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  1. Johnson should be a raider ugh. He is better than damon so far. I hope we get some real coaches in here soon.
  2. He isnt firing PG until end if season if that. Another season wasted.
  3. We did they start factoring all that into the mvp race. I mean Carson Wentz in you top 5 or naw.
  4. Did the bears game never happen or naw.
  5. He threw the game sealing interception vs the raiders.
  6. 3 for 3 with no ice. 0-1 with ice. I dont know man. Lol.
  7. And simmons finally gets in and makes the play.
  8. They finally play simmons and he makes the play. Amazing.
  9. Vance coaching his butt off right now.
  10. Than you bring him off and run another play possible get him closer, run some clock. You cant have him kick it again right after you iced him.
  11. Yall see that. How often do we get that. How often we confuse olines and get a free blitzer. Guenther got to go.
  12. Cardinals has basically benched simmons. He isnt playing at all.
  13. Pete Carroll goes for on 4th and 2 to go up 10. We kicking field goals with one of the worse defenses in the league. Ugh.
  14. I didnt think that had a chance when it was in the air. How the heck is wilson and them doing this stuff.
  15. The Pats and bills today didnt exactly say crazy elite offense to me.
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