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  1. It makes up for that brutal 2018 game.
  2. The biggest loss we had this offseason was probably Staley. We don't make the playoffs last year imo if Wade was still DC. I'm hopeful Morris can be really good but I think there's a significantly better chance the defense is closer to average than top 8. The good news is if QB play is improved then the offense has to be better.
  3. I think this is fair. I come back to for me I thought our worst pick last year was Fuller so clearly I don't know more than the team. If Ernest Jones pans out, I'll feel pretty good about this class. Tutu was a reach but I think he'll be a good weapon for us. Jones is the one guy who in my estimation has limited upside which isn't what I want for a 3rd round pick.
  4. I'm concerned about the OL but is there a chance this is an indictment in Kromer? Maybe they think Cardberry has more success with some of the interior guys. If we are starting Allen or Coleman though I'm going to be very nervous.
  5. Would love Trey Smith with one of the early 4s
  6. More underwhelming than yesterday not having a pick.
  7. At least his name is fun. I'm sticking with beer
  8. Our interior OL is at best questionable. Even if DJax gets hurt in training camp, we already have 3 capable guys ahead of him. This was a luxury pick when we don't have a starting center.
  9. Does anyone know if he can return kicks? Wish we went OL but we needed a deep threat and I'm glad we are addressing it.
  10. Definitely not Aaron Donald. He cannot play the run.
  11. It certainly wouldn't shock me. The GZ fiasco last year didn't cost us a game but it was awful until Matt Gay came in. I just don't think we can be as bad as we were last year on special teams. Hopefully regardless of personnel, the coaching change is the biggest factor in that unit improving.
  12. Is it just Twitter rumors or are anyone reporting that? With how bad our special teams struggled last year, I'd hope the team knows what it's doing by moving on from McQuaide and potentially Hekker.
  13. I think the yellow and black are going to be the 2. I'd be down for that I'd have to see the white but right now I just think it would look like the Colts too much.
  14. Agree. What differentiates Donald is you see his temper at times that most other guys don't show. Several times though it has been warranted like in the Seattle game with Britt.
  15. Plus while Donald isn't a dirty player, he has a major mean streak.
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