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  1. @LETSGOBROWNIES if you find Special Hoperations from Fat Heads and 3 Floyd’s buy a 6 pack. Its hunnnng AF Plus they are donating funds to honor flight.
  2. I can’t imagine that would be possible to do again. Dudes take 3 weeks to do that on YouTube then act like it was a first try
  3. Man can we draft Tee Higgins too? If the Saints and Packers can draft him we can too I think if that WR is the #1 player on their board go for it. Though I wouldn’t be shocked if they made that move to get to 25 they wouldn’t make another one for someone who wants Fromm in the late first for the extra year deal. If we traded back with the Vikings I think I’d try to maximize value for this year. I wouldn’t go after 4th and 5th round picks for next year. This gives you flexibility with the picks this year to move around in the third.
  4. Around the league discussion

    I’m hoping we get a defense we can take on the road and win tough games. The offense should be better going through Chubb which every person knows.
  5. Now he’s after grandma’s?
  6. I think he borrowed it from Cam
  7. This is a bummer. Sorry to hear you have to deal with that ****. My wife got one of those emails and was all freaking out. Then I reminded her that her email isn’t tied to our amazon account. There is a special place in hell for the people who set up those scams
  8. Wow this might be one of hottest take threads ever. OBJ was in the wrong the entire evening but this is a lot of nonsense. People calling what he did assault??? Also glad I’m an engineer, people just think I’m stupid. Being a cop seems like a thankless job from people now a days.
  9. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    How many keyboards do you buy a year? O/U 4.5
  10. Pending free agents, who do you keep?

    Agree on Joe Schobert. Dude is a good player and is worth keeping around. Creating that hole makes no sense. Id also keep Robinson on the roster if he takes a 1 or 2 year deal. He isn’t a cornerstone player but he is average and won’t be bad depth if they do bring in 2 young tackles. I’d want more info on what happened with Randell. He had bad things to say about Williams and what did he do with Freddie and other BS? Is he worth bringing back?
  11. Around the league discussion

    Mixon and JK would be scary.
  12. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Working on my feet and downfield vision. I know Baker won’t this offseason so I’ll be ready.
  13. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I forgot the gif
  14. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    When has Harvard won anything? My HS team would have won state if they put me in at quarterback