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  1. Isnt his guaranteed money voided if he is suspended? If that's the case , we need to let him go. This is our out.
  2. Brice Butler on the return

    Take away Tavons 1 catch for 64 yards and your left with 26 catches for 240 yards or 9.2 yards per catch. We need to fix this unless we plan to never play from behind.
  3. Brice Butler on the return

    If we actually had the guts to bring back Dez. Dez and Butler (rotating with Gallup) on the outside. Austin and Beasley in the slot. Significantly better than what we have.
  4. Brice Butler on the return

    What's the point
  5. Brice Butler on the return

    I just dont see the point. Add Butler take away Thompson, William's or Hurns. Are we better? It's a lateral move that will most likely end up in having dead money.
  6. Dak

    Exactly. We left too many points on the board We let them hang around too long. If we did that to one of the top teams we would have lost.
  7. Brice Butler on the return

    Even if we replaced T Will, we need to find an identity with these receivers and give them reps with Dak. Dak seems to have chemistry with Thompson. Austin needs more touches especially at WR. I would like to see Gallup a bit more. I dont see the need for Butler at all.
  8. Games balls and SL/Clappers

    Offense definitely looked better, but I still want to see them use Austin more as a receiver. Take a few more shots deep with him to at least put some fear into the other team. He may be our best WR.
  9. Games balls and SL/Clappers

    Fair point however that wont always be there. He needs to throw better.
  10. Games balls and SL/Clappers

    GB: Defense, specifically Jaylon and the CBs. Zeke. Tavon SL: Dak. Another 160 yards. If you take away that 1 play he is under 100 yards. Missed some throws, especially the one to Rico.
  11. Josh Gordon Eyeing Cowboys

    Let Thompson or Twill go. Gordon Gallup Austin and Beasley isnt too bad.
  12. Why? We have a big bodied 6 foot 8 Tight End that he still managed to over throw.
  13. We still have Irving and Woods coming back. Plus getting LVE and Gregory more into the mix will do even more damage.
  14. He is 6 foot 8. That is all on Dak. Dont know how he missed him.