (at least to my knowledge) changes the owner's mind, then I think DeShaun has every right to ask for a trade. Yes, he did sign a contract extension. However no one knows the conversations that were had at that time. Did DeShaun keep up his end? Did the organization keep up theirs?
  6. I would have Deshaun higher than Dak. Deshaun is younger. I believe if traded, Deshaun's cap hit would only be $27.5 million as Houston would have to eat all the guarantees/bonus. With all that said, I dont think I would give up #10 and Dak for Deshaun. I also dont think Houston would do it. They have lots of holes and very few draft picks. Now you would have to pay Dak plus eat Deshaun's dead cap. I think its lose/lose.
  7. Also thought Rodgers could gave helped out a bit more. Looked like he had some running room on 2nd and 3rd down to pick up some yards with his legs. Probably doesn't score but makes it a bit easier to convert.
  8. Maybe it's just me but I think he found the perfect gig for him. He had to recruit hard all year and have the pressure of basically having to go perfect to make the college playoffs. He is loved in Florida. Has a team with low expectations, doesn't have to recruit and you can make the playoffs while losing 8 games. I dont forsee him coaching out his entire contract but I think he will help turn the Jags around.
  9. They're the only ones and they made up what, 50% of our INTs?
  10. At least he turned his head to make a play on the ball. Significant upgrade to what we have.
  11. Doesn't he run mostly Cover 3 with a single high safety? Isn't Diggs a better man corner than zone?
  12. Can't say I love this hire. If we fail again this year, I could see MM fired and Moore promoted.
  13. Definitely part of it. We got him for a 6th because he was coming off back to back down years playing in a 3-4. I also think he benefitted from playing across from Tank.
  14. Hold them against them or not. I was using them to compare him to Rodgers. Even if you take them away, he still threw 2 in 4 games to Rodgers 5 in 16. I still don't think he would have caught Allen. Allen would have finished with a better record. Dak would have most likely had more turnovers given how much we would have needed to throw because our poor defense.
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