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  1. Free Agency

    Any news on Darby?
  2. Chiefs sign Damien Wilson

    Not that this is the place, but what are we doing? I feels like we are really banking on players who haven’t showed anything (speaks and Kpass) being something they haven’t showed they can be
  3. Free Agency

    Do we use that money to continue in free agency or is that money for Jones/Hill?
  4. Free Agency

    Dee Ford for a 2020 2nd rounder. I hate that it isn’t for this year, their 2nd next year is going to be mid-round. This year it’s basically a 1st. Also, for someone smarter than me, what does this do for our cap space?
  5. Chiefs sign Damien Wilson

    Can a Cowboy fan tell me what we just got?
  6. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    This was very Payton with the Broncos to me
  7. Bob Sutton

    I think the idea we don’t want Rex because Bob runs the same system is flawed. The inverse of that would be saying Matt Patricia has to be good because he runs the same system BB runs for the Patriots. Furthermore Rex took play calling away from Bob for a reason back when they were at the Jets.
  8. Bob Sutton

    How do we feel about the Rex Ryan rumor?
  9. Bob Sutton

    Name that would make since is Steve Spagnuolo having worked with Andy Before. I really like Kris Richard from the Cowboys if we go position coach
  10. Bob Sutton

    The way I look at things like this is it’s either the “Jimmy’s and Joe’s” or the “X’s and O’s” (I know that’s probably a tad to simplistic but whatever) When I look at our Jimmy’s and Joe’s I think we have far to much talent to be historically bad. I don’t think we have historically good talent but we basically have in my opinion at least one player at every level with “well above average talent” Jones, Ford, Houston, Hitches, Berry, and Fuller. We simply aren’t a sum of our parts so then in my opinion it HAS to be the X’s and O’s.
  11. Bob Sutton

    Two part Question: How do you guys honestly see this offseason shake out? I know what we all want but does it happen? Do we let him go or ask him to retire? Or do we retain him because Andy is to loyal? If we move on from Bob who are legitimate candidates for his replacement? I don’t know defensive personnel throughout the legal like I do offensive. It seems to me Andy really likes to stay within his extended coaching tree, is there anyone who would take a lateral move or who are the position coaches out there who are the next in line guys?