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  1. Two other things to figure out is where can you mount the tankless water heater and can you vent it? Do you have a wall to mount it or will you have to build something? Also the venting needs to be figured out so it doesn't look dumb or get in the way. Neither should be deal breakers but defiantly something to think about. I've thought about going with a tankless unit since our water heater and furnace are over 20 years old.
  2. Do they sell Live Oak beers at Live Oak Grill? Because if so I think I would just eat their all day.
  3. When I see these mock drafts I'm not seeing LSU, Bama, and mostly SEC players. So that's how I know Berry isn't posting on this forum
  4. There was a lot of things to blame for 2008. But yeah glad these homies are getting a taste of what it feels like to be on the other end of losing everything and not sure if they will have a job tomorrow. As for AOC, I don't think that matters. She hasn't swung at many big shots and actually connected. I think she is a paper tiger in this situation. Good to get twitter in an uproar though, I will give her that. Her team knows how to win those battles.
  5. It depends on the way the stock options were given to him. While you are probably right it might just happen to be something he was going to do anyway lol Anyway this is a great story and showing the stupidity of how things really work. If they were winning on the short no one would stop it from happening. But since it went the other way I guess the rules are different. I think Game Stop has gotten more publicity for this than they have the last 20 Christmas and black Fridays combined.
  6. If I was game stops CEO I would be selling those shares and retiring. No need to worry about any BS about being the next Block Buster
  7. A year ago their stock was worth $4.28 today its trading at $290 wow
  8. Do you think if the Browns were a perennial playoff team with a possible SB run he would have retired? Something tells me he decided to move on after going 1-15 then 0-16
  9. Maybe if he is willing to sign an extension. If not no way
  10. I didn't know the hammer was a Browns fan. RIP Hank Aaron. I remember when I got his signed baseball when I was a kid. It is one of my favorite pieces of sports memorabilia I still have
  11. He didn’t even have a tail, he wasn’t a real Saiyan Oh they will learn my friend
  12. When @NudeTayne references Dragon Ball Z, I listen Nerd Power
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