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  1. While being sacked 9 times with a worse oline
  2. well to your point about the running game doesnt matter, not sure why it matters if Pollard or Zeke plays? Also, SF ran the ball fairly well, we didnt. Dak got pressured but he also did not play well. Missed a bunch of throws and then took sacks because he pulled down to quickly. I like Dak but if youre getting paid $40 mill a year you are going to get more blame for playing poorly than your $15 million lineman.
  3. Pretty sure Jimmy used to rip players and cut them to. We need a little bit more fear and discipline. Wonder how we would have done without 14 penalties.
  4. mainly because he didnt get along with Tua and wanted a different QB which given Tua's history and mediocre play, I wouldnt want him either.
  5. After the 2nd half of this year, Moore and McCarthy can go.
  6. Losing a bit of faith in Kellen Moore. Hasn't been calling games well. Something continues to be off with Dak.
  7. I wouldn't pigeonhole him either. However 9 sacks already as an edge rushers without much practice or playing time at DE since high school. Give me a 12 to 15 sack player every year over an All Pro LB.
  8. I heard had the game been Sunday, he would have been expected to clear in time. I'd be shocked if he and Cooper don't play.
  9. Why the freak out? Playing two games in 4 days. Playing with out our top 2 receivers, top DEs. Few weeks we should have Cooper, Lamb, Tank, Gregory and Gallimore.
  10. Some good and bad here. As much as Kellen Moore has looked, teams have to be a bit concerned with his ability without our star LT. Good pressure that blows up our o-line gets Moore off his game and our offense looks pitiful.
  11. Can't remember the last time we played this bad
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