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  1. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I do think that Veldheer is better in this offense compared to Bulaga. Rodgers says that he wants Veldheer back.
  2. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    I think that they will extend him as he is a fit for the offense, teams are not willing to pay someone that isn't remotely close to a powerful back. He is basically Cobb as a WR. I do think that they will draft a RB that is better than J. Williams as a power back.
  3. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    I think Rodgers is now willing to rework his contract to keep the good players, like he did a few weeks ago.
  4. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    WR Adams Lazard Kumerow ESB MVS (Draft Pick) TE Hooper (Atl) Lewis Sternburger Tonyan
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    I think it is more of a mentality issue in the past. If you play not to get injured, you get more injuries. This year they played and while minor injuries, they got back on the field and didn't baby them within a couple of plays.
  6. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Cory Littleton is going to get the money that Martinez is going to demand. Littleton is a better player. I would say I would pay for Littleton over Martinez. The Packers will not get either one most likely. However the Bears have a couple fa ILB that are pretty good in all aspects of the game that anyone of them would make an improvement to this team when it comes to run defense. Plus it would make the bears weaker at their strong point.
  7. Pettine's Back Mock

    Packers should try to make a play for Cory Littleton.
  8. Fire Pettine

    Yes Lancaster and Lowry on the front didn't do too much. Martinez is good at tackling after the other team gains a chunk, not too many for losses..,. All three positions need to be upgraded and depth added.
  9. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    Lazard has the body type to take a hit. Cobb was build like that but he was short.
  10. Fire Pettine

    Pettine is doing the same thing that the 49ers are doing but without the talent on DB and ILB.
  11. It is how you lose, Clark was the only DL that didn't get pushed around today like a freshmen high school player. The overall play felt like the Packers were not a playoff team.
  12. Well he picked some studs and some duds, which is typical for any team. The biggest thing is if he cuts his loses or denies that certain players are lost causes like Thompson did. He has tried to upgrade during the season, so I guess he might cut his loses.
  13. Last Game As A Packer?

    Martinez actually ranks several positions behind Goodson in value of play in 2019. I don't think Blake is getting a big contract and if he does the team is extremely stupid.
  14. I think street fa's would have done a better job today,
  15. Last Game As A Packer?

    Lancaster and Lowry... hopefully their last game for the Packers