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  1. Umm what guys. Murry, joker and milsap has played plenty together. The 2nd unit looks efficient as heck. I think porter will go back to the 2nd unit. I guess you can complain about him maybe not being out there. But you just played a quadruple ot game. No need to push the starters.
  2. But that is the way the team is built. The offense is suppose to be carrying and semi average defense. We got the highest paid oline. A good tightend. A good rb, a bunch of speed at wrs. The offense is suppose to lead the way. They cant be having games like they did vs jets, bengals and broncos. This defense imo will be good enough to keep pace if offense is scoring.
  3. He 21 I'm his 2nd year and bout to play in his first playoffs. Relax. Lolol
  4. What do dallas need to add to be contenders? I'm guessing they resign Hardaway. A slashing 4? Another shooter? A real center?
  5. I'm shocked Murray played this good and this many minutes in first game back.
  6. So is joker on chill mode until playoffs start, cause he been kinda messing up my dfk lineups.
  7. Yall really rather see suns vs Lakers over blazers. This must be one of those root for the miserable losers moment. Lakers vs suns would be boring as heck other than the occasional booker going off.
  8. I probably take at least 2 cardinals wrs before a raiders one. Just the way they play offense and how bad I think their defense gonna be. I feel same about Panthers but bridgwater scares me off. When is 2nd and 7th and we in 3 tightend set. You gonna be mad taking that raiders wr. I think raiders wrs are going to be valuable on daily fantasy though. If you pick the right one on any given sunday.
  9. No. To many mouths and we run the ball alot. Only if you think the defense is gonna be awful would I pick up any raiders wr. Jacobs and waller only two guys on team that's draftable imo.
  10. Wasnt even going to go down that silly rabbit hole.
  11. No point in signing anybody until you figure out who is all in and who opting out to be honest.
  12. Us didnt take the virus as seriously as european countries. I personally dont think the football season gonna happen. Dolphins and jags gonna have to play in a different state.
  13. So im guessing they pats get that cap space. They might sign clowney now
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