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  1. From my understanding he had settlements with like 18 of the 22 plantiffs. The other 4 not settling basically canceled it. He was trying hard to settle before the trade deadline. If he had got it done the dolphins trade would have went through.
  2. They wouldn't be trading adams since he a free agent. The cap they would have to shed to sign him signals rebuild also.
  3. Hopefully hire a gm that knows how to build a team and draft. After using the assets from a Carr trade hopefully it doesn't take forever to build a solid team.
  4. Thibs said cam not going into the rotation no time soon. Thibs in management is going to bump heads real soon.
  5. I agree. Frazier has to go down for this. Or a secondary coach. Lol. Somebody. That defensive game plan was just awful.
  6. Is gus Bradley the bills defensive coordinator tonight.
  7. Bills just showed why you shouldn't. Kelece that open for a 20 yard gain.
  8. Ingram is destroying that tackle. Do he think he is a cb cause he wearing number 24. Sheesh.
  9. Todd Bowles might have cost himself a job with that one.
  10. I'm good on Todd Bowles, that was terrible football situational play calling. That was same as jets zero blitzing us when ruggs scored to end the game. He really left cooper one on one deep with game on the line.
  11. Bulls fans every where is like, Grayson allen is why the packers lost today. Lololol. Solid argument.
  12. If tanny and downing is both brought back next year no point of taking them seriously aby time soon. Downing sucks.
  13. A team lead by the combo of tannihill and downing was never going to go far in the playoffs.
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