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  1. Yes, the vast majority of us are happy about it, although I've been calling for him to be fired longer than most so I am biased. He's just consistently underperformed relative to the talent of the roster, and I think a major fluke win in the NFL Championship game in 2017 bought him extra time. He made some great changes very early on in his tenure to this franchise, but he was touted as being a defensive guru, particularly with the secondary, and yet, after all this time, was easily our worst unit. So many first, second, and third rounders thrown at the wall and he could never do anything
  2. As a Vikings fan I believe he shouldn't. He's not cut out for the modern NFL. The league is going in the way of the young, fresh, pragmatic, analytics guys. Zimmer is one of these old-school 'no-nonsense' types who preach discipline, and arbitrarily bench rookies even when they're playing great, simply because 'they're rookies'. The problem is, that style can work too sometimes, but Zimmer's teams were always so undisciplined so what's the point of that whole shtick? Zimmer is like buying a mid-size pickup because you want more HP and towing capacity, but then finding out that it rea
  3. Just sounds like bipolar disorder, or at worst, schizoaffective disorder -- seeing as he's clearly functional, day to day, I doubt it's the latter. This is unfortunately common behaviour a lot of the time with mental illnesses of this stature, but fortunately he is wealthy with a franchise behind him to get top of the line care.
  4. You have to clean house. They just come across as such a tired franchise with an identity crisis now that the defence is awful -- hung over from the last decade. I couldn't believe how we beat them so convincingly in Week 3 when the Vikes were at their worst this season.
  5. "Fire the coordinator" and "not Zimmer's fault" in the same post on a Vikings sub FFF post. What else is new. This is why Reddit's /r/MinnesotaVikings is winning the battle. They know what's up.
  6. Mindless Zimmer defenders are working on their thesis's right now. Expect their canned responses tomorrow morning.
  7. Cousins is too good for this team. He doesn't deserve to be in such a bad situation. Luckily he got paid.
  8. At least when you get McDonald's you expect a Big Mac.
  9. My problem with Zimmer is pretty simple. He's clearly a very old school style coach who isn't smart and isn't interested in the football equivalent of sabermetrics which everyone else is turning to. Instead he preaches 'discipline' and 'execution' yet continuously produces teams which show neither. Zimmer is the equivalent of hiring In & Out for a catering service expecting delicious hamburgers, and they come with mediocre hot dogs instead. It's like you aren't serving your purpose. Why are you even here? That's Zimmer.
  10. A bust is someone who fails to live up to their draft position for the team that drafted them, due to injury or otherwise.
  11. Mayock just seems like a remarkably awful GM. I hope they can ditch him, because I've always liked the Raiders. I think they have had more gafs from a roster standpoint than any team the last 4 years.
  12. The way Minnesota blows high end picks on corners is remarkable. Mike Zimmer is such a defensive back guru. 🤣
  13. Would give the pick a C+. We need some more energy at the QB position. He was a multi-year starter who showed improvement every year. Having said that I have no expectation that he will be our starting QB in 4 years.
  14. so what's our starting oline going to look like?
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