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  1. we can come back to this if the jets are the worst offense in the league again. until then, i'm going to believe it'll be better based solely off a coaching change.
  2. i think it's kinda like mets fans. ANYTHING was better than the Wilpons. for this team, ANYTHING is better than a gase offense.
  3. Can’t the Jets deny him interviews if he goes from OC to OC? It has to be promotional opportunities they can’t deny no?
  4. I wasn’t saying I wanted Sherman - he just is solidifying that Saleh will attract players here.
  5. The addition of Saleh has already made the Jets more desirable for players. Look at what Sherman said today, advocating Watson to get out of houston and goto the Jets. Allen Robinson liked that tweet as well. Players see the direction the Jets are going, the leadership that is there now, the market we’re in. They want to be a part of it. getting Watson would catapult the franchise into even more relevancy. You better believe arob would want to come here to get passes from Watson, the best qb he’d have his whole career. Would have the money to get Thuney as well. The line would
  6. Why would the Texans WANT Tua? I think they would want the 2 instead of 3.
  7. he's a top 3 qb in the league. you have to at least call about him.
  8. Watson probably would have won this team 5 more games last year, at least. The jets were so close in a few games: Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, Bills 2nd game and Patriots game.
  9. We’ll see. I honestly think Saleh knows what Darnold’s all about - he prepped for him week 2 and demolished him with his backups.
  10. I really honestly can’t get on board with keeping Darnold. IF they do, I guess this is best case scenario.
  11. I can do one, dealers choice.
  12. You had it early! You got some sources?!?
  13. I bet he goes to Philly and sees how crappy the situation is there and comes back to the Jets.
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