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  1. 3 weeks away !!!!

    No I will trade up for trevor lawrence next year , I will take dobbins or Edward's- hillaire this year !!!!
  2. 3 weeks away !!!!

  3. 3 weeks away !!!!

    Ok guys , its 3 weeks away , let me know who u would take at 49 , and who u think the steelers take at 49 !!!!😀
  4. Running backs !!!!

    They also had a formal interview with Edwards- Helaire rb from LSU and Dobbins from ohio state !!!!
  5. Running backs !!!!

    We ain't very strong at running back , that's what I'm thinking , at 49 should be a complementary back to help connor or if he gets hurt , cause he is injury prone , so my opinion is we need a back !!! And there could be some good one at 49
  6. Running backs !!!!

    Still think it rb at pick 49 , there are like 6 goods ones , and one if not a couple will be there , after that it drops off a bit , and with the uncertainty of connor with his injuries, and the jury is still out on Snell, I think we gotta grab rb at 49 !!
  7. Running backs !!!!

    Edwards-Hilaire RB from LSU would look good in black and gold and should be there at 49 !!! 👍
  8. One month till draft

    After seeing what we signed in free agency , it appears that we really dont have a glaring need , with that being said, it would not surprise me if we grab a running back at pick 49 , there are like 6 really good ones in this years draft and I could see at least one if not more are sitting there at 49 !! Connor is hurt all the time , benny, verdict is still out on him and Samuel's more a 3rd down back , so another great runner isnt gonna hurt in case connor goes down again!!😀
  9. Draft

    Looks like wr or rb !!!! At pick 49
  10. Free agents

    As other teams are trading for players or signing good free agents , we have no money to sign anyone , so this 8-8 team better have one hell of a draft cause as of now we didnt get any better , just putting that out there !!!!!
  11. Mock drafts !!!!

    I see alot of mock drafts have us taking a tight end at pick 49 !!! Our first pick!!!! Providing all the tight ends are still on the board , which tight end best fits the Steelers????
  12. Mock drafts !!!!!

    I have seen alot of mocks have us taking a tight end with our first pick !!!!! If none of the tight ends are picked before our pick in 2nd round who is the best tight end for us ????
  13. Hunter Henry

    If we can land him in free agency , if we can afford to sign him and he is healthy this year!!!! and take dobbins at pick 49 !!!!! That would be great !!
  14. Hunter Henry

    That would b a great pick up !!! If we can find the money and he is healthy for 2020 , than we can come back with rb dobbins at pick #49
  15. Tight End ???

    I have seen alot of mocks have us drafting tight end in the 2nd round !!!!! That will be our first pick !!!! I see alot have Hopkins from Purdue!!! Will that be a good pick or is there better tight ends we should take if we go tight end on rd 2