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  1. I fully expect us to keep this game close with silly mistakes and a slow start. Than pull away, with dolphins getting a late td to make it seem closer than it might have been.
  2. On the play itself he jumped right up and still chase the ball. He definitely deserves props for how he playing and acting on field.
  3. I totally agree with you. Other than Littleton. The tackling and running to the ball is much better this year.
  4. I know what you was referring to. Just showing, running to PFF for everything doesn't always work. Unless you think that shouldn't be counted as a miss tackle.
  5. So getting stiff armed to another state don't count as a miss tackle. I didn't know that. So as long as the offensive player stiff arm you that miss tackle is voided.
  6. He so bad. But he a buddy of that gruden/mcvay click so he keeps a job.
  7. Joe is really bad at his job. Always have been. But the buddy buddy club keeps him in the league
  8. Joe Barry isn't going to change anything, is he. No blitzing no disguises, nothing. He going just watch Goff do what he want all night.
  9. Joe Barry by far. All those old coaches from the skins keep hiring. Mcvay was smart enough just to make him a position coach.
  10. Joe Barry don't know what a blitz is. Goff going to have all day all night.
  11. How do joe Barry keep getting hired. Packers defense gonna take a huge hit this year.
  12. Why is Justin Ellis in on passing downs. Ravens have no pass rushing DTs
  13. 42 did such a bad job on that option and lamar still scored. Lol
  14. Exactly. If he breaks away they don't blow it dead.
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