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  1. Welcome to the big leagues, kingseanjohn. Proud of you boy. Go get Kellerman or someone else's job.
  2. Sources tell me the Chiefs would be all over this but Pittsburgh refuses to give Mahomes another shiny new toy.
  3. Does he have anything left? Amendola is the last type of WR the Chiefs don't have. Wouldn't mind picking him up for cheap.
  4. If we had AB with us day 1 of training camp, it's OVER. Every guy on our squad feels like they just do their job and the chip is ours. Good luck stopping the most unstoppable offense ever assembled.
  5. I'm just saying, good luck trying to pull that double Tyreek Hill BS if we got Mr. Big Chest on the other side. And Mahomes is authentic, doesn't have a big ego, but supremely confident in his own right. AB has a ticket to the HOF ready if he just buys in and plays ball in KC. And Andy Reid can manage diva WR's and the media circus that comes with them. It seemed like a good fit to me.
  6. Uhh... yeah. I've been imagining this in the NFL general for weeks while everyone laughed at me. Makes sense though that the Steelers wouldn't do it.
  7. Chris Paul misses like 1/3rd of the season every year and the Rockets still have no problem getting into the playoffs. James Harden doesn't play a lick of defense either, but at least he puts the team on his back. I really don't see LeBron getting another championship if the plan is to finish his career with the Lakers.
  8. Yeah, I take back calling the dude a troll. He's just actually insane.
  9. LMAOOO that interview. "Obviously they didn't enjoy the game cause they're going home" or some shiz like that
  10. lol the body language from Russ while the fans rained in the boos and the Thunder players all high fived one another. This dude is a full blown psychopath, I love it.
  11. Yup. Our squad knows his weaknesses too well. Russ just went right at him.
  12. For those who say the Blazers are gonna make the WCF
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