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  1. Sometimes I think teams say this stuff to placate their fans a little. "Don't worry, we're thinking about QB life after Cousins" type of thing
  2. There's that word again: entitled. I don't get it. Entitled to what? A worse record next year? Because I think most people who want to move on to Love (or more specifically to myself, don't care one way or another whether we move on or not) know that that is the outcome. They don't think we're going to have a better record without Rodgers. So entitled to what? Don't say "Aaron Rodgers has given everything to the Packers" or like Davante said "he put his life on the line" - come on. he was paid handsomely for the opportunity. All of this exact same tired stuff about him "giving so much to the t
  3. I do feel for Thielen. He's got to find any little thing he can grab onto to make it not completely suck to be a Viking and to have Kirk Cousins as his quarterback.
  4. From Wilde's new column: https://madison.com/wsj/sports/football/professional/aaron-rodgers-issues-with-packers-trace-back-in-part-to-communication-breakdowns/article_5ba4ba16-bd96-5e13-ae17-e5e14cbc60ff.html I don't remember this postgame presser, but man, that sounds like an extremely petty thing to say on November 1st when you're mid-season. Imagine hanging on to Jake Kumerow of all people getting cut that long and then deploying it in a press conference after a loss like this. I'm sorry, again I love the guy, I'd like it if he came back, but he sounds like a tremendous baby wh
  5. If this team lost Davante Adams tomorrow and everything else stayed the same, and their OL was at full health, the offense would basically not miss a beat. In fact, that exact thing happened a couple times.
  6. Any position on the offensive line is more valuable than WR, and you can’t convince me otherwise.
  7. Lol this one's funny because Holmgren basically says "I would have done everything the front office did, but also they messed up."
  8. I really think this is true, and it's unfortunate. The behind the scenes Jeopardy thing where he milked that guy's response about kicking the field goal was just so miserable to watch. The Ty Dunne piece that just came out with the quotes about how he never let McCarthy hear the end of it about SF drafting Alex Smith, too. For the record, I might not believe 100% of the stuff in that piece, but I definitely believe that anecdote. I understand using these things as motivation. I also understand being miffed by them. But his inability to let things go is borderline psychotic. It's maybe the reas
  9. The front office is going to relent and end up doing it AR12’s way for 2-3 years.
  10. Unbelievably well said. The phrase that drives me the most crazy is the overused “Green Bay builds their team to get into the playoffs, not win Super Bowls” as if there is any difference in building a team for those as two distinct goals. I’m sorry, there’s not. There’s not some “magical formula” for guaranteeing a super bowl win vs. getting to the NFC Championship game. Any fan that says this is only operating from the hindsight that GB fell short in the play-in game. From GB in 2010, to Baltimore, to Philly (oh god lol Philly), there is a vast amount of evidence that shows that you nee
  11. Yep. What a bunch of horse manure. Muted. As soon as someone starts sarcastically saying anyone thought Jmon Moore was a “superstar”, there’s just no having a discussion with them.
  12. Hard for me not to read Vic Ketchman's answers to the Rodgers questions in today's column and not think he is absolutely correct, across the board: https://www.askvic.us/ It's too late now, but I think he's right about the NFCCG post-game.
  13. I love the guy and appreciate all the years, but this is one of the things I'm looking forward to seeing if the next guy avoids doing. It's like Brett and the interceptions. You lived with them, and a lot of times he would do something amazing that an average QB could never do, but you lived with those interceptions. With Rodgers, even when he describes what he's seeing on the field - it's impressive - but it also sounds like way too much thinking. Too much hedging. The way he thinks about drawing players offsides, catching them with 12 men, throwing at D holding or PI - it's all brillia
  14. From Pete Dougherty https://247sports.com/nfl/green-bay-packers/Article/Green-Bay-Packers-coach-Mike-McCarthy-reportedly-prevented-Russ-Ball-from-winning-general-manager-position--113832519/ So less a confirmation that McCarthy & Rodgers stumped for Gute, but more that they did not want Russ Ball.
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