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  1. Fant is garbage. He was garbage at RT last week, he's going to be a complete liability at LT this week.
  2. would rather just bring in mckinney - no off field issues and has been productive
  3. i honestly don't know how you go into a season with only 2 TEs, one of them being used as a FB. either their going to bring in 1-2 more TEs, bring in Mason at FB and bring in another TE. either way, a TE needs to be added haha
  4. i think the showing these guys gave the first 2 days of practice might make Saleh and JD reconsider bringing in a vet QB.
  5. so its just the jets being cheap. ridiculous.
  6. thoughts on if zach not signing his contract yet is going to bleed into the start of camp?
  7. To be honest, Lance might be more of a nightmare scenario for me than keeping Darnold.
  8. giants will finish 3rd in the division. cowboys will win it, 'skins in 2nd.
  9. Benjamin Allbright, Denver reporter, said those rumors were false, along with the rumored Patrick/Darnold swap.
  10. Apparently it’s noon. So the gossip can start a bit earlier.
  11. what gives you this feeling? just curious
  12. all i found was march 15-17 is the "legal tampering" period. i assume it starts at midnight? don't forget - the jets got burned by Barr during the tampering period - nothing is set in stone until pen is to paper on 3/17!
  13. I’d do 2, 23 a third and one of next years firsts.
  14. It doesn’t matter if a team can give the Texans 47 1st round picks and the Jets offer 3 1st. If the team offering the most isn’t on his “list”, deshaun isn’t going there. Hopefully out of those on his list, our #2 pick is the most enticing.
  15. i'm not a fan of trading back to 4 to draft wilson. yes the extra picks gained is nice but what if then Miami sells off 3 to Carolina, Chicago, SF or someone else and they jump up and grab wilson? if wilson is the guy, then just take him at 2.
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