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  1. Owners to vote on 4th and 15 on-side kick alternative

    Just change the onside kick rule. Allow the other team to get a running start if they announce ahead of time that they are electing to try an onside. This proposed rule is way too gimmicky.
  2. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Every team overpays FAs besides maybe the Patriots.
  3. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Not that it would necessarily matter as I don't know how states operate but the incident happened in Kansas.
  4. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    This is super devastating for the Chiefs if Hill is gone for the year. Would have to be Watkins would need to step up big time and I'm not sure that is likely.
  5. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    Houston still is a really good player. He's being cut to clear cap space. How would you feel if your boss asked you to take a pay cut because they decided to pay Sammy Watkins $16m?
  6. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    I get that Browns fans should be pumped about their team. I would be too. As an outsider I'm taking a wait and see approach.
  7. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    I agree it might work really well. I would expect the Browns to be top 10 in offense. Maybe they can crack the top 5 but I'd be surprised if they were much higher than 5th. Especially in year 1 of it.
  8. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    I don't really care about yards at all. Points should be how offenses are judged. I like Monken but I don't think I'd call him a genius.
  9. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    He averaged 24 points a game after taking over. That's good. I also don't think an 8 game sample size is even close to enough. He's certainly not in the same class as the other 4 based on last year and we have no idea how he adapts to being the head coach. I'd be encouraged with him as a Browns fan but I don't view him as an offensive genius yet and neither should anyone.
  10. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    I'd still take Chiefs, Rams, and Saints over the Browns. Probably the Eagles too. Kitchens is the unknown. I think the offensive minds on the 4 teams I listed above the Browns are superior to Kitchens which is the difference for me.
  11. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Pretty sure he was a nonfactor. Houston had a great game but I don't recall Ford doing anything.
  12. 49ers are working on a trade for Dee Ford.

    I have no idea why KC would do it for a 2020 2nd.
  13. Browns trade for OBJ

    Agree to disagree with that logic when we are talking about someone of OBJ's skillset, age, and a team like the 49ers. He is going to give you 4 years of elite receiver play assuming he stays healthy. Most teams picking in the top 5 are pretty devoid of talent. I don't think the 49ers are that team. Losing Jet and JG early obviously added a few more Ls. They are ready to win now and I think OBJ helps them considerably more over the next 4 years than any of the top cost-controlled defensive rookies would.
  14. Browns trade for OBJ

    Could be. I don't think #2 would have been an outrageous price. Obviously considering what the Giants accepted it would have been way too much. I'd at least do a #2 swap for the Giants 2nd round pick and a bit more. I'd value OBJ as the best pass catcher in the league and you'd have him in his prime for the duration of his contract. You cannot get that value at #2.
  15. Browns trade for OBJ

    This is one of the most lopsided trades I can remember. OBJ is a top 3 tradeable asset for me excluding QBs. I cannot believe there wouldn't be a better offer. I'm thankful San Francisco foolishly didn't offer more.