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  1. DR43's Mock

    Can imagine Gettleman with those two picks at 6/17 Oliver and Bush.
  2. Mock me Fresh

    Intriguing trades for Giants, who come away with QW , Rosen and the top pick of round 2. Think I’d be happy with that but feel it would cost more draft capital to make that first trade.
  3. Cypher's One (And Only) Mock of the Year

    I sincerely am terrified that the Giants are actually going to take Daniel Jones with #6. Your other 2 picks for them are acceptable.
  4. J-Deere almost draft time 2 Rounder

    No to DKMetcalf at 17 , wide receiver wanted not track man, no to Little at 37 , should have learned lesson with Flowers.
  5. Four Rds and some trades

    NYG- I understand each pick taken individually but would be very surprised if they don’t address pass rush earlier than late fourth round per your selections.
  6. 7 Rounds of Heaven With 1st Round Write-ups

    Believe the NY Giants have 133 as well
  7. Giants4eva Mock Draft.. Final Draft

    I know about relationship with Cudliffe and Manning just not enamored with DJ skill set, don’t feel below average arm and Meadowlands are a match. If they do take him I’ll root for him but do feel it may not be much room for a high ceiling pick.
  8. Giants4eva Mock Draft.. Final Draft

    Can’t see D Jones with Hockenson, Burns , Ferrell, Lawrence, Dillard at that point. DJ may be okay but don’t see him as a franchise QB . Am a Jints fan and would be disappointed in that selection.
  9. Mock Draft Every Week: #3 March 9, 2019

    Giants trade not feasible , return was insufficient

    Giants picks , not sure I’m in the Haskins camp , but think it’s absolutely possible that the Giants are and 2 nd round pick makes absolute sense
  11. 2019 NFL Mock Draft, Two Rounds: Murray #1 Overall Pick

    Giants do not have 2019 3rd rounder, used in supplemental draft
  12. Pre Super Bowl 3 Rounder

    Giants forfeited 3rd for supplementary pick Beal