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  1. The thing about the "all-in" discourse is that it's always assumed that by pushing your chips in, you automatically win the big one, when that's just not true. Nothing is guaranteed. I've seen more than one prominent packers blogger on twitter say about our tenuous cap situation: "well, I'll take the championship and not care about the fallout next year" - okay, that's great...still gotta win that championship. I'm old enough to remember "the dream team" Eagles. I'm old enough to remember that the Harbaugh Niners were going to be a menace for a decade. The LoB Seahawks were supposed to be more
  2. I think about when he was on Pat McAfee and he said “when Aaron comes to camp” not “if” and thought “Bak has the worst poker face I’ve ever seen”
  3. Woof. We don't even know if Murray is good yet.
  4. It would be very funny if he weren't, since he's a chemtrails, alien conspiracy theory guy. He's using healing crystals instead of the vax
  5. One other thing is you could have the team you’re trading him to make some ‘22 picks for you (kind of like we joked Denver did with Surtain this year), but that’s a dicier proposition - really hasn’t been done in the NFL, other than the Manning/Rivers swap
  6. I secretly think that too. I’ll plant my flag today and say they’re going to try to extend him. If he really still doesn’t want to be there anymore, then it won’t happen, but I do think they’ll try
  7. I think we have some clarity. If I understand this correctly, we eat $26-27M if we trade him before the NFL draft, and want to know what our picks will be. If we wait until after June 1st, it’s only 7-8M, but the picks would obviously be for the next year’s draft. That’s how I understand this, though I am an amateur.
  8. I’m becoming a conspiracy theorist for GB wanting to extend Rodgers.
  9. I think so? But that would be after the draft, so there is that. You’d be waiting a year to use those picks (I think)
  10. Mmm, my understanding is it’s 26M dead on GB’s cap next year.
  11. Yeah, his contract voids in 2023, a week before the league year starts or something like that. So that money comes into 2022.
  12. If Tom Pelissero’s math is to be believed. They either trade him and eat 26M, he plays for us in 22 and we get nothing after, or we rework him. Honestly, looking at it and thinking about what’s within GB’s character, I almost think extending him and bailing on the Love succession is the most likely scenario. Can’t see them eating 26M and I can’t see them getting nothing….
  13. Did y’all see that GB now essentially eats 26M if they trade him next year, after this restructure? I don’t know how it’s going to go and I’m not sure if I’ve thought this all through yet, but I wonder if they aren’t considering still trying to extend him with a new deal next year…
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