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  1. Garrett OC, Linehan Passing Game Coordinator and they bring back Eli. That might be just as good as winning the SuperBowl.
  2. Blasphemy! No way Garret calls two running plays in a row.
  3. Draft watch 2020

    Too a shot on First Pick. Your score is: 31060 (GRADE: C+) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 17: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn (A) Round 2 Pick 17: Xavier McKinney, SS/FS, Alabama (B+) Round 3 Pick 17: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington (A+) Round 4 Pick 17: Levonta Taylor, CB, Florida State (A) Round 5 Pick 16: Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida (A+) Round 7 Pick 17: Justin Herron, OT, Wake Forest (A+) Your Future Picks: 2021 Round 1 Pick 2022 Round 1 Pick
  4. I rather trade them a 5th before they cut him just so we can ensure we get him
  5. I'd look to see what it would take to trade for OJ Howard or Njoku.
  6. I think he does too. I dont like the fit for Cleveland. Think they needed a more veteran coach that will command the locker room.
  7. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    @Matts4313 would you pay him that or let him walk?
  8. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Also. Zeurlein and Mason Crosby are both free agent kickers that have ties to the new coaching staff.
  9. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Yes sir. Along with Emmanuel Sanders, Phillip Dorsett, Robbie Anderson and Breshad Perriman.
  10. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Hunter Henry Austin Hooper Jarran Reed A Shaw Robinson Danny Shelton Andrew Billings Karl Joseph Vonn Bell All players I'd take a look at.
  11. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    Byron can be tagged. I believe you can tag any player up to 3 years in a row unless it is in their contract. Correct, Cobb played with McCarthy in Green Bay.
  12. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    Sure we could, but if you have the ability to have Gallup, resign Cobb and draft a receiver and a very loaded receiver class, would you rather put the tag on Byron or Coop? Not saying a rookie receiver would replace Coop, but Cobb had a very quiet 800 yards last year and knows the offense. The free agent receiver class isnt too shabby either. It may be easier replacing most of Coops production than it would be Byron's, especially seeing how poor Lewis and Cheeto played this year. I would love to keep all 3, but if we have to keep an eye on our spend, it might make more sense to keep Jones.
  13. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    I think we want Coop back but if we end up tagging Dak it may be a bit difficult to resign Coop. If Coop is asking upwards of $20-$22 million, would we be best to resign Cobb and draft someone like Jefferson in the 2nd round? Gallup/Cobb/Jefferson can be a nice combo. McCarthy has had success with his receiving corps in the past and his ability to scheme getting his receivers open. I am all for keeping Coop, but there is a price I wouldnt be willing to pay him over $19 million a year.
  14. Jay Glazer: new hc is mccarthy

    Does the hiring of McCarthy give us a better shot at re-signing Cooper? Cooper seems like a great fit for his system.
  15. Coaching Staff

    Man coverage or zone? How does he play his LBs? Will LVE and Jaylon fit? How do our current corners fit into his scheme?