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  1. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    I can’t wait for the stadium to be built so I can go on cheap flights from Denver and watch the Broncos Raiders game every year. I’m just hoping It won’t be like the black hole and I’ll have to fear for my life. But I assume there will be PLENTY of other Broncos fans there given the proximity and it being Vegas.
  2. #2 Denver Nuggets vs #3 Portland Trailblazers

    This thread is more active than the one on the insidehoops lol. Nugz destroying Blazers right now, love it.
  3. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    Going back to the man who drafted him (McDaniels). I don't think he'll last long when he starts dropping the easiest passes from Brady.
  4. Interesting move. If I could ditch cable all together and stick with Prime/Sunday Ticket/Hulu then I'll be golden.
  5. Broncos re-sign Jeff Heuerman

    $4.5M/year?? That seems a bit high for someone that never sees the field.
  6. Browns trade for OBJ

    Lol. Didn't Cleveland draft like 10 WRs in a recent draft plus they have Jarvis Landry?
  7. All free Agency team Vs your division

    You also can't throw an entire new roster together made up of all the top tier free agents for the year. This is a hypothetical thread dude lol.
  8. Jason Witten will play for the Cowboys in 2019

    The hype will be big, but in the end he'll be underwhelming for them.
  9. Josh Gordon Stepping Away from Football

    This is my surprise face
  10. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    Lol wow that was so stupid to go for it. Why not force Broncos to get a TD, now they can go and get a FG?? They had no timeouts, no way Case would have driven down for a TD.
  11. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    They're pretty much done. Even if they hold em to a FG here, I highly doubt Case can drive them all down for a TD in the 2 minute drill.
  12. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    Vance always looks like he's gonna cry. Probably because he's going to be fired on Monday.
  13. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    And the irony is that it looks like the Browns are going to score due to their running game.
  14. SaNF Week 15: CLE @ DEN GDT

    Smart Vance. You settle for a FG to still be behind 1 to rely on your defense... your defense that has 2 safeties playing CB in nickel packages.
  15. Random Game Talk

    Has anyone played Runescape in the past? They just recently released it on mobile, so I decided to check it out. I used to play this game ALL the time in my teens and was heavily involved in the clan scene. Then they got rid of the wilderness in 2007, tons quit including me, but then they brought it back by creating Runescape Old School. I joined again, played for maybe a year, then quit again. But here I am getting back into it with I'm sure thousands of players since the release of mobile, and the nostalgia is real.