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  1. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Similar to the office it picks up steam as it goes. Season 1 was meh, but there' a few seasons in the middle that are great.
  2. Stock Investing

    A) If you're still employed with them it's likely you cannot roll your 401k anywhere. You'll need to maintain that account with them. If it's an old employer you could roll into an IRA or a new employer's 401k. (I'd recommend the IRA, since fees are typically lower) You could potentially borrow $50,000 from your 401k to assist with financing a real estate venture. B) The money that's currently in retirement accounts is unlikely to move to an after-tax position if it's just your employer's 401k. You could start contributing all or a portion to a Roth 401k if your employer allows it. You could also do a Roth conversion, but I don't think you'll be able to do that with an existing 401. You could also reduce your contributions to your 401k (just make sure you're hitting the match) and save up more after-tax funds for a real estate venture. C) I'd recommend asking friends to find a good bank local to you. If you have a CPA ask them. I really can't give too much advice on a football forum, but if you're serious about this and you have reasonable assets, I'd recommend engaging a CPA after the 15th and having a sit down. Before that you can bounce most of these questions of the buddy who's doing real estate things and maybe use his CPA.
  3. Stock Investing

    My brother and I bought a condo, but it's simply because he has the free time and wants to use it, you are absolutely right it's a 2nd job. I'm just in it to add some financial acumen and fill in when he's working. The more and more we evaluated it the smaller and smaller our list of potential rentals got. Ultimately we only picked up this one because it was left to some out of town people when the owner passed and we were able to scoop it at a 20% discount. That amount is literally all of our equity right now. Renting can be lucrative if you're willing to put in the time and you're patient and selective.
  4. Stock Investing

    Ultimately renting property is about ROI, and you need to be able to accurately forecast the rent amount. Set parameters for the return you desire and then see what kind of properties hit those goals. If you're not making 10%+ on the rent annually and the unit isn't in an area ripe for appreciation, why not just invest and remove the effort and risk? As for a self-directed 401k, as a CPA I rarely see it. Administrative costs can be heavy and you can't take money out of it if needed (assuming you are not 59.5). Annual contributions are also subject to 401k limits and if it's an old work 401k then you could have issues being allowed to contribute at all. I strongly lean towards doing any real estate investment with after tax funds for a multitude of reasons (simplicity, stepped-up basis for heirs, capital gain treatment on appreciation) and just keeping your retirement portfolio simple.
  5. Who is your offensive rookie of the year?

    I'm thinking you were ballot stuffing for weeks.
  6. Who is your offensive rookie of the year?

    Bizarre that he won the fan vote considering Baker won it during the regular season 7 times and Saquon won once.
  7. Who is your offensive rookie of the year?

    This continues to ignore the standard career arch for a RB vs a QB. RBs should get worse as their career continues and QBs should get better. Barkley ain't competing with RBs drafted in 2000, 2004-2005.
  8. Buying a House

    I think I homeowner's association will make an assessment for major improvements or issues if the reserves can't cover it. Are you talking about a condo?
  9. OROY

    Uhhhh did you read my post or just quote a random sentence out of context??
  10. OROY

    Bumping this because more people want to talk about how being a top RB as a rookie is comparable to being a top QB as a rookie.
  11. What movie are you watching?

    Those movies are still the best
  12. Browns hire Mike Priefer as STC

    Ouch, I'm hoping we sign a veteran. Still happy to have anyone other than Amos. Our kickers were Zane Gonzales and then he selected Greg Joseph from a tryout.
  13. Browns hire Mike Priefer as STC

    They don't seem to understand we had a special teams coach who seemed to have more penalties and blocked punts than total return yards. We got called for illegal formation on a punt like 3 weeks in a row. Amos Jones should never coach in the league again, it simply appeared he wasn't trying. Don't know anything about Minnesota's ST coach, the stats make it seem as if he's average and we are all estatic with that. Your special teams coach has nothing to do with missing kicks or we will go ahead and blame Amos for that too. He did use the same cadence so much that Pittsburgh blocked a game-winning kick so I guess they can hurt it. Before Amos we had Chris Tabor for for like 3 different head coaches and even he was a notable upgrade. They really haven't had proficient special teams since Josh Cribbs was on the team.
  14. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    It's funny Bernie Kosar used to call Browns preseason games with the same type of content/analysis we see with Tony Romo, but he slurred his words and ripped Kellen Clemens a new one and was not on the preseason broadcast team the next year.
  15. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Horseunit.. Been disappointing people with this screen name since 5th grade.