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  1. General Season Talk

    Not sure I like the yellow and white pants. Rest I can get behind!
  2. I seriously think AB might have brain damage from the NFL

    I think the idea that he got paid an insane amount of money and didn't think anyone could tell him what to do also explains every behavior.
  3. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    Goff and Alex Smith
  4. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    I agree. Jimmy's sample size isn't Brady's though. He doesn't have that many big games to choose from.
  5. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    Fair. I just don't see it that way at all. In fact I see the opposite if anything. Jimmy was shook in the first Seattle game. I will never unsee that last drive in regulation when he was begging to throw the game away.
  6. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    I'm curious what makes you think this. Pretty much all of Garoppolo's career has been easy going aside from the ACL. I wouldn't cite 4th Q comebacks as Goff has had his fair share of those.
  7. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    I'm not saying he's not clutch. I'm saying that in that game the moment seemed too big for him. He should have thrown the game losing pick. And then didn't really shake that play off and should have thrown another a few plays later. He didn't look comfortable at all. I don't watch enough to know if that's his norm. My assumption would be it's not but in that moment he was certainly flappable.
  8. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    The first Seattle game would be the counter to this. That was one of the worst QB clutch performances we've seen this year.
  9. Weekly Bets Thread

    The over is the right bet but with both defensive lines being really strong at rushing the passer I could see defenses getting off the field/forcing a FG attempt.
  10. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    If you think Mullens is better then he's underrated. I think he's properly rated and in the Goff tier.
  11. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    I can't remember how competitive prior playoffs were so you may be right. I just think of competitive differently. In the last 20 years 12/16 NFC teams have been in the SB. The number in the AFC is 7.
  12. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    The AFC has been dominated by 1 team for the last 20 years. It's definitely less competitive.
  13. General Season Talk

    I'd like OBJ. I am not an expert on the dead money but if that could be negotiated to a degree I'd want to entertain it. I think ultimately though, it would be too costly.
  14. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Baltimore lost by 16. And that was with a late TD. This wasn't like Baltimore played bad and lost a close game. It was Baltimore played bad (because Tennessee is a good team) and got crushed.
  15. Do you like the NFL more now, or ten years ago?

    I enjoy it as much or slightly more. The media has gotten significantly worse where I now just focus on games and no other football programs.