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  1. He's had 2 decent years and 1 injury plagued year. We'll have to see how he recovers from the injury. Picking a RB #2 is never going to be ideal but what helps is he'll always be linked to Darnold who also didn't work out.
  2. They fluctuate as depending on how much money is on each side. It's typically rare though for anything greater than a point or two unless there is a major injury surprise.
  3. I think it is fair to say Cleveland is the best roster if you value each position equally, though Tampa is close. I still do not like Baker if he is having to throw in obvious situations to win.
  4. Tutu was never going to be the KR. You said initially you were surprised about Atwell's usage. Maybe you meant you were surprised he didn't return the punt? I thought you meant that he wasn't in at receiver which I thought was the likely outcome. I would expect he'd be fielding returnable punts next week.
  5. It's not a bad example. He had 8 targets in those first 2 games. Then 8 targets the last week with Wolford when Kupp was out. The other 13 games he had 15 targets. And he was significantly more pro-ready and had less talent in front of him. This year we have Desean who has a very similar skill-set to Tutu and is massively more experienced. It's going to be tough for Tutu to have much of an offensive role as long as the receivers stay healthy. I think he was never going to be the kick returner. He's too small. If I recall, the Bears punted once and it was an obvious fair catch situation.
  6. This shouldn't be surprising at all. McVay generally brings rookies along very slowly especially when we have 4 very good receivers ahead of him. Think of how long it took Van Jefferson to see action last year and he was a 24 year old rookie with just Reynolds ahead of him.
  7. The trade was always about winning the Superbowl. I was against the trade but loved how Stafford played yesterday. The Rams probably win yesterday with Goff but it would be uglier. I still think for the trade to truly be worth it, he needs to perform in the playoffs. And if he does, I will gladly admit I was wrong.
  8. Great game for week 1. First half was frustrating that it was a 6 point game due to the offense not closing out drives but that should come. Stafford played great. Only negative play was ate that terrible sack with Kupp wide open.
  9. I think the Bears are going to be pretty bad this year but what I think people are underestimating is first game rust. Besides when the Colts trotted out a JV team in 2017, the Rams have had a lot of ugly openers. The other thing is historically our kryptonite offensively is a stout defensive line. We don't know what the offense will look like but if it is a lot of the same then I think it could be ugly for the first half.
  10. Favorite Team: Rams Week 1 pick: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  11. I think I did the Rams line when it was 7 or 7.5 so maybe it is 1.5 on the 6 point tease. I was listing everything off memory so it may be off by half a point or so on a few. Being weary of the Packers is more to do with my trust in the Saints defense and Payton/Kamara with that offensive line to move the ball. Winston is a complete wildcard who very easily could single handedly lose the game. I just like a few other options in a tease.
  12. There are a lot of great teaser options this week. Both the Packers and Eagles would scare me. I have a 5 teamer: 49ers -1 - same thought as you, this is stealing Rams -1 - I just don't see the Rams losing this one. Bears offensive line is so overmatched. Will take a few turnovers or a very rusty Rams offense, which is in play in week 1. Seahawks +3.5 - I love getting past the 3 number with Seattle. Colts have several key guys hurt/coming off injury and Seattle is the vastly superior team KC -.5 - Andy Reid/Patrick Mahomes at home in September. I trust it against a really g
  13. Saints or Steelers would be my pick.
  14. The only line I love week 1 is Pats -2.5. I don't really trust either QB against those pass defenses but I think the Pats can run on Miami. Plus Pats at home I love getting below 3.
  15. Would have liked to keep John Daka. Also with COVID, I think having a kicker/punter to flex for emergencies on the practice squad makes sense.
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