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  1. Glennon was not that bad in his early years in Tampa. In Chicago, it was an horrible tragedy, but then again is Chicago, the QB hell. Was he ruined by that experience, or he never had it to be an starter in the first place?
  2. He helped move the chains a couple of times. I think he is making some contribution on short passing routes.
  3. I think this it the main issue by far.
  4. brady can't see a safety if his life depended on it
  5. Brady is senile and that... What is the excuse for Goff?
  6. Lol cant believe he throw it two times.
  7. Witten making up big for his penalty earlier.
  8. lol, spanish commentators were flattering mahomes so hard just before the pick. Major jinxing.
  9. Ok that is a bit different. If they invade the field a yardage penalty is more understandable.
  10. I agree, if its that is completely absurd. 15-yards from a non-game action?
  11. I was exactly on the same situation and also missed the call from the REF. What happened exactly?
  12. Who needs an offence when you have Flash?? 😁
  13. Yeah, they are at risk of loosing the undefeated status at any week. It is extremely hard to go 16-0, even the very dominant 2007 Pats were quite close to loosing multiple games on the second half of the season.
  14. I don't usually hate the Lions in thanksgiving only because quite often their rival are either the Bears or Vikings/Packers. I tend to watch most NFC North divisional games, anyway, so its ok for me. However, in matches like this year when the 4-5 Lions go against the 2-7 Texans, its just a random game with little interest for me.
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