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  1. This is golden!

    I won't be mad if that happens
  2. Then Arya and Tom go get Apps and Zerts
  3. I'll be honest I don't know how you attach it to your router not going through your computer. I'm sure there is an easy way but I don't know how to personally. Shhhh can't be talking about that stuff
  4. It's not the most user friendly way to do things but it will save you a lot over having cable. *You have to switch from app to app to change the channel, which is a bit of a pain. I run one through my fire sticks and cell phone. IP Vanish, 10 devices so I split it with my dad, $90 for 3 years I don't blame you for not wanting to download an app on a school comp.
  5. I cut the cord 2 years ago. If you want sports PSVue is good for the football season. If you have a Verizon phone download the NFL app and stream games from your phone to your TV. Also you can get a VPN and live in Cleveland every Sunday I use the CBS, fox sports, NBC sports, and ESPN apps on a fire stick and can watch every game I want using PSVue. After football is over I just go back to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime.
  6. Draft game.

    That would be a great set up. They are canning a hefe now too that a lot of people are really happy with too.
  7. Draft game.

    In the quote you asked when revenge tour guy was considered a 1st rounder. I thought the question was only for the QBs not any player. In other news Have you tried Benjamin Danklin from fat heads yet? I'd highly recommend it.
  8. Draft game.

    Guess I misunderstood, I thought it meant which QB was not going to be drafted on the first round.
  9. Draft game.

    First pick in the draft is - K. Murray How many QBs go top 10 - 1 How many QBs go in round 1 - 3 Murray, Haskins, Lock Best qb in the draft will be - Haskins in 3 years Who drops out the 1st round - Jones Who is the biggest bust in the draft - N. Bosa (I think he ends up being injured to much) Browns first pick is in which round - 2nd Browns first pick is - D. Jones (tOSU) How many corners and safetys corners do the browns draft - 3 Duke is traded on draft day yes or no - No Browns fans will love or hate the draft - Yes, we always love the draft but will be mad that we didn't draft 9 All Pro's Browns last pick is in which round - 6th
  10. Too funny not to share

    I'm just impressed they have a dot matrix printer that actually works
  11. Real Schedule Released

    I like going to the games, it's something that I've always enjoyed for lots of sports. I get that from my dad since he would take me to games when I was a kid. We went to at least one game a year from 90 till the move. The cost does suck when you look at it from the stand point of just watching it at home but the excitement is great. When they are actually good it's even better. I've drank a lot of beer because of the Browns though. Good times. Do I get to blame all the beer I drink this week on the Browns?
  12. King in the North

    Well ****, that made my day
  13. Real Schedule Released

    I always felt that preseason tickets should be in the $10-$20 range and have activities that will keep kids engaged. Making it possible for a family of 4 to go to a game for under $100 would probably pack the place. I took my son when he was about 5 to a preseason game, he had fun and we walked around most of the stadium, which is something I've never done. Watched about 1 quarter of the game and was ok with that. That's cool you can do that
  14. Real Schedule Released

    I've had season tickets before and it was kind of a pain. Plus I live in Toledo so while its not a long drive, its still hard to find people that want to go in on season tickets. I'll pay a little extra and go to one or two games instead of paying for 2 preseason games no one wants to go to.