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  1. @Matts4313 if wins are a team stat then why do you bring up multiple charts about where Dak ranks in wins since he started? If wins are also a team stat then wouldnt losses be the same as well? You put a lot of blame on our oline in 2017.
  2. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    You're right it is lip service, but you need leaders to be accountable to say, I'm the superstar, my job to go and make plays regardless. There will always be times when you have to throw, high, low, behind. How many times did Romo "underthrow" Dez because Dez was superior than most CBs at playing the ball in the air, stopping and going up to go and get it.
  3. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    We need to draft extremely well if we are about to pay Dak. Giving up our 1st for someone, although is proven, we have to pay right away might be challenging. I'd be trying to go with a 2nd, 3rd and give them a choice of Woods, Awuzie, Lewis, or Connor William's.
  4. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    Or we flop do to an injury and have a top 10 pick.
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Exactly. If we pay Dak that kind of money, we have to nail the draft. Is Adams worth a 1st? 100% However, having to pay him $15 mill a year will come at the expense of someone else. I would throw in a 2nd, our 3rd round comp and let them pick a player between Lewis, Awuzie, Woods or Connor Williams.
  6. Yet you say Dak struggled in 2017 because of oline play? Guess Dak should have played better during that time?
  7. But if your QB doesnt have time to throw and is ineffective, was the root cause the poor oline or the poor QB play? So if the purpose of controlling the line of scrimmage affects our team and the opponents team QB play, then the root cause/behaviour that you want is controlling the line of scrimmage. QB play is just the effect. Therefore QB doesnt matter if you cant control the line of scrimmage.
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    too bad it wasnt 2013
  9. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    It's not, especially when you have a quality 330 pound run stuffing DT next to him. Our past issues were because our "quality" run stuffing DT was a 305 pound undrafted free agent that bounced team to team.
  10. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    True. This is why I think he will make a better assistant coach than head coach. Garrett's guys for the most part, played hard for him. His problems were game management and the ability to take some chances. If Judge is a good coach (no idea if he will be or wont be), he will force Garrett to be uncomfortable, take some chances and not leave the game management up to JG.
  11. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Jet sweep to their 5th receiver who only gets on the field to run Jet Sweeps?
  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    or when it is 1st and goal from the 3 yard line.
  13. To your first point, sure, everyone wants to take advantage of that. My point, is all the Dak lovers kept commenting, but in a few years his deal will look amazing at only $35 million. Well not if we have to re-sign him again in a few years. The cap goes up, but so does everyone else's ask. Eventually Dak's ask will catch up to us and we will have to move on from guys. To your second point, your right. Drafting is important. But if we miss on a few picks like everyone does, I dont want to hear an excuse that we lost because our defense, or Dak needs more weapons. At $35-$40 million a year, you better be able to consistently overcome any roster deficiencies. Just like if Jarwin bombs this year and is just a guy, no one on here should complain that we need an upgraded Tight End. No our $35 million QB needs to make the most out of what he's got.
  14. I have come to accept he will get $35/year. My issue is he isn't willing to accept the 5 year deal so he can cash in again sooner. My question to those who love Dak, is when paying him $35 million/year and doing it over 4 years and if it causes us to lose or not resign some key members, will they make excuses as to why our $35 mill/year QB cant get the job done?
  15. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    By that logic, I would have him Above Average, slightly going into the Good range. The other issue with rankings, is it is based on a point in time compared to his peers. For example, Cole Kmet was the #1 rated Tight End in his draft class but that doesnt make him Elite. To me the overall QBs in this league is a bit lacking. We have some Elite guys (Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers) and then we have a bunch of guys that show some potential, QBs that are past their prime but still good for a year, but mostly the league is full of young unproven guys that havent showed up consistently and whether that is because of scheme, coaching or talent around them.
  16. @Matts4313 first off, we are in a different era of passing yards. Every year we are setting records for passing yards. Second, Dak came into a scenario that most QBs dont. We were a 12-4 team that was able to secure a top 5 pick because Tony got hurt. That 2016 team was built to win. Dak came into a great situation.
  17. For sure. The deal was structured very well, similar to Zekes. My point was Coopers deal was different than the others since he hit free agency.
  18. But I only like arguing with you...
  19. Maybe, I didnt hear that. I dont think in any world, we would have gotten Amari for that much.
  20. It doesnt matter whether what he will be in 1 year from now or 5. He is asking to be paid like the Top QB. If the rumours are true and we are willing to pay him the amount he wants, he should be all over it and take the 5 years.
  21. Who says Amari would take that deal? He could have easily held out. He came off bad seasons, but the Raiders as a whole during that time, were garbage. He also had two very good years and was still only 25. Amari and his agent arent stupid. You dont trade a 1st for a receiver coming off terrible seasons but only sign for $10-$12 million.
  22. Amari had us by the balls. He wanted to wait to get the deal done to see what other receivers were going to get. I am sure he also knew, when push came to shove, we would have tagged Dak and not him. We had no leverage with him to get a deal done before free agency. Once he hit free agency, his asking price goes up because we are competing with every other team that wants his services. Cant say for sure what the deal would look like, but I am confident he would have signed for less had we been able to tag him.
  23. Dak is a top 8 QB wanting to be paid like the Top QB.
  24. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    What was so doomsday about my post? All I said was you cant just compare years. Also didnt say we couldnt fill these positions. But again my concerns would be how Dak fairs with lesser parts. Saw him without Amari. Not good. Without Tyron in 2017. Not good. Without Zeke. Not good. He might be able to overcome that now but we dont know.
  25. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    I'm not missing the point at all. Not saying you can replace Dak easily. I stated multiple times Dak is better than Dalton. I stated I wouldnt take Dalton at $3 million over Dak at $35 mill. I basically agreed with you when you listed QBs over Dak for one year, the only difference I said was I'd take Stafford if healthy. My point this whole time is concerns with Dak being consistent with lesser pieces around hi, because when he had lesser pieces, the results werent great. I like Dak. Can make a case he is in the 8 to 12 range. Again @Matts4313 I like Dak, I just dont worship him the way you do. Please dont send me a chart on why Dak should be worshipped.