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  1. I hope he goes 4-13. You know like he did his last year starting. If this was a BS rumor I could understand your argument. You know like 1 woman says it but makes no sense then 3 more say it’s true with zero proof. But this could be going to trial. So I don’t think he is going to get out of this with, oh it’s no big deal. Also no one brings up those guys? Yes they do. They just don’t on the broadcast. Are either of them the face of their franchise? Nope. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’d be out as a fan unless he is innocent of the charges. Not that others have
  2. But he would have 17TDs and that is the only stat that matters
  3. So you wanted to keep OBJ and release Baker over that situation?
  4. Don't worry Jimmy will have us back to that feeling in no time
  5. Every fan of a team who fired there coach right now is drooling over the idea he’s coming to their team.
  6. Oh I think if you would have said this is how he would be playing not many would have believed that. Hell after his spot starting for Chase Young as a Freshman I thought he was the next top 3 pick. I'd say he is starter material at this point, good player but not great. But he could get outplayed pretty easily too if someone on takes that next step over the offseason. He is workout warrior and would test well at the combine if he left last year. Maybe he thinks he can take the next step this year??
  7. His expectations were so high. I think he was supposed to be better than Young which is just not fair. I think he has been good, not amazing like we all wanted.
  8. On another note. That was an amazing game. Bills fans will be pissed but they played so good to win that game. Road loss sucks for them. Allen is a stud
  9. No. The offense isn’t built to play like this. But if he did and lost most would say he’s a bum. If he won people would say their defense blew coverages and he got lucky.
  10. Mental gymnastics is a great sport
  11. We can agree to disagree there. They do have a good QB and WRs though
  12. Again my point is unless they fix that OL he is going to have issues. He’s already had knee surgery, can’t have him getting sacked 9 times and expect to be successful.
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