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  1. Seriously an excellent run defender. Good extension by the Broncos. Plus he's a hometown kid.
  2. Too bad. Them winning this game will give them no benefit.. Rypien showed his inexperience and they are barely going to beat a very bad Jets team. No one really stood out. And now they lose their draft position.
  3. Soo close to the Broncos losing this. But in effect, get a very important tie breaker with the Jets so it's really a win..
  4. Since then they've have lost a few more players. That was pretty pathetic though.
  5. Unless you have a possible HoF QB on your roster, you are drafting Trevor Lawrence. The good news for Lock is that he will be coming back from his injury this year so he will likely win the Broncos some games and make that conversation irrelevant, but still fun to speculate.
  6. Denver Broncos (0-3) at New York Jets (0-3) MetLife Stadium - Thursday at 8:20pm ET When was the last time that in Week 4, we had 2 fanbases of teams going against each other that are going to be happy if the other team wins? Funnily enough, this game isn't even the only game this week where two 0-3 teams are battling it out (see Vikings @ Texans on Sunday). But somehow it is looking like the Jets and Broncos both have a legit shot at getting the #1 overall pick this year. Sam Darnold has looked lost this season, and the Broncos have a QB making his first career start in Brett Rypien. Both teams are talent starved, albeit the Broncos largely due to injuries. Both offenses expect to be simply awful. Who is going to win tonight? Is anyone even going to watch this?
  7. Well it's certainly not because the Broncos are that deep.. the team is talent starved right now.
  8. Honestly both Chubb and Simmons I feel have underperformed this year. Not one player is really standing out except maybe the WRs. O-line somehow got worse and their rookie Center isn't looking good thus far. But I agree that the more games they lose, the better off they will be. They aren't going anywhere this year with all the injuries so they may as well get some good draft capital to reinforce the o-line and come back healthy next year.
  9. Also Justin Simmons is not getting his extension from the Broncos next year.
  10. Wow Broncos are just pathetic lol. May be worst team in the league right now.
  11. 49ers have had some bad luck with personnel. I remember back in 2015 when Patrick Willis and Chris Borland retired in back-to-back weeks, along with Justin Smith and Anthony Davis. And lost a bunch of talent to FA. That said, this injury bug has been pretty bad this year for them. Broncos have to be second though losing Von Miller, Courtland Sutton, AJ Bouye, Phil Lindsey, and Drew Lock now among others.
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