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  1. It just to put salt in the wound of Watson.
  2. I thougth i was the only one thinking along those lines, but agree. It is actually easier to loose your franchise QB, completely suck and then inmedately find a replacement through a high pick, than try to avoid that fall-off at all. This Tampa experiment won't survive to Brady's retirement (whenever it comes), so there is little point in planning for the future.
  3. He also seems mad that he fell to 11th. Which i'm my book, is a huge plus. He has a chip in his shoulder.
  4. Trubisky is not that bad, but he is miles away from a finished product. He wont be a good starter anywhere, despite four years of experencie in the league. I like the move for him, is smart long term.
  5. This is all hilarious🤣 "HEY VERIZON, I NEED A NEW PHONE" 😅
  6. I think he will pursue a coaching career just for the sake of getting more rings... He is insatiable 😁
  7. I have nothing against Bellichik, but his first two rings, he was the assistant of the other great Bill... So the narrative "asks" for Bellichik to win a ring without Tom and without his mentor associated with the champ. It is unfair, but it is life. I sincerely hope he gets another ring in the next few years to put the doubters aside.
  8. Because at this point in his career he has nothing much else to prove. Specially after this Sunday, he took away the question mark of "being a product of Bellichik".
  9. I still think that for long term success, Patriots Brady and the whole culture imposed by Belichik is the way to go. But Tom is in his final years now and doesn't care to much long term, he found a team loaded with talent and is trying to capitalise that talent before he fades away.
  10. Not only his son, but a coach in the team. With the huge impact that this has in any team.
  11. The great thing about all this is that the Tampa Bay Bucs led by Arians are like the opposite in all major aspects to Bellichick's Patriots, and Tom is still getting rings.
  12. I noticed in the transmission that his boat was loaded of "spirits", probably carried over by the other QB's lol
  13. Yeah it think that is the most incredible thing on him. I still remember the days when he was loosing to the Mark Sanchez led Jets in the playoffs 🤣
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