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  1. OROY

    Bumping this because more people want to talk about how being a top RB as a rookie is comparable to being a top QB as a rookie.
  2. What movie are you watching?

    Those movies are still the best
  3. Browns hire Mike Priefer as STC

    Ouch, I'm hoping we sign a veteran. Still happy to have anyone other than Amos. Our kickers were Zane Gonzales and then he selected Greg Joseph from a tryout.
  4. Browns hire Mike Priefer as STC

    They don't seem to understand we had a special teams coach who seemed to have more penalties and blocked punts than total return yards. We got called for illegal formation on a punt like 3 weeks in a row. Amos Jones should never coach in the league again, it simply appeared he wasn't trying. Don't know anything about Minnesota's ST coach, the stats make it seem as if he's average and we are all estatic with that. Your special teams coach has nothing to do with missing kicks or we will go ahead and blame Amos for that too. He did use the same cadence so much that Pittsburgh blocked a game-winning kick so I guess they can hurt it. Before Amos we had Chris Tabor for for like 3 different head coaches and even he was a notable upgrade. They really haven't had proficient special teams since Josh Cribbs was on the team.
  5. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    It's funny Bernie Kosar used to call Browns preseason games with the same type of content/analysis we see with Tony Romo, but he slurred his words and ripped Kellen Clemens a new one and was not on the preseason broadcast team the next year.
  6. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Horseunit.. Been disappointing people with this screen name since 5th grade.
  7. Browns Relieved DC Gregg Williams

    Is Jack Del Rio getting back into coaching?
  8. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Gregg Williams will not be back. What's Jack Del Rio up to these days?
  9. Browns to name Freddie Kitchens as Head Coach

    I'm on board here. Need a good DC hire with HC experience.
  10. OROY

    I’ve stated that I prefer Barkley in this debate simply because results matter and Baker suffered from an incompetent coach not using him and later using him poorly. I’m really bothered that some posters don’t realize a RB being one of the better RBs in the league their rookie season is normal. RBs production is directly correlated with their age and they benefit pretty much nothing from experience. A rookie stud should come in and out produce 5-10 year veterans. Discounting Baker for being top 10-15 at the position as a PASSER (running as a QB rarely has much longevity in the NFL) is an amazing accomplishment at a position where experience is so important. It’s apples to oranges comparing a QB to veteran peers vs a RB to veteran peers. Also the supporting cast debate has zero merit. Baker’s surrounding talent is terrible: his greatest asset was his late season playcaller, Chubb, and his interior oline.. the rest is below league average and in some instances near the worst in the league (tackle play, receivers) Saquon had an average supporting cast overall and a pretty terrible line. There’s a reason the teams picked #1-#2 the year before, neither benefitted from their supporting cast, they both made their supporting cast look better.
  11. OROY

    Ahhh so it was when we made the switch from Bob Wylie to Bob Wylie that our OL play improved. Got it. A real Munchak-like turn around.
  12. OROY

    Moreso Haley and Hue both believe in long developing vertical plays and seam routes that our terrible line had no chance to protect. Both Kitchens and Mayfield deserve credit for the oline improvement with a wide variety of playcalls keeping the defense on their heels as well as Mayfield having great pocket presence and elusiveness on some longer developing plays.
  13. OROY

    Quick release and getting 8 men out of the box definitely help the oline and run game....
  14. 2019 Free Agent Prospects

    I'm surprised by the amount of people touting veteran RBs. We have Chubb and Duke and can draft someone. RBs are a dime a dozen and a veteran on this team would be a waste of $$ even if it's a small amount. Look at Gus Edwards, Jaylen Samuels, Damien Williams, Josh Adams, etc. we can just grab whoever to be the 3rd RB. Bring in 2 for training camp and let them compete.
  15. The Vital Search for our 2019 Back-up QB

    I think Stanton is pretty bad, but he has moxy, he's a vet who the team could rally around for a short spurt of 2-3 games. I moreso am hoping we draft a guy in the 4th-5th-6th with some upside to be a good backup. This is a conversation the majority of the league is probably having - even Gabbert who is probably an average backup gave his team almost no chance in a play-in game Sunday night. It did help the Eagles win a Super Bowl, so I guess if we have the money I'm fine with overpaying for the right guy. Not sure many are going to jump at a chance to be a for sure backup.