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  1. No? Biadasz is. McGovern started at RG today.
  2. Not to mention not playing McGovern who has played well. Not playing Reggie Robinson while giving snaps to Worley. Mccarthy deserves a break for the injuries but not for hiring/keeping Nolan and some questionable decisions.
  3. I thought running the ball doesn't have an affect on winning?
  4. Looks like Wilson was supposed to throw on that fake punt. He had a guy wide open.
  5. Agreed. Would love to get a haul and drop to 7 or 8. If that haul is not available, I would take Sewell and not think twice.
  6. If we're that worried that Smith may be done, I dont love it but I would take Sewell. He is an elite talent. If Smith plays then I would go Smith - Collins- Biadasz - Martin and Sewell. If Smith doesn't play and we can't upgrade our LG, I would go Sewell - Collins- Biadasz- Martin - Knight.
  7. Id take a shot on him.
  8. Even if Jets won, we still need them to lose another game. It was more disappointing watching the Jags lose. That's the team we should hope to catch.
  9. GB: The refs. You really saved us with some timely calls and no calls. Jaylon. MVP MVP CD: Great fumble at the end of the half. JS: Gallimore. You played well against the run and got pressure. CD. Made some nice catches Gilbert. Trying to give this team some life. Bones. You made our special teams actually look special for once.
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