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  1. I'd probably play Parsons all over in a 3-4 especially OLB given his ability to rush the passer. Also, don't forget RG. He would be an OLB in a 3-4.
  2. So we got Parsons, Smith, LVE, Neal, Cox all competing for snaps? I'm all about competition as long as it is true competition and players aren't handed the job due to contract. Would love to make sure Cox and Parsons are getting snaps to be effective.
  3. Does anyone think we try him at Safety?
  4. I love the pick but how many LBs do we need? LVE, Jaylon, Parson, Cox, Neal?
  5. As long as we're not paying him $9 mill a year, shouldn't be a problem.
  6. There goes Holland. He was number one safety on a few boards.
  7. There goes Campbell.
  8. Adebo is a beast. I would take him over the rest of the CBs available. In no order, I'd love to come away with a combo of Adebo, Samuel, Campbell, Barmore, Holland, Jenkins, Radnuz, Basham, McNeil and Moehrig
  9. Slater could start at LG and shift to OT when Tyron gets hurt.
  10. chicago just traded with Giants
  11. unless we let Philly get Fields.
  12. There goes my dream pick.
  13. Agreed. Wouldnt touch him before the 5th.
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