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  1. Lol. Doug is dumb as heck.
  2. Mariota out the league in a few years.
  3. MNF: Browns @ Jets

  4. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    What thee hell is Freddie doing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. If booger thinks it's a good move. I know it's not.
  6. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Baker pick 6 coming.
  7. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    He doesnt set his feet. He got supreme happy feet. If he settles down he can play, if not it's going be over throws and floaters.
  8. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Myles garrett stop being stupid. I dont agree with rule. But you see how they calling it. Just push him. Stop the foolishness.
  9. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Monday night football use to be the standard. Now its darn near the worst. From production to announcers.
  10. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Jets bailed them out. Awful play that was.
  11. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Man are the just running 25 yard routes every play or is baker just locking on to one read. He holding ball forever.
  12. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Basically only way to tackle a qb is to grap at waste and twist down. That's hard to try to do every time. Cant hit high, cant hit low. Cant land on them. Its dumb.
  13. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    This is dumb. U cant tackle the QB period at this point.
  14. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Baker is kinda bad.
  15. MNF: Browns @ Jets