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  1. My whole point is the Rams struggles against Jimmy G didn't start with Morris since Staley struggled the time when Jimmy G played last year. I hope he can fix it. He did make some adjustments week 18 and Jimmy G had 2 great drives. The key throw in the game was the shot downfield to Deebo. I can live if we lose again and Jimmy is making those type of throws.
  2. Didn't the same thing happen last year in SF with Staley? Jimmy killed us over the middle.
  3. Reeder has been the green dot. I cannot see them having Jones as that guy. Unless it is going to be someone new, I think Reeder is going to get the overwhelming majority of snaps. I hope he doesn't but it seems to me that is the case.
  4. The bigger key with Jones is that he isn't Reeder. But I have a feeling if Jones plays it will be in place of Howard and not Reeder.
  5. Well there's a better chance of winning the coin toss than Stafford not turning the ball over.
  6. Every conversation/comment about the stadium and % fans is lame from both sides. It's like a high school popularity contest.
  7. Have they ever said what the injury is other than ankle? I was stunned when he didn't play week 18 which was essentially a playoff game so I'd tend to agree that it seems like he might not be able to go.
  8. Yeah, it was in my head that 14 points is a great lead. But all it takes is a TD coming out of the half and then the is pressure on the offense to respond. And if I recall the offense went 3 and out or hardly moved the ball on that drive.
  9. I think it will be a heavy Akers game. He is better in the pass game and gives us variability in the running game. McVay has hinted all year about 2 RB sets. I don't know how it would look but if there's a time to try and work something new in to give the running game juice, this is the game for it.
  10. The key is going to be Stafford and how well we tackle. I don't buy the silly narrative that the Niners are a tougher team than us but I do think they do an excellent job of putting our weak links on defense in a position to make a play. Can Reeder, Rapp, Jones, Weddle, and Scott tackle in space and play the pass? Historically they have not against SF so that's not fun to think about. I think Stafford will play well as long as the OL isn't a complete disaster. I am really hopeful that Akers can get going on the ground, but if he cannot I'd rather judge ride and die through the passing gam
  11. I don't think we need to do a ton differently to win than what we did in week 18. We win that game 9 times out of 10. The key is to protect Stafford a bit better and tackle better. Let's not forget how poor of a tackling effort that wasI'm hoping Akers can get going more than we did in week 18 but if Stafford can play well I think that is all that will matter.
  12. It's been talked about a lot this year how good Stafford is against the blitz. Maybe not in relation to Goff (though it was also talked a lot about his struggles under pressure) but that has been a big talking point especially leading up to the Bucs game that does blitz quite a bit. I think what isn't talked enough about on that play is how smart it was by McVay/Stafford to go quick. That is what made the cover zero blitz be such a disaster. There were defensive linemen standing up/slow on the snap and linebackers way off the ball. Had the defense been ready, I don't think Kupp's route is
  13. Sidebar, is there a general Niners opinion of him? I know each reporter is a bit different with delivery, but if you just read his articles/Twitter timeline, you would wonder why the Niners are not undefeated.
  14. I don't think you can compare that game in those conditions to what it will be like in Sofi. But yes, Rodgers didn't play well. I feel strongly that if Stafford has a performance like Rodgers did we will lose.
  15. I think QB play (especially in how it relates to turnovers) is significantly higher for who will win. Jimmy doesn't have to outperform Stafford, but if Stafford is sharp he likely cannot have a few Jimmy throws.
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