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  1. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    If Tyreek Hill is suspended for the year, Chiefs won't make playoff.
  2. I got title wrong, should be "Jordy Nelson will be back with Packers, Rodgers will carry the team again.
  3. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Tyreek Hills is in trouble now. If he is to be suspended for couple of games, we will be able to tell how good Mahomes really is.
  4. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Expect less, you will get more.
  5. No, TE in general are not for big plays, usually for like 10 to 20 yds games, like WCO. It is damn hard to score 24 or more pts without big downfield passes, because you need keeping the drive alive and getting more first downs.
  6. Among all the trades so far this off season, which trade do you think is the most ridiculous one?
  7. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    Are you saying that Belichick is the biggest moron who changed the system in 2007, which led to 7 years of misery in playoff? BTW, how did the ball boy doctor the balls before he got the needle? you sure sound like that you know how to doctor the balls without needle. How did it feel?
  8. Has Julian Edelman punched his ticket?

    Any great big difference maker deserves to be in HOF, 2nd ballot at least.
  9. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    Are you saying that every coach in NFL since 1990 was moron, because I don't see a single coach can help your favorite QB score 20 pts against good defense in playoff?
  10. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    Explain how in 1998 NFCCG, Minnesota won the coin-toss in overtime but failed to score in two overtime possessions. Cunningham had Randy Moss and Chris Carter. Don't tell me Dennis Green was a bad coach. Belichick? his offense in Browns routinely scored 300 or lower. What could he have done to make Randal Cunningham better? You love typing with one hand while other hand is taking care of business, right?
  11. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    Of course, Pats would have been forced to recruite great WR like Randy Moss for the so-called "carry the team with great WR" QB, and after 2 years, Belichick would be blamed for not giving the QB great defense, and Belichick would refuse to give WR the desired money,... and ... and... Belichick would be fired because of angry fans.
  12. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    Rodgers offense scored 368 pts in 2015 because of loss of Jordy Nelson. Tell me how many pts he would have scored with the 2005 and 2006 squad Brady had. Peyton? at least before 2007, all he knew was throwing deep. He would have no one to throw to in Pats before 2007. You people sound like that it is because of your favorite QB that his WR can run fast and are tall; and when your favorite QB doesn't have TWO great WR, you people cry a river and blame front office on wasting the career of your favorite QB.
  13. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    You are too high on Mahomes. Watch his highlights, 2/3rd of his amazing plays are throws to Tyreek Hills, which usually is an indication of huge problem in future.
  14. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    Elaborate what amazing teams he had between 2001 and 2006. If you mean shutting down Peyton, don't bother, every good defense shut down Peyton in playoff during that period. If you mean his offense could score 380 pts because of his defense, don't bother, because Brady's offense scored 380 pts in 2002 and 2005 with bad defense. In 2002 season, Pats missed playoff because Troy Brown, the only reliable WR Brady had, was injured and out for 2.5 games, and Pats lost all 3 games. Actually, if you had watched football since 2001, you would have known that Brady didn't earn much respect until 2005 and 2006, when people finally realized that there was something special about him. It is amazing that 2005 and 2006 Pats could even make playoff. With Peyton or Rodgers, that team would have been a 6-10 team at best.