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  1. Celtics are just trash at this point. Defense bad. Tatum not assertive. No emotions. This is crazy.
  2. I was so ready to do Ball for Lauri when that was the rumor. Ball probably cost to much to trade for now.
  3. What can the celtics do other than just get healthy. They not trading smart tatum or brown. Nobody trading for Kemba. I'm not even sure who they target in the buyout market. Stevens is also safe. They got to figure it out during all star break.
  4. I'll definitely be down with Bud Dupree for sure.
  5. Draymond is dumb, as simple as that. After the 1st tech walk away.
  6. So what happen in that warriors game. The play by play got me confused. Warriors had ball up 4 with 15 secs left.
  7. He don't care who he play for. Trent brown is what matters.
  8. Trent brown something else. Lol.
  9. @Troy Brown it's time to let this go. Kemba was a bad move and he isn't better than kyrie. I mean I guess he better for team morale. That's about it.
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