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  1. I think the only throw that was terrible was the pass to hunt. The pass he missed to Higgins he had to move to get a better throwing lane. Missing high has been his issue but he also isn’t turning the ball over. So if his bad throws don’t go to the other team I can live with that.
  2. Sorry I was talking about Glennon. I think both QBs played well today. I wish Baker would have hit the wide open Higgins and the Pass to Hunt.
  3. I think this game is getting flexed to SNF. Instead of Dev v. KC
  4. He also made some tough contested throws that his WR made plays on. That PF was bs on 4th down but he didn’t make any mistakes and threw the ball where it needed to go.
  5. Well that was a tough loss After the game was over and tv went away Jerome Booger brought the teams back on the field. He said the teams will play until Jacksonville scores and wins the game. It just happened. Bummer /s
  6. I was so drunk during that game. Still remember that **** though
  7. Didn’t matter. It’s still running unless Jac calls TO
  8. Feels like the raiders challenge from a few years ago
  9. Guy jumped in his lane then he got sloppy with the footwork. 7 would have been huge there.
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