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  1. Awesome man. That is my favorite place here. I just like the atmosphere. Hope you are enjoying the glass city
  2. So they did open a Pollyeye by UT. So no need to go to BG ever again. Well maybe for the skatepark
  3. Yes, yes you do. You drink good beers and are usually pretty funny.
  4. Yeah I have to agree. I think this move gives TEN some fire power with Jones and Brown and improves their team. I think they are definitely the best team in their division now and if their defense gels they could really have a shot at a SB.
  5. I don't have a recipe but the place I used to work made them that way in the cafe. Sausage Gravy, Egg, Bacon, green peppers, and something else. Probably the best thing I ever ate at work.
  6. Oh yeah, with sausage gravy Yep that is awesome
  7. Man I would smash a General Tso pizza or a spicy Szechuan beef pizza.
  8. For that deal yes, but no way do they eat the contract if they are taking a mid round pick.
  9. So will trying to beat Buffalo and Cleveland or KC and Cleveland
  10. Oh smoked turkey then make the gravy from the drip pan. Hunggg
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