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  1. 2019 NFL season predictions

    Patriots, Colts, and Chargers are the three elite teams of the AFC. Colts @ Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Chiefs fall off. Mahomes has a sophomore slump, Hill's abilities are sorely missed and their defense, while better than last year, ultimately struggles. Browns make the playoffs, but lose in the WC.
  2. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    11th ranked defense last season, just a well balanced machine really. I think our defense will actually be one of our main strengths. I'm vibing with our past draft.
  3. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    I think the biggest thing about the Colts' rise to prominence is their front office/coaching staff. Night and day difference from the previous regime. Irsay did God's work with the Ballard and Reich hires, the franchise is going to go really far with this group. Even Howard Mudd came out of retirement for this O-line....my goodness. When you got people like Ballard, Ed Dodds, Rex Hogan behind the scenes, things are gonna be alright.
  4. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    Chiefs just took a dip this offseason. Besides the Clark acquisition, nothing they've done so far has convinced me they have what it takes to make it back to the AFC Championship Game. Possibly losing Hill is a BIG blow.
  5. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    You do realize we added Funchess in FA and Parris Campbell through the draft right? Not to mention if Cain comes back successfully from his injury, this WR corp has the potential to be dangerous in the league. Your receiving corp isn't scary either lol.
  6. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Indy has a tough schedule next season, so I don't know what you're getting at here.
  7. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Divisional was played in January, that was not a few weeks ago. You can keep talking about what happened in the past when really that **** doesn't even matter. You're a Chiefs fan, you of all teams should know this. Your team went from a Wild Card loss to an AFCCG appearance within a year. No one saw y'all going as far as y'all did and no one saw Mahomes' MVP campaign coming. Things change. Colts will be a top 2 team in the AFC next season, and you can quote me on that one come Fall.
  8. Paging the Jets and Colts

    Lack of reliable WR2, no Doyle, no pass rush, but it was also a mixture of bad game planning from Reich's coaching staff. They'll bounce back.
  9. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    They're not even going to make it to the AFCCG next season. Patriots vs. Colts in the AFCCG.
  10. Why will we never see another Patriots dynasty again? Salary cap?

    Bruh, Indianapolis has a better chance of becoming the next AFC dynasty than Kansas City.
  11. What well by post Brady/Belichick era look like?

    As long as Ballard and Reich are there, I believe Indy is in the right hands. Indy wasn't even supposed to be in the Divisional. Ranked #32 before the season so everything after clinching the playoffs was just gravy. Now they're sat currently with the O-line in tact, Mudd back on staff, 9 draft picks and approximately $114mil in cap space. I'm not saying things could change next season, but uh.......things can change.
  12. What well by post Brady/Belichick era look like?

    I saw Brady and New England solidifying an SB trip on KC's home turf. ......or was that the wrong playoffs? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. AFC Early Predictions

    Indy will be the team to beat in the AFC.