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  1. I’m just expecting it to be so bad by year two they won’t have a choice. So fed up
  2. I’m expecting both to be gone in 2 years. Grew up up in Arizona in the 80’s. 49’ers were my team till 88. Still a fan but don’t follow them like the Cardinals
  3. I have no idea how he’s actually kept the job. He had some success early on but he let that team fall to pieces until the bottom fell out. I think Kingsbury buys him 2 years unless it’s worse than Wilks and that’s entirely possible. Bidwill’s are cheap
  4. I like Murray a lot but Steve Keim would get him killed. On the right team Murray could be fantastic but sadly that’s not the Cardinals imo
  5. Murray or Rosen fail in Arizona. Steve Keim’s a bottom 5 drafting GM.
  6. Steve Keim should have been fired before Wilks.
  7. I like Murray and think he’ll be fine if he’s drafted by the right organization with a competent front office. That’s not the Arizona Cardinals under Steve Keim.
  8. I hope your right. I’ll be disappointed if they trade Rosen and draft Murray.
  9. I’m sick to my stomach as a Cardinals fan right now. I don’t even know what to say.
  10. Steve Keim is handing out money like a trust fund baby who just got his inheritance.
  11. Rosen wasn’t my first choice but I’ve got to give the kid a fair shot before I shovel dirt on him.
  12. What else do you want me to say? You’re patting Lynch on the back for only giving up a 2nd round pick when the cost is much higher when you factor in the ridiculous contract. You think a rookie Garappolo would have looked any better than Rosen on the crap team Keim assembled last year?
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