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  1. DE, CB, OL should be the order for round 1 every year until it’s QB again. Unless a special player drops to you at another position I’m always trying to stop their QB or protect ours in the 1st
  2. Speak for yourself. Anderson is way better than Baker. He won a game with 2 completions. Baker would lose that game because he isn’t clutch
  3. Couldn't they have put him on the IR for a few weeks?
  4. I guess he should have come out as a leader in the situation IMO. Only because he was so vocal about others cheating. Anyway back to football. I don't think I would touch 12.5 points on this game. I hate to say it but I can see the Browns starting off slow after the loss last week. Hopefully there is no hangover but I wouldn't be shocked at a slow 1st half.
  5. They were a playoff team the year before he was drafted
  6. One thing that bothered me is JV was so outspoken all the time about roids but then just kind of kept his mouth shut about the stealing signs. He's still one of my favorite Tigers of all time though, glad he got a ring.
  7. Exactly. If the argument is that Baker is either PM or not worthy of playing in the NFL than I guess he’s out.
  8. Good hopefully we show this to his agent and say we will offer you a 5 year 50 million dollar deal with 5 mil guaranteed. No one else will pay you this much because of this tweet. Then they say we will take it but for 30 million
  9. Pretty cool praise from Carr here. Love to hear that https://twitter.com/AndrewBrandt/status/1437748493792256006?s=20
  10. I didn't listen but I can say with 100% accuracy that he is not right
  11. Did anyone watch the all 22 film though? Man did we give one away last week. The more I play back that game the more I saw a team that made 3 mistakes and that cost the game. I can forgive all 3 but we can't have all 3 happen in the same game against the top teams in the NFL. Now they didn't make any mistakes late so that just shows how close we are to being a good team. I think if Chubb doesn't fumble we win the game, I'm not blaming him for the loss just the way they were driving and even 3 there puts us up big. The Gillin punt sucked only because how it seems he could have punted the
  12. Man he could have gone a such a different angle than this. Talk about being from Cleveland, talk about playing for them being a dream but now he has a chance to play against them, maybe even joke about how he had to get so many tickets for people who won't be rooting for the Texans. I highly doubt everyone on the defense was saying, oh man this week sucks. We got to go against that amazing TE that just dominated us in practice every day for a few years. Never understood how a guy who was a HOF player in practice never made that same play on the field. Just weird
  13. UP: 1. Baker looked very comfortable 2. All the TE's had a good game 3. Hunt and Chubb were rolling 4. McDowell was playing great Down: 1. Still need to make a play on D when it is needed 2. Special teams wasn't very special 3. 3 plays that cost us the game. 4. The Browns had the ball with a chance to win the game, they didn't.
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