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  1. This is what happens when you accidentally start the wrong QB in fantasy
  2. No big injuries but I felt like we were down a ton of starts, suspensions, injuries from last week, and guys going out during the game.
  3. I Went with Trubisky and solely because he’s taller otherwise they’re the same
  4. I like Watson but them are some real garbage time stats.
  5. Did I miss something on Gay Jr.? I haven’t seen him. But Snead looks good.
  6. I think the biggest compliment to him is the rest of the AFC West has tried to find their Tyreek Hill. Also something of that he doesn’t get enough credit for that always amazes me is for his stature he seems to have a huge catch radius.
  7. So a organization that lets the legal process play out gives a guy a chance to make something of himself after making a terrible choice and then supports him into being a better man would be classified as what then in your world?
  8. HEY! No facts here please! His comeback will be “well he still did that thing in college” which is accurate and he received punishment and accepted punishment but apparently second chances in life are only for some people.
  9. What was your prediction for them again last year?
  10. Brett Veach is such an underestimated GM.
  11. Hasn’t been said but Veach is the MF’n real deal as well.
  12. AJ Brown, but Mecole absolutely belongs on the list.
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