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  1. 2020 Opponents Set

    It’s May. I don’t see a loss on that schedule
  2. Yeah it’s awesome. I get to sit next to the driver. It’s almost like he’s my chauffeur
  3. Sorry the dumb engineering degree gets in the way of being cool.
  4. Always attack the orders of operation first Multiple, Divide, add, subtract
  5. A= Shoe (pair) = 10 B= shoe single =5 C= Boy = 5 D = 2 **** in a bag = 4 E = 1 **** in a bag = 2 B + ((C+A+D)*E) = X 5 + ((4+5+10)*2) = 43
  6. 2020 Draft Rumors and News

    JK split carries in 18 with Weber almost every other series (not sure why, I hated that) I think they have brought in some studs at RB though. I haven't gone through the list but they have had a 4 star RB the last 3 cycles (18, 19, 20). I'm not sure how many 5 star RBs there were in those classes. If I had to guess it was 3 or less each year.
  7. He said he thought Becton has the highest ceiling but had a few issues He needs to work on and Wills was ready to start day 1.
  8. Donovan Peoples-Jones

    I was talking to a buddy who is a huge Michigan fan yesterday. He said the same thing. I disagree a bit though. He never stepped up his game from his freshman year to his junior year. All American players improve every year and he had other WR on the field who also drew attention so he wasn’t the only person teams game planned around. He had a decent QB, Shea wasn’t great but he was better than your average CFB QB. He threw for over 3k yards last year, so DPJ should have shown out more IMO. Plus his physical talent should be enough for him to have more than 40 catches a year. I’m not mad about the pick and I’m also not saying he can’t become a good player. He needs to improve a lot in his game though. Which is why he fell to the 6th round. Hopefully he can be a good returner early. That will keep him on the team so he has time to improve and work with Landry and OBJ which I think if he can become competitive with them it will elevate his game.
  9. Day three discussion

    I know it’s the OSU fandom but man I hope we draft KJ Hill today. He has always seemed like a guy who can get open. Plus he seems like he loves football. Add in the fact that he is going to be a later pick that should keep him hungry. DPJ would also be interesting as I think he has a ton of skills. But we never really saw that talent at UM. Which makes me wonder how much he just relied on his natural talent instead of putting in the work.
  10. Got a growler of #fakejuice almost gone So yeah
  11. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    The only reason is they think Love is an elite prospect. No other reason to draft him this year.
  12. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    If you think he is a stud prospect, might as well take him in the first so you get the extra year on the contract. So maybe they don’t think AR has 5 years left in the tank. Or at least be worth his price tag.
  13. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    That makes him even better. Being that big pulling off the Canadian Tuxedo. Plus dude is going to be a stud.
  14. Just wondering why you thought anyone would pick Jackson? I mean if he played for the chargers or Jags I'm sure more people would be voting for him. I think Fields has all the tools to be the #1 pick next year or the following depending on how this year goes. He is my pick for the best guy to be an NFL QB that is still playing in college.