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  1. Browns release CB Carrie, TE Harris, G Kush and LB Taylor

    He was the best of this group released, but we have depth there and that contract stinks. He still can be an okay backup corner IMO.
  2. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Yes it is just arb year buyout not that amazing of a deal.
  3. Stock Investing

    Yes if it's grad tuition then assuming you are below the income thresholds you can do tuition/fees deduction or lifetime learning credit. Both are separate from the standard deduction.
  4. Stock Investing

    Single filers with a mortgage itemize some, but correct that the standard deduction is now the norm especially for MFJ. Tuition is not an itemized deduction, it could qualify for a credit or a separate above the line deduction @MWil23
  5. Alcohol Thread!

    For a baseline something simple like Tito’s Cuervo Maker’s and Captain just to have a mix for guests and such. Probably would grab a bottle of gin too. Then pick up the good stuff over time.
  6. Stefanski’s staff

    So do we know if we are hiring an OC? We at least need an OL coach, a QB coach and a run game coordinator // offensive coordinator. I presume on defense Woods will bring some folks over. I really wish Stefanski wouldn't call plays.
  7. Stefanski’s staff

    I really don't think he's a bad d coordinator I just think we are an awful fit for him. He needs 3 solid safeties and runs zone and we have man corners and awful safeties.
  8. Stefanski’s staff

    Or the awful clock management and game flow decisions. Did he just ignore him?
  9. Weekly Bets Thread

    A 5 team parlay has a much lower hit rate than 11%.
  10. Who do you want as head coach?

    I can confidently say I'm the only one who won't
  11. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

    Love the browns
  12. (Polls) Finalists Set: Choose Your Preferred GM/HC Pairing

    If they hire Stefanski because of his leadership and such that's fine, he really shouldn't call plays regardless. Kubiak is an offensive guru cut from the same cloth as the Shanahan's so I'd wager it is mostly him. I would consider Kubiak for head coach as well.
  13. Who have we interviewed/ requested interviews with

    I guess Daboll can be updated to 1/6 and I'm not sure what date McDaniels is now. I'd imagine Stefanski is Friday. From there we would have interviewed 7 candidates. Would've liked to see them interview a college coach or two as well as a non OC/DC type.
  14. Who have we interviewed/ requested interviews with

    We should update the OP with our official interviews and maybe use this thread to track and discuss. Coach interview #4 today.
  15. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Maybe this is a lazy or bad comparison but I get an Aaron Curry vibe from Simmons. I think we need to take BPA Tackle at 10 and then potentially another at the next pick. Maybe consider trading back in for Biadasz?