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  1. Unless it’s Trevor Lawrence, I don’t see the Jets drafting a QB. Sewell or Chase and try it with Darnold.
  2. When the Jets get the number 1 pick they take Trevor Lawrence.
  3. i'm not interested in grabbing a retread HC here. look at how it worked out hiring gase.
  4. the offense scored 1 touchdown. the defense scored 1 touchdown. and ficken had 16. this was an embarassment on all sides of the ball, minus Ficken. the whole staff should be canned today.
  5. they're both in the wrong here. you're up by 9 with 8 seconds left and you're dropping your QB back? just punt it. the jets have proven they can't move the ball, why risk the type of situation that ended up happening? Gase shouldn't have used the time out and Fangio should have just punted it.
  6. You won the game in your very first sentence. Well coached.
  7. The jets have literally done nothing for me to think they’ll put up points. The Broncos defense still is talented and the Jets D isn’t.
  8. I appreciate the chat fellas. I’ve stuck with the Jets for this long and haven’t turned my back I honestly don’t see myself doing it now. What’s the point? Enjoy the suck.
  9. Sucks right now? Haha I’m 34 years old and save 2 seasons, they’ve been a joke. Like I said in my OP, I’m a big enough fan to be an idiot and buy the scam of a PSL and season tickets for a train wreck of a team that I couldn’t even GIVE tickets away.
  10. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for years. I used to be a Jets season ticket holder. I was dumb enough to believe in the team and even buy a PSL. 2009 and 2010 was the last time I felt joy watching the Jets. Back to back AFC championship games, so close to a trip to the Super Bowl that I have yet to see my team make it to. but since then, it’s been horrendous. Bad coaches, bad drafting, bad plays. I can’t do it anymore. please, make your best arguments as to why I should become a fan of YOUR team. Best argument wins me as a new, diehard fan.
  11. exactly. and this power structure needs to change. HC reports to GM who reports to owner. that's how it should be. not this nonsense they use now.
  12. everyone talks about how the Jets don't fire coaches in season, that it's not the way the jets operate. well how's "the way the jets operate" been doing the last 10+ years? time to change and send this nerd packing.
  13. THEY HAD THEIR 3 BEST PLAYERS OUT. The offense looked worse today then last week.
  14. That’s not what i said. I’m not talking about the defense, which has been horrible. I’m talking about your defense of Gase when there is no excuse for how bad his offense has been, especially how bad his play calling is. The dude doesn’t have game situation awareness either. He absolutely should have kicked the FG to make it 14-6 but didn’t. However he did kick the FG to make it 24-6, when they were out of it. 3rd and 10 and you throw a bubble screen. 3rd and goal and you throw a 3 yard out. The guy has ALWAYS been terrible play calling. im sure you know I was joking though. I just don’t get how you can be on this guys defense.
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