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  1. New Derek Carr thread

    So if they cant get elite talent or somebody you think is elite. Why would they had moved on. What would be the reasons mayock who you said you trust, would bring in 43 year old Brady or drafting a qb to learn ome of the hardest playbooks in league. Bridgewater or tannihill. What do you think they would think is wrong with Carr to replace with people like that.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    If going to work on jamming somebody. He is a good person to work with.
  3. New Derek Carr thread

    @MrOaktown_56 if Carr did get traded or replaced what would be the reason.
  4. New Derek Carr thread

    He threw the ball after jalen had already broke inside. If he wasnt looking to check it down so fast that dont happen. Plus if richard runs the so called right route he is right there on Richard regardless.
  5. Around The League V.2

    It's a stupid move. The money just dont make sense.
  6. New Derek Carr thread

    I think he top 3 and to be top 3 with less than 35 regular season starts is amazing. He gonna make stupid immature plays cause of experience and age and the way Reid let's him play. But for what he gives you you can live with 2 or 3 bad plays a game. That's the huge difference between him and Carr. I cant deal with fumbles in endzone and throws in the dirt. He dont give enough on a game to game basis to deal with that stuff.
  7. New Derek Carr thread

    Throw deep? It's way more than three.
  8. Around The League V.2

    It's a dumb rumor. Based off nothing. But raider nation will run with it. It makes our trade look even better and makes the "traitor" Mack looks worse.
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    Whitehead is highly likely to what?. They took him off the field towards the end of the season for career backups. No way he is highly likely.
  10. New Derek Carr thread

    If we got a 1st for Carr. I wouldnt care what the plan is I make the trade. If its picks in the top 40 I make the trade.
  11. New Derek Carr thread

    Ummm for the most part other hof QBs won superbowls the years those guys played. So it kinda was fire vs fire. He dont got to be as good as mahommes. But he can't be what he is now.
  12. New Derek Carr thread

    Some what but not as much as people want to believe. I think musgrave played to his strengths. Cooper made plays for him when the ball was in his hand. Only thing i think he did more of was throw more contested throws to Crabtree. As far as throwing to a spot or anticipating throws or throwing wrs open. I think he has minimal improvement on those things.
  13. New Derek Carr thread

    He has never been great going through progressions fast enough. He still doesnt throw wrs open. And he still for most of the time only throw it downfield when a guy is wide open. Even rico Gafford had to stop and wait for his lofted deep pass when he was wide open.
  14. New Derek Carr thread

  15. New Derek Carr thread

    He has always played like this. It was his evaluation in college also. I dont buy the talent around him or the defense is bad. I can pull up a college evaluation highlighting the same stuff fans complain about with him today.