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  1. DPOY 2019

    Donald is still the best defensive player and playing at an elite level. He'd get my vote but I don't expect him to win it.
  2. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched!

    Again, we are talking about 2 games. Looking at the stats to judge the Seattle game tells me all I need to know. It was the highest YPA Seattle allowed all year. One interception was because Woods broke off his route incorrectly thinking it was zone coverage. We don't know if he turned his season around. He needs to keep it up. We have a reason to be encouraged and I'm not going to care about a 2 game sample. If he was bad in these 2 games this thread would have been bumped.
  3. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched!

    I wouldn't say there was another. We are talking about 2 games. Acting like Seattle wasn't a good Goff game is being a hater. This is his best football he's played all year. And right now he's playing at a pro bowl level in those games. 2 games is a small sample for sure so we'll see how he finishes out the year. Tbf though, the guy said he's playing at a pro bowl level. You seem to concede that these lasts 2 games are that. Not sure why you would be so argumentative on something you agree with. Consistency is the true test and it's something Goff won't be able to achieve until 2020.
  4. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    It works for Lamar. The offense works through the ground game. You wouldn't get that with the Rams.
  5. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    It's the reason you don't let your childish QB have says. Luckily it worked out.
  6. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    Lol Marcus Peters. There's the guy I loved.
  7. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    The left arm was clearly wrapped around. It could have been called.
  8. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched!

    Weird 2 games to pick. Yes in those games he looked like a definite pro bowler. I don't care how bad Arizona is, there haven't been others this year that have hung 400 passing yards on them in 3 quarters. Certainly doesn't mean anything if he doesn't keep it up but his play has been encouraging. But yes, the entire premise of the thread was idiotic.
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

    I don't see how this is true. It's 2 more games. You will just have a few more injuries but would also probably have an extra bye week with that. If what you are saying is true, why not shorten the regular season to 12 games to increase the quality?
  10. Notable Stats and Observations

    Players will get paid more for an 18 game season as the cap would rise. That's a compelling reason. Most fans want more football. I don't really care on 16 vs 18 but there's definite reasons for everyone involved.
  11. Predict a Saints-49ers NFC Championship Game

    I think the difference is which of those Rams games felt like playoff games? The Vikings crushed us and the game wasn't close. We crushed the Saints and Seattle per usual, neither were close. Really we just had the Philly game and Titan games but we never really felt like we were playing for something huge. 49ers have had really hard fought games with Seattle, Ravens, and Saint. Rams didn't have that in 2017.
  12. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    Denver didn't have Lock against the Vikings. They had Brandon Allen. Who Rams fans had seen the prior 2 preseasons. He's not good. To be frank, I don't think Green Bay is that good of a team but there's no denying that losing to Matt Moore wasn't an awful loss. That game had Cousins deciding to slide before the first for no reason. The Pittsburgh loss sucked. Obviously it wasn't Rudolph that beat the Rams but the defense. And honestly the refs were maybe the biggest contributors with gifting Pittsburgh a TD. I don't see why it's wrong to say the Rams are better than the Vikings. We aren't more deserving to make the playoffs but we've played the Seahawks collectively 3 times. The Rams looked better every time.
  13. NFC Playoff Race - who's making it in?

    It was a 7 point game. Almost is irrelevent. A Brandon Allen Broncos team almost beat Minnesota. Judging any team by 1 or 2 games is idiotic. Minnesota has played better which is why they have a game lead. They also have a significantly easier schedule.
  14. General Season Talk

    I doubt we are keeping Fowler but he's played well enough that we should be able to get a high comp pick. Same for Littleton as I don't think we keep him. I used to think Blythe was gone but I'm wondering if he is a keeper given how he's looked at center. Probably depends on price but him moving over has been imo maybe the biggest difference.
  15. Predict a Saints-49ers NFC Championship Game

    That's fair. People say the same thing about Goff all the time but he's delivered fairly well in clutch moments. What makes me say that though is it was most noticeable on the last drive. I didn't notice is the rest of the game.