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  1. I’m an Aussie. We were all born cool...lol
  2. Ahhh, ok thanks for that guys. I’ll have to decide what team I’m going to follow then I suppose..lol.
  3. So after a touch down the team can either try for a field goal. Or if they are close enough they can try for a second touch down? Can they also try for a field goal even if they are close?
  4. Hello, can someone please advise why I can’t post in the general forum? Thanks.
  5. Thanks again, I’m slowly getting my head around the rules.
  6. Thanks for those explanations mate. I don’t know the rules of rugby very well either so can you explain the kick off thing again? ‘With my last question so the ball getsthrown out the back to the guy who passes it to someone else who then runs forward until he gets tackled. Why doesn’t he just kick it forward to a team mate up near the goals like they do on the 4th down, (I think I’ve said that correctly?)
  7. Gday Texans, hows things? I’m sitting here in Melbourne Australia watching the Colts v Texans game and Im fairly new to NFL. ‘I can’t post in the general forum for some reason (why is that/) so thought I would post here instead. So I understand the basic concepts of the game and what downs are and 1st and 10 and all that means but still unsure about some of the rules. At the start they just kick the ball towards the goals. What’s that all about? why do they call out the players numbers? Why don’t they just kick the ball towards the goals Aussie rules style to one
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