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  1. Indy clinches the division early and then sits Wentz to insure below 70%. I know it’s not really likely but It’d be funny
  2. If you bet against this team next year knowing the kind of competitor Mahomes, Kelce, and Honey Badger are lord have mercy on you.
  3. Henry deserved OPOY but Kelce was robbed.
  4. This dude gets it, other than when the Chiefs played this exact team a few weeks ago they’ve never play a team like this.
  5. the 2020 KC Chiefs have entered the chat
  6. EB staying in KC and keeping the the coaching staff completely intact from back to back Super Bowls is wild, and I’m here for it.
  7. Tyreek is the only player that’s track speed truly translates to football speed on a regular bases.
  8. Everyone is acting like Mahomes is playing on a dang peg leg. Sure his toe is injured but he avoided pressure last night and moved around the pocket just fine.
  9. Pretty sure being a fan of a player only because of their success in the definition of a bandwagon fan.
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