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  1. I'm thinking Hurts , was watching NFL network the other day and i know reporters are all hype , but Adam schefler said steelers were high on hurts , don't really know if they are or anything just going on what schefler said !!!! Thats all
  2. Because , I'm waiting for a realistic answer, you know damn well , chase young ain't gonna be there a 3 , let alone 49 , thats why !!!!
  3. we don't really have anything at rb position and if conner goes done again , we r screwed !!!!
  4. Just my opinion !!! I feel they are drafting a rb before this signing !!! They would be stupid to pass on some of the running backs that should be there at 49 !!!!
  5. with the steelers signing Saeed Blacknall wide receiver from xfl and penn state , my opinion now is DEFINITELY a running back at 49 now !
  6. Just saw a couple mock drafts today , and even john clayton has us taking a wide receiver , all 4 drafts have us taking michael Pittman wr from usc at 49 !!! If that happens grab dillion rb from BC in the 3rd !!
  7. I'm hearing the Steelers like rb dillion from Boston college, if that's the case they get gram him in rd 3 , so what do we do at 49, my pick is a speedster wr
  8. No I will trade up for trevor lawrence next year , I will take dobbins or Edward's- hillaire this year !!!!
  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. Ok guys , its 3 weeks away , let me know who u would take at 49 , and who u think the steelers take at 49 !!!!😀
  11. They also had a formal interview with Edwards- Helaire rb from LSU and Dobbins from ohio state !!!!
  12. We ain't very strong at running back , that's what I'm thinking , at 49 should be a complementary back to help connor or if he gets hurt , cause he is injury prone , so my opinion is we need a back !!! And there could be some good one at 49
  13. Still think it rb at pick 49 , there are like 6 goods ones , and one if not a couple will be there , after that it drops off a bit , and with the uncertainty of connor with his injuries, and the jury is still out on Snell, I think we gotta grab rb at 49 !!
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