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  1. The entire team played great and coaching. Total team win first time in a awhile
  2. True. Brees is a completely different QB outside of the dome setting
  3. Cam Jordan is ridiculously good. He doesn't make the flashy plays but he can wreck a game.
  4. I would Pump the brakes on releasing Brown. He was a pro bowl player at a premium position last season. If he doesn't suit up, his presence would be felt vs teams with more effective defenders than the Panthers.
  5. The best strategy was riding Jacobs and target Targeting Whitehead. Tahir literally kept scoring drives alive
  6. 1st Drive 3 and out Then we give up a FG on defense. Not a terrible start, at least we stopped them
  7. Im more concerned how we come out in the 2nd half as a offense. We been terrible scoring in the 3rd quarter and with halftime adjustments since Gruden came aboard
  8. Erik Harris. Had a strong finish to the year. Named a Captain this year. Truly a breakout player
  9. Where do you suggest the money goes? Networks pay the leagues for the content. Networks get a lot their money from companies advertising who are billion dollar corps etc. I understand your point but pros probably are underpaid because there is none of this without them
  10. So far 3 FA signings and two draft picks complete bust. Only Mariota can make an impact if he returns from IR and gets time. But giving him that contract when Cam, Winston and Dalton who are all superior players is crazy. I think Mariota is making more then all those QBs combined Mayocks/Grudens moves this off-season questionable but let's hope the rest pan out or we're picking top 3
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