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  1. We don't know that. But what we do know is mark didn't punish anybody. He let those incidents happen. Ravens got out in front and punish their guy as soon as they could we assume.
  2. Huh. There absolutely was rules and regulations in place. Coaches was suppose to wear masks on sideline and gruden wasnt the first one fined for it. Players was suppose to wear masks in public. We broke the league rules, county rules, and state rules with that fundraiser. The raiders messed up multiple times knowing all the rules and regulations. That's on them. Now the league certainly needs to fine ravens. But they shouldn't be compared to the raiders who kept on breaking rules.
  3. For one coach being stupid. The ravens should probably fire that guy. They probably get some sort of fine. Not much though.
  4. Wait why can't they just play on Sunday.
  5. This is the cancelation they need to justify making the playoffs 8 teams.
  6. Smith still the timid check down master he has always been. What a terrible play.
  7. Is Cameron wake all the way done. He can't play a rotational pass rusher role or anything like that.
  8. Cause 49ers only had one positive and it was on Monday. They have 7 with some coming today. How do you even get all the close contacts in time to not spread to steelers. The risk of transmission to the steelers was way to high to play tomorrow. Its not to hard to grasp. People just want to look for conspiracy in everything. If tomorrow and Friday shows no new positive, than they got the transmission under control. And now the risk to steelers is minimal. This is doctors not the league.
  9. How?? Do people really think league wanted to move its big Thanksgiving game
  10. 7 players, with new positives each day since monday, and people want them to play a game tomorrow. Yall being silly. The league don't want to lose a Thanksgiving primetime game. Cmon folks.
  11. Oh lord don't do this. Ravens got 7 positives with new positives popping up each day since Monday. How could they possibly play that game on Thursday? Don't compare close contact to actual positive test.
  12. Re watching the game. Guenther didn't even try to adjust to be honest. 3 of kc tds came off edge plays on Crosby side. The run to Edwards, the toss play to bell, and the motion td pass to hill. How Guenther didn't see that inside stunting Crosby was not only not generating pass rush but also leaving the edges wide open. Even if Crosby was taking upon himself to do it, how a dline coach or Guenther not adjust him. It literally made no sense that we was still doing this on that final draft to. Hasn't worked all game. Didnt make any sense. We don't got any stars on defense the least they could do is play smart and sound football.
  13. What that got to do with the league.? Reporter is just an idiot.
  14. I think Mullens Arnette and Johnson or good enough with decent pass rush and decent safety play behind them. They really haven't had either.
  15. Your right. I didn't really like Abram being the pick we took in that 1st rd. Raiders fans thirst for fire on defense, blinds them on how bad he is at times. Penalties, injuries to himself and teammates and just bad coverage is not what you draft in 1st rd. A run support safety thats a liability in pass coverage isn't a 1st rd pick in today's league. Now with that said. He definitely can be coached better and used better. Will discipline help with some of his issues. Sure it will. Will experience and better coaching, absolutely. Can he be a starting strong safety in this league. Yup. But he is definitely costing this defense. Their were tds the chargers scored that was on him to. I hope he gets better real soon. But I much rather just keep Abram near line of scrimmage for time being.
  16. Ive given Brady a pass. But he do seem to leave field fast more often when he lose than when he wins.
  17. Henderson doesn't look very good to me. Brown and Akers have looked better imo. At least tonight.
  18. Bruce really don't like Rojo lololol
  19. Rams are good. Goff really isn't.
  20. Rams are really messing this up.
  21. Rams really need to get a field goal here
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