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  1. According to the Carr defenders, more wins won't matter since they claim it is only a team stat
  2. I disagree, Carr is holding us back. He is a good player overall but he isn't good enough. Why not try something new?
  3. Sure it does have a factor. But stats don't tell the entire story on both ends.
  4. Very true. At the same time, this is a results based bottom line business. You are what you are in the NFL
  5. Stats don't tell the entire story of games. Carr lost 8 fumbles this year which led to points off TOs. Colts Bills and Bucs Losses they piled late TDs after the offense quit
  6. Gruden is the biggest problem with the Raiders IMO.
  7. NFL scoring is also up league wide too. Perhaps it just the team rising with the league average
  8. I'm magically amazed by some fans, accepting Mediocre results year in year out . We used to be the winningest organization in the NFL. "Commitment to Excellence" Not commitment to below average. What has happened to Raider fans? Why are you so committed to a QB leader who has been associated with long droughts of losing???
  9. Every year there is a franchise level QB that gets drafted to a team. Sometimes 2 The only people out of their mind are wanting to bring back a QB for an 8th season who has led us to 6 losing seasons out of 7 years. Consistently blaming other parts of the team and with blind optimism that this QB can suddenly lead us to a super bowl or even to the playoffs
  10. We have stayed the course with Carr for 7 years. We're stuck in middle of the pack territory with him. It is time to chance QBs. No QB has ever been given the leash Carr has without winning
  11. Baker was the main catalyst to get them into the playoffs
  12. Identify a QB so you can criticize that player to justify your stance? It is not my job to identify a superstar QB. A year ago nobody had Herbert or Josh Allen as star QBs. However, each draft there is at least 1 or even 2 that emerge. A downgrade from a QB who gas consistently won between 4-8 games during his 7 years as a starter? I don't see the downside of bringing in another QB. I do see the downside of Carr returning as this would be the longest leash a QB has gotten without winning This organization needs a refresh
  13. What happens if we draft the next superstar QB?
  14. Lots of what if's and long leashes here. Do you want the Raiders to win? Or just win if we have Carr?
  15. I like to see the film why we regressed in the run game. Lots of resources went into paying that line
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