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  1. Lewis played Sunday and Brown isnon IR for minimum 2 more weeks.
  2. I didn't even notice Carr played. Why can't we play Wilson. Or sign ET. Or Reid. Or anyone.
  3. Knight did look ok. However the interior needs a bit of work. Im not a fan of C-Will. Seems to get blown up multiple times a game.
  4. At worse Armstrong and March should have been blocking out the other falcons.
  5. Id like to see Pollard get more looks on offense and lose some snaps on KR. Every time he takes it out I cringe.
  6. If we don't fumble 19 times in the 1st quarter we should be ok. Brandon Knight seemed to fly ubder the radar and have an OK game. You can throw on Seattle. They got lit up by Cam and Ryan. No reason why Dak can't either.
  7. I think Gase gets fired but new coach may want his own QB. Jones wasn't drafted by Judge. He could want his own QB too. Neither has shown much for anyone to believe that they are franchise guys.
  8. I could see the Jets moving on from Darnold as they are most likely bringing in their own coaching staff. Daniel Jones hasn't shown anything worth building around.
  9. How did you get that out of what I said? Me saying he had better games doesnt downplay this game. My opinion is I think he had better games. That statement doesn't mean he played poorly, bad or not great. Can I not say Dak played well but not as well as his numbers would indicate?
  10. Do you forget the turnover that Dak had that gave Atlanta the lead? Again, he played very well. I think he had better games. I dont think he was as good as the stat line showed but that doesn't mean he played poorly.
  11. This is the problem. Nothing I said was negative about Dak. I said he played well. I just think the numbers made it seem better than what it was. He made some really nice throws, but he also could have thrown a few picks and got lucky.
  12. He had some missed throws and got bailed out a few times. The pass to Coop should have been 6. He didn't take shots until later. Given the receivers we have he should have took a few more shots early. Now none of this is saying he played bad. I just think he played a step below than what his numbers showed.
  13. Dak played good today. I dont think he played as well as the numbers suggested but definitely not nearly as bad as some of the people in this forum say he played. He didn't trust his oline early which stopped him from taking some shots. Would love to see him open it up more and give our receivers a chance to make a play.
  14. All the athleticism cant help you if you can't diagnose the play.
  15. I think he is playing like our best LB and its not close.
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