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  1. I just remembered reading the comment. I didn’t go hunt it down to see who posted it. I liked it when I read it the first time, I like even more reading it here
  2. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Fire him now If he is joking or being serious. I mean he should have been fired after only beating the Jets by 20
  3. The fact that your exact comment was posted over there lol I think this weekend is a great test for both OSU and the Browns. If Chubb gets going early and the offense figures out the blitz packages the Browns will win this game. If Baker has to throw 30+ times I don’t think we have much of a chance.
  4. Are you on 11 warriors?
  5. Or the fact that if baker throws it in front of callaway he will either get smoked or putting the ball into an area with 2 defenders. After watching that clip the ball placement was almost perfect. You never want to run a WR into the middle of the field to be leveled. Long story short, you can’t turn the ball over and overcome mistakes.
  6. Whats up with Baker

    Please make sure to bring this up every week
  7. Freddie ain’t Ready

    I read he thinks the Browns are 3.75x better than every team in the NFL so he has designed a play or two every week to turn the ball over on purpose.
  8. Freddie ain’t Ready

    In his press conference he said he wanted to score there, use his TO’s, get the ball back, and score again. The defense was containing Wilson at that point and playing like this could happen. I think Freddie has done a good job so far. He isn’t perfect but this team is really young and really talented. If they get things going they can make a run. Turnovers have been the problem more than anything.
  9. That’s fine if the drops that turn into INT’s are his fault. With that mindset any catch you have to give him all the credit.
  10. Nothing like losing a game you should have won.
  11. That was just a **** effort on the catch.
  12. Well that was dumb tuck the loaf of bread in OBJ
  13. Meh, this was a bad game. Young team, on the road, got behind early. Erase the game tape and move on to sea
  14. Got to challenge that no matter what. No point to hold on to the TO or challenge