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  1. Do you want to go do Karate in the garage? Yeah I'm a beer nerd and love craft beer. My budget and belly sometimes don't like it but hey what are you going to do? I'm a big hoppy beer fan, have you tried M43 or Boss Tweed yet? They are pretty good from Old Nation outside of lansing (also new distro to Ohio). If Half Acre would figure out that Ohio wants their beers Daisy Cutter and Pony are great. Ohio has some great hoppy beers but we definitely behind in the saison and wild ale game. Luckly I have beer friends around the country that help fill that void. I'm also a big fan of Pils, easy drinkers in the summer
  2. Easy picks are Jackie O's stouts, IPAs, and funky stuff. Athens brewery. Really depends on what you like. Barrel aged beers are more expensive because of the time to age. So if you like that style a great value is Laginitus Willetize or whatever they named it now. Another one is dragons milk from New Holland. Where are you located at? Ollie's is by Cincinnati or Columbus right? You probably missed bourbon county that comes out on black Friday. In Cincinnati Axis Mundi from mad tree is good, lots of good stuff sitting on the shelf in Ohio. If you want to try lambic Ohio got a drop of Oude Guezue from Drie Fountine, that's expensive but a great beer. If you like sour tasting things. My go to beers are mystic mama, who cooks for you, and any saison from Jackie O's. Columbus brewing makes great hoppy beers. Mad tree, warped wing, and fat heads too.
  3. Can't believe how much KBS got released this year. No limits and most places got 10+ cases. Glad that and backwoods can be a shelf beer now. Used to have to chase around to get 1 or 2 bottles.
  4. K Hunt suspended 8 Games

    Agree, no need to shop Duke for a 4th rounder. His value to the team is worth more than that to the Browns.
  5. Around the NFL and General discussion

    He has to keep the narrative that the Browns suck and that Baker is not a good QB. He knows he can't go back on his opinion now. I wouldn't be shocked if he said the Browns lost the trade with the Giants.

    He should think about the big picture. If he is on the field he will be running free on so many plays. Grind don't whine
  7. I wanted him to be a Brown so bad when he was in the draft a few years ago. I know it is my OSU bias but man was he all over the field. I'm shocked that he is considered to be released (I know its just a tweet but still a discussion) since he is still young and on the 4th year of his rookie deal.
  8. One Hit Wonders

    Anthony Henry would have been my pick too @DaWg_LB. he was great his rookie year. My pick is Trent Richardson, of course he flamed out but man when I heard about that trade at first I was so pissed.
  9. antonio brown out of the division

    I don't know which is the better deal the Buffalo pick or the Raiders. I'm thinking I would have moved up in the first round. Maybe have Buffalo add a 6th. No way is Pitt making that trade with NE, I'm sure they have some idea they will be playing them in the playoffs this year.
  10. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    I'll disagree only because as an adult you need to know when to walk away. There were no winners in that situation.
  11. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    I'm so torn on this signing. I watched Hunt at UT and was glad he was successful at KC. That video could have been a lot worst but it's still a huge negative on him. I'm in the wait to see how this plays out camp. Is he getting a 6+ game suspension into 2019? Are we looking to gain some draft picks if he qualifies for a season next year as a RFA?
  12. That is a very Browns thing to do. At least Haslem didn't own the team in 2011 so he can't be blamed. Of course the other guy, well let's just say he wasn't any better. I would disagree that it wasn't bad 4-6, the others I'm going with a big Nah Dawg. I think 4 was an interesting move but it backfired because they didn't scout / draft good enough talent for their plan. 5 is still up in the air and so far has been a good idea 6 I'll agree with the last part, the first part I will not agree with and I can't believe Hue somehow ended up getting us some sort of a positive.
  13. This article literally just reminded me that ownership of this team has been terrible for years. Haslem has been a buffoon since buying the team, he has terrible leadership skills, he has no idea what he is doing, and he stirs the pot inside the organization to try and get answers to questions he already knows. One good thing I take away from this article is that things were not going well inside of the front office and lots of issues and bad decisions were made. If they made it seem like everyone was on the same page and working together and still put that level of crap on the field then we would have some problems and not have any idea where the poison pill really is. So really this article just confirmed that JH is not capable of finding good leaders and bringing them into the organization and building on those people. He just keeps hiring and firing people because its the thing he thinks he needs to do.
  14. Mort says it's Freddie

    That look on Haslem's face is priceless. Guy looks lost and is wondering why they didn't pick the coach a homeless guy on the street suggested.
  15. I'm hoping that Kitchens doesn't call plays honestly. Not completely hands off of the play calling but I would like for someone else to call the plays. Sometimes I think the game gets away from the HC when they are calling the plays. I know McVay has Wade Phillips be the acting HC when the offense comes off the field so he can talk to JG and others but I'm not a fan of that move for this team. I think he will have enough going on that he needs to focus on the upcoming plays and strategy and not just the offense.