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  1. Mort says it's Freddie

    That look on Haslem's face is priceless. Guy looks lost and is wondering why they didn't pick the coach a homeless guy on the street suggested.
  2. I'm hoping that Kitchens doesn't call plays honestly. Not completely hands off of the play calling but I would like for someone else to call the plays. Sometimes I think the game gets away from the HC when they are calling the plays. I know McVay has Wade Phillips be the acting HC when the offense comes off the field so he can talk to JG and others but I'm not a fan of that move for this team. I think he will have enough going on that he needs to focus on the upcoming plays and strategy and not just the offense.
  3. Bringing in an outside coach is usually how these hires go so it was a bit of a surprise to bring Kitchens in as HC. Definitely a fan of the hire though and I like that he is a Dorsey pick. This keeps the GM and HC on the same page and I think will allow Dorsey to be the architect of the team and Kitchens will be in charge of putting the players in a good position. I would hope they won't have a power struggle (more that normal) about how the team should be built, this will allow the team to have stability and everyone knows who is running what part of the team for once. I never liked the idea of hiring a coach and then a GM (Mangini / that whole mess) or Hiring a new GM and keeping the coach (Dorsey / Hue).
  4. The Dawg Pound Introduction Thread

    Awesome thanks. Yeah like most message boards the gifs work best
  5. The Dawg Pound Introduction Thread

    Long time lurker and with the news that Kitchens will be hired I figured I would start posting some. I'm a huge Browns fan and have been the walking joke about that for years at work. There is every team you can think of in my office of fans and not 1 Browns fan, I live and work in Ohio. There is a Ravens fan here, yikes. So here's some info about me Name: JDD - JasonAge: almost 37Current Location: ToledoHometown: SameOccupation or school/area of study: Mechanical EngineerInterests besides football: cycling, beer, and grilling/smoking foodYour Dream Dinner(5 people, dead or alive, you want to meet): My grandparents and my cousinFavorite Food: that I can't make, ThaiFavorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Forest GumpFavorite TV Shows: Current- Good Place, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Narcos, All Time: Breaking Bad, Seinfeld5 favorite bands/artists of all-time: Led, Beatles, Biggie, The Roots, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats5 favorite albums of all-time: IV, White Album, Eminem Show, Things fall apart, Ill Communication Favorite current Cleveland Brown: Can I still say Joe Thomas, I'll pick MilesFavorite past Cleveland Brown: Joe ThomasFavorite non-brown player of all-time: there are other teams?Favorite current non-brown in the NFL: Micheal Thomas Who do you hate more Ravens, Steelers, or Michigan: YES