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  1. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    Under (23). Jaylon Smith has 3+ sacks.
  2. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    Over. 10-6 Dak throws less INTs than last year (13)
  3. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    Over. Over/Under: Defense has more interceptions than last year (10)
  4. I wish we had put more money up front to help reduce the cap down the line when we have to pay Dak and Zeke.
  5. Favorite Cowboy player by position

    QB: Troy AikmanRB: Ezekiel ElliottWR: Michael IrvinTE: Jason WittenOL: Larry AllenDL: DeMarcus WareLB: Dexter CoakleyDB: Darren WoodsonST/KR/PR: Deion Sanders
  6. OTA winners and losers.

    Good points. I agree that he has a high cap hit, but for once we are in a place to front load some contracts so we can avoid the cap issues we have faced recently. I would have no issues paying someone like Martin significant money upfront on next year's cap to help reduce the money down the line for potential extensions (Zeke, Dak, etc.)
  7. OTA winners and losers.

    You think if Lee gets hurt again this year, they look to move on with Jaylon and LVE.
  8. Guess the Top 53

    I think you meant Connor Williams at LG?
  9. Terrance Williams arrested

    Not to mention he is just a guy. Nothing special. Based on the type of receivers we have been bringing in (good route runners, good hands), he doesnt fir that mold. At most I believe if he stays on the roster this year, he is cut after this season. Cut out losses now, take the cap hit for this year, and just more money for next years cap.
  10. Terrance Williams arrested

    As much as everyone is high on Michael Gallup (myself included), I believe Cedric Wilson is a dark horse and will perform well.
  11. Terrance Williams arrested

    If he gets suspended for 4 games and the young guys are playing well, do you think he is still on the roster after the suspension?
  12. Starting Safeties

    Woods and Heath with Frazier playing a role similar to Wilcox. I hope we make a play for Boston or Vaccaro.
  13. Do you know how Wittens retirement affects this year and next years cap?
  14. Terrance Williams arrested

    I hear what you are saying and I might have been unclear based off this post alone. I have never been a fan of William's and have liked him less and less each year. Sloppy route runner, inconsistent, and a body catcher. That on top of the arrest, recovering from injury, possible suspension and the fact it doesnt look like he has long term value with the team, I say cut your losses now.
  15. Terrance Williams arrested

    Time to move on. Cut him, take the cap hit this year and let the young guys play.