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  1. Chiefs Without Mahomes

    I'd consider 2-2 a success. That's a rough stretch even with Mahomes. The benefit is the Chargers aren't the same team. My guess would be 1-3
  2. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Hager is a mystery to me...but I think we will get use to Reeder. With our cap situation coming up, there is a lot of merit to giving young guys a chance versus bringing in an aging vet so we can have them on cheap deals for the next few years.
  3. SNF GDT: Eagles @ Cowboys

    Just dollar signs
  4. SNF GDT: Eagles @ Cowboys

    Im shook and I don't even care who wins
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    And the basis for this is what? Hard Knocks? It's great to have senseless theories where if Goff sucks you are right and if Goff plays well it is because McVay broke down the defense for him.
  6. NFL Week 7 GDT

    This seems to me to be the offensive equivalent of a safety to me but I could see how people don't follow that logic. A TD isn't rewarded because no one fumbled but the fumbling team is punished with a loss of possession.
  7. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Correct it is a safety. But why wouldn't it be ruled that offense keeps possession at their 2. The defense didn't earn a turnover based on the same logic.
  8. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Playing devil's advocate. Couldn't you argue if you fumble on your own 2 and it bounces out of the endzone it shouldn't then be a safety based on the same principal?
  9. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Personally I've never understood the outrage over the rule. It makes sense to me. Edit - I think it did matter as Oakland would have gone up 3 with a TD
  10. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Yeah. Very impressed with him today. Guessing with Clay out he'll see a lot of time as a situational rusher. He earned more PT after today.
  11. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Rams get Ramsey and Peters helps the Rams too. What a trade
  12. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    It was a dumb prediction before today's game though.
  13. Week 7 - Rams @ Falcons

    Boy did Ramsey make a difference. Thought Troy Hill shockingly had a great game too. Obo to me has earned snaps on rushing downs over Ebukam. When I focused on him I thought Edwards was really good in pass protection. Great opportunity next week to be 5-3 with a bye week ahead.
  14. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    For the people that don't like this trade. Do you not like the price or do you not like that it was the Rams that made the deal? I can understand not liking the price but would find it silly if you'd think it would have been a good trade for say the Eagles but bad for the Rams.
  15. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    I agree but I think it wouldn't be the correct interpretation that the Ramsey trade wasn't worth it if Goff and the OL plays poorly while Ramsey balls out. The 2 are only related because we gave up picks and salary cap flexibility. The Rams might not fix the OL this year but the Ramsey trade wasn't just a 1 year deal. The only way the Rams will regret the Ramsey deal is 1) he doesn't play like the 2018 Ramsey 2) we pick in the top 10 or 3) he refuses to sign LT.